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Saanen Alsistani
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:26:00 - [121]

i think some members of goon swarm are part of that group..

hey i was monitoring there coms the other night..

Posted - 2011.06.15 00:26:00 - [122]

An Unscripted, Emergent Experience......

hellyeaz! Very Happy

i'll catch you guys later.

Master Vrook
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:27:00 - [123]

Are we going to get any unallocated skill points for waiting this long? Please? lol

Jormungandr Bastanold
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:27:00 - [124]

From what i understand this works like a zombie apocalypse.

Computer is taken over then takes over others until someone has like 8. Then master zombie flicks the switch then all the zombies attack the target.

It's a DDoS. Check it out on Wikwpedia.

Most poeple attacking have no idea what they're doing. However there's a windows patch going on right now. It's going to be allright.

MF Machiavelli
Blue Republic
RvB - BLUE Republic
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:27:00 - [125]

Please do not post personal information of any kind on the forums. Spitfire

Posted - 2011.06.15 00:27:00 - [126]

Edited by: Vestigal on 15/06/2011 00:28:32
Originally by: Savos Darkran
Reminds me of Undernet...
Anyone? Anyone? Very Happy

Yeah probaly lulz have allready injected a masive drone-bot-net into tranquility and now well never get it back :P

Posted - 2011.06.15 00:27:00 - [127]

What is 'Traffic Flooding'

Sharp Wind
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:27:00 - [128]

Edited by: Sharp Wind on 15/06/2011 00:31:07
In your post you said that none of Users "Credentials or Credit Card data" was accessed. So I am correct to assume that players Pass Words and User names were not compromised. Just like to know and also know I understand the 'Real Life' world is not what we would like it to be and shutting it all down was probably the best thing to do.

Peace n Health,

Sharp Wind


In the beginning, the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry, and is generally considered to have been a bad move ~ Douglas Adams

Trad Sigu
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:28:00 - [129]

It was a ddos, nothing you can do about it. They have stopped the attacks , bring the servers online....

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:28:00 - [130]

Edited by: Governess on 15/06/2011 00:27:58
Well, nothing is perfect.

Vala Malderran
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:28:00 - [131]

As some of you may have noticed. The server was up then went back down again. This will be at least 1 full day of DT if not more. We should get SP based on time lost for the unexpected and extended DT. We can all agree on that. Will CCP provide it... LAMO... Twisted Evil

Yea no.

Some may have also noticed that as of this post you cant change your password. This furthers my suspicions that our personal data to some degree has been compromised. Shocked

Jack Aaron
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:28:00 - [132]

Originally by: Soden Rah
Originally by: Meta2
Nooo. we don't want to kill them...
takes all the fun out of it if your opponent is dead. means they can't appreciate the fact that they have lost...
no you strap them into a life support machine, remove their eyelids, pump them full of steroids, and play Disney films to them on an endless loop.

Evil ^

Kiith Taiidan
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:28:00 - [133]

Good going guys.

Tribal Liberation Force
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:28:00 - [134]

Originally by: Slik
You say our data is safe, and not compromised.

I believe in the early stages sony said the same thing, so I don't really feel comforted by CCP's assurances.

What are Lulzsec motives for this attack?

Does the Devil need a reason to F you in the A?

No. ugh

Posted - 2011.06.15 00:28:00 - [135]

I agree with everyone else about the fast threat response time, but might be possible that the DDoS attack is not still active and you shut down again because 100-150 thousand players are trying to connect their clients to update skills, put fuel in their POS's, etc?

Kat Isu
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:30:00 - [136]

I like how some people are saying "Ban the IP's of all the attacks".

Yeah problem there is, most of the 'attackers' don't know they're doing it; since the file causing the attack is distributed similarly to a virus. So you could end up banning a long standing EVE player who hates LulzSec.

Posted - 2011.06.15 00:30:00 - [137]

Good job, but it's been over 8 hrs on my end. I will accept 2 million skill points please. Thank You.

Constantance Dreamer
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:30:00 - [138]

Still getting the "Server not accepting connections" If it's up and running, why is it not accepting connections?

Ms Lynn
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:30:00 - [139]

Originally by: Ezekiel Amann
We should hire hit men to go break their hands or something, probably the same loser(s) who ganked Playstation network...
Excellent work to CCP though. I only have 13 hours until my skill queue goes down though lol.

i know your pain, have 6 hours left on my que after working the past 18 hours being unable to hit my que has me a bit sad. I have faith they will have ther servers up in time still a drag though.

Atreus Venom
New Eden Hitmen
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:30:00 - [140]

lulzsec is kinda scarey they hack ALOT of ****... they even hacked a website that offered 10K to anyone who could... they did it and put there logo ontop of a picture on the page and added to the website keep your money we did it for the lulz... and they brought down 4 or 5 games today.. one of which happened to be EVE

Swords Horses and Heavy Metal
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:31:00 - [141]

Edited by: Xenofarion on 15/06/2011 00:31:25
funny picture
Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

And it was the right decision Cool

Melchiades Seti
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:31:00 - [142]

These guys attacked the US Sentate web sites? I've gotten along well in this world by not messing with people who can answer the question "you and what army?". They're toast. Hope they make them eunechs before throwing them into some sex starved prison.

Max Paterson
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:31:00 - [143]

Damnit ... What will I do without my EVE? I might actually have to go outside ...

Maximus Thrax
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:31:00 - [144]

Reacting to DDOS by denying paying subscriber access is overly simplistic. Load balancing content filter switches (Big-IP F5, Nortel Alteon) perform the TCP 3-way handshake, thus keeping resource depleting DDoS connections from crashing the servers. I find it highly unlikely the DDoS is consuming all the Internet bandwidth.

Soden Rah
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:31:00 - [145]

Originally by: Llarz
What is 'Traffic Flooding'

The servers, and the data pipes connecting them to the outside world can only take a certain number of requests per second.

In a DDoS attack a bot net of tens of thousands to millions of infected computers around the world are instructed to start spamming out huge numbers of requests to the target server. The target server and incoming data routers can't take the strain and collapse.
Often while this is going on the hackers will try to use the DDoS attack to cover a break in to steal data.

Gellan Alabel
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:31:00 - [146]

I have to agree. A few hours of lost game time was a great time to get outside. In any case a quick response to a DDoS is way more important, you personal data can cause you thousands of REAL money.

Chris Calamari
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:32:00 - [147]

CCP proving once again why they are, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best gaming companies of all time

Posted - 2011.06.15 00:32:00 - [148]

I'm glad the threat was found. . . .I'm just bummed I can't kill stuff before the kids want dinner!Confused

Coretech Industries
EVE Trade Consortium
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:32:00 - [149]

I think CCP took the right action by taking the service offline to identify the threat to the service and player accounts.

Sister Virgin
Posted - 2011.06.15 00:32:00 - [150]

A DOS or Denial of Service attack (most commonly done with a ping flood) is most often
completely different than a hacking attempt to breach a database.

Why CCP suddenly took credit for making sure credit card data was safe makes no sense, as
someone attempting to obtain files would not call attention to themselves with something as
stupid and simple as a DOS attack.

Two COMPLETELY different things.

It sounds like CCP has ****ed someone off big time whom is retaliating by flooding the servers.
And CCP to pull some smoke and mirrors has used that to their advantage to try to make themselves
look like heros.

Some people are not THAT stupid.... Sigh....

Oh and some advice to CCP. Seek some advice and do some research about how eBay and Amazon prevent this.
I suspect you can just make your servers ignore pings. That simple. (I hope)

To players; Until CCP does that, I predict they could be down for days until law enforcement can intervene.

Sucks, I wanted to play today.


Sister Virgin
Aged, Retired, REAL Hacker and Phreaker

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