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Veto Corp
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:47:00 - [451]

*Lounge Camera Feed Activated*

Nausea > /emote nods again, moving to enter her chosen selection into the system ( )
David Estarra > /emote smiles. "When you're ready"
David Estarra > /emote stands back, observing.
Nausea > /emote moves to the end of the catwalk, waiting with her head down for the right moment... as soon as the beat starts propper, Her head snaps up, a devlish grin on her face.
Revan Neferis > /emote observing the dramatic entrance with a smile
David Estarra > /emote smiles approvingly at the music.
Nausea > /emote starts to stride down the catwalk, swaying her hips i time to the beat, fixing her gaze on each person in turn...
David Estarra > /emote smiles "Hawt! Work it girl!"
Nausea > /emote stops abruptly at the end, throwing her head back and arms to the side. Hips still swaying, she slowly shrugs herself out of her jacket, the black leather falling to the floor
Revan Neferis > /emote whispering the lyrics as she winks " Go for it "
David Estarra > /emote nods his head in time to the rhythm, smiling.
Nausea > /emote slowly, lithely lowers her gaze again, fixing it on Revan, David, then Dream, before spinning on her heels, striding back down the catwalk in time to the music, her head swaying from side to side... pausing at the end, she half turns, looking bac...
Nausea > /emote over her shoulder at the audience, giving revan a long, lingering look...just as the music ends.
David Estarra > /emote claps loudly.
David Estarra > /emote smiles. "Girlfriend, you were working it!"
Revan Neferis > /emote catches the gaze with an rawr and claps with David " My my!"
David Estarra > /emote grins. "If I wasn't gay I'd ravish you on the spot"
Lord Wamphyri > /emote laughs.
Revan Neferis > /emote takes a deep breath " dont tell me!"
Nausea > /emote smiles a little wider, turning back to face the audience, and performs an elaborate bow to David. "Now I take that as quite the compliment" she replies.
Morwen Lagann > /emote snickers. "That shouldn't stop you."
David Estarra > /emote chuckles at Morwen.
Revan Neferis > God heaven's, 4 points woman!
David Estarra > /emote nods approvingly. "Well earned!" he says.

David Estarra
Starside Lost
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:54:00 - [452]

David Estarra grins, still chuckling to himself and shaking his head at what he just saw. He opens his terminal and begins making an entry.

Well I think that went down well! Although I didn't realise my advice probably wasn't needed. Great music, great atmosphere, and great walking techniques.. mostly." He laughs again, rubbing the scratches on his face.

So I gave some little tips first, and then did my demonstration. **Attachment uploaded - Processing ** so providing this video has uploaded, have a look for yourself..

**Video Start**
David Estarra busies around with his terminal, cuing up the music
David Estarra takes his position at the end of the runway, his hands loose by his sides.
David Estarra sets off, his first step timed perfectly to the beat. He struts along confidently, each foot finding it's mark in perfect syncronisation to the rhythm. Each footfall landing directly in front of the last.
Revan Neferis > judges pay attention, we will give points to this. music, style, model
David Estarra sways his hips as he walks, perfectly in time. He slides off his jacket and flings it over his shoulder, holding it with one finger, the other hand resting loosely on his hip.
Revan Neferis starts to move a bit with the beat, her eyes following the movements closely
David Estarra reaches the end of the runway and stops, his legs parted slightly and his hand still on his hip. He looks around, seeking people out with his half smile, before spinning on his heel and heading back the way he came.
David Estarra continues to strut, each footfall perfectly placed. He glances surreptitiously at those watching, still wearing his half smile.
Revan Neferis nods impressed
Nausea watches David intently, a smile on her lips...
David Estarra slides the side of his trouser down slightly wtih the hand on his hip, revealing slightly more flesh.
David Estarra reaches the starting position and comes to a stop. He looks around smiling.
David Estarra says "And there you go"
Revan Neferis smiles suddenly more interested in the details
Revan Neferis claps " not bad not bad "
David Estarra smiles. "Thank you, my lady" he says to Revan.

