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Ganimedes Gamma
Posted - 2011.06.17 15:06:00 - [1]

Edited by: Ganimedes Gamma on 19/06/2011 11:21:43
Today I want to introduce to you all an idea of 1st EVE Online Olympic Games (EOOG).
I with friends want to organize that event, but don't know what other pilots say about EOOG.

So basic rules:
To enter competition you need to pay enter fee:
shuttle - 10k, frigates - 100k, cruisers - 1mln, battleships, exumers - 10mln, minig barges - 5mln and capitals - 15mln

One ship, one competition, one enter fee - that should this work.
To run one competition we will need min 5 or 10 pilots, depends on competition.

And now about Award System: we will teke an example; frigate race, 10 pilots, competition bank will be 1mln ISK. 1st prize 500k (50% of bank), 2nd prize 300k (30% of bank), and 3rd prize 150k (15% of bank)
So if more pilots will participate then more ISK will be to win. Last 5% of bank will be used to cover organisation expenses, if there will be some ISK left we will think about additional prizes.

All competitions will be cover by min 4 jugdes. Jugdes cannot compete in EOOG games.

And now about competitions:
1/4 Cosmic Mile KO Race (freighters included)
Small Loop Race
Mining Surgeon
Mining Veld Race
Big Loop Race
Big Loop Exploration Race
KO Salvager Competition
EVE Small Marathon
Capital SUMO
and Strange Relay Race

Those are basic competitions ideas, each competition will be run in different place or places, and will have they own rules.

What do you think? Intrested? If yes, please let me know. Here in forum or, write Eve Mail directly to me.
More pilots, More Fun, Bigger Prizes and Better Olympics.

Che Biko
Humanitarian Communists
Posted - 2011.06.17 23:40:00 - [2]

Well, let me just say that I would like to know more. The competitions sound interesting, but I don't have a clear idea of what you had in mind. But if you do it well, this could be big... potentially...eventually.

I don't like the name though. I would prefer something more like New Eden Olympic Games.

I likegirls
Posted - 2011.06.18 02:18:00 - [3]

wtf is Capital SUMO? Capitals bouncing each other out of a pos or something?!?!

Ganimedes Gamma
Posted - 2011.06.19 11:21:00 - [4]

Edited by: Ganimedes Gamma on 19/06/2011 11:24:03
Ok and now about competitions:
1/4 Cosmic Mile KO Race (freighters included)
We will set up straight track from containers, with start and fininsh, dis. about 4,5km
The pilot who wins go further, pilot that loose go out from competition.
Small Loop Race
Once again we will build a race track from cans and we hope the pilots will have fun racing at this track
4 pilots starts, 2 go furher, 2 go out.
Mining Surgeon
Competition for miners, the goal is to mine exactly that amount of for example veldspar, what will be indicated, ( maybe 555 ). For example, one hulk, with one miner, one shot, one amount ore mined.
Who will be the closest to indicated amount, that pilot win, and we say goodbay to pilots with worst score
Mining Veld Race
The challenge in this cometition will be to get as fast as you can indicated amount of ore to start point.
Who will be the fastest, will win
Big Loop Race
Clasic race with check points, thru 5 - 10 systems. Systems and Check points will be defined before race, at each checkpoint will be one tritanium to collect, and judge that will be keep all in order, the fastest pilot will win.
Big Loop Exploration Race
Similar to previus one, but in this case, items that are must be collected, pilots must find himself, so there will be little jumping between planets, moons etc.
The fastest pilot wins.
KO Salvager Competition
We will set up about 20 - 30 cans where with tritanium (1 point), pyerite (3 points), mexallon (5 points).
4 pilots will start from start point and they will race for the cans, 2 pilots go to next stage, 2 go out.
Always win pilot with best score
EVE Small Marathon
Race similar to Big Loop Race, but thru 15 - 20 sys with check points.
Capital SUMO
We wish to see here like one freighter will push other from small arena build from cans. One the leave arena loose.
Strange Relay Race
For now only one team competition. 4 pilots will race on track, or in small system loop, as a team. Each team will have own item to relay, 2 teams go to next stage, 2 teams go out, the best team wins.

Those are the most basic rules for competions, We plan to set up all competitioins in high sec, so a lot of pilots could attend. We are planning to write in detail all rules for each competition, about using ships modules and all stuff that we can think of. And about Olympics name - I'm open for any sugestions.

