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Dennie Fleetfoot
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:25:00 - [421]

Ok, I haven't read every post fully but it seem to me CCP that roughly two thirds of the players posting here range from annoyed to massively ****ed off.

I've had a further go on CQ and it is officially unplayable on my machine. The CPU load is nearly double what it was even with it turned off. The heat being thrown out the back my less than 2 year laptop could grill a cat. Its spec is BEYOND what the recommended spec for incursion was and Incarna doesn't work as well.

I'm happy for what is clearly a minority not having problems but clearly CQ is broken or causing problems for a lot of your PAYING customers and it should be deactivated ASAP until it's left beta.

Everything else in Incarna is good by the way. Hats off to you there.

CQ however, you've royally screwed up.

Posted - 2011.06.22 11:26:00 - [422]

2nd Look:

"I have a dream" .... hum, no. In fact I had a nightmare. I dream i was many years ago, I dream about the worst game ever: Daikatana.

There is a reason. Many reasons CQ and Daikatana are related:
- Bad graphics
- Bad implemented (to much use of CPU/GPU resources)
- Too late
- Too little
- Half Baked

I am quite sure that some months ago you CCP guys fired the real "EVE Creator" and hired that Daikatana guy... was J.Romero? Razz

TIP: make CapiQuoty OPTIONAL.

Mr Abstoss
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:33:00 - [423]

My general opinion: Useless work you have done on that expansion. It doesnt bring any new "real"content, as eve isn't ment to be walking, but flying a space ship. Of course CQ looks fantastic and I was quite amused walkin in my quarter around - for like 15 minutes. Now it is just annoying and lost a lot of useablity.
Ofc, the Maller modell and the turrets aswell as the corp management are great, but please PLEASE make CQ optional AND stop developing Walking In Stations. Do more work on ship classes, get us NEW classes, faction BC, more T1 BC, T3 frigs and bc and so on bla bla. You can find tons of good ideas on the forums which you achieve to ignore.

IF you must keep CQ mandatory, please give us the option to drag and drop ship activation and save the last perspective one was having when undocking (looking at the ship) and bring back the RMB menu on the ship in the hangar, aswell as opening the cargo.

Oh and btw: Well done with the increased performance needs. Being docked now whilst doing other stuff with the computer isnt an option anymore as my computer is lagging out then (and I have kick-ass hardware).

I wont say anyhting more than: Hahaha, you rly want to exploit your customers with the NEX items, dont you! C'mon what you think how stupid we were...

Thinking about canceling my 3 accounts. Your call CCP.

Interstellar eXodus
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:33:00 - [424]

I personally feel that the development time for CQ vs what it add to the game play (nothing) is unwarranted.

The entire dev team could have been programming some very cool new additions to the sandbox, instead CQ add nothing to the game play or to the sandbox. I used to look forward to the next feature realse, new ships new missions different pvp new ways to make or loose isk. This has none of those bar loosing isk by buying Aurum (now thats an isk sink).

I do have one positive,I am in favor of and thats the new turret models and gun effects.

Shaana Mistique
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:37:00 - [425]

this WiS is so useless, allmost made me hit the unsub button xD
people play this game for the ships uknow.. **** you ccp

Atai Pekoe
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:39:00 - [426]

dear CCP,

i think this time you wasted a lot of ressources and money for stuff a lot of people dont like. i hope this noble shop get you guys a lot of money and that you all gonna drive a porche soon... but that cant be the reason for this insane prices... please... dont tell me you've gone crazy about money making -.-

Gun Gun
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:39:00 - [427]

Cut off this Incarna tumor while it's still small and relatively harmless, and focuse on THE GAME ?

Bon Hedus
Voice of the Blood Raiders
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:42:00 - [428]

I live in a POD full of goo, wired to my machines. I knew this was permanent when I joined the eve universe as we were all warned. WHY would I want to leave my POD? It moves from ship to ship as needed and as my training allows. I am a cyborg... mixture of man and machine, a demi-god that fights and dies only to be reincarnated... immortal.

Scr3w your captains quarters / walking in stations. I want my ships.

Arthor Dova
EVE University
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:43:00 - [429]

Originally by: Thaliya Dejar
hm... what ever you did, i love it. Eve is down to 15 % CPU usage in space...


Evelyn ISK
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:43:00 - [430]

I'd like to suggest that you allow us to test walk our characters before we finalize them.

