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Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:07:00 - [721]

Why is dust being released on the PS3 this late into it's life cycle?

and with Sony's the next gen console being sort of hinted at recently, from my experience interest for a console drop's off a cliff when the next gen format is released.

wouldn't it be more prudent on CCP's part to hold off on dust and possibly make it a PS4 release?

Jenna Sojik
North Khanid Traders
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:07:00 - [722]

Will I get to watch the future Alliance tournaments in my captain's quarters? You got that giant screen in there...

Euphoria Released
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:09:00 - [723]

Question for Magnus: How does one sign up for the Dust 514 beta? :p

brokeneagle 1
Under Heavy Fire
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:15:00 - [724]

Edited by: brokeneagle 1 on 19/06/2011 17:16:01
OK I've been excited for Dust 514 since it was 1st announced.
I've watched the Alliance Tourny every year, Are we going to have some sort of DUST tourny als every year or will it also be intertwined with The EVE tourny?

And my question to, how can I sign up for the DUST 514 Beta ?

Azia Burgi
Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:17:00 - [725]

Can I have the corpses of everyone on the panel for the EVE Cemetery?

Pirate Jack
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:19:00 - [726]

Edited by: Pirate Jack on 19/06/2011 17:19:12
will the dust players be able to participate in icursions on planets defend the civilians ?

Posted - 2011.06.19 17:19:00 - [727]

how is babby formed?

Riley Moore
Sentinum Research
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:21:00 - [728]

When can we expect to see 'bulk' research/manufacturing/invention jobs? Having a research business I have just under 100 jobs running 24/7. They're all done one by one on a daily basis. Any news about possible change, or should I start saving for carpel tunnel fix surgery? Cool

-Riley Moore

Gumpy Nighthawk
Roving Guns Inc.
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:22:00 - [729]

Why is shadoo getting an orgasm everytime he gets excited??

Pick my questions, kthxbye Cool

Adrian Dixon
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:25:00 - [730]

I have noticed a lot of non-minmatar ships using Auto-cannons throughout the tournament. The last one I saw was a cormorant. What do you guys think of that then?

Posted - 2011.06.19 17:31:00 - [731]

I have noticed that there hasn't been a lot of faction/pirate cruisers in the tournament this year. If flag ships are not favored for this year why not use there smaller counterparts?

El Tea
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:32:00 - [732]

Question: how are boundaries seen by the pilots? What do they have to do to respect them?


Lord Salty
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:35:00 - [733]

why do caldari battleships seem to be the least favorite in PvP? and why do Amarr battleships seem to be favorites?
*general pvp not the tournament*

Also, i have heard that in larger fights in null sec armor tank is a preferred tank for fleet fights. If this is true, why?

Mukuro Gravedigger
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:36:00 - [734]

So Dust does not affect planetary interaction?

Izanami Rei
Lai Dai Infinity Systems
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:37:00 - [735]

DUST 514:

Do you get it from the PSN or a disk?

Cal Gin
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:39:00 - [736]

In DUST you are supposed to be able to join EVE Corps... If that corp is in FW will there be any difference than if you joined another Corp...

Posted - 2011.06.19 17:39:00 - [737]

why is it that you say it is easier for the little alliances to get out to 00 but they cant hold sov or npc station systems, seems like the big alliance get every thing and they have all the isk and the small alliance's do not have anywere to go, will there be any more regions added to the game in any of the upcoming updates?

Ichimaru Gin Taichou
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:40:00 - [738]

Will dust players have to pick unique names for their characters as in eve and will they be subject to the same database of names ?

Posted - 2011.06.19 17:41:00 - [739]

why is it that in the early stages DUST514 was going to be realised on XBOX360 but now its going to be only PS3 would it not be better for CCP to run on both consoles? this would expand there place on the market?

Posted - 2011.06.19 17:43:00 - [740]

Can we please have less filler about combat theory and let the dust guy talk a little more.
He is actually interesting.

Ianto Bones
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:43:00 - [741]

In Dust will you have to buy/build your own ammo? :)

Hra Neuvosto
The 8th Order
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:45:00 - [742]

One more Q about Dust: Will different race's weapons have similar pros and cons to what we have in eve or is it gonna be more like the standard FPS model?

Posted - 2011.06.19 17:46:00 - [743]

Once you tell everyone you are doing game merger how soon will others spend billions to get into an untapped market.. Its awsome for eve gaming I would hope being first still means being the best.

Chronic Nebula
Pacifists At Work
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:47:00 - [744]

Any word on team size & match length? Will any of the game testing be tied into the sisi server?

Posted - 2011.06.19 17:55:00 - [745]

Dust question - Will you have to wait until enough players join your group or can you lead a team of artificial intelligent players (npcs) against a target - solo play (if necessary)?

Ein Phantom
Posted - 2011.06.19 17:59:00 - [746]

Question for Shadoo:

How are you so beautiful?

Diamaht Nevain
Avatar Union
Posted - 2011.06.19 18:10:00 - [747]

Edited by: Diamaht Nevain on 19/06/2011 18:11:57
Edited by: Diamaht Nevain on 19/06/2011 18:10:29
Question for any/all: What would need to change about Gallente ships before they would become more viable in this type of format? Or are they just not being used correctly? Gallente focused setups seem to always perform poorly.

Posted - 2011.06.19 18:12:00 - [748]

Any plans for making ships more individual in the way they look like? for example painting them in different colors or write some advertisement on them?

Posted - 2011.06.19 18:16:00 - [749]

Why are you guys late? Is CCP Soundwave having troubles finding his pants?

Posted - 2011.06.19 18:17:00 - [750]

are there going to be additional t1 frigates maybe? not stronger ships but more cheap ships for players to use. more t1 cruisers maybe an additonal bc/bs is it possible or will it ruin the game?

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