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STK Scientific
Posted - 2005.02.18 12:24:00 - [31]

Originally by: BATT
Gallente iteron 5..with 5 overdrive injectors low slow
and one ab medium slot = 845m/s sustained with more than 3000 cubic meters.

Amarr Sigil with nanos and AB. 900m/s sustained and more than 3000m3 cargo - and my alt only has Amarr Indy 3 so far...


Advanced Materials And Research Corp
High Treason Alliance
Posted - 2005.02.19 01:29:00 - [32]

Edited by: Spektral on 19/02/2005 01:30:34
We have a group of 5 pilots that we use to do these missions and the key is that the ships tend to aggro the mission runner first, he should be setup to be able to shoot at 100 km, must be able to tank( ie apoc with one sensor booster)This allows him to aggro groups at need. You also need a medic (apoc or dominix with 2 large remote(apoc better, 6 mega pulse as well as 2 remote large armor reppers)) then a massive damage setup(ganka geddon, ganka tempest) and a high speed sigil or exqueror for collecting loot.

We can complete a silence the informant level 4 in under 1 hour, and we are getting better. The remote reppers are the key, they can keep a 4 hardner tank going forever and a day. and with 3 bs shooting back and concentrating fire a bs lasts maybe a minute. The tempest (c r a c k s)(darn swear filter) em like eggs. The small ship is setup as a friggy killer, this helps alot, a dommie with a really good boatload of drones kicks some serious butt as well.
We are having a great time doing these missions and with ventrilo or ts, we can communictae and coordinate fire extremely well, and noone has lost a ship in ages, and that was due to a ctd. Sad

This works, solo is for crazy people and since we use the crap loot to refine and build new ships through the industry part of the corp, we can all do what we like and not be restricted, which is good since this is a GAME, and good games are played with friends.

Posted - 2005.02.19 11:17:00 - [33]

That little army of urs sounds like fun... But dont it take ages to do the mission?

I dont get y ppl say get distance, surly its better to just sit on the gates, kill em all then move on.

I do the mission asap and am getting quite good at getting the time bonas. The reason y i racing thru em like a maniac is so i can get my cn raven, mainly cus its black, but for other reasons too.

Oh and for the record i aint lost a ship on the lvl4`s yet Cool

Ive taken a couple of days out from my busy mission schedule to get a cn cara, its black to Twisted Evil.

If any is interested in buying it il sell it for 1bill. If it aint worth that much i dont care, its worth that much to meSmile

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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