**Video Ends **

Posted - 2011.06.24 21:57:00 - [453]

Edited by: Fort on 24/06/2011 21:59:55
*Video footage taken moments ago from the Lounge Camera*

Revan Neferis > /emote looking at Jonas surprised " oh my this will be good "
David Estarra > /emote grins. "Ok Fort.. go for it"
Revan Neferis > /emote prepares herself for the uxexpected
David Estarra > /emote stands back and observes. "Watch Fort" he says to Qansh.
Fort > /emote strolls to the end of the runway and lowers his head, bobbing to the music waiting for the right moment. ((
Nausea > /emote raises an eyebrow at Fort. "Now this will prove most interesting..."
David Estarra > /emote watches closely.
Revan Neferis > Please record this with all cameras, might be a moment to enter history
Fort > /emote laughs "Possibly."
Revan Neferis > /emote smiles looking at Jonas without blinking
Fort > /emote head pops back and then foward with his fierce eyes narrowed and his lips forming a sinister grin. He walks toward the end of the runway with each step and hip sway hitting on a downbeat of the music.
Lord Wamphyri > /emote grins. "Where's Creepy Camera Drone when you need him?" he laughs, looking out the window for his jacket.
Darveses > This is the very definition of "fighting the mold", Fort - DO IT!
David Estarra > /emote watches with interest.
Fort > /emote looks at Wamp and sticks his tongue out and slowly raises it up and back into his mouth.
Revan Neferis > /emote raising her glass to the show " Go Amarr!!!! "
Nausea > /emote grins wide, nodding her head as the display continues
Lord Wamphyri > /emote's eyes boggle. "Uhm..."
Fort > /emote continues down with eyes focused on David
David Estarra > /emote nods his head to the beat, watching Fort's every move.
Creepy Camera Drone > Possibly incrimination actions detected, onlining and recording for later blackmail.
Fort > /emote he reaches the end and drops on both knees and unsheaths one of his blades. He stares into David's eyes and brings the blade to his chest and cuts his shirt half way down.
Revan Neferis > Oh God
David Estarra > /emote gulps. "Uhmn... ern,,,"
Fort > He smiles wider at David before bringing the tip of his blade into the end of the runway and rises.
Revan Neferis > /emote downs her glass releasing her tie a bit
Qansh > That was... interesting.
David Estarra > /emote says "Wow.."
Fort > /emote lowers his head once again and the same smile comes back to his lips. He turns around and walks back toward the end of the with each step hitting an upbeat of the music. He turns to Morwen and blows her a kiss.
Darveses > /emote grins, looking at David > Hot.
David Estarra > /emote noddles rapidly at Darv.
Morwen Lagann > /emote covers her mouth, hiding a snicker. "Cheeky, Jonas!"
Fort > He reaches the end and turns and bows to Revan "A once in a lifetime deal here."
David Estarra > /emote claps enthusiastically.
Creepy Camera Drone > And its all on video.
Revan Neferis > /emote grins blowing JOnas a kiss " 5 points! !
Creepy Camera Drone > /emote cackles
Revan Neferis > awesome, awesome!
Nausea > /emote smirks.. "I can genuinely say, when I woke up today, I did not expect to see that..."
David Estarra > /emote grins at Revan. "Very well deserved.."
Fort > /emote laughs at Naus "As Revan says everyday. Surprises happen all the time."
Revan Neferis > /emote looking at the teared shirt " hell yes "


Triskelion Ouroboros
Posted - 2011.06.24 21:59:00 - [454]

Edited by: Qansh on 03/07/2011 14:50:53
The camera lounge feed commences.

Qansh > Heya. What's up?
Qansh > Oh... sorry I missed the lesson.
David Estarra > /emote grins at Qansh. "I'm sure you know how to walk in a straight line?"
Qansh > That's all there is to it? Glad I missed it.
Qansh > What, you want me to walk?

