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Vierego's Junk Imports
Posted - 2011.05.23 09:57:00 - [1]

saw that, but I didn't see anything about a survey on the main page, or an email?

Posted - 2011.05.23 09:59:00 - [2]

CCP sent out some surveys via email.
Check your spam folder - if it's not in there, you haven't gotten it.
They've probably just sent a number of people emails, because sending ~300,000 emails might be overkill.

Florestan Bronstein
24th Imperial Crusade
Posted - 2011.05.23 11:57:00 - [3]

WARNING: URL text and host don't match, possible phishing attempt. URL disabled. Original URL=''. Original text=''. For more information on phishing click here.

CCP might want to avoid stuff like that (claiming that a link points to a different location than it really does) in the future as some people will be scared away by phishing warnings (although in this case it is easy to verify that nothing malicious is going on).

Narisa Bithon
The Motley Crew Reborn
Posted - 2011.05.23 14:49:00 - [4]

i got that survey email.

tbh its pretty similar to the last survey email they sent out.

basically it starts out asking u how long u have been playing eve and how often & how u heard about eve online

then it goes into asking about which aspects of mmos u like. then it asks for your opinion on how to improve eve.... basic answer to that one is for ccp read their own forums see such threads relating to:
nerf super carriers
buff hybrids ships [gallente & caldari]
buff pos interface
buff dreads
replace sov warfare mechanics with something enjoyable
fix faction warfare
fix hel & naglfar
nerf moar rmt bots
improve client ui & fonts for use with large monitors
allow alliance pos gunning


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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