First thing I noticed walking around was that my characters breasts looked crap and fake (though they looked fine in the character creator)

So I used my re-customization I had been saving for this exact purpose, fixed the breasts, tweaked the face / body a bit till I was happy and created. But once I started walking around I noticed her hips were huge (well, at least significantly bigger than they looked in the creator)

It can't be that difficult to allow us to walk our character around in a generic room before we finalize it.


Nelly McKay
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:44:00 - [431]

Will there ever be the option to turn the old interface back on?
I mean the eye-candy is cool and all, but I really miss simple things like spinning my ship or double-clicking the screen for my cargo to pop up.

Gum Boil
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:46:00 - [432]

Massive waste of time by CCP. I run 6 accounts ATM once I've moved ships and items around I'll be selling 4 and using the isk to pay for my remaining two whilst I see if CCP gets back to adding game content. Carry on with Barbie in space drivel and that's it for me I'm afraid; Shame after 3 years of play but hey it's your game to mess up if you choose I suppose Crying or Very sad

Poor Eddy
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:46:00 - [433]

So it seems my graphics card is outdated (requires shader model 3 to run the game)
gee, thanks CCP. What a great surprise you brought with your update. Now i not only have lost my subscription money for this month, but also skill training time and the money i will have to spend for a new graphics card. Which is uncertain at the moment at best. Now what would you want me to do now? Huh?
Eye candies my ass.

Betty 4U
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:47:00 - [434]

Please, for the love of God, make the old station environment available.

So it is cool walking around stations, although a bit cumbersome and seeing the floating holograms of my current ship. But I need to put fuel in my carrier, oh wait, the hologram doesn't allow me to select my fuel bay. I could walk over to my ship hangar, no fuel bay there either. Ok, so i'll just open my ships window and right-click on my carrier to select fuel bay. Crap, where is my ships window. OH yeah, its merged with station window which I minimized so I could look at myself in the mirror. Finally, after loads of mouse clicks I was able to put fuel in my fuel bay.

Tairon Usaro
The X-Trading Company
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:49:00 - [435]

Edited by: Tairon Usaro on 22/06/2011 11:50:15
due to the fact that no new game content was released with this patch i deem it the worst expansion patch ever. I do understand the rational behind an incremental release of walking in station, but i dont understand that no game mechanic feature of any relevance was included in this expansion. Only eye candy, a substantial nerf (jump bridges) and a pointless vanity system. Maybe the rework of dogma gives some value in high-lag fights, but this has yet to be determined under transquility real battle situations.

Thanks for nothing except pointless eye candy. I will disable CQ until you bring some true content for it.
Upto now the whole 3D avatarthingy reminds pretty much to the epic failure of Electronic Arts trying force Ultima Online gamers to install a bad Pseudo-3D client instead of the fast and nicely designed 2D client.

Alastar Frost
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:50:00 - [436]

The CQ and the new turrets are great work, there are only two little things that i would like to point at:

The avatar walks like he is sleeping. Especially in the corridor, it doesnt feel like moving at all. Make him a bit more sporty, this would make the whole CQ more usable.

The loading times for cq are much too high. I have no problems running the cq, but waiting out the loading time for short pitstop is annoying.

For the rest of the update, thumbs up. I really like what you have done.

Posted - 2011.06.22 11:51:00 - [437]

quite possibly the worst "expansion" that i have experienced. just.. wow

to save me typing it up again:

captains quarters with clunky movement controls but ok you can turn that off and look at a door instead.. great
and what can you do in there? sit down and admire the horrible lighting, awesome i like the holograms, but that's about it

for the love of god make it ACTUALLY optional, hell make it so you have to "leave pod" like you undock and give us back the old hanger

no more double click to open cargo.. well that's annoying

stupidly overpriced "micro"transactions (i mean come on)

implants disappearing

having to talk to an agent to get station info off them because it's magically vanished

changing icons for (so far i've noticed) strip miners, salvagers and tractors (looks like CCP are doing the whole "realism = brown" thing)

no more ship spinning

standing info STILL missing

honestly i try not to complain about patches but i just fail to see any up side from this at all, we've got captains quarters which every single person i've spoken to has turned off after a quick walk around, we've got CCP basically delivering a big screw you to people with the 'micro'transactions oh and new turrets which after a few hours (at most) you'll go back to not paying any attention to

point out the actual content to me please? sure they fixed a few bugs but honestly the only thing from this entire "expansion" that i was interested in was putting the standings back in the game which says something really doesn't it, that the thing i'm looking forward to most is something they removed after completely ignoring their players all screaming saying it was bloody stupid to remove it in the first place

Posted - 2011.06.22 11:51:00 - [438]

After applying today's #2 patch i still CANNOT ENTER MY PASSWORD to log on the game on a MAC client.

