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Claudia Vivienne
Posted - 2011.06.05 21:36:00 - [61]

Edited by: Claudia Vivienne on 09/06/2011 01:34:38

Just wondering if there is anyone else that could get two kisses at their first evening from Revan without any threat of being burnt :D

Just got back to finish what I had left at the first season and those fruitest drinks that Darv prepares already created a new addiction for me.Hope he doesn't ask for a payment for them :)

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Revan Neferis
Propaganda Due
Posted - 2011.06.05 23:05:00 - [62]

Edited by: Revan Neferis on 05/06/2011 23:14:57

Miko Hareka

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Miko Hareka > /emote grins > mmm, a little about me? It's a long story, but one I'd love to tell, in the presence of such alluring company.

Miko Hareka > /emote grins > what do I like? Oh, now honey, you've open Pandora's box, so to speak.
Miko Hareka > Fine wines, good Thukker ales, beautiful company, and the scenery to match are my main pleasures. I love to gamble, the rush of the bet, the thrill of the ods, and the satisfaction of bringing home a win.
Miko Hareka > /emote grins, rolling his eyes to the two Gallente > Still, some people can't handle me in a room with them. Too much character, too much presence I guess.

Miko Hareka > I've never been a man to do things by half, I love a challenge.
Revan Neferis > You are very daring Mr Hareka. I like that. I have the impression that you are a man that would do whatever it takes to win.
Miko Hareka > /emote flashes Lady Neferis a vibrant green eyed wink, allowing himself an immaculate white grin > That depends, I do have my principles, my good Lady.
Revan Neferis > /emote smiles back, her eyes traveling through the subtle expressions " Like what? It's a bit of a delicate matter to speak of principles to a Sani Sabik Sovereign, you know?"
Miko Hareka > /emote cants his head, laughing as he meets his narrow, green eyes with Lady Neferis' > Well, I wouln't want to get blood all over my best jacket, would i?
Revan Neferis > /emote smiles and winks " dont let my reputation preceed me dear. im actually quite... gentle. "
Darveses > Occasionally.
Punx Evangeline > /emote can't help but smile at Revan's comment.
Miko Hareka > /emote chuckles to her, still holding her gaze > Oh, I'm sure you have the divine touch of a true Sabik Sovereign, and the skill and knowledge to use it to whatever your desires might be, Lady Neferis.
Revan Neferis > Have no doubts about that
Miko Hareka > /emote comes thick and fast with his response > Oh, there's not a doubt in my mind, with a reputation as defined and well known as yours, my lady.
Revan Neferis > /emote winks and stands up whispering to Darv " I like him already"

Congratulations Miko.
Let's see what you bring to the next phase of our competition. Good luck

Revan Neferis
Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign
Sani Sabik

Shalee Lianne
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2011.06.06 01:51:00 - [63]

Edited by: Shalee Lianne on 06/06/2011 02:18:15

Veto Corp
Posted - 2011.06.06 02:19:00 - [64]

Unfortunately, I tender my resignation from this event.

Good luck to the remaining candidates.

Luke Verone
Veto Corp
Posted - 2011.06.06 02:20:00 - [65]

I too tender my resignation from this event, and wish only the best of luck to the remaining candidates.

Amara Westen
Posted - 2011.06.06 04:13:00 - [66]

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The vast control room echoes with the constant hum of traffic and comms from the dozens of planetary operations that are overseen. Dozens of staff sit at various consoles as well wander from station to station, reports being passed on comm-pads, and in the center station behind a massive console of hanging screens stands a tall attractive blond giving orders and overseeing the entire operation.

Take a brief breather, she hands over a comm-pad to secondary and wanders out onto a small balcony that over looks the entire Walks Forever Trade Inc corporate hanger, where dozen’s of ships hang, drones and crew performing routine maintenance.

She leans on the railing and watches.

