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Posted - 2011.06.22 10:51:00 - [391]

Thankfully i didnt buy a laptop i was planning to that was going to run very smoothly EVE and seems now that it wouldnt even play it or go with blue screens.I think the story goes back awhile when they announced us that they have thin clients that we cannot use.(I suppose they did cause we would find out anyways).Then they anounce the no support of card without later shader modules no matter my ati 700pro 128mb gives max fps at low set and i get the feeling that in fleet battles i wouldnt want to raise the details anyway.So in 21st june 2011 the first day of summer, we have a no support=denial of service and for supported ones crashes blue screens,forced to disable incarna features no matter you should support them,people who were running multiple clients strungle to run one and i really cannot read all the posts to know what else.So here is this thick client and EVE online is a wannabe latest console graphics enviroment competitor.Ok as a product all fine.You lose some 30k clients who like EVE because it is excel with graphics and get maybe alot more back who like this "new game".Because sadly this is where the whole thing is going.Given the whole change eve online is a new game if you have to buy new pc and have to adapt that much to "where" you can play it than making the gameplay more intrigue.

And all that given the circumstances where the energy crisis is going and the fact that we have the hardware tools to work the new 18watt CPU+GPU PC overall lets say 30Watts with monitor.You like the game illustrated?Yes i would like it too.But do you want to banish the game idea itself of how to make the most complicated,singleserver,mindmungling game, in the most simple way?

Do you really want to turn EVE into DUST?

Posted - 2011.06.22 10:56:00 - [392]

hahaha what a bounce of whiners u guys are...
You should be happy that the game is moving forward, not standing still =) how booring would that be after a couple of years...

im sending a greeting from all of us who are happy for the incarna patch =), let the whiners whine on the forums... If you cant handle it go back to WoW and theyr cartoon grapich, im sure u can get your disired fps there.

Great job CCP, and thx for free expansions for EvE :P

Sarina Berghil
New Zion Judge Advocate
Yulai Federation
Posted - 2011.06.22 10:56:00 - [393]

CQ seems completely forgettable and unneeded.

I did notice a few specific flaw worth mentioning since it could be fixed easily.

Zooming with the mousewheel seems to work opposite of every other game I tried.

Holding down the left or right mouse button also seems opposite of most games.

Switching these controls would probably make it more familiar to people used to other games.

Check Herar
Posted - 2011.06.22 10:57:00 - [394]

Good Job CCP...30 Day Plexes on 400 Mil within a day...Gj gj gj...

Degarion Soth
Kiss The Girls
Posted - 2011.06.22 10:57:00 - [395]

Edited by: Degarion Soth on 22/06/2011 12:35:38
Don't normally write on forums but as this is a patch i've been eagerly anticipating since its first announcement and it seems shrouded in controversy I want to add my feedback.

CQ - Well its a step in the right direction the possibilities for the future are promising in player interaction and integration with DUST, i'm not overly happy about DUST being purely for playstation as I only bought my XBOX so i could play DUST and dislike playstation, guess i'll have to have two consoles now :S

CQ is very slow, smooth but slow on the lowest of graphics settings. This doesn't supprise me as im stuck on an integrated Radeon HD 4200 until my delivery turns up today with shiny new NVIDIA graphics card, yes i noted ATI was not favoured, yes I read the patch notes, yes i tested CQ on duality and yes I made a fairly well informed guess yesterday that my current setup wouldn't play EVE how I wanted it to and therefore made preperations for such. But essentially it worked though, so my wait up till 1am was at least not completely fruitless :P

The new ingame store, well pricing is fairly steep, I certainly won't be buying anything from there but when i see all the old alliance leaders and other scammers or just hard grafters sat on hundreds of billions of isk it puts it into perspective. Exclusive items for people with exclusive amounts of isk or RL cash. Bit like people who buy Revenant BPC's for 50billion. Status symbol, shiny toy, call it what you will there is always going to be a social divide, pixelated or rl same difference. So yes keep the store exclusive otherwise theres not much point having it as a shiny feature maybe one day I can afford it :)

For some people who are saying they wish you could move your character using the arrow keys, well you can, after messing on duality it's the first setting i changed. Press your escape key go into the movement sub tab and then change each movement key, theres only 4 doesnt take long.

Main future features i would like to see:
Be able to walk down alongside and under your ship
Interact with other players in station
Remove local chat

Overall i'm happy, thank you for finally bringing walking in stations to me after all these years!

