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Posted - 2011.05.28 11:35:00 - [1]

Edited by: premalatofalts on 28/05/2011 11:44:16
With the new adition of player retribution for the smuggling mechanic planned for the near future, I have been wondering how this addition could be expanded upon. It comes in two parts, as one will supliment the other. So here goes

My first line of though ran as follows. With the bounty mechanic so badly broken, I have thought of a way we can revamp it. There are two main ways to revamp it that I have come up with. Now, bounties are mostly levied on pirates. I suggest that bounties start mounting automatically on a percentage of the isk they detroy/loot. Make it a small percentage like 1 or 2 or 3 percent. You can even make the percentage higher for the security level drop...the lower security the higher percentage and that the bounty is collectable on destruction of the Pirate's ship, not his pod. This will add two things to the game. The profession bounty hunters will become a real profession with people able to actually collect bounties to make it a sustainable profession. You could even add a sec status increase like NPC pirates. The second thing this will add will be a new minigame for pirates, who can get the biggest bounty on them before losing it to someone. Furthermore, player added bounties can still be added and can be collected upon destruction of said Pirate's ship, and here comes the new twist, the player who issued the bounty will have say if it pays out. In other words, if the Pirate creates an alt and blows up a newbship with the alt, then the player can say no to the payout, and keep the bounty still on the pirate. Also, another mechanic I would introduce is the standings being tracked by the game to ensure one blue/corpmate cant shoot a pirate that is friendly to him and collect the bounty and share it with the pirate. Also, a tracking of acounts will be a good idea, so that no pirate can use his spy alt or other such thing to collect bounties on their heads. Eg. Ip logging, credit card logging, fleet history logging etc. The other way to change bounties is not on total isk destroyed, but lets say 10% of the value of the ship that the pirate is flying. Make it low enough that there will be no profit for the pirate to blow up his own ship even if it is insured.

The next part, where player retribution is concerned is this, allow pirates into highsec. Upon entering highsec, faction police place a "tag" onto the pirate which then apears in everyone's overview as a warpable object. Now, if a pirate enters lowsec, he will still suffer from the finger of doom by concord if he does engage a player that doesnt engage him first. This way, we have a pirate in highsec, who has a bounty on him and is a warpable object, which will mean players can exact retribution from him and make a few isk. I am sure CCP will be a lot better than myself at changing the mechanics to make it more balanced, but this is the broad outline of my idea. Please note, that pirates will still be killable by anyone in highsec.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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