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Azran Zala
Fleet of the Damned
Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2011.06.26 17:42:00 - [511]

Love the new Turrents BUT the Turrents on Revelation dont display correctly.

Posted - 2011.06.26 23:10:00 - [512]

Can I get a vanity item request please ?
Id like a CCP Money,Greed And Anti-Player Support costume.

TurAmarth ElRandir
Hiigaran Bounty Hunters Inc.
DemSal Unlimited
Posted - 2011.06.29 16:42:00 - [513]

If One Whines, One should be able to give Alternative Solutions… so my ideas are:

I have no alternative solution for MT... CCP, please do not go that route.
We are not your "Golden Goose", we are your clients and your playerbase... we rent time on your server and you are getting plenty rich off of that, isn't it enough?
The economy in EVE is PLAYER BASED... You have said so, quite proudly, yourself. From mining the ores to selling the ships and mods... PLAYER BASED.
No 'magically' produced items.

I have turned off the CQ. It is less than useless in its current form, it is extremely laggy; gives us some (but not all) of the functionality we had before but in a far less friendly and vastly more time consuming format.
It does not replace ship spinning w/ something as, or more, interesting to do than ship spinning was.

(1) Options other than docking,(speeding up actual gameplay [and possibly helping to reduce lag]):
Give us the option to contact our agents and conduct business w/ them OUTSIDE of the stations (within docking range) via comms like we do now for Agents in Ships. Getting missions, completing missions and getting paid all do not REQUIRE one to dock.
Docking is required ONLY if cargo needs to be loaded/unloaded for missions, or to change or refit ship(s).

(2) Make CQ more interesting until WIS is ready... (this is my pet request):
(a) Strike a deal w/ Netflix so we can rent moves, TV shows and watch them on the CQ big screen. I personally would LOVE to watch "Firefly", "Star Trek", "BSG", or "Clear Skys" in the CQ.
(b) Possibly add a change of view from 3rd person behind your toon to 1st person on the couch watching HoloV.

(3) New Ship Spinning:
(a) Give us the ability to click on the Ship Hologram and see our current ship either full screen and rendered similar to the old ship spinning in dock view ~or~
(b) click on the Ship Hologram and change view to 1st Person with a fully rendered model we can manipulate and spin.

(4) and, for the sheer hell (and fun) of it... put in a bathroom. Allow the toon to enter, and... a few minutes later... exit w/ flushing sounds... Make it last long enough (on average) so the player can go too. (We all might be surprised at how many might use this feature..) =]

Just one pilot's opinion... Fly Safe and see you in the Sky... =/|)=

Please see my blog for my full thoughts...

Havelock Oriki
Posted - 2011.06.29 22:45:00 - [514]

hmmm not everything is bad in Incarna, I miss the old hangar too, but what really drives my crazy is that f******ing door if you deactivate CQ, whoever has chosen that image he needs to be punished, I suggest 300h of nonstop afternoon TV talkshows.

Ender SpeakerForTheDead
Posted - 2011.06.30 11:17:00 - [515]

I have spent a great deal of time reading the posts here and it seems to me that "FAIL" is the predominant vote for CQ. I personally had to spend real money to upgrade my computer to even play one client properly after the patch (not complaining, it needed to be done anyway) but when I finally saw this mythical beast I ended up tuning it off yes FAIL CCP.

Oh and that door you see with QC turned off is really stupid.

shar Depran
Posted - 2011.06.30 12:03:00 - [516]

From epic loading times to gargantuan undocking times caused by Noob programming memory leaks CQ never ceases to amaze really, one wonders how many players have lost ships undocking before they even knew about it.

The original prospectus on CQ had the option of an ‘OFF’ button put it in the menu please, along with a counter and then monitor how many players, that actually want to play EVEONLINE THE MASSIVE INTERNET SPACESHIPS GAME, actually turn CQ off then email a questionnaire to them asking them why they did not want to use this option.

Ask them frank questions not loaded in CCP’s favor about what they actually need in this game regarding this failure.

I would say that 36 hours running it will bring in enough from the actual true player base to cause you possibly either to jump out of the nearest window…providing it’s at least six floors up, or reconsider CQ as the game changing super cash cow you thought it was going to be.

To date the number of cancelled accounts must be getting through to someone in finance, If not then I am sure October looming for CCP will certainly focus the minds that be which side the breads buttered.

So which for you is the better option, an ‘OFF’ button and no game changing items in the trinket store, or oblivion, personally I care not which way you go But go you must, for as long as WiS is being forced down my throat in this manner I consider this game no longer of interest, this has resulted in my log in times for three accounts going from 16 hours plus per day to less than 30 mins over three days to service POS.

Ad'Hakim Tahous
Posted - 2011.07.01 16:54:00 - [517]

Welcome to my future? Really?

Lets wait and see.... have let main character lapse. Have renewed this one for the moment. Can always unsub.....

Aggravate enough players and I'll welcome you to your future.... unemployment. Evil or Very Mad

Clown Punchers.
Posted - 2011.07.08 19:23:00 - [518]

Posting in another "CCP made the game even worse with updated content", we still want to spin ships, dudes.

Mr Oggle
Battle With Halibut Swords
Posted - 2011.07.16 22:28:00 - [519]

Take it away its crap looks crap its dysfunctional and now known as the day ccp broke eve

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