Cuts to:

Qansh > OK, so who wants me? *Stands*
David Estarra > /emote says "Phew! erm.. uhm,, Anybody want to follow that?"
Qansh > You bet.
David Estarra > /emote grins at Qansh. "Go for it"
Qansh > Give us some music DJ!
Revan Neferis > /emote taking a deep breath to compose herself " You go Qansh ! "
Nausea > /emote sips her drink as the music starts up, raising an eyebrow once more.
Qansh > Qansh slithers, no strokes, no slides to the runway.
Qansh > Yah!
Revan Neferis > /emote raises an eyebrow as the song starts
Qansh > He places a banana on his head and starts to rotate his hips.
Revan Neferis > oh my...
David Estarra > /emote steps back, watching...
David Estarra > /emote grins.
Qansh > Does a twirl, his arm and finger following in syncopation.
Qansh > Pumps to the beat
Qansh > Dancing down the runway holding that banana on his head
Qansh > Tosees the banana, swingin his hips.
Revan Neferis > /emote looking at David a bit dumbstruck to see what his expression is revealing
Qansh > Ribs his shirt open and grabs two cantalopes and a cigar.
Qansh > Plant those cantalopes into his chest and begins to sway.
David Estarra > /emote carries on watching, not sure what to say...
Qansh > Why, the cigar goes into his mouth of course.... focuses his eye on David and gives a sweet smile.
Qansh > Syn co pation.....
Dream Br3aker > /emote raises an eyebrow surprised
David Estarra > /emote grins.
Revan Neferis > /emote blinking a few times
Qansh > moving up to David, well, a step at a time.
Qansh > You, know, a step... like this
Nausea > /emote blinks slowly, glad at her poker skills as her face drops into a well practiced neutral look.
Qansh > Hoo yah.,
Qansh > Comes up next to David, grabs his head, and rubs his face in those canatalops.
Qansh > Hoo yahj. Steps back....
David Estarra > Aghhh!
Qansh > tosses the cantalopes out and gives David a big smooch.
Revan Neferis > /emote cigarrete drops from her lips
Fort > /emote moves over to Naus then pokes her with his elbow and whispers "See, not the strangest thing today."
Qansh > Ah, heck. The end. Sheepishly returns to his seat.

Cuts to:

David Estarra > /emote grins.
Qansh > Um, well, I never did get a lesson herer.
Revan Neferis > mmm errrr
Qansh > *Here*
David Estarra > Umm.. well that was.. different
Dream Br3aker > /emote laughs
Dream Br3aker > nice imagination Quansh
Revan Neferis > mmm * letting David comment at will
Qansh > Did it meat expectations at all. Top model stuff?

... and with that we hear a ba-da-boomp. "The end."

Well, hey, not bad for five minutes prep.

(edited to fix formatting)

Lord Wamphyri
Starside Lost
Posted - 2011.06.24 22:01:00 - [455]

** Video file uploading - Processing **
** Video Start **

Lord Wamphyri > Here we go..
Revan Neferis > /emote taking some notes and returning her attention to the show
Lord Wamphyri > /emote steps onto the runway with his hand in the pockets of his open jacket on the first beat. He strides forward confidently, matching each footfall to each beat.
Revan Neferis > mmm delicious song
Lord Wamphyri > /emote turns his head slightly left then slightly right as he walks, picking out each person with a smouldering look from lowered eyebrows, a glint in his eyes.
Lord Wamphyri > /emote reaches the end of the runway and stops. He folds his arms and looks around nodding his head, a faint smile on his lips.
Revan Neferis > /emote moving sensualy with the beat, her eyes fixed on Wamp's every movement
Nausea > /emote raises her eyebrows at the music, nodding and lightly tapping a booted foot to the beat, head swaying.
Lord Wamphyri > /emote turns around and heads back. He takes off his jacket as he walks, spinning it above his head and flinging it away.
David Estarra > /emote grins.
Lord Wamphyri > /emote dances slightly as he walks, swinging his butt to the music.
Lord Wamphyri > /emote reaches the end of the catwalk and bows to the audience.

** Video Ends **

Revan Neferis
Propaganda Due
Posted - 2011.06.25 05:03:00 - [456]


Michael Bross





Congratulations to the other 5 Candidates who will proceed with us to the Finals this coming weekend.

To those Eliminated, it was a huge pleasure meeting you all, and I do hope to see you back at our closing Party on Sunday.

Revan Neferis
Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign
Sani Sabik

Triskelion Ouroboros
Posted - 2011.06.25 05:06:00 - [457]

The Mother withdraws her earthly seed and seeks its planting elsewhere.

Bayushi, don't forget to wash the blood off your hands.

