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Pans Exual
Super Batungwaa Ninja Warriors
0ccupational Hazzard
Posted - 2011.06.08 18:20:00 - [1]

Edited by: Pans Exual on 10/06/2011 07:38:40
I am a returning player to Eve and want to do something different.

I have 32m SPs and I have a lot of experience in PVP.

I'm particularly interested in merc corps, so if there are any out there?

I'm in the EU timezone.

Any ideas? Then throw them this way!


Sakura Kasenumi
Posted - 2011.06.08 18:46:00 - [2]

Saints of Azura, contact Lars Zundi or shroomazon though as im not on much this week.

Pans Exual
Super Batungwaa Ninja Warriors
0ccupational Hazzard
Posted - 2011.06.08 22:44:00 - [3]


Praxis Astra
Smiling Friends Social Club
Hearts And Minds Alliance
Posted - 2011.06.08 23:49:00 - [4]

Hey Pens. Please check the Wild Creek map to be sure what you are getting into.

My name is Praxis Astra and I am a representative from The Jagged Alliance.

How about a new nullsec home?

We are increasing the size in sov holding in our home region - Wicked Creek

This is a PvP alliance, part of GTFO Colalition (Which includes White Noise, Red.Overlord and more) and are looking for more PvP corps to join us.

We are in US/EU/RUS/AUS timezone between all of our corps and have regular roams for the PvP members.

Everybody that joins is expected to be able to join Mummble and Teamspeak 3, as well as attend CTAs (Call to Arms) and HD (Home Defence) Fleets.

Convo: Paukinra
Convo: Praxis Astra
Convo: Strynger
Convo: varoc506
Join Chat Channel: TJA Diplo
Join Chat Channel HARM recruitment

Super Batungwaa Ninja Warriors
Posted - 2011.06.09 00:39:00 - [5]

Hi mate, please consider joining us at the Super Batungwaa Ninja Warrior. We are pretty lax and no drama no politics and we have a laugh on comms while pewing.

We are early and late UK/EU TZ PvP corp stretching into Eastern US TZ, we currently reside in Curse. We fly with minimal blues and use profound ninja warrior tactics to engage our prey.

Our epic killboard link:
Use of ninja tactics link:
Forum link:

I organise Angel L4 0.0 mission/WH ops and complexes for the corpies to farm for isk when we run out of isk for ships
If this sounds good, feel free to give me a convo, mail, join our pub "AKTV8" or convo triiniity to find out more.

Cheers !

Mecinia Lua
Galactic Express
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2011.06.09 02:36:00 - [6]

We could use more pilots. We got some EU guys in the corp (Czech, Dutch, English, etc). Corp is spread out over timezones though a bit.

We live in Cobalt Edge, our corp has a Band 5 system with abcm ore. The space is returning to some quietness after the goon camps during the recent DRF-NC war. There is still though plenty of opportunity for pvp as we are close to venal and the NPC space there.

Alliance has TS3 server.

It is drone space but its not as bad as many folks think to make money. Corp will buy alloys/PI/ore etc. So easy way to make money. Alliance will also buy stuff. Usually access to wormholes is not to hard if you like those.

IRC does require us to get a full API to check wallet and mail transactions as well as skills. TS3 interview is required as well.

I'm about to head to work but if you would be interested shoot me a mail in game and we'll talk and set up a chat for when I'm not working.

Shintoko Akahoshi
Risen Angels
Posted - 2011.06.09 03:43:00 - [7]

Hey, Pans,

I don't know if you're interested in RP or not, but if you're curious, you might consider [url=]Risen Angels[/url]. We're a small, heavy-RP (we're always in character in corp chat) Angel Cartel corporation with a focus on empire warfare. At the moment, we have active war decs with four corporations (including mercenary corps hired by one of our enemies) as well as a mid-sized alliance. With our small numbers, we mainly engage in solo and small gang warfare, and we're almost always outnumbered.

Ordo Drakonis
Posted - 2011.06.09 07:44:00 - [8]


Checks us out m8 cheers o/

Wrath of Fenris
Narwhals Ate My Duck
Posted - 2011.06.09 08:12:00 - [9]

Hey Pans,
Let me introduce you to WOLFY (Wrath of Fenris) we are a top 60 all time killing corp according to battleclinc, yet have never had more than 50 members. After a while living in a C3 wormhole we have "upgraded" to living in a C6 with a C5 static as part of "Narwhals ate my duck". So not only do we have access to a C6 with C5 we are part of the best merc alliance in wormhole space.

We are a well established corporation, with good "profit" sharing, great FC's and an all round view of life and Eve (most of us are old men 25+ married with kids).

The hard part:-
We require FULL API (if you don't want to give FULL API, thats fine, but you will be wasting your time).
You will be required to live in a POS and in High Sec (Most of our contracts start from High sec).
You must have TeamSpeak 3 and a mic.
You must have decent PvP Experience.

So if you are happy with the above, drop me a mail in game, or drop by our public channel "THE WOLFY LAIR" or feel free to put an application straight in and we can start from there @ here

Hope to hear from you soon


Ignes Bellum
Ignes Holdings
Ignes Immortalis
Posted - 2011.06.09 09:08:00 - [10]

Edited by: Ignes Bellum on 09/06/2011 09:08:49
How about Yarr in lowsec?

Take a look and decide yourself.

