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Sister Vengeance
Sisters of Agony
Posted - 2011.06.01 21:36:00 - [1]

When I go to sell loot, I'll click on sell item, if it's not worth enough, I'll cancel the sale. When I've got all my items that I'm not going to sell, I'll select them all and click reprocess: Since the last patch, most or all items will give me "All items are busy" or "Item is being sold" with a black dialogue box. I cannot do anything with the item unless I log out and in again.

Clearing all cache files tried - to no avail.

Needless to say, this is extremely inconvenient.Evil or Very Mad

Sister Vengeance
Sisters of Agony
Posted - 2011.06.02 01:39:00 - [2]

Update to this: Replicatable:

If you sell one item then r-click on another item to sell it without hitting 'cancel' on the first item, the first item becomes permanently busy until logout or undock. Previous behaviour was next item to r-click and sell closed out previous item for sale and re-used the window, while releasing the item.
NOT clicking 'cancel' does not release the item and leaves it in a permanent selling mode, with no method to cancel it or use the item.

Luca Ofcourse
Posted - 2011.08.07 11:00:00 - [3]

I have the same problem, but at least because of your post now I know that I can unlock the items with undocking and then docking again.

I used to "sell item" on all things till I found something worth selling to market and then reprocess the rest.
Now I either sell all I want and then undock/dock to repo the rest or I have to cancel each and every "sell item" I don't want to sell.

I truly think this is something CCP really needs to fix, because for example if you are living in null-space, you do not want to have to undock every time to unlock your items, so you can repo them....

Sauron Thule
Shadow Veil Industrial
Shadow Directive
Posted - 2011.08.13 15:58:00 - [4]

I have the same issue.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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