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Unbelievable Tekkers
Posted - 2011.06.07 20:08:00 - [1]

Hey there,

I have done a short spell in sov 0.0 space about 2 years ago but never enjoyed that CTA rubbish. I am therefore looking for a semi-casual, friendly NPC 0.0 enviornment. I have been in hi-sec every since and, although can handle myself in hi-sec, do not feel quite the same in 0.0.

I am therefore looking for a Corp that will help me learn NPC 0.0 combat again, that believes real life > Eve and is active in the EU timezone.

Please post your offers here and if one jumps out at me I will contact you with my main.


Posted - 2011.06.07 20:17:00 - [2]

Mindstar technologies is currently recruiting

We are a laided back EU/Us tz corp based in stain (npc space) and are willing to teach new recruits and of course Rl always comes first.

Join our recruitment channel mindstar to get more info

Super Batungwaa Ninja Warriors
Posted - 2011.06.07 20:23:00 - [3]

Hey there, we are an EU corp based in NPC 0.0 - curse

perfect huh?

Please get in contact with me :)

Corp Advert Here

United Warriors
Posted - 2011.06.08 06:25:00 - [4]


United Warriors is a corp which suits you. We are PVP focused, and we live in Stain. Contact me ingame for more details.


Tatanka Marcussen
Core Impulse
Posted - 2011.06.08 13:32:00 - [5]

Hey you there dude

If you can live in low.sec and hunt in a npc 0.0 region we are the right choice.
We fight against all in 2 regions, we love to use every aspect of pvp, from nano - capital
Corp is almost only EU, but we also play into US tz.

Killboard Corp

Contact either Dunn Idaho or myself, and join Corim Public

Sincerly Tatanka

Super Batungwaa Ninja Warriors
Posted - 2011.06.08 13:44:00 - [6]

Hi mate, I think we are perfect for you, please consider joining us at the Super Batungwaa Ninja Warrior.

We are early and late UK/EU TZ PvP corp stretching into Eastern US TZ, we currently reside in Curse. We fly with minimal blues and use profound ninja warrior tactics to engage our prey.

Check our killboard
Forum link:

I organise Angel L4 0.0 mission/WH ops and complexes for the corpies to farm for isk when we run out of isk for ships
If this sounds good, feel free to give me a convo, mail, join our pub "AKTV8" or convo triiniity to find out more.

Cheers !


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