“Why do I want to be one of the select few who are honoured to be part of this event? Simple really, the man I love doesn’t see me the same way I see him. I want him to see me in a different light than just an administrator. This event will show him I am more than numbers, efficiency reports, and dailies totals of yields from the operations we run on the various planets we work on. Simple, honest truth.”

She turns and walks back into the ops center, briefly stopping to watch as a Tengu class strategic cruiser with the hull name “Stryx” glides by, heading out of station. With a sigh she heads back to her command station.

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Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2011.06.06 11:32:00 - [67]

Originally by: Revan Neferis
Much better beautiful. Granted, all granted... plus some more as a gift for the wonderful awakening this morning * winks

I had a few days planetside duties to attend for, felt I should leave you with a little touch of lips my love. Congratulations on the contest so far by the way, it all seems to be going quite well xxx.

Revan Neferis
Propaganda Due
Posted - 2011.06.06 15:58:00 - [68]


Pioneer Alliance

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RoyAraym > Really, I don't know, madama Neferis. I have not a precise thought about it... but in my famiily we go a lot after our "sensations". And i feel, even if i could not win, to make some good memories about my presence here to ,at least, someone here
RoyAraym > It's not a rational motivation... but there is very little rational in the whole universe, to me

RoyAraym > I'm just a rapresentative of that comunity of capsuleers that leave the known space for the "unknown", the "other side" of a galaxy where even the perception about our lives it's different. In this one i'm "a man"...
RoyAraym > ... on "my side", as a wormhole dweller, i'm a bit, already, "extraordinaire"...

Sonir Lestat > Punx, why does he get the interesting questions?
RoyAraym > /emote turns to Sonir > Probably because I'm unknown to the ladies... it's like unwrap a new present...

Revan Neferis > I sense something special in you Roy, It's there but i can't pinpoint yet. I hope ill be able to see more in time.
RoyAraym > /emote bows a little his head to Revan > I'm interest to see if i can too, Vostra Signoria...

Congratulations Roy for securing your place inside the resort.
I have a feeling that there is more than meet the eyes about you. We shall see.

Revan Neferis
Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign
Sani Sabik

Bayushi Toma
Posted - 2011.06.06 17:50:00 - [69]

Edited by: Bayushi Toma on 06/06/2011 17:57:50
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I am entering this contest in honor of all the ghetto and slum born minmatar who have no voice. For the inner city youth who live in poverty and violance, and those born into bondage to pedophiles and false masters.

Seekers of a Silent Paradise
Posted - 2011.06.06 19:45:00 - [70]

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Why am I here? After hearing rumors about the first season I was intrigued, I could use some adventure, and a long night of drinking celebrating the destruction of a tower made me think "I wouldn't mind a good competition. What the hell? This modeling thing could be fun."

Why pick me? A few reasons. I'm here to compete. I want to have some fun. Outlaw Jenner can't be the only one to represent the state. I'm open minded. And hell, I'm easy on the eyes.

Veto Corp
Posted - 2011.06.06 19:52:00 - [71]

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Well, I thought it would be fun to toss my hat into the ring, (having first aquired a suitibly impressive hat to toss), and roll the dice. I don't represent anyone bar myself, and apparently several members of my crew who have placed a slight wager on my candidacy.

I believe in generaly doing what feels right at the time, taking the chance, and resolving the consequences later. Not quite the same as consequence free, but often the unexpected consequences to one's choices can be just as entertainingas the decision that sparked them.

Terrin Klozof
Posted - 2011.06.06 20:32:00 - [72]

Edited by: Terrin Klozof on 08/06/2011 00:03:40
I resign. good luck to the rest.

Fantastulousification Inc.
Posted - 2011.06.07 01:31:00 - [73]

Qualification #7

Seekers of a Silent Paradise

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Revan Neferis > Mmmm *looking up to met the woman's eyes* one thing for certain, you are easy on the eyes...
Darveses smiles > I would agree right there.
Revan Neferis looks at Darv almost shocked
Koronakesh > You're feeling alright, aren't you Darv? Not ill at all?
Darveses > Just need to say that with girls more often. Dont want anyone calling me a biased judge now do I?
Koronakesh > But you are a biased judge.
Darveses > No reason not to hide it.

