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Amarrket Man
Posted - 2011.05.27 09:05:00 - [121]


How are you going to integrate this content for super capital pilots who cannot dock? While being a pimp mofo in a super, I'm sure even a titan pilot would like to kick back on his couch, snack on some delicious protein delicacies every once in a while as he watches news reports of Hulkageddon.

Also I know I'm not the only one who spins their ships in their hangar. My arms may not be long enough to touch my ship from the hangar balcony but in the future shouldn't there be some mechanism to rotate my ship? What if my isotope bay is on the left and the fueling module is on the right side of the hangar? what then?

Lastly: You mentioned in the video introducing captains quarters that items will be showing up in your captains quarters that were previously just icons. I propose you put that Quafe 6-pack item on hold and get cracking on exotic dancers. If this is going to be my very own sweet bachelor pod I demand exotic dancers!

Iok Sototh
The Collective
Posted - 2011.05.27 09:13:00 - [122]

DO NOT WANT. Just when the Eve gui was looking nice and was pretty bug free and consistent, we are getting an uncanny-valley walkathon? *sigh* This is a waste of time for CCP. What features do players always ask for? Ship customisations.

This is actually going to break immersion, not enhance it. At the moment when I play Eve, *I AM THE PILOT*. Soon however, it will be some cranky and clunky looking real-doll :( I hope to hell I do not need to use this part of the game to change fittings etc...

Posted - 2011.05.27 10:24:00 - [123]

Edited by: Cylab on 27/05/2011 10:24:17
this is space game, not a bloody Sims, stop making the game worse and worse, nobody asked for couches

James Vayne
Posted - 2011.05.27 12:04:00 - [124]

From what I've read all over the shop the one of the biggest questions concerns docking all things great and small.

There are a few observations that I have formulating that may (or may not) be worth reading.

My main observation is actually leaving the ship. From leaving the ship to standing on the balcony there exists
no logical pathway. You appear to have flown over a great chasm having found terrific skill with levitation which
sits ill beside the original Incarna teaser where we see some hapless chap leaving his pod in some sort of
medical-looking facility in a near-naked state.

I do think that this particular aspect of leaving/entering a ship
should be addressed as 'immerson' (as you so claim to aim for) relies upon details being accurate to what we
already know; namely that when you exit your ship you're quite wet and in nothing but your undies (though there
is a notable tedium in having to get dressed -every- time you leave your ship. But is that balanced against the fact
we may wish to dress our dollies often?).

Viewing the ship itself seems also to be an issue for some people. I would guess that the Dramiel is comparable
in size to a Boeing 747 (on account of it being roughly the same size as a rifter, if not half the length, certainly the same breadth and height).
Then a battleship would be much larger than this. If take one Rifter as being the size of a Boeing 747 and then realise that a Typhoon is
18 rifters long by 13 rifters high, you begin to see that some grandios is required when displaying such large vessels.

So to my mind the comparison should appear more this way: (warning: very rough)

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

The tops of particularly large/tall vessels could be faded out with distance fog :D

As for undockable ships, well - the docking umbilical was invented for a reason in Sci-Fi. Let us make good use of it!

Posted - 2011.05.28 17:21:00 - [125]

Just tried this on Duality and wow! If character animation for males is as near finished as suggested I guess everyone at CCP must walk around with a broom shoved where the sun dont shine, for all the talk of awesome animation and groundbreaking realism at present my guy walks around like something from PS2 5 years ago. Considering how hugely compromised EVERYTHING has been made in the name of making the animation look great it's pretty shocking reallyCrying or Very sad

Also are 80% of the lights meant to strobe to give matari "flavour" to the place or is that just lovely breakage?

Also whilst theres an option to open ship hangar from the table in front of couch there should also be option to open items hangar from same menu, having fittings there doesnt make much sense without option for that too.

Will there be another round of testing prior to launch or will you just lunge for it live next? Seems like along way from finished tbh, I just hope the build we're seeing is a good couple months behind where things are really at now...

Nominh Ehre
Posted - 2011.05.29 12:54:00 - [126]

Originally by: MrCaptAwsm
Oh look, so in the future, everyone will still be terrible at creating user interfaces.


That is funny because its CCP making crappy UI inside a game that has crappy UI. Laughing

Posted - 2011.05.29 20:30:00 - [127]

Originally by: Brokers Clone
In the shot of the guy sitting on the couch, looking at the holo


Why? So I must crunch my cigs directly on the table?

Originally by: Everseeker
Originally by: Abdiel Kavash
We’re also testing a small change aimed at rookies that disables closing tutorials until you’re through the skill training tutorial.

Please fire whoever suggested this. Having to tell five different windows to shut up about how to warp to a gate every time I make a new alt is painful enough. Now I will have to click through the entire tutorial, or even do all the crap it wants me to do?

^What he said


Posted - 2011.05.30 16:44:00 - [128]

Edited by: TalonClark on 30/05/2011 16:44:48
- nice capsule visualisation, the only RP question would be: after exiting the capsule, wouldnt we be naked and have to walk to the CQ to dress?

- new weapon animations are great, nice how they retract while warping

character creation:

choosing race: would it be helpful to say something about their preferred weapon systems? Missiles/Drones/Shield/Armor/EW?

captains quarters:

- if you are too close to the mirror and centering it you won't notice the UI activating above/under it. this gives the impression there is nothing to interact with.

- there should be a command (like holding tab) to display all interactive objects in sight at once

- if you are too far away, or behind (wrong angle) of an interacting object, you won't be able to activate the command. this can be confusing. let aura say (or display a text-message) that tells you to move in front/closer

- ship hologram on the table: if you stand in front of it, all 4 choices are available. once you sit down, you can't open the cargohold nor the dronebay

- viewscreens: the change in the mouseover is too small to notice.
- viewscreen middle: is there a way to switch faster between news?


- Aura tells you to undock. if you do so without forwarding the tutorial window, it doesn't recognize you undocked and is stuck there. thats unfortunate. you should choose between forcing the player to walk there (block undocking), or if he undocks by himself, let the tutorial recognize that.

- tutorial doesn't tell you to open the structures-cargohold (can) and transfer the item to your hangar.

- 2nd Mission: Aura says: "warp to your destination int he overview", but its not there, its the right-click menu of course. could be confusing, altough its stated correctly in the text window

- 2nd Mission: the fuel depot is not shown in the overview, starter settings should be different?? (did i have the wrong settings maybe?)

- 3rd Mission: "within the large building ahead" (Aura and Textbox) is a bit...confusing, as the largest one is the factory.

Aphoxema G
Posted - 2011.05.31 03:47:00 - [129]

Would it be a lot of work to make the character look towards whatever surface the mouse cursor lands on?

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