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Posted - 2011.06.15 22:53:00 - [1]

I am looking for an op timer for SMF. Basically, I am looking for something that will allow me to input the start time, end time, date, location, ship requirements, and forum thread, and have a countdown until it starts and have this displayed on the top of the forums.

I would like it to have some kind of UI to input all this data, and to show a list of all the up coming ops in a scrollable box.

Any ideas?

Posted - 2011.07.25 15:17:00 - [2]

Im also looking for this Mod. No one have a Idee?

Easy Co.
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2011.08.27 08:17:00 - [3]

I too would love this.

Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2011.08.28 11:45:00 - [4]

OK, the problem here isn't getting something fancy to scroll across the top of the forum web page - It's figuring out where you want the message to come from.

Are you posting ops on the Calendar feature of your corp forum? If not, why not?

To get something appearing at the top of your forum page you can use something like which will link to an RSS feed. SMF can generate RSS feeds for you. Enable them on Admin -> main -> Newsletter & news.

If you haven't got anything to post your corp ops on then have a look at -> At the moment its only for posting POS Timer ops, but if there's enough demand then I can modify it to replace "POS Timer" with "Mining Op" or "CTA" without too much trouble. There will be a new version with an RSS feed available in a couple of days.

Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2011.08.30 08:46:00 - [5]

TEST does have something like this, it uses the in-game calendar API for its items and does some special lookup on the event text to generate a link to a forum topic (say by putting "topic=234" at the bottom of the text).

Its all keyed off our alliance management system for the API, but i'm sure we could pull that bit of code out and rework it to be standalone, just needs someone with some PHP knowledge to produce a JSON feed from the API.

Posted - 2011.09.03 06:43:00 - [6]

So I don't know how many of you have been in razor, but the Op timer that they have is pretty much what I want.

But the one that FAIL has for POS timers is pretty good as well, as long as I can integrate it into a box that I can put in SMF.

If you would be willing to make the mods, I would be grateful.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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