Johlie > I'll do damn near anything to win.

Congratulations, and good luck for whats to come!

Kekah Mareyi
Mareyi Holdings
Posted - 2011.06.07 15:56:00 - [74]

Edited by: Kekah Mareyi on 09/06/2011 15:34:50

Revan Neferis
Propaganda Due
Posted - 2011.06.07 18:11:00 - [75]

Edited by: Revan Neferis on 07/06/2011 18:11:30
Qualification # 8

Bayushi Toma

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Revan Neferis > /emote looking at the necomer for a moment " mmm another tough guy I see"
Revan Neferis > I seem to attract all bad boys around to my events * winks
Bayushi Toma > /emote puffs out chest and squares shoulders for inspection
Bayushi Toma > ty mam
Darveses > /emote nods to Revan, with his eves fixed on Bay > No objections there...none at all...
Outlaw Jenner > /emote laughs > Careful Darv... Bay's the kind that'll rip off your head
Bayushi Toma > skulls make good ashtrays with a little work, seems to put poeple off though
Bayushi Toma > /emote wiccked pleasure flahes across face for the briefest of instants

Bayushi Toma > there are those who abandon sanity altogether and go down in history as heros
Bayushi Toma > /emote bow head at recieving the cigar> I am here because it is the ultimate act of rebellion, considering my roots....from deliquent survivalist to captain of my own ship.Now i stand as a succesfull C.E.O
Bayushi Toma > I simply know my enemies, know myself, and know how to make the rules dissapear

Congratulations Toma.
I'll see you at the resort.

Revan Neferis
Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign
Sani Sabik

Dr Pitkanen
Nostrovia Holdings
Posted - 2011.06.07 21:39:00 - [76]

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Why pick me? I will make it simple: First of ll because of this

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I'm handsome, I'm fit I'm a natural born winner and I'll do whatever it takes to win.

And most important, I came back for revenge. Years ago I was put out of my post because of a lie.
Vlad Cetes He traces a line across his neck then straight up past it You better watch your back.

Rena DeLacroix
Posted - 2011.06.07 21:44:00 - [77]

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Oh excellent! I've been looking forward to this for months!

I really think I can win this, as you're looking for very pretty people, and I think I more than qualify. I'm looking forward to a night of fun, partying and meeting new people!

Revan Neferis
Propaganda Due
Posted - 2011.06.08 00:09:00 - [78]

Qualification # 9

Veto Corp

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Revan Neferis > My my I wont survive this season's temptations all over
Nausea > /emote raises an eyebrow, trying and failing to surpress the smirk. "For a given value of commited, perhaps? "

Nausea > Hmm. What brings me here? Curiosity, whimsy, a toss of the dice and a little risk to see what could possibly happen.
Nausea > /emote smiles and takes a draw on the cigarette again. "Plus a little competition can be just as interesting."

Nausea > /emote smirks at the sudden ringing sound of the 'slap' from her side, but doesn't comment on it... " What do I bring? A certain amount of... pushing. I like emotions, feelings, fire from people. It often looks so good in people's eyes...
Nausea > And I like encouraging people to do similar.

Nausea > I would have thought fires would be something you would have to wait atleast until the first round to see...
Revan Neferis > Ah Nausea, as I said, things can become umpredictable when I'm concerned. Although I must say that fire was long time overdue.
Nausea > /emote shrugs, chuckling softly. "This is the wrong sort of event to enter if you do not like...unpredictability"

Congratulations Nausea, for securing a place inside the resort.

Revan Neferis
Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign
Sani Sabik

Fantastulousification Inc.
Posted - 2011.06.08 01:38:00 - [79]

Edited by: Darveses on 08/06/2011 01:42:14
Qualification #10


Triskelion Ouroboros

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Qansh > Here to be a star. Heh-heh.