Lady Neferis, it has been an absolutely illuminating, worthwhile, and pleasurable experience.

To her and all the rest, I would hope friends all, whenever and wherever.

You'll find me out mining amongst the stars.

-- Qansh

Posted - 2011.06.25 05:15:00 - [458]

Apologies for tendering my resignation Revan, but planteside issues will be taking over my time for the foreseeable future. I hope that those remaining enjoy themselves as the competition gets a lot tougher from here on.
Was a pleasure as always Revan and hope to stay in touch cause who knows what crazy thing I might do next.*smiles*
Good luck to you all!

Fantastulousification Inc.
Posted - 2011.06.25 07:14:00 - [459]

Originally by: Fort
Apologies for tendering my resignation Revan, but planteside issues will be taking over my time for the foreseeable future. I hope that those remaining enjoy themselves as the competition gets a lot tougher from here on.
Was a pleasure as always Revan and hope to stay in touch cause who knows what crazy thing I might do next.*smiles*
Good luck to you all!

It was an honor having you with us again, Jonas.

Good luck.

Xovoni Directorate
Posted - 2011.06.25 07:22:00 - [460]

This is where the real fun 5

Man this is gonna get crazy

David Estarra
Starside Lost
Posted - 2011.06.25 11:05:00 - [461]

Edited by: David Estarra on 25/06/2011 11:05:52
David Estarra is sitting on the couch in his room, reading his terminal. "So that's that" he thinks to himself, "I guess I should start packing..". Lord Wamphyri approaches with a distraught look on his face and sits down beside him, taking his hand in his own and kissing it. "Hey, hey.." David says, smiling at him "don't upset yourself.. I'm not. I made it to the top 10, against some pretty stiff comptetition. I call that pretty good going!". David leans over and kisses him gently. "We had a good time here, you've found your path and we're stronger than ever.. I couldn't ask for much more than that.".
Wamp intertwines his fingers with David's and kisses his hand again, giving him a smile. "There you go" David says, still smiling "and there's the man I love. Now why don't you go and wait for me on the balcony while I make my last entry onto IGS".
Wamp nods and with a final kiss of David's hand he stands up and heads to the balcony. David watches him go, a sad smile on his face before turning back to his terminal to make his entry.

My journey here is over. I've had a wonderful time; this has been an experience I'll never forget. I've met some amazing people, and made some good friends. I've laughed with them - at times to the point of thinking my sides would split. I've cried too. And sometimes both at the same time. But you know what? I wouldn't change any of it.

Lady Neferis - Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. It has been an absolute pleasure to meet you and get to know you and the other judges. I've learnt a great deal in my time here and you are an inspiration to the rest of us.

Nausea - You're the kind of girl I could wish I was straight for. Beauty, brains and drive all wrapped up in one amazing package. You had me wide eyed with your runway performace, and I'm sorry for daring you to make out with Creepy Camera Drone. You go, girlfriend!

Fort - I didn't know you as well as I'd have liked, and was shocked and disappointed that planetside issues took you away from us at this late stage. Your walk on the runway literally took my breath away. I picked up the knife you left behind when you left and will look after it for you until you return. I hope your planetside business concludes quickly and you come back to us safe and sound.

Qansh - You were a fun guy to talk to and I wish you well in whatever you do next. Know that you always have a friend here in me. And keep up the exercise - I expect to see that belly gone by the time I see you again!

And last, but by no means least, Darveses - You I'm gonna miss more than anyone. I loved spending time in your company. Our dances together, our walk on the beach, the conversations we had - you are truly an amazing guy who will always have a special place in my heart. I'm gonna give Wamp something to pass on to you when he sees you next, and I fully expect a dance with you at the closing party on Sunday.

And to the rest of you, All of you, take care, live long and party hard. I'll see you all soon.

David pauses and smiles again, thinking of the past week as he closes his terminal. Standing up slowly he picks up his bags and carries them out onto the balcony, joining Wamp leaning on the rail. He gazes out over the resort watching the ocean for a moment, before sliding an arm around Wamp's waist. David turns to face Wamp as he looks at him before hugging him tightly and says "I love you, big fella.. now go and win this competition for me".
Wamp smiles softly and kisses David. "I will" he replies, as David fades from view, leaving Wamp alone listening to the sounds of the ocean.

