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Alty VonAltenstein
Posted - 2011.05.20 02:22:00 - [1]

So I am building a PC and have all the parts and whatnot, except the hard drive. I was gonna use 2x RAID 0 150GB 10000 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s and put everything on it. 300GB is more than enough since its just a gaming rig. But a friend said I should get a SSD cause it would be faster.

Should I get a SSD and put my OS and EVE on it?
Is it even worth it to do so vs. the RAID 0 array?

And a question about running multiple accounts ... Is it better to run both accounts from the same client? Or should I copy pasta the EVE folder and rename it EVE2 or something and use that to run a 2nd account from?

Thank you

Eve Engineering Operations
Eve Engineering
Posted - 2011.05.20 03:04:00 - [2]

SSD's are faster but they're expensive for the big ones. Run windows from an sata drive and get a 16gb ssd for eve. You also don't need separate folders for eve anymore. Run them all from the same one.
You can also get an 8gb ssd for the swap file if you want.

Posted - 2011.05.20 03:12:00 - [3]

So you know... 150 in raid doesnt equal 300 gb/s it makes it 150...

And yes a SSD is faster than 10k in a raid 0. (Maybe a raid 10 with SCSI's) Also the 3 Gbs transfer rate is BS that's just what sata is capable of not what a mechanical HDD can ever read or write.

Remember though HDD speeds only impact load times, not FPS or anything like that. As far as the client thing goes... I'm not really sure I run one regular and the second installed in a steam directory, but I dont think it matters too much.

Privateer Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.20 04:23:00 - [4]

an ssd is a significant increase in speed for your system over any spindle drive. If my memory serves me correctly, SSDs have something like a 3ms seek time where disk drives have a 20ms seek time. Not to mention that the new SATA interface SATA 6g was basically build to handle the operations per second that an ssd can produce. There is no need for a raid setup to get crazy speeds out of an SSD.

Now there is another option which is rather interesting, if you want to save some money, you can go for a Z68 chipset. The newest chipset from Intel has an inherent SSD caching ability. Up to 64gb of ssd can be used to cache the main hard drives most retrieved files. This means that the system has just short of ssd speeds and automatically places the correct files on the ssd.

Alty VonAltenstein
Posted - 2011.05.20 04:56:00 - [5]

Thanx for the advice so far...yeah, i forgot RAID 0 doesnt add space, just splits data. So would I notice a difference if I installed the OS on a SSD over the RAID 0 array? Now that I think about it, how much space does the Windows 7 OS take?

Short Bus Pole Dancers
Posted - 2011.05.20 12:04:00 - [6]

Windows 7 uses about 35GB.

Amaroq Dricaldari
Vengeance Industrial Militia
Posted - 2011.05.20 16:30:00 - [7]

Originally by: Iasius
Windows 7 uses about 35GB.

It must use less than that. How do you think it fits on a CD?

Pr1ncess Alia
Posted - 2011.05.20 16:36:00 - [8]

Originally by: Amaroq Dricaldari
Originally by: Iasius
Windows 7 uses about 35GB.

It must use less than that. How do you think it fits on a CD?

lololol Laughing

oh wait, you're serious?

LOLOLOL Laughing

Posted - 2011.05.20 16:50:00 - [9]

Edited by: Blacksquirrel on 20/05/2011 16:50:21
Windows 7 is actually scalable, but depending on the version 25-35 for everything. However with service packs, and patches it grows. Best to get at least a 64gb SSD... And yes even in Raid will be faster.

It's called file compression...there are various ways.


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