Revan Neferis nods observing the stylish man " welcome, I don't think we have met before"
Qansh > No. New here. Pleased to meet you. Love the place.
Koronakesh > You've seen nothing yet.
Qansh > Um... well, my imagination sees pretty good.

Qansh > ... well, like I say, not that interesing. I think and I mine and think and mine... and get drunk when that gets to be too much. Born on Intaki (so my mom tell's me). I'm kind of a closet sociologist... looking to break out, I suppose.
Qansh > Kind a drawn to the darkside, too, I imagine... didn't expect this place.
Qansh > *takes a sip*
Revan Neferis > drawn to the darkside now that's delicious, isnt it? * winks at Darv
Qansh > Dark is light if you look in the right places.
Darveses grins > Rrrr.
Qansh > *chuckles*

Qansh > Um... I don't know if it's a feature, but I'm a way honest guy (when I feel like talking). Could be a handicap in this game... but, wait, I'm suppose to say something positive. Um, I love my enemies (if I had any) but I'd still focus on doing them in.
Qansh > Let's see. I'd stick with stuff that I promised to do and would put a mind to it, my best.
Qansh > Crap. I'm great, basically. Thanks for asking.
Revan Neferis cant help but laugh very amused
Qansh > Well, true. Sort a, but truer when I shut up, mostly.
Qansh > Anyway... *laughs*

Qansh > I got a lot of yummy.. Ouch... shouldn't have said that.

Qansh > Ecstacy and death... Ok, some interview. Hey, I'm shaking but haven't gotten up to leave yet.

Revan Neferis whispers to Koro " he seem totally insane. I think he's great"

RoyAraym looks to Claudia > I have to prove that i'm the one that is not "hard", surelly, with a girl. I'm just a guy that only has to make love to a woman and she starts to hear heavenly choirs singing. <Cheekly>
Qansh > So, uh, *looks at Roy* You're kinda like church.
RoyAraym > ... you never know what really happens in a church, mr Qansh... question to yourself why so many ladies go there every week, and maybe you'll get the right answer
Qansh > Yah. I have noticed that people who have sex tend to smile and say "God" a lot. Kinda like church.

Congratulations and good luck for whats to come!

Claudia Vivienne
Posted - 2011.06.08 02:05:00 - [80]

Edited by: Claudia Vivienne on 08/06/2011 02:08:10
Was a wonderfull evening and I think I am getting used to the people faster than I assumed,but I am afraid this is going to turn to an addiction soon which I never would like to leave behind one day Laughing

Can't even imagine what I have missed in season one and what is coming on the way with the second,hopefully.
Hope to be able to get to the resort this time too Wink

Thanks again to everyone in the lounge tonight but I would specially thank to Revan and Koro for the organisation of the event again and dear Darveses for the awesome drinks and plus to Roy for the accompany at the end of the night.Oh and Qansh,you are not forgotten too :P


P.S.: Thanks to Roberto Cavalli for the beautiful maroon,d.r.a.p.e.d gown that had lovely jeweled detailing at the waist also paired with that high slit and those 5 inch nude pumps and Christian Louboutin for the special made pair of Claudia Ankle Strap Sandals as well ;)

You made me look like a billion bucks guys:P

Vaden Khale
Damnation Angels
Posted - 2011.06.08 02:53:00 - [81]

The only thing good about a farce such as this is that months ago I heard a song, but could not remember the name of it. As God would have it, it was the song used for the background score for the official video. It's been driving me crazy. Well, crazier than usual, I'm sure some would say.

Michael Bross
Masuat'aa Matari
Posted - 2011.06.08 05:41:00 - [82]

I'm starting to wonder if my official interview was lost. I won't complain about another chance at screen time though. Or maybe Ms. Revan just enjoys my company enough to do it again.