Revan Neferis
Propaganda Due
Posted - 2011.06.25 12:59:00 - [462]

Originally by: Fort
Was a pleasure as always Revan and hope to stay in touch cause who knows what crazy thing I might do next.*smiles*
Good luck to you all!

Just return safe from your planetside activities and come to share another glass of that special bloodraider Vodka with me my friend.
The future is young for us!

Much love,

Revan Neferis
Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign
Sani Sanik

Dream Br3aker
Posted - 2011.06.25 20:23:00 - [463]

Dream phased in to Phase III of the competition. Expecting the resort to appear below her feet, with the breathtaking view of the surrounded sea, she was surprised to see where she landed. An empty room, no comfortable couches or bar where she used to spend her time at the resort, no sun, no view. She studied the surrounding darkness without apprehension, taking a moment to enjoy the Bloodraider decorations, thinking to herself: " Another challenge it seems, I like that" Indeed, Dream's doesn't mind changes and didn't get touched by the oppressing atmosphere. She is quite used to adapting, her job, her past made her that way. She doesn't fear darkness, she doesn't fear the unknown. Her eyes grew wider, her feline body adapting to this new environment, making it her home, waiting eagerly to see what would happen next...

Veto Corp
Posted - 2011.06.25 20:27:00 - [464]

The camera turns, taking in the dramatic change in decor: crimson wall, ominous symbols, and not too much else, certainly nothing that suggests comfort.

Nausea sits crosslegged off to one side, her datapad in her lap a she taps away.

I've made it to the finals. The last 5. I did not expect i'd get this far; but the, that was a different person. This is now.

The abrupt change in layout is a strong contrast to the quiet, serene resort that we have left... there is a charged atmosphere, heavy with promise. I am excited to see just will happen now, at the climax. All the build up leads to now.

I feel confident. I welcome what comes next with open arms, and let it shape me...

Let's see how the final act will close.

Bayushi Toma
Posted - 2011.06.25 20:38:00 - [465]

The road here was both hard and rewarding. married once divorced twice, had my wife impersonated, my manhood now a household icon thoughout new eden. Kidnapped tortured rescued, made to handle slaves, and quite pleasantly ****ed. I LOVE THIS **** !!! Win loose or draw i wish this would never end. As for my confidance in this competition i had the boys in samrai throw together a song for my co-contestants :
Faith No More feat. Boo-Yaa Tribe - Another Body Murdered

Stay out of my way..........Bay

Morwen Lagann
Veto Corp
Posted - 2011.06.25 20:59:00 - [466]

Edited by: Morwen Lagann on 25/06/2011 21:00:19
The room is simple - almost assuredly deceptively so - the only decoration visible a number of symbols on crimson walls. Morwen sits on the floor silently, legs crossed, as she types into a datapad.

... The final five.

I admit I wasn't certain I'd even make it past the prequalifications when I first signed up. That was a couple weeks ago, and I was... different.

But I'm here now, and I've accomplished many things I set out to do. I've learned things about myself. Changed myself. Made decisions that will help me chart my course in life, now and in the future.

This is a new place. The sedate, welcoming atmosphere of the resort is gone, replaced by... well. I can't really find the words to describe it, but I do know one thing - I feel quite at home here. I feel like something wants me here, like it has a place and a purpose for me. Like I belong.

I will push myself to discover what this purpose is, and I will take it. I know this will be more difficult than what has come to pass already by orders of magnitude... but I welcome that with open arms, relish it.

The hand has been extended, and the music is about to start... and I?

Morwen grins to herself.

I am ready to dance once more.

Revan Neferis
Propaganda Due
Posted - 2011.06.25 21:06:00 - [467]


Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.


Dream Br3aker

Lord Wamphyri

Bayushi Toma

Morwen Lagann


Revan Neferis
Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign
Sani Sabik

Lord Wamphyri
Starside Lost
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:40:00 - [468]

Lord Wamphyri looks around, taking in his new surroundings. "Well now.. this is different.." he murmurs to himself, taking note of the symbols and the crimson wall. "Spartan, no comforts. This is going to be quite the puzzle.". He breaks into a grin "And I do so like a challenge...."

