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Glyken Touchon
Independent Alchemists
Posted - 2011.06.02 16:58:00 - [31]

Originally by: Gabriel Rosencrantz
I'm having this issue as well. Howver, it doesn't seem to matter if its minimized. It's the client that isn't the current, active one. Last night I had crashes without traveling, but for the most part it appears to be while autopiloting.


Running 1 client in background (fixed window) while doing stuff in Chrome & MS Word in foreground, this still happens. Autopiloting seems to be the main culprit, but even sitting off a gate for a few minutes can cause it. (Win7 64bit).

Orion Pendragon
Posted - 2011.06.03 13:24:00 - [32]

At first I thought the problem was around auto pilot and jumping through gates but I've been running dual box courier missions all morning (about 6 hrs) without using auto pilot at all and the client still crashes, usually just after tabbing off it as warp is iniatied.

The crashes do seem to happen at the point where warp is iniated or where you are just coming out of warp (I've happily switched between when they are in warp). I I also did some dual box ice mining on another computer with both clients minimised.

Two accounts are both set to warp to the ice field by me at more or less the same time after undocking. One drops a few seconds later (entering warp takes about 10 seconds for a hulk) or I have pulled up sesssion one just as its leaving warp, fired off the turrets and then gone to go back to the other client to find it has crashed (at the point where it would have just been leaving warp being some 10 seconds or so behind the other client).

So it doesnt seem to be autopilot related as in all cases their was no use of autopilot - i do think its around warp though, maybe its something in the overview refresh that occurs at that point, who knows.

Lonetrek Mercantile Exchange
Posted - 2011.06.04 05:26:00 - [33]

Edited by: joslyn on 04/06/2011 05:29:30
Happening to me as well. I run two clients and everything I do in-game just about deals with manufacture, production, and trade. The game is absolutely unplayable for me in it's current state. Minimized clients crash each time they go to do trade runs and hop through a gate.

Just to test, I closed everything and ran a single client by itself set to a 14 jump path in minimized mode. It made one successful jump, then the client crashed on the second. With both clients running it doesn't make it through the first.

Make it stop! lol
Can't complain too much, I could use the time away from the game, but in the next day or two please... *crosses fingers*

Posted - 2011.06.04 10:38:00 - [34]

Yeah, I'm having this exact same problem, usually when jumping through gates, although it has happened randomly sometimes

Posted - 2011.07.17 04:20:00 - [35]

Originally by: Elirel
Originally by: Avraham Avinu
Originally by: Jaari Val'Dara
It appears it crashes whenever the autopilot is on and it jumps through gate, when the client is minimized.

I can confirm this as well.

confirming, i have the same issue.

I have the same problem. Two accounts windowed on one machine. Gates are a crap shoot if a client will crash.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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