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robo tim
Posted - 2011.05.27 12:56:00 - [1]

Good Afternoon,

I would like a bit of help regarding jabber. Im looking to Start my own jabber server for my alliance, so people can be contact what every game they may be playing and be able to broadcast news. I have been on the jabber website and couldnt find the latest server files to download.

I was wondering if any of you are currently using jabber and are willing to point me in the right direction. Also where does it need to be hosted (IE: dedi box, web server, etc) and install instruction.


Tonto Auri
Vhero' Multipurpose Corp
Posted - 2011.05.27 15:45:00 - [2]

If by "jabber website" you mean, then you haven't looked deep enough.
The link is nearly at the front page (the "About us" box on the right -> read more) would have pointed you to

Answering your last question - VPS server or rented dedicated server, if you want offsite hosting.

Jabber server is a dedicated service/daemon, thus can't be run on shared hosting.

robo tim
Posted - 2011.05.30 14:13:00 - [3]

Thanks for the reply, for a dedi box what spec should i be looking at. I will need to run web host and ts3 off it. :)

Tonto Auri
Vhero' Multipurpose Corp
Posted - 2011.05.30 16:29:00 - [4]

Basically anything will do. As I said, even VPS would suffice.
Exact required specs depends on the scale of your operations.

Cutting Edge Incorporated
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2011.06.05 20:07:00 - [5]

Like what was posted above you best bet is renting a dedicated or VPS, Unless your running a really high profile site a dedicated server is going to be overkill. When I started hosting for my alliance / NC I used as my VPS provided, they have great prices and sevice.

For basic web-hosting / TS3 / Jabber a VPS will be more than sufficient if you setup everything right, you will need to know linux however since a VPS will just be a linux box with nothing installed.

Simple Machine Forums is a good free forum software :
Jabber I would go with ejabbered : Our current server ideals around 600 connections at any given time and doesn't take a lot of resources.

If your a total newb to linux check this site out : tons of good info on setting up servers.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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