Veto Corp
Posted - 2011.06.25 22:46:00 - [469]

The camera drone swoops in, the various contestants still currently in the hall dancing to the music being played from the sound system, using it to focus themselves...

Nausea is currently off to one side, hands on the back of her head as she moves in time to the beat. Her eyes are closed, occasionaly flickering as the Civire woman loses herself to the atmospher, music, and general pressing ambience of the room.

Her eyes slowly open briefly, seeing the drone staring at her, before winking.

Dream Br3aker
Posted - 2011.06.25 23:11:00 - [470]

What an intense night, intense indeed. *looks around, her attention being brought away from the camera *
*camera feeds cuts*

Veto Corp
Posted - 2011.06.25 23:53:00 - [471]

The camera moves over to one of the sofas, where a thoughtful looking Nausea is seated, her eyes moving as if she's trying to work something out. She shakes her head, looks at the camera to shoo it away, before she leans her head back, closing her eyes and taking deep, slow breaths...

Veto Corp
Posted - 2011.06.26 00:46:00 - [472]

The camera pan to the side, Nausea returning from where she had just been taken... there is a glint in the woman's eyes, her stride seeming purposeful and confident again. Slowly she observes the rest of the room, before noticing the camera drone buzzing near her.

Time to push it to the end

Dream Br3aker
Posted - 2011.06.26 01:38:00 - [473]

Dream leans against a wall smoking, her thoughts lingering on tonights events, 'a constant challenge' She opens her eyes, fire burning inside ready for whatever come next.

Morwen Lagann
Veto Corp
Posted - 2011.06.26 02:47:00 - [474]

These challenges have tested me.

The first, forced me to close a door. A door I've held open for so long, but must now close in order to grow and move on. It was a difficult choice, but I know I made the right one. The one I needed to make. No regrets.

The second, I confess I was unsure of what was expected of me. But I found something I could work with. I grabbed hold of it, and I took it to the end - and I left confident I was on the right path.

And now the last one; similar to the second, but... different. I knew there was something I needed to accomplish my goal. And now, I've started taking the steps necessary to get it.

I am feeling stronger and more sure of myself than ever before. I know I can reach the top - I've gotten this far, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let anyone get in my way now.

Dream Br3aker
Posted - 2011.06.26 03:02:00 - [475]

Dream's office is quiet as she enters the room. She sat at her desk grabbing her datapad then pours herself a drink, thinking back on the challenges she made tonight:

Thoses challenges were to test us, test me. Test my will to make sacrifices, test the depth of my limits to get where i wanna go. Clearly it wasn't a problem being tested in the regard. I know what i want and made it clear nothing will stop me. Now some challenges were more blurry but i guess the clouds will dissipate as the time goes.

Dream shuts off her data-pad, leans back on her chair and then said to the empty room: Only time will tell

Revan Neferis
Propaganda Due
Posted - 2011.06.26 04:00:00 - [476]


"So mote it be Sovereign" the Engineer whispers, communication already severed. He pauses a moment before giving the final order to the team.

"Commence Phase III"

A bright Explosion, the Resort now just a memory in the hearts of many replaced by the interiour hall of everyone's nightmares.
The Sovereign watches with mild amusement the sudden shock as each of the finalists enters the hall. Reaching for one the cigars favored by her at such special moments, neatly snipping the end off before bringing it to her red, glossy lips, her Acolyte rushing to light the end.

"This, ladies and gentlemen. is what it's all about," she says before inhaling then blowing the bluish, aromatic smoke into the air, "you are witness to history in the making."

She does not miss the nods nor the not-so-subtle looks of bemusement on some. They will have to be dealt with later.

She knew that many of them wouldn't stand the night. Many would fall, many would faulter, the challenge, too hard, too complex, too exhaustive. She also knew she cared little for those who would fall tonight. Her eyes were seeking Perfection from this moment on, just the perfect Winner.

The Last One standing.

Eyes had been everywhere this night. Eyes had been watching the corridors, bridges, rooms, and every corner of their minds and hearts. Secrets and anything one might want to think of. Eyes were watching others whom had been in the area studying how they move and where they would be going next.

