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Posted - 2011.07.18 00:47:00 - [31]

Originally by: Naomi Knight
Originally by: Hirana Yoshida
Revamp similar to projectile ditto, keeping it as simple as possible. Since there are only two damage types in play we can cut number of ammo types to an even six.

Short Range (0.5 range modifier - 14 damage (+1)):
  • Antimatter - 8 Thermal / 6 Kinetic.

  • Plutonium - 6 Thermal / 8 Kinetic.

Medium Range (1.0 range modifier - 10 damage - 20% tracking and falloff bonus):
  • Iridium - 6 Thermal / 4 Kinetic.

  • Thorium - 4 Thermal / 6 Kinetic.

Long Range (1.4 optimal modifier, 1.2 falloff modifier, 6 damage, 10% tracking bonus):
  • Lead - 4 Thermal / 2 Kinetic.

  • Tungsten - 2 Thermal / 4 Kinetic.

Rails get a 15%? dps increase evenly spread on damage mod and RoF.
Blaster ships get a 20%-25% speed increase with a corresponding inertia penalty. We want them fast in straight line but have poor maneuverability.
Armour repair bonuses reduced to 5%/level but apply to external repairs as well.
Base armour on blaster boats increased 15%-20%? to compensate.

Gives blasters a better choice of damage type with better thermal being one of them.
Allows blaster pilots to sacrifice some damage for above auto tracking by loading medium range.

thx but no
if there will be a hybrid change it shouldnt be a copy of projectiles ,make them different

Agreed. Hybrids should retain their wide variety of range bonuses. Really IMO all they need is a wee bit of a DPS boost compared to the other weapons.

APEX Unlimited
APEX Conglomerate
Posted - 2011.07.18 04:18:00 - [32]

I like the idea of all the same ammo and changing charge levels to affect range and tracking. Make changing charge levels instant like lasers but they have a 20 sec reload when they run out of ammo per clip. Make the damage get higher at longer range charge levels for rails and opposite for blasters to enhance their "flavor" even more.

Trinkets friend
Posted - 2011.07.18 07:31:00 - [33]

This looks like a workable and sensible way of buffing hybrids, particularly rails. Right now you have basically 2 choices for PVP with T2 railguns: Navy Thorium or Navy Antimatter because the tracking penalties of anything else utterly bork your real DPS.

There is also merit in differentiating Gallente and Caldari hybrid weapon bonuses from ship type. Eg, the Rokh gets great optimal bonuses which get completely borked the moment you load any ammo in the guns, be they blasters or rails.

A mechanic where you get better tracking for shorter range ammo, with lower DPS, should create a fairly flat DPS curve. This would be a major improvement for hybrids, allowing a reasonable DPS output at all ranges. However, it would potentially make blaster BS too dangerous to approach in a smaller ship with good close-range tracking, especially because people will quickly drop the mandatory MWD/Scram/Web trinity for blasterthrons, with more of a MWD/Scram/TP.

It would also require thought about sniper boats loading high-DPS long-range ammo and dropping massive sniper fleets at extreme 220km range and getting max DPS. Though, it must be said, that this would just turn the Alpha Fleet FOTM from Maelstroms with arty to Hyperions with 425's.

Nevertheless, a worthy mechanic worthy of worthiness.

Page Starcaster
Society of lost Souls
Posted - 2011.07.18 20:13:00 - [34]

I really like this idea. It needs some work to balance the details but I like the idea of hybrids being more power at range limits.

Like for example a rail gun would out perform a artty at max range but rapidly lose the advantage as range is lost, while arttys perform well at lower ranges(except for tracking) and gradually lose DPS as range goes up. Arttys better at medium to long range, rails better at long range sniping. And on the flip side blasters would be unmatched DPS and tracking at close range but would rapidly lose effectiveness as range increases while auto-canons are good at medium to close range losing tracking become less effective at really close range. again blasters are better if you are always up really close, but auto cannons better if you fight at varying from close to medium auto cannons are better. I really think it would work.

I think this is basically what the OP was thinking. But to implement this through changes to the ammo I think is a great idea. It would give hybrids a unique niche to fill. Making them most effective at extreme ranges(close or far) but much less effective in between when projectiles will shine. I believe this would make them more of a experienced pilots dream weapon, If you are good enough to dictate range in combat they will be the best weapons, but far less versatile than projectiles. So arttys would reduce in DPS as range increases, rail guns would increase in DPS as range increases but also need more cap as range increased. and auto-cannons-blasters would be the opposite with blasters increasing in damage and cap consumption as range got closer as more power would be needed to keep the gun accurate/stable/better tracking at closer ranges, making them both unique with there own strengths and weaknesses. Lazers still would have the big advantage of not needing to reload, no ammo, just crystals and capacitor energy most likely still preferred by many mission runners to keep costs down.

Hybrids need a unique feel, and to fit as the best weapon in certain situations to really see them used regularly. Most players will always go for the higher DPS, so hybrids need a situation that makes them the best DPS without over shadowing the advantage other weapons have. With the current system, as others have said, most players will run either lazers or projectiles even on hybrid platforms as the hybrid turrets currently leave much to be desired.

However there is always the chance that these weapons where meant to be inferior. Caldari do have the best missile boats, and Gallentine have the best drone boats, to give them both really good hybrid weapons as well might be to much, but if done right it could really help to balance the use of all the various ships available.

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