Fantastulousification Inc.
Posted - 2011.06.08 11:22:00 - [83]

Originally by: Michael Bross
I'm starting to wonder if my official interview was lost. I won't complain about another chance at screen time though. Or maybe Ms. Revan just enjoys my company enough to do it again.

I'm sorry, let me use this opportunity to point out that the qualification order has nothing to do with interview or application order.

As you can see here, we choose the qualifications rather randomly.

Michael Bross
Masuat'aa Matari
Posted - 2011.06.08 14:04:00 - [84]

Oh just poking fun Darveses.

Revan Neferis
Propaganda Due
Posted - 2011.06.08 16:31:00 - [85]

Qualification # 11

Jason Galente
Sentinels Academy
Sentinel Federation

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Jason Galente > /emote walks over to the chair, eying Revan intensely, taking a seat at the chair
Jason Galente > I believe I could win this competition because, simply put, I have what it takes. I'm by no means just looks. My face will tell a story, where I have been, where I will be, where I am now. I will do what it takes to win this competition
Punx Evangeline > And what do you think it will take to win this competition?
Jason Galente > No less than deceit, false testimony, scandal, and of course, making allies.
Jason Galente > I would classify myself as someone who operates logically, and always aims to win.
Jason Galente > Honesty has nothing to do with it. After all, i am being honest about dishonesty, am I not?

Jason Galente > I will not lie that I was a bit enamored with Jade Constantine
Revan Neferis > enamored?
Jason Galente > I did not mean it on a personal level in the slightest
Punx Evangeline > /emote grins, "Everything is personal to Lady Neferis."
Outlaw Jenner > I would advise not going down that road
Outlaw Jenner > Very
Outlaw Jenner > Strongly
Outlaw Jenner > I have seen people executed for much less
Jason Galente > I have great respect for Ms. Neferis as someone who shares the same mindset. That is all. I have not known her long enough to determine anything else, thus anything else I say regarding her is purely apersonal, as well as miss Constantine

Jason Galente > /emote smiles and laughs > Good evening Ms. Neferis. I'm dead.
Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

Revan Neferis > Mr Jason... next time i also would be careful about saying that you are "enamorated" with some personalities.
Jason Galente > I'll certainly never offend a Sani Sabik again.. or at least avoid it at all costs.
Koronakesh > It tends to get expensive.
Jason Galente > Indeed. I have to say though, I've enjoyed myself so far, regardless of dying. The company has been ravishing.
Koronakesh > I suggest never borrowing money from Revan either. At least not more than you could reasonably pay back.
Jason Galente > Oh my god. I don't even want to think about what would happen if I couldn't pay Lady Neferis back.
Revan Neferis > well * she pours herself a glass of pure amarrian whiskey and raises a toast to Jason * To lessons learned and good purifications.

Jason Galente > No matter which way it goes, it will be an electric season.

Congratulations Jason. From all candidates, you're sure the one who has been tried the hardest. You have your pass to the resort.
Let's see what you make of it.

Revan Neferis
Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign
Sani Sabik

Uraniae Fehrnah
Posted - 2011.06.08 23:44:00 - [86]

I must say the lounge is quite the interesting place. Thus far I've personally had the pleasure of quite a few good conversations, wonderful drinks, and an all too brief glimpse of the musical abilities of none other than Verone himself. I've been witness to tense moments with weapons drawn as well as fellow capsuleer contestants giving all they have, and more, to the dance floor. In the usually casual atmosphere, more often than not streaked with wisps of all manner of smokes and stimulants, I've enjoyed a bevy of new experiences, some practical and others utterly indulgent.

Perhaps most unexpected, but certainly not unwelcome, was a brief conversation about, of all things, religion and how our gracious host seems to attract a rather eclectic crowd.

And to top it all off I've heard many times now that the lounge is but a taste, a hint of things to come.