Eyes watched.

The eyes moved quickly jumping shadow to shadow, bending their own reality as they moved with speed from secret chambers made to dig nails into their very core. If the shadows were to move then it would be a loss to them, a burn, pain, maybe death depending on how much the shadows were to move.

And Shadows were moved. stripped, teared apart.
Many wouldn't make the night and they knew it. Too much to process. Just too much.

* Returning to her private rooms, leaning back in the black leather Sovereign's chair, her lacquered nails drumming a private tune on the arm, she takes another slow drag then sends nearly transparent rings to the ceiling. *

Tomorrow the final day.

Revan Neferis
Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign
Sani Sabik

Revan Neferis
Propaganda Due
Posted - 2011.06.26 06:25:00 - [477]

26/06 - Schedule

At the final day, candidates are welcome to join the Hall at its usual opening time. Today we will operate on free mode added:

* Confession Chamber - Open at candidate request.

* Secret Chambers I , II, III - Open at candidate / Judge request.

Judges will use this final day to give additional points / ISK and polish our Final decisions.

At 20:00EVE WE invite ALL 60 PARTICIPANTS on this event, (since pre qualification process) to join us for the Closing Party where we will have:

* Winner Announcement - 2 BILLION ISK - Starting at 21:00eve

* Payments of 1- 10 ranking - 1 BILLION ISK

* OFFICIAL Closing of EVE's Next Top Model Season II

Channel to be announced here Prior to do Party.

Stay Tunned and good luck to the candidates on this last decisive day.

Revan Neferis
Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign
Sani Sabik

Norrin Ellis
Venture Racing
Posted - 2011.06.26 07:45:00 - [478]

Originally by: Revan Neferis

At 20:00EVE WE invite ALL 60 PARTICIPANTS on this event...

A party? Fabulous! I'll see what I can do to make room on my calendar.

Xovoni Directorate
Posted - 2011.06.26 07:49:00 - [479]

Originally by: Norrin Ellis
Originally by: Revan Neferis

At 20:00EVE WE invite ALL 60 PARTICIPANTS on this event...

A party? Fabulous! I'll see what I can do to make room on my calendar.

oh I'll be looking forward to that

Lord Wamphyri
Starside Lost
Posted - 2011.06.26 10:14:00 - [480]

Lord Wamphyri sits at a glass desk, frowning as he studies the terminal in front of him. David is stood behind him, looking over his shoulder at the message on the screen, shaking his head. He puts a hand on Wamp's shoulder. "It can't be helped, it was out of your hands" he says, leaning in to kiss the top of his head. Turning his head to look at him, Wamp gives him a brief flicker of a smile. "You wouldn't fetch me a whisky, would you hon?". David smiles and nods. "Sure thing" he says, squeezing his shoulder and moving out of the room. Wamp watches him go and sighs as David shuts the door behind him.
Turning back to his terminal he activates the record function to make an entry.

The Planetside emergency situation that forced me to withdraw from the competition has improved through the night and, though still unstable, is at a level where I can breathe again and return my focus to other matters.

I made a fool of myself last night. My mind elsewhere, I arrived late for the start and proceeded to make blunder after blunder. I could feel eyes watching my every mistake. I decided there and then that there was no point in proceeding and wasting the judges - and the remaining contestants - time so I made the difficult decision to tender my withdrawl from the event to the Sovereign.

I obviously still have much to learn. This new path I find myself on is a difficult one and will require clear focus and determination. I have the drive and will carry on studying, but as of now I'm not ready.

I will be lucky if Lady Neferis allows me to keep my head.

I will attend the closing party tonight with David and look forward to congratulating the winner, whoever that may be, as well as seeing some familiar faces.

Sovereign, once again I apologise. It has been an honour and a privilege to have learned so much from you and you continue to be an inspiration to me as I strive to follow my new path. I hope you will accept my application should there be a third season.

He signs off from his terminal, his jawline twitching in his anger. Silently he stands, picking up a glass ornament from the table and studies it, his eyes following the lines and form. He turns and hurls the ornament against the wall, shattering it into pieces before turning and striding out of the room. "Next time.." he mutters as he leaves.

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