Ok, that all for now. All comments are required Very Happy, We hope that you tell us what do you think, and do you want to participate in that kind event.
Thanks and Fly Safe

Che Biko
Humanitarian Communists
Posted - 2011.06.22 22:46:00 - [5]

About the 1/4 mile race:
It's not very useful to allow freighters, unless you seperate ships in seperate classes, as a frigate would beat a freigher with ease. Also, for frigates and interceptors a 4,5 KM track is way too short, as they easily reach speeds of around 4500 m/s.
I've done this thing on 50 km tracks though with interceptors, but back and forth, so start/finish>checkpoint>start/finish, or A>B>A. Timing the turn made the drag race more interesting.

Mining surgeon sounds nice, but I'm not sure how it will work out.

KO salvager: There might be a trust issue here. People would either need to steal or you'd need to set them to excellent standing. Or abandon the cans and risk some jerks ruining the competition.

Capital Sumo sounds fun, but it could turn out to be boring. We'll have to see.

At the moment I would be most interested in playing the 1/4 race, the small loop race, and mining competitions.

Ganimedes Gamma
Posted - 2011.06.28 10:20:00 - [6]

Maybe I will start from ship categories.
All competitions will be run in ship categories, so for example, frigate will not race with freighter in 1/4 mile race. Frigates that is one category, Cruisers next and etc.
About 1/4 mile race.
Idea was to have drag races similar to our car races. Car that starts in that competition not always reach its max speed. So idea was to do similar thing.
For now we are open for any ideas, sugestions and commentaries. We are at development stage, so we can make changes to, for example, 1/4 mile race distance.

Thank you for first sugestions. We make some checking and see what it'a look like.
Then we will make any decision.

Still waiting for more commentaries.

Fly Safe

Mechanoid Kryten
N0VA 5
Posted - 2011.06.29 01:20:00 - [7]

Edited by: Mechanoid Kryten on 29/06/2011 01:23:16
I actually like this idea. But the prizes are too small and nix the entry fee. ppl won't trust you not to run away with it.

if you want to make isk, how about let ppl bet on who's gonna win? LOL. prob won't have enough spectators this time but if the prizes go out as planned there will be next time.

How about i throw in a hulk for each of the mining ones and a Navy faction frigate of the winner's choice race (my pick will be cheep one LOL) if you get at least 10 ppl competing. wether you do or not depends entirely on how well -- and long -- you advertise it. YOu can count me in but I'll pass on the prizes would be weird to win one of my own hulks. if i win u can give prize to runner up. I just like the idea of having "olympic miner" added to my bio LOL.

But you can't rely on forums to get your word out. I read that only 3% players go on forums and events and gatherings is a dull area (compared to general chat). That's why most people mis-post in general and allow ccp to move them in correct category. I would suggest make a web site and fly about local spamming it. one spam per system per day don't over-do it now. Also make a corp -- and put that corp up on the corp recruitment and explain that it's not a corp but an event with prizes.
But send them the forum thread too in case they give you a friendly bump to support it.

If you're serious about this, i also know a guy that does pod casts that might wanna cover it and a blogger. both small stuff but still.

The people who do this sort of thing -- don't hang out on forums. trust me i have experience with this :)

on the event itself:

For mining speed, are there limits? i mean most of us have more than one hulk. can i use more than one? is a boosting orca allowed? also i hope you aren't planning to hold a mining veldspar contest in Amarr 1.0 ... cuz i'm not giving out a hulk to someone that wealthy :)

for mining surgeon/quantity... how you know they didn't shut their lasers off and restart them? you need a judge scanning their cargo to be empty then they undock and a judge in the belt watching the lazer. this is hard now that lazers are pencil thin.

Frapse is probably your friend -- both from the judge's point of view and contestant.

You're better off making the event and selling it until people join than checking to see if it's a good idea on forums LOL. bet you can probably get 5 to 10 people to join for each. if you get 5 for the races and 10 for the mining you can have my hulks and frigates.

oh and i would suggest to schedule it on sat/sunday at a time when US and EU time overlap (EU PM or US afternoon)

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2011.06.29 14:31:00 - [8]

i don't get it.. a race.. who can click warp the fastest?

and people will actually be motivated to pay you money to participate in this?

Jat Goodwin
Posted - 2011.06.29 18:10:00 - [9]

they do stuff like this on serenity.

Che Biko
Humanitarian Communists
Posted - 2011.06.29 22:11:00 - [10]

Originally by: LiquidatorBrunt
i don't get it.. a race.. who can click warp the fastest?

and people will actually be motivated to pay you money to participate in this?

Or this: SRV Instuctional Video

And yes.Cool


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