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Mr Cleann
State War Academy
Posted - 2011.05.24 22:25:00 - [211]

Edited by: Mr Cleann on 24/05/2011 22:26:12
Originally by: Ghorrn Kranthil
+: thanks for the bpo/bpc distinction, that's something quite useful Cool
-: Agent changes seem quite dull - with agents now giving 100% of same mission type (why on earth?! or in space, for that is) i have to move all my stuff (a bunch of ships & plenty of containers with modules) for 20 jumps just because there is only 1(!) l4 highsec security agent for soe left! - my former nearby sec agent has been turned into a transport-guy, offering only that boring stuff for little