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Kwan-Yin Yidam
Posted - 2011.06.06 09:20:00 - [1]

MAC OS X comes with BOOTCAMP. This is the best way folks, install the latest version of WINDOZE on your MAC and run it natively. Install EVE Online to your WINDOZE operating system and enjoy.Very Happy

Kwan-Yin Yidam
Posted - 2011.06.06 09:25:00 - [2]

I would partition at least 80-100 GB of your hard drive for WINDOZE because you will want that space for extra goodies for WINDOZE. Remember that the audio output for your headset will not work on WINDOZE on APPLE hardware due to that APPLE has not made a driver for that . No other issues yet. I will help anyone who needs assistance using BOOTCAMP or other issues but remember that I may not monitor this Topic so you are better off on the Mac Forums or other forums. Enjoy MAC kids.

Kwan-Yin Yidam
Posted - 2011.06.06 09:32:00 - [3]

Edited by: Kwan-Yin Yidam on 06/06/2011 09:33:00
Once you have partitioned your hard drive and installed WINDOZE to that partition, you will boot to BOOTCAMP and WINDOZE will automatically be your default OS. NO worries. JUst hold down the ALT key during cold boot and you will boot to a screen allowing you to chose BOOTCAMP partition or your Macintosh OS. BLISS ...Pure BLISS. By the way kiddies the reason to do this is because EVE online is actually written to be compatible with the graphics driver for your graphics chip set in WINDOZE. this driver is not available in MAC OS.. .. your graphics cards on most Mac's are hard mounted to the processor... enjoy ya'll.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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