Fantastulousification Inc.
Posted - 2011.06.09 01:47:00 - [87]

Edited by: Darveses on 09/06/2011 02:58:50
Qualification #12

Uraniae Fehrnah

Mercury Nation

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Uraniae Fehrnah > "What better way to ensure your daughter lives a righteous life than trying to get her to officially join a religious order?"
Koronakesh > And yet you chose a less-than-righteous life in space?
Uraniae Fehrnah > "I can do things as a pilot that I simply wouldn't be able to do in a church all day.

Punx Evangeline > /emote turns back to Uraniae, "So you consider yourself a moral person?"
Uraniae Fehrnah > /emote nods without hesitation. > "Of course, everyone is, including all of you. Morals simply don't always match up between different people."

Congratulations, and good luck in the resort!

Jason Galente
mishima ryu
Posted - 2011.06.09 01:51:00 - [88]

Oh dear...

Where to start?

I guess the first thing I should mention is that, well, yes, this event literally killed me. *chuckles* But that was by no means the most interesting thing to happen thus far. Between the standoff, the fire (and the amusing 'heroic' act at the end by a former contestant), and the ever so prevalent witty exchanges and awkward silences (...) this has proven to be a very worthwhile investment of energy. The company is priceless, the prize is nearly infinite.. how much better can it possibly get?

You have no idea. I can't even begin to tell everything that this event has sturred up. *grins* And we haven't even got past qualifications yet.. Cool

Claudia Vivienne
Posted - 2011.06.09 02:06:00 - [89]

Edited by: Claudia Vivienne on 10/06/2011 01:18:41

After a rough and a sad day,I didn't even spend a minute to change my daily clothes and with a hope for a real refreshment dived into the lounge for some special drinks that were prepped by Jason tonight and well served with his absolutely kind and caring speech trying to make me feel much better.

And he surely succeeded after a short break outside the lounge while taking some fresh air and talking about the day,then got back to the lounge to watch the interview of a nice looking guy named Dr.Pitkanen who got fainted at the very first moments of his interview but he surely had his own reasons ;)

Even tough finding his views about romance and physical appearances of people confusing I tought it was worth to try understanding his point without any prejudices thinking everyone has his/her own way of understanding those matters and decided to watch him closer in the following days.

After five or six shots of some really strong drinks decided to head for my room for a good sleep and left the lounge with the warm goodnight wishes of the people.

Was almost about to fall asleep even on my way back to my room wondering whereabouts of Roy tough he was the one who helped me to find my way back to my room last night without any early expectations ;)

Finally got back to my room with the toughts of which dress to pick for tomorrow evening after today's daily clothes disaster and passed out while dreaming of a chance for some real sunbathe in the resort after a year and how awesome a tanned skin would suit to my specially tailored dresses while enjoying new friendships and possibilities of joy accompanied with Darv's delicious drinks and lots of other stuff on the way.. ;)


Seekers of a Silent Paradise
Posted - 2011.06.09 13:38:00 - [90]

Qualification #13

Claudia Vivienne
School of Applied Knowledge

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Claudia Vivienne > I can say I am a loner pilgrim in the search of perfection and immortality who is travelling for a very long time
Claudia Vivienne > sometimes have to run after some business chances to keep the pockets filled for the needs of Seeker and I
Claudia Vivienne > Seeker is the name of my ship by the way
RoyAraym > I've never been so willing to be a ship....

Revan Neferis nods taking notes " and how do you feel being on the spotlight? sometimes someone used with a more private life can find a bit disturbing yes?"
Claudia Vivienne adds for Revan " really is disturbing especially for someone like me who mostly had chosen being a loner"
Koronakesh > Nearly a sin to hide that face on its lonesome.
RoyAraym nods, totally agreeing with Koronakesh

Punx Evangeline > Do you let your morals get in the way of fun Ms. Vivienne?
Claudia Vivienne smiles remembering her times during the journey and adds "every person has her/his own truth and this exactly what I keep in my mind all the time"
Claudia Vivienne > if I believe having fun at that time is a proper thing,why not to give it a try?

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