The password field doesn't allow to enter characters os paste anything.

Cannot logon... 2 days of game interruption, this really starts to be long.

Please do something!!!!!!

Kratos IceFire
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:53:00 - [439]

Edited by: Kratos IceFire on 22/06/2011 11:57:15
CQ is slow and cumbersome to use and not because of my PC. I will certainly never use it in its current form.

I actually stopped playing eve after 10 minutes of being on because CQ was such a let down. Not to say I'll quit eve but this was a step backwards.

I am VERY disappointed that when you disable CQ that you cannot get back the old view.

PLEASE RETURN the ship spinner view!!

*EDIT* OH and your new item icons for turrets are terrible. I don't want to have to read descriptions to figure out what an item is as they all look too similar.

I would prefer to go back to pre-Incarna over all this.

Stephen AUT
Jelly Kings
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:54:00 - [440]

Even if CQ is... lets say... in baby state, its the right step in the right direction. CCP already said that at fanfest; there must be a balance between excelence and progression. CQ was much progression, so people, give CCP time for excelence now.

@charakter movement
Allow Charakter to move quickly by holding down Shift Key.

Allow us to configure information screen in the living room so we only see info we are interested in. I would like to turn off concord headhunters "wanted" info, but wanna keep incursion info for example.

@luxury shop
Stop complaining about the high price in exclusive store. It is possible to buy Plex with ISK. You may think thats expensive too, because the price is rocket high. But WE are the (ingame) market, so the price for a Plex in ISK is a question of ask/demand. A few months ago (when the shop was planned by the devs), a plex was around 400Mil. So if you need 3 Plex for a luxury good, that would have been 1.2Bil. That would be ok. But the price went up because of the higher demand and traders which knew that and bought them en mass. But the price WILL go down, and the luxury items are affordable again.

@spinning ship
Youve never been able to "spin the ship". Remember exactly, it was your camera moving around your ship. But since now you are a person on a balcony guess what; right, since you are not flying around in the hangar anymore, why should the ship. And serious; if it comes to "reality", how you wanna practical bring your ship itself to spin (a mass of thousand tons). Does this make sense? What you need (and maybe CCP will implement) is a tiny camera drone, started from the balcony and move around your ship again so you can see it from all points of view. The ship itself is rotating now, but it does physicaly much more than it did before expansion.

Bata Kameni
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:58:00 - [441]

Players of EVE are supposed to be cyborgs wired to their spaceships and that cyberpunk aspect is totally ruined by having them pose in clothes like fashion models and show off their tatoos and piercings. The better (and a lot simpler/chearper) idea would have been to introduce animated portraits in chat channels (waves, emotes, etc...). It would be a big hit. I am not interested in how would my character look/wear clothes/scratch the back of his had at all. My imagination was doing a good job on that one. This CQ thing is useless.

Posted - 2011.06.22 11:59:00 - [442]

Originally by: Betty 4U
Please, for the love of God, make the old station environment available.

So it is cool walking around stations, although a bit cumbersome and seeing the floating holograms of my current ship. But I need to put fuel in my carrier, oh wait, the hologram doesn't allow me to select my fuel bay. I could walk over to my ship hangar, no fuel bay there either. Ok, so i'll just open my ships window and right-click on my carrier to select fuel bay. Crap, where is my ships window. OH yeah, its merged with station window which I minimized so I could look at myself in the mirror. Finally, after loads of mouse clicks I was able to put fuel in my fuel bay.

you could just unmerge the ship/item windows... then its just right click ship > fuel bay... there is no actually need to move in CQ, all the old functionality is still there, except dragging ships to make them active. Not saying CQ are great, but functionality wise you don't really lose anything - i literally have not taken one step in CQ, CQ hasn't effected me at all functionality wise.

Posted - 2011.06.22 11:59:00 - [443]

Simple idea:

on arrival close to station:
into cq
into hangar

that's it. docking into hangar leaves your char into the ship: it's realistic enough, if you have to dock just to empty your cargo from ore etc...

Posted - 2011.06.22 11:59:00 - [444]

Edited by: synasta on 22/06/2011 12:01:19
I love the new strip miner animation*have not seen others* but i want the old sound my hulk made back please, it sounded more powerful and would go well with the new visuals!
I would like an option to turn off Captains Quarters and have the old view of the station back.
Would like another chance to create my character now that its living in EVE and not just a portrait without having to pay real money for it.