EDIT: apparently i could jump over the back of the sofa so removed that comment, all it took was a new graphics card! BTW impressed that i can run eve on absolute maximum graphics inc anti ali and still get 60fps out of station and 25fps inside. For other peoples reference incase you need to get a new card its a GT440 1GB HDDR5 which isnt too pricey

Danton Noor
Posted - 2011.06.22 10:59:00 - [396]

We need the old station environment back at least as an option. If I wanted to guide a human avatar around I would play any of the bazillion first person shooter games out there that I have never wasted a dime on. I have been a customer for years but what you have done now is stealing all of the fun from the game. I give you two weeks to restore what you took away or I'm canceling all my accounts.

Posted - 2011.06.22 11:02:00 - [397]

Please fix the ship scale. This was the primary feature I was looking forward to. Seeing the sheer scale of a battleship.
I was hoping that all ships would be close to the platform, so that frigates are visible, but only a small portion of the battleship can be seen, unless you look up, and see it towering above you.
I know this would bring you very close to the textures, but I can live with that.

Atij Artua
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:02:00 - [398]

Edited by: Atij Artua on 22/06/2011 11:02:31
Very poor design on your part CCP. I don't mind walking in stations, I don't mind having an avatar that can do things. But why did you think you should force me to use it. The best solution is already talked about - Add a "Enter CQ" button and return us the old hanger interface - maybe even add an option for people to always enter CQ if they so choose. This would satify all your customers, while keeping this enforced participation is just plain poor design.

Have you already fogotten the advice of the other company you are now work with when they forced their players into unwanted change and got burned.

"Your current player base is your only player base"

For those of us who went through it - this has a frightenly similar feel to the start of NGE in SWG.

Bibi Andersson
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:03:00 - [399]

Edited by: Bibi Andersson on 22/06/2011 11:07:41
Edited by: Bibi Andersson on 22/06/2011 11:04:34
-My GPU is overheating badly -Ati 5770- .
-CQ`s could be an good idea in the future but for now is broken and still incompleted, I need/want the old-classic hangar back -choice beetween both-.
-Ship spin.
-The new turrets icons looks really UGLY it sucks! -EXAMPLE- WTF CCP!?
-Market AUR prices.... are so insane ****ed high.

Hidden Agenda
Deep Space Engineering
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:04:00 - [400]

The actual walking around is very cumbersome. It's not responsive at all, I keep running into walls etc.. This makes it very hard to actually interact with stuff in my CQ.

Phantom Alz
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:05:00 - [401]

I like the new turret effects, for the most part, and the Agent Finder is of course a great addition to the game, however, as for the rest.. I think I would trade most of CQ for a glorious return of the old "Orbit Ship in Station" option and have my ship auto-spinning in the hangar view, maybe thats just me though!

Sakura Zendragon
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:05:00 - [402]

Arrow Performance on the Mac went down a lot. Had to significantly reduce graphics settings to maintain the same in-space FPS that I had pre-incarna. I don't think this is acceptable performance for the changes that happened in space. And this was flying a ship with no turrets, shooting nothing, just undocking and flying around a bit in a quiet system.

Arrow CQ is just barely tolerable atm with reduced graphics. Takes too long to load, and lags the rest of the interface. Fitting window took 5 seconds to load completely. All windows lag during CQ load.

Arrow Make the old station environment available, for the love of god. Even better, make it default and add a disembark button. CQ should be optional. I know you want to show off your work, but no capsuleer would go to the trouble of getting out of the pod, showering and dressing, for a 2 minute item pickup at a station. Doesn't make sense from an IC perspective.

ArrowPlease restore the station info at the top of the station services.

Brunmunde Hildegaard
The Green Machine
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:06:00 - [403]

I don't get why you guys are having such problems. Forceware 260.99 & 9600 GT and a P4 3.0ghz single core with 2gb of RAM is displaying/running the game fine. Well, I build computers for a living and have a much higher technical understanding of how to tweak and perfect a system regardless of setup than most people which could be why I can get the game to run smooth.. but even so the games system requirements haven't tripled since the update or anything...

Voice of the Blood Raiders
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:07:00 - [404]

Originally by: Gadriel Dovgal
Put it back the way it was and add a "Leave Ship" button for the people interested in this nonsense. I have no interest in anything that makes it take longer to dock and undock in an emergency situation or causes my clients to run slower while one is docked.


Ruze Ahkor'Murkon
No Applicable Corporation
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:08:00 - [405]

A *permanent* replacement for ship-spinning, both for players wishing not to use the option, and those incapable of doing so due to accepted 'below minimum' PC's, needs to be put into place.

Add immersion. Say it's a damn camera drone or something. As long as it's REALLY low on system requirements and does what the old system does, why not?

Alex Pier
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:10:00 - [406]

It's ok for the first 5 minutes... Then I wanted the old hangar back.
I cannot see the point of CQ if I cannot interact with other players, or walk further that the four walls of a single room. I do understand that we will eventually get there but in my opinion this update didn't do much good to the game and it wasn't well received by the community.

Turret icons look like turds that someone stepped on. Also lost all sense of size, small ships are "bigger" big ships are "smaller".

Frame rate plummeted, even with a powerful processor and descent GFX card.

Generally this update reminded me what Microsoft did when they went from Windows XP to Vista. Everybody was excited but then everybody went back to XP!

The worst thing for me is that CCP went silent after all the complains they received. I don't say to come out and tell us "we will fix it by tomorrow", but just show us that they appreciate the opinions of the most dedicated fun base than any computer game has seen (along with the StarCraft community).

I hope things will get better from now on, because they simply cannot get any lower!

ShockedSadConfusedMadEvil or Very MadQuestionughNeutral

Posted - 2011.06.22 11:10:00 - [407]

I like the concept of Incarna, I think CCP's approach is reasonable, and I think they are moving the game forwards.

What I don't like is that the EVE client has moved noticeably backwards. I used to run 3 Incursion clients with no impact on my desktop. Now two docked Incarna clients thash the hell out of it and cause heat issues. I either have to spend my time undocked or with the station environment turned off. That is a down grade.

Please give us the option to retain the old hanger where you can just look at your ship and spin it to your hearts content. It caused no load on our systems. I am happy Incarna is here, and I'll even use CQ on occasion - but I am not happy being forced into it when it uses so much of my systems resources for absolutely no benefit.

Exo Cab
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:13:00 - [408]

Wow holy crap you guys complain a lot...This is worst than anything I've ever seen on WoW. Maybe you guys have been playing the same game to long and just take everything for granted. Or maybe there's a lot of really old players, and we all know how older people can't accept change...

I've been playing for a weeks now and am thrilled with the changes so far. Not only that, but I can see that all of this is headed in amazing directions...

The NeX stuff will be adjusted to suit all...once they figure out how in demand everything is...Remember that they aren't a huge team, and every piece of clothing, or weapon, or ship color...whatever, takes a LOT of work. Once they can determine if they are actually going to make decent cash, the prices will drop.

Thanks for all the hard work guys...Best of all, I didn't have to pay an extra $40 to enjoy the content!

Crisis Engine
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:14:00 - [409]

Wonderful graphics, excellent really. And the amount of work that went into this is evident. Now, can I please have an option to turn it off?

Kename Fin
Wormhole Engineers
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:14:00 - [410]

Please stop all development for the Mac client.

You are wasting your time and ours with the travesties that you keep releasing and ignoring. Retask the devs to do something useful. Do it without remorse or pity as they have not been present at any other time. Stop putting any development cycles into testing the Mac client on cider or how it might be shoehorned into working.

/me is sorry she ever subbed for longer than a month.

Francesca Lionheart
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:16:00 - [411]

I haven't been through all 14-odd pages of this thread but I am sure it has been mentioned.

The insides of the stations no longer have a uniqueness - they all look the same. We are no longer faced with the racial quality reflections from the inside of each station that made them unique to the four races before. Instead we just have a very poorly interfaced Captain's Quarters.

The problems get worse once you actually turn the CQ off. You are left with a bland screen. Again, no indication as to what station you are in. Worse: No way to tell what ship you are in short of actually opening the hangar window to see which ship icon is highlighted. This I think is quite possibly the most ridiculous of all functions, and many a player will accidentally be undocking the wrong ship into the midst of a bunch of enemies. CCP you have not made friends on this day.

The purpose of Incarna was the introduce a new vision to EVE. That vision isn't there. There is no attraction to newer players. If players want to run around and do quests, they will do that. They are not going to pay the subscription fee for a spaceship game only to see their character walking around like a drunken cripple. Seriously, when is Running in Stations pegged for?

Loading up the PI interface takes more time now. The lag factor has risen significantly. And woe on anyone who has to try to run more than one client. My PC used to run 3 clients fairly easily on the lowest settings. Now it cannot handle two. Somehow by decreasing the graphical requirements (I would assume so, judging from the bland new interface when CQ is turned off) you have somehow made the game harder to operate.

Really, just what was to gain from removing the old ship hangar? Was it a ploy to force more people into trying out the CQ? I see no logic in tearing down the foundations you had built over many years to replace it with some shoddy artwork of a hatchway.

And don't even get me started on the new recruitment tools.

Honestly CCP, I am ashamed of you guys this time around. And having multiple active subscriptions, I am seriously rethinking if this is the game for me, since apparently it's unfeasible to actually run more than 1 client anymore.

Posted - 2011.06.22 11:17:00 - [412]

oh poor ccp.
i really like you guys but look what you`ve done.
a little whine belongs to every patch but this is 99% of pure refusal.

and i have to affiliate in every single whining point.


N'maro Makari
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:18:00 - [413]

Are you sitting comfortably CCP? Good, then I shall begin...

THE CLUCKING PRICE OF AURUM!! Are you guys chasing the pink dragon or something?? I mean, Im a sucker for expensive vanity items in MMOs, but even I choked on my tea when I saw those prices. Instead of thinking "cool stuff, gonna look great" I was thinking "woah, Im actually not going to break up this PLEX, Im going to use it for something useful".

I really think you have overestimated demand here CCP. Not to mention, istead of cool clothes being available to all to really add a personal depth to a character, what is ACTUALLY going to happen is that anyone caught wearing this stuff is going to be the subject of instant ridicule.

CCP, you can still save this.

Lower the prices or give us more Aurum.

The issues cannot be resolved any other way

HOWEVER, on a positive note, the CQ has most definitely (lag excused) lived up to standard and offers a promising vision of things to come. The turrets are an exellent aethetic choice, and even mining with a civiy mining laser is a visual treat. But on that note can you alter the sound on the mining lasers?



Gun Gun
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:19:00 - [414]

This expansion of EVE is full of pointers at how EVE can go wrong and lose the interest of many space-fighting players. It is slowly turning at a Barbie's dollhouse adventure. The main thing that attracts players to EVE is space exploration, beautiful imaginative space background motifs, space-combat, and risk taking for gaining profit or advantage in combat. Most of things introduced in Incarna have nothing to do with it, and have downgraded the player's experience so far. The game has significantly slowed down, and the in-space graphics aren't as smooth as before. The RL-money-for-Aurum-for-Useless-doll-clothes experiment only shows that the greedy marketing monster has opened its jaws wide to bite into more profit but I suspect it will bite off a huge chunk of its player mass that way.

Cincinnatii Bowtie
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:19:00 - [415]

Originally by: Sofia Kyodai
well if i wanted to walk around i would not play a spaceship game

Basically sums up all the years spent on developing walking in stations. Congrats CCP

Ardvaark Ratnik
Voice of the Blood Acquirers
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:19:00 - [416]

Give us the option to leave our ships or hangar environment. I want the option to spin my ships. I can run 2 clients at 20fps each with CQ enabled, but chose to disable them because I want to fly internet spaceships, not walk around taking forever to get back to my ship. Arum/Noble Exchange is a joke and unnecessary.

What a Joke on us. I cannot unsub as I have about 2 months of game time on each of my accounts. I will use that remaining game time to see if anything positive comes out of all of this. If not, I will choose to let my accounts go inactive.

Pawnstars INC
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:22:00 - [417]

This is a good start, I like it, it shows promise.

My feedback:

Please add COSMOS and Epic Arc agents to the Agent Finder as filter options. This would be very helpful

Posted - 2011.06.22 11:22:00 - [418]

My 0.2 c

1. CQ is very bright and shiny.
No issues with my lighting or FPS being slow

2. CQ has nothing at all to do with the game we all know and love.

3. Triple boxing here is actually lighter load on my rig now.. Good work CCP

4. Icemining blur (blue line) was a let down

5. No issues with patching. Downloaded at a great speed. patched just as quick, logged in no problems.

Brunmunde Hildegaard
The Green Machine
Posted - 2011.06.22 11:24:00 - [419]

You people coming here spamming "AMG CCP CQ SUX GET RID OF IT OR IM GOING TO CANCEL MY 4 ACCOUNTS" need to chill the f**k out.

If you have 4 accounts it's probably because you enjoy this game and have enjoyed this game for a very long time and threatening CCP with quitting just because you can't run all 4 of them for about a day or two while they work out the issues with content they gave you for free just makes you look like a really big a**hole. Not everyone is having issues with the new update, in fact for some people it's running just fine so maybe instead of coming here to tell CCP you're quitting you should think about what YOU can do you help CCP iron out YOURproblem faster.

Posted - 2011.06.22 11:24:00 - [420]

CCP this morning before i went to work, i have took an sneak peak at the Incarna. I found the CQ an nice addition to the game... (fluff wise now) Can not wait to walk trough the stations. Handle all the problems with the bugs and then implement more chambers to visit!!

All the whiners, this is the beginning of Incarna, remember that. Don't destroy it directly. Give it time just as an good whine.

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