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Posted - 2011.06.20 12:24:00 - [1]

Edited by: FarmerCounter on 20/06/2011 12:24:27
As my experience when I entered the game, I don't really have a sence that how a ship may works like. I tried to use a navy caraal in Lv.3 and got poped, also see some noob using cruise raven in pvp.

I come with this idea that making a hierarchical model, based on the skill required from low-end ships to high-end ships, and group by the role in fleet but not the hull.

For examply,the Onyx is actually indepedent from most skills to fly a Moa well, except the Cruiser V.
But the Eagle is really an advance from Moa, they share the same railgun/ blaster skills.

The levels are used to mark the ships according to the efficiency on its role and if it is a final choice with max skills(I call it "High-End").

I will try to make things going but it may takes years to finish after the EVE is closedVery Happy, So I just left this idea here if anybody get interested in.

Here is an incomplete example for the caldari state:


Tech 1 Cruisers:

Caracal Lv. 1
Weapon: Heavy Missile/Assault Missile
Role: (PVE) Noob ship
Next level: Drake, Raven, (PVP only) Caracal Navy Issue

Blackbird Lv.1 Lv. 3
Weapon: ECM
Role: (PVP) Low end long-range ECM platform, (8.6 ECM strength up to 130KM), Low-end ship but good potential with experienced pilot.
Next level: (PVP only) Falcon, (PVP only Drake+Blackbird) Rook, (PVP only) Scorpion.

Moa Lv. 1 Lv. 2
Weapon: Blaster
Role: (PVP) Low-end (disposable) short-range DPS (300~DPS up to 12KM), Bait/tackle.
Next level: (PVP only) Freox, (PVP only) Eagle

Caracal Navy Issue Lv. 3 High End
Weapon: Heavy Missile
Role: (PVP) Long-range DPS dealer (300~DPS up to 126KM)
Special attribute: High agility.

Tech 1 Battlecruisers:

Freox Lv. 2
Weapon: Railgun/Blaster
(PVP Blaster Freox)Uncommon low-end short-range DPS dealer, Bait/tackle, Short-range (350~ DPS up to 12KM)
(PVP Railgun Freox)Uncommon low-end long-range DPS dealer, Medium to long range (150~250DPS from 50KM to 130KM)
Next level: (PVP only) Rokh

Drake Lv. 2 Lv. 3
Weapon: Heavy Missile/Heavy Assault Missile
(PVE Passive Drake) Extreme low end PVE ship, Low efficiency
(PVE- Positive Drake) Low end PVE ship, minor DPS.
(PVP- Heavy Missile Drake) General low-end DPS dealer, Bait/tackle, amateur Electronic-Warfare platform, Medium-range (200~DPS up to 84KM) Short: Slow.
(PVP Heavy Assault Missile Drake) Uncommon low-end DPS dealer, Bait/tackle, Short-range (400~DPS up to 20KM)
Next level: Nighthawk, (Drake+ Caracal) Tengu, (PVP only Drake+Blacbkbird) Rook, (PVP only Drake+ Caracal) Cerberus.

Tech 1 Battleships:

Scorpion Lv. 3 High End
Weapon: ECM
Role: (PVP) Long-range ECM platform (10 ECM strength up to 150KM)
Next level: (PVP only, Falcon+Scorpion) Widow

Raven Lv. 3
Weapon: Cruise Missile/Torpedo
(PVE Cruise Missile Raven) Low-end PVE ship, minor DPS.
(PVP Torpedo Raven) Heavy short-range DPS (780~DPS up to 30KM). Short: DPS decreases counter target smaller than Battlecruiser; Slow and clumsy.
Next level: (PVE only) Golem, (PVE only) Raven Navy Issue, (PVE only) Scorpion Navy Issue.

Rokh Lv. 3 High End
Weapon: Blaster/Railgun
Role: (PVP Blaster Rokh) Heavy tanked short-range DPS (800~ DPS up to 40KM). Short: Slow.
(PVP Railgun Rokh) High-end long-range DPS (300~500 DPS from 110KM~250KM)

Raven Navy Issue lv. 4 High End
Weapon: Cruise Missile
Role: (PVE) High-End PVE ship, High DPS.

Scorpion Navy Issue Lv.4
Weapon: Cruise Missile
Role: (PVE) PVE ship, DPS between high and general.

T2 battleship:

Golem Lv. 4 High End
Weapon: Cruise Missile/Torpedo
Role: PVE
(PVE Cruise Missile Golem) Fair PVE ship, Normal DPS.
(PVE Torpedo) High-End PVE ship, High DPS.

Widow Lv. 5 High End
Weapon: ECM and Torpedo
Role: (PVP) Special ship most used for bridging, theoretically well in combat but lacks practical experience.

Mr Kidd
Posted - 2011.06.20 12:43:00 - [2]

Needs more cow bell.

No serious....if you're going to do a hierarchical structure, please for the love of all things simplistic, make it graphical.

Zenko Incorporated
Posted - 2011.06.20 12:47:00 - [3]

EVE isn't a "level" game, where you grind for some time and get a new level, and then can use epixx. There are a few ships that are utter crap for some things, but excel in others. Also the situation changes as new tactics are developed and other adapt to them, not counting game changes.

There are good fits for many (but not all) ships. Some ships have multiple good fits. Every ship has a crap fit. What could be done is a collection of good fits and situations where they are suitable - those have actually appeared for example in the EON magazine. Some also are available in the Battleclinic website. Also take into account that some players outright don't want to fly big ships - it isn't always a given that bigger is better. With specific situations (mission-fit ship vs. PVP ship fit to counter it) frigates can take down battleships solo.

Briza Baenre
Posted - 2011.06.20 13:44:00 - [4]

Frankly even noobs like me who have anywhere close to a clue can look in Evemon and see where we can go next.

A much more useful guide would be one where it tells you which ship is good vs which ship.

For example:

Stealth bomber: Good vs industrial ships, battleships (drone boats might be a problem) etc...

Sorry to hijack your thread like that, but does anyone know where i might find such a guide? Ive looked...

Dust Fourtwenty
Dust 515
Posted - 2011.06.20 13:57:00 - [5]

eagle as the next step from moa
is the same as
abacus as the next step of calculator

does not compute

Captian Conrad
Empyrean Warriors
Posted - 2011.06.20 13:57:00 - [6]

Edited by: Captian Conrad on 20/06/2011 13:58:04
I like the part where Golums/Widows are the best caldari pvp ship someone can fly Neutral


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