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Golden Lyon Warriors
Posted - 2011.05.21 20:55:00 - [1]

I'm aware of the "bug" involving turrets, but the problem is my ship was in space last time I logged off and now I can't even use him at all since when you go to log him on it just hangs at "Entering Space".

Can I at least get a dev to dock me in the nearest station or something?

Glyken Touchon
Independent Alchemists
Posted - 2011.05.21 22:51:00 - [2]

I've found that pressing escape often (50%+) gets rid of hangs like that.

May be worth a try.

Colonel Anguss
Posted - 2011.05.22 00:33:00 - [3]

Edited by: Colonel Anguss on 22/05/2011 00:34:44

Golden Lyon Warriors
Posted - 2011.05.22 16:40:00 - [4]

Tried that but got nowhere.

Daneel Trevize
Posted - 2011.05.22 17:38:00 - [5]

Shift+Backspace is the default combo for "Force fade from black".
This helped with a similar thing on Sisi a month or so back. Also you might be able to trigger the selfdestruct, or get someone to shoot you. I realise this was/is easier if you're on a popular station undock but it could still help.

Buni Sundae
Posted - 2011.05.22 23:05:00 - [6]

I used Shift + Backspace to get out of the black screen and ESC to make the "Checking Navigation Systems" msg. go away.

Golden Lyon Warriors
Posted - 2011.05.23 07:59:00 - [7]

Nope, shift+backspace didn't help either.

The Suicide Express
Twilight Federation
Posted - 2011.05.24 21:32:00 - [8]

I undocked from CQ and oops, same issue. ESC removes the Checking Nav window, but nothing has removed the black screen.

Missile War
Cell Corporation
Sexy Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.24 22:03:00 - [9]

i even got it worse
i start the game(i am docked) he loads everything, and then i just get a black screen that keeps swtiching between my desktop screen and duality screen -_-
so i can't even do anything =/ i already putted the game in lowest graphics but it didn't help at all

help please ^^

Legio Prima Victrix
Imperius Legio Victrix
Posted - 2011.05.24 23:49:00 - [10]

In the #eve-chaos channel, it was mentioned that since the focus of testing on Duality is Incarna, undocking does not work. Whether that is a bug or a feature is something we can only guess at (maybe the new nebula changes or something are there as well if you undock) but for the moment I think the fact you cannot undock is intended.

Golden Lyon Warriors
Posted - 2011.05.25 02:16:00 - [11]

Edited by: LordElfa on 25/05/2011 20:43:42
Well, I get that man, I would just like to re-dock so I can test out my damned main on duality.

CCP, you've got real nerve asking us to test out something this broke. These aren't bugs, they're pre-Alpha mutated insectoids.

But hey, I'm fair, I've got this car frame in my backyard with 3 wheels and part of an engine, how's about you take it for a spin and tell me what you think? No? I wouldn't either.

I do love to test, really I do, but when I can't get any damned help to do so from the people asking me to do so, it ****es me off. I sent a petition in and the first GM gave me assistance without question. Thats what got me back into space. The next 2 GM's though quoted the old "we don't support test servers" crap and kindly told me to take a flying leap at a rolling donut and post here again which so far has earned me null in official assistance.

Anyways, I'm out of ideas, so I guess I'll just go back to waiting which "most" of CCP thinks we have nothing better to do than.

Oh, and major thanks to GM Rosemary, you get a Christmas card for awesome support, please pass that need to help your customers on to the "other" GM's and tell them that we'd prefer they not hide behind rhetoric and quasi-policy and just straight up tell us to suck it, we appreciate honesty.


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