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Argus Kell
Lost Enterprises...
Posted - 2011.06.21 23:07:00 - [691]

Aaaaagh! I wanna play so baaaad. I can't wait to walk my badass, realistic looking self up to my even more badass Mega, then check it out in all it sexy glory.

[note]This is not a whinge - I'm being patient, I'm just dead excited lol. I've been waiting for Incarna since the first day they announced that they were thinking about it ever. Then when they showed the Walking in Stations tech demo idea I was hooked and now... today... it's finally begun.


/excited rant over

Zulu People
Posted - 2011.06.21 23:07:00 - [692]

Originally by: Kal'Tyra
Can I has a cookie?

Hahah, if the +2 wasn't enough...

Chk out the pic on the first page, laughed my ass off... and since the site is icanhazcheeseburger I thought of you..

Also, big shout out to fellow Airhogs (now hiring) member Wilkins, rock on dude!

Gallente Trade Alliance
Posted - 2011.06.21 23:07:00 - [693]

Edited by: Arithron on 21/06/2011 23:08:00
Originally by: Vu1t
Originally by: Arithron
Edited by: Arithron on 21/06/2011 22:53:25
Originally by: Vu1t
Will CCP add 1 extra day for free to everybody?

Why should they? You agreed to an EULA that mentions downtime for fixes and expansions.
Besides, you seriously telling me you play for 24 hrs, and thus are entitled to a free day because you haven't been able to login for 17 hrs or so?

Personally, if it was my company I'd trawl through forums like these, find customers that think they are entitled to skill points/free gametime etc when IMPROVEMENTS are made to the game, and ban hammer the lot of them. This would improve the game environment of Eve no end, and thus be a positive PR exercise for those gamers that realise that improvements benefit them.

To give 1 extra day for 360+k players will make them good lesson for the future to give correct estimations. It doesn't matters how much I'm playing, I've done some plans for today - now it all is broken and I'm getting angry. For examlpe, I NEVER saw people happy when their parcel/documents delivered by DHL/UPS/FEDEX are retained for day or more. And no courier service will ban custmers if they are not providing proper service.

When you start to plan your life around a game, this should start ringing some alarm bells!

DHL/FedEX etc state they will deliver in a certain time. CCP state clearly in EULA that they will take Eve Offline for expansions etc- theres a difference. If you've played a while, you'd realise that expansion day always take a while longer than they hope for. This is due to unforseen errors etc- I'd rather they took the time to implement a stable and fair expansion rather than one that was flakey or gave some advantages when they see a way to exploit an area of code that isn't working as it should.

Until it goes live, theres no way of seeing some of the problems. I fully expect a patch or two within 48 hrs :)

Morrigan Hazama
Posted - 2011.06.21 23:08:00 - [694]

Shush all you whiners, the game is up now :P

Fulmar Muse
Posted - 2011.06.21 23:08:00 - [695]

Getting major error trying to startup... installer crashed half way thru installing... getting this message whilst trying to startup eve

Exefile.exe - Entry point not found

The procedure Entry Point
?IOCP_setOnTaskletScheduledCallback@@YAXP6AX_N@Z@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library python27.dll.


Posted - 2011.06.21 23:08:00 - [696]

servers up

Posted - 2011.06.21 23:08:00 - [697]

Finally it works

P Marshall
Posted - 2011.06.21 23:08:00 - [698]

its live 20 mins early Laughing

Posted - 2011.06.21 23:08:00 - [699]

Originally by: bongpacks
Anyone else having the problem when at the login screen if HDR is enabled there's no animation? Just a black screen

Originally by: CCP


•Client start up mechanics have been improved to heavily reduce black screening issues.

oh wait... not there yet apparently

Erin Sun
Posted - 2011.06.21 23:09:00 - [700]

Originally by: DiscomBoBulate
I'm in

Thats what....he said?

Tesla Security
Posted - 2011.06.21 23:10:00 - [701]

Originally by: La Port Royale
I started to play this game a while back now. And the first thing that totally got me hooked was the playerbase. Dedicated, smart and very creative and patient. (some times ahev to due to 23day skills to train)

But all that seems to disapear the moment devs keep us posted on the progress of business. CCP put alot of effort in alot of cool(and less cool) stuff this week. The finals of the tournament, all around the world fan/business days. Fought off several attacks via the net. refitting eve components, forums and redid evegate.

Compared to the screaming little children i left behind in WOW and others. Nothing seems different reading most of the comments this week. Yes is has been a ****ty week for all of us, CCP and players alike. But people nagging, or even trying to rally others to quit eve. Just because they have to wait for improvements ? Kinda strikes me odd knowing Eve like I do.

Oh come now, most of it's in good fun, we're just griping while we wait hour after endless hour (past scheduled DT) to play the game we love so much...

And I'm hoping to run enough incursions this week to buy me my Golem in 2 days when I'm done training for it...

Argus Kell
Lost Enterprises...
Posted - 2011.06.21 23:10:00 - [702]

Servers up. Incarna is awesome. Fact.

Adam Lost
Posted - 2011.06.21 23:11:00 - [703]

we know ccp are doing there best to get it up and running. for this we are thankful.Very Happy

but they are still late and people have the right to complain.
if u where getting a flight and it was late people complain. thats how the company knows there is something they must do about it.

ccp even thought they do a great job and we love the game, they are always late. so people are saying we would like a true time, or may be something to say sorrey for the delay. as most people would expect from any company

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