Arland Endisil
Posted - 2011.06.22 12:00:00 - [445]

Edited by: Arland Endisil on 22/06/2011 12:00:21
I am not sure if this has been posted and I wanna get it posted before I forget. Please can you change the movement. Strafe and Freelook is what is needed surely? Turning with A and D is just horrible.

Yes I know, you need the mouse to click things but cant you have a lock out key like they do with X3? You know, press a button to lock out mouse selection so you can use the mouse for free look.

A and D for turning is so horrible, Strafe and Mouselook is so much nicer to use. Please think about this guys. Or even right click and move mouse to move left and right...something, anything, just please not A and D to turn.

Cheers! :O)

Syphon Lodian
Posted - 2011.06.22 12:00:00 - [446]

Originally by: Stephen AUT

@charakter movement
Allow Charakter to move quickly by holding down Shift Key.


Walking is fine. When Stations are implemented, it will be silly and annoying to have everyone running around. Hold-Shift to alternate from walk to brisk-stroll, perhaps.

Red cassius
Posted - 2011.06.22 12:01:00 - [447]

ok 2 things, 1 Aurum prices, WAY TO HIGH! suggestion, make it so a plex breaks into alot more aurum. the customization of my characer is nice, BUT there is no way anyone besides millionaires are going to buy the plex to get the aurum, to buy a shirt that cost 4 plex, one final note on character customs, can you make it so that clan specific tattoos for us role playish types can actually have some fun, like i dunno, a tattoo from each of the major clans.

and second point here, the movement in the CQ is way to sluggish, either give me a more FPS feel, or give me back my spinny ships. i honestly tried to have fun with the CQ, it is an amazing idea, but i think you have released it too soon, because of these 2 or more reasons.
1. movement is like i am a tard trying to find a light switch.
2. there is no lighting option, or customization.
3. you havent even finished the station interior.. what am i supposed to do, sit at my computer while sitting at my online computer not doing anything.
4. i like the idea of adding a first person feel more than this third person stuff, let other people worry about seeing me in 3d, i want to be able to navigate a room without getting stuck in the corner because i cant see where my character is facing.

i like you ccp i really do, you bring me a game that i enjoy. now, please MAKE SURE YOUR **** IS TOGETHER BEFORE RELEASING SOMETHING THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE MAJOR. every game company that makes these big titles always makes this one fatal mistake that costs them players and income, they change a game that was great into something either good or sub par, because they had a cool idea. we dont care, honestly. test the idea among the masses, and make sure you have plenty of detail about it, and extensive improvements done to it long before release date. no one wants to hang out in a broke ass hanger and wait for you to tweak the broke assness of it into something enjoyable.

now, my tirade is complete, please read this carefully, consider how you are affecting your supposed "fan base" before making a bold move.

Etioki Otumone
Posted - 2011.06.22 12:02:00 - [448]

Am I the only person that likes CQ and the future possibility of walking around the stations? *shrug*

I understand that people expected more of this expansion. And I understand that there should be an option to bring back the old interface, but you should remember one thing: the expansion is free. It didn't cost you anything... well, maybe the download, but that's besides the point. So, yeah. Bring back the old interface (optional) for the oldtimers (and people that use older hardware) and give me a station (and planets!) to roam. :)


QuoBee Sahruusea
Posted - 2011.06.22 12:03:00 - [449]

I gotta admit, I'm playing this game to make things go boom and I never thought I'd care for walking in stations - but now that I've got a taste of it I want more! It does add a lot to the game, even if it doesn't increase my PVP.

Wanted features (not really but since you're going that way):
1. Moar TV channels. Watching the CONCORD channel is like watching Fox News. I want a remote controller and dozens of channels, and I want to zap between them and still complain there's nothing good on TV.
2. Walking inside my corp hangar / corp office / corp HQ.
3. Incarnation of all agents. They've always demanded I dock in their station to get a mission, so they should have offices that I can walk into.
4. Walking inside POS towers, SMAs, etc.

Posted - 2011.06.22 12:04:00 - [450]

Edited by: raker on 22/06/2011 12:05:05
Edited by: raker on 22/06/2011 12:04:28

This expansion amounts to nothing more than an attempted cash cow by ccp

Do they really think that the playerbase is going to pay 3 months subription for a char to have an item of clothing

Will ppl really opt for a bit of clothing rather than a new ship

This pricing will turn the playerbase away from a blatent idea that is only to make CCP cash

Do CCP really feel its customers are that stupid to fall for such an idea

Imo you should improve the game,give us better ships,or better perfrmance,not try to squeeze us for cash for something that most wont care about

The pricing is just madness

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