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Posted - 2003.07.02 04:10:00 - [1]

am i being an idiot, or is there no-where to rent factories...anywhere!

this talk of patches etc seems fruitless, i have never seen a single slot free

do i need to pay 1mil isk to someone to get one off of them - it seems crazy!

kor-azora region

KIA Corp
KIA Alliance
Posted - 2003.07.02 08:18:00 - [2]

I still have several for sale.

Jean Francois
Posted - 2003.07.02 12:25:00 - [3]

They aren't yours to sell.

You *RENT* them from the NPC corporation.

You don't own them, therefore you should not be able to sell them.

I hope people like you get their rightful punishment when CCP chooses to deal with this issue.

Posted - 2003.07.02 13:47:00 - [4]

next patch...

I would recommend everyone waits until after the patch before buying a slot from anyone... maybe even wait until after weekend when all the rent renewals come around.

A bit annoying for me, as i just traded some big BP copies for 5 research slots less than a week ago... ah well... never mind. :)

KIA Corp
KIA Alliance
Posted - 2003.07.02 14:25:00 - [5]

Whilst I would agree to you that they are not mine to sell, the right to the privelege of renting them is. The patch wil not fix as much as people think, as we use virtually all of our slots on a weekly/half weekly basis, by selling a slot, we are cutting down the amount of production, we as a corp can manage. Hence the financial compensation.

Its marketing, and it works. I have sold the right to rent 7 slots so far, and have sold that right at reasonable prices, unlike some.

If the new patch "fixes it" then so be it. Lets just hope that this game doesnt turn into a nancy pansy everyone is doing all the good things with little effort type game, competition, reward for hard work, reward for ingenuity, and of course, like real life, rewards for those that are one step ahead of the game is an absolute must. Those that put little effort in, must pay for the same privelges that those that put a lot of effort can get for free.

There are plenty of slots in the lonetrek region available, if your too lazy too look for them, or indeed if your time would be better spent, more valuable, doing something else, then find me, and I will allow you to rent some of the ones we have found, saving you the time and hassle it has taken us to find them.

get over it tbh.

Edited by: KIAEddZ on 02/07/2003 14:26:36

Jean Francois
Posted - 2003.07.02 15:13:00 - [6]

"the right to the privelege of renting them is"

Wrong again.

Since you like to think about things in real life, why dont you try this...

Go rent a street full of houses for 100$ and then attempt to rent-out each house for 1000$.

See how long it takes before you are in court with a law suit/in hospital/etc.

You dont own the Station, you dont own the factories, you dont own the priviledge to rent the factories, therefore you should not be able to sell them.

Anyone found selling them should either have all their slots removed from the Corporation who you bought them from, or attacked by the corporations mercenary's/station guns.

KIA Corp
KIA Alliance
Posted - 2003.07.02 15:30:00 - [7]

In your opinion.

In real life, if I decided to rent a street of houses for 100 a day, And bought the lease to say as such. I would have every legal right (unless written differently in the contract) to sell the rights to that lease on.

No diffenrent with the lsots.

BTW, don't misunderstand me, hardly any of our slots are not used during a rental period.

Mid General
Posted - 2003.07.03 15:20:00 - [8]

Factory slots are a commodity, and in demand. It's only logical that people will sell them.

CCP created the market for factory slots, by allowing the game mechanic to create such a shortage of them.

Salazar N'terre
The Technomages
Posted - 2003.07.03 16:27:00 - [9]

Thanks to the patch I was able to rent a factory slot for not the 550k to 1 million dollars priviledge, but for a mere 80k. Worth the wait, and glad i found it in my area. Thanks for all the posts. But I got what i wanted all a long.

Empire Alliance

Calladen Nimitz
Todaki Innovations
Posted - 2003.07.03 18:04:00 - [10]

Agreed this morning I rented 10 factories and 10 labs (I'll use them all) in one system (most at one station). A real find after paying 2.5 million for 2 factories a while back.

Calladen Nimitz

Posted - 2003.07.03 19:43:00 - [11]

Am I right in saying that the new factory rental is 75k per HOUR, as the game's charging me?

Salazar N'terre
The Technomages
Posted - 2003.07.03 21:05:00 - [12]

hmmm... i am being charged 80k for a 3 day period. you might have a glitch. Try reporting it.

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2003.07.03 21:14:00 - [13]

I too have had this rent only lasting an hour or so problem - the money just keeps on coming out of the corp wallet - 24k at a time for me - but for each slot is rediculous - shy do rents now last a few hours rather than the 3 days they are supposed to? I have spent about 500k on a few slots since patch up... something is wrong.

Posted - 2003.07.03 21:58:00 - [14]

are you using those 10 research slots for you corp? The most you could possibly use yourself is 5, and that's with the lab skill at 5. The skill isn't on the market, and I think you can only get it if you create your char that way. 10 is rediculous. I cant believe after all that they made lab rentals 1000 isk. People will just hoarde them like they were doing before.

Greyhound Digger
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2003.07.03 22:08:00 - [15]

Daginarou, it is very easy to use 10 CORP Factories or Labs. Multiple characters from the Corp have aceess, and do the research. We use 6 of our 8 Factory slots 20 of 24/hours a day. We only have 35 or so active accounts, so it is entirely possible t make full use of those slots.


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