Ignes Immortalis [F1RE.]

United Warriors
Posted - 2011.06.09 09:29:00 - [11]

Hi there,

United Warriors is a small EU TZ corp, focused in PVP. We live in NPC 0.0, so sov and blobs are not our type.

If you're looking for a nice laid back corp and fun, contact me in game.


Posted - 2011.06.09 09:33:00 - [12]

wall of text.

Convo me in game buddy my corp is eu based pvp out of venal.


Tatanka Marcussen
Core Impulse
Posted - 2011.06.09 09:36:00 - [13]

Hey Pans

Our corp is more a Idea in action:)
So here is what we are about.
We are EUTZ, live in low.sec and we pvp
Corp is a very chillaxed in the way of no YES SIR attitude :D
Currently we are in a alliance that gains our ability gettin even more kills

For more info you can drop by our "Corim Public" or convo Dunn Idaho and me.

Sincerly Tatanka

Super Batungwaa Ninja Warriors
Posted - 2011.06.09 10:48:00 - [14]

Edited by: Triiniity on 09/06/2011 10:48:41

We are a mixed EU/EST (80% EU) PVP only corp living out of NPC 0.0 - Curse Region

If you are looking for a tight-knit bunch of Europeans and EST Americans with high SP who like to fly all kinds of different ships and different gang make ups then please check our recruitment add linked below

Recruitment Add Including Killboard Link

Trin o/

Ailok Konem
United Warriors
Posted - 2011.06.09 12:24:00 - [15]

Pans Exual
Super Batungwaa Ninja Warriors
0ccupational Hazzard
Posted - 2011.06.09 17:49:00 - [16]

There's some great corps here - thanks.

Am looking through the list above, but feel free to post more - it's good to have plenty of choice.


Pans Exual
Super Batungwaa Ninja Warriors
0ccupational Hazzard
Posted - 2011.06.10 07:33:00 - [17]


Posted - 2011.06.10 16:09:00 - [18]

Hello Pans,

Our Corp is EU TZ and we are dedicated Mercs check this out OPERATIONS

For more info check TEMPLAR.

Please convo me any time say hello in our channel OUTREMER

Sofa Kriger
Posted - 2011.06.10 18:01:00 - [19]


Check out MALIN
We aint mercs but we do some killing anyway Cool

Norse'Storm Battle Group
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2011.06.12 14:57:00 - [20]

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

Norse’Storm Battle Group (NS-BG) is looking to grow and we need you!

We are becoming a well established corporation and continue to grow daily. Currently based in the Cobalt Edge Region, VY-866 System, we cover almost every aspect of EVE, including but not limited to Mining, Industry, Missioning, Exploration, Low-Sec/Null-Sec Roaming, and downright good times. Our home system is a quiet one and along with everything mentioned above we offer a ship replacement program in corporation.

Arrow ”What do you really have to offer and what are your goals?"

Miners - Rorqe support in 0.0 space, constant mining ops, and a retriever program. While we look for dedicated Rorqe pilots, we still will have plenty to mine in 0.0. There is money to be made here. Our corp. requires allot of minerals for ongoing manufacturing and we are more than willing to pay miners to get these minerals for us. We are looking to offer excellent refining and an excellent pay system. On top of all this, if you show yourself to be a dedicated miner and learn the required skills, the corp. will give you a Hulk free of charge. We need our miners and we take care of them.

Explorers - The area we are based out of VY-866 System is rich with both signatures and anomalies. There are also Plex’s in the area. We will be constantly scouting out new wormholes and could use pilots with great scanning abilities.

Mission Runners - On a daily basis we run missions ranging from levels 1-5 and we also have several plex’s in the area. Whether you are just starting out in level ones or are pushing into fives, we have a place for you. Also, anyone is welcome to come along on higher level missions regardless of current ship or current SP. All we ask is that you follow direction, shoot smart, and bring a ship fitted for combat.

Our Corp Members - We are a community to every definition of the word. Our future member base will be multi-time zone. TS3 voice server is set up for Corp/Alliance. use and members are encouraged to take full advantage of it. Humor is a must within our ranks. As far as advancement within the corp. goes, the sky is the limit.

Relocation - If you decide to join us and have allot of assets at your home base, not to worry, we have dedicated haulers that would be more than happy to transfer all your belongings to are null security station.

Skill Books - Need help? Just ask. (No Capital Books at this time)

Scheduled Corp Ops - Yes, we do schedule ops as a corp. And we are built on working together to meet our long term goals. No, they are not mandatory. Norse’Storm firmly believes that real life comes before EVE.

Ship Replacement Program[/b] - Yes we do have a Corp. ship replacement program in effect.

Arrow "Alright then, what are your requirements?"

We are looking for active pilots of all ages, SP, and experience. Are you new to the game and kind of lost? Not sure what you want to do? Just need some help getting your footing? We are the place for you. Are you a veteran who is set in his/her ways and just looking for a new home? We got you too. We only ask that you can use TS3 and have a mic.

If you are interested in joining or have questions contact

- Kellax (CO)

Norse'Storm Forums: Link

or join channel " NSBG-[PUBLIC "

And as a recap, we are looking for:

★ Miners
★ Haulers
★ Mission Runners
★ Exploration Pilots
★ All Purpose Pilots
★ Manufactures
★ Super Capital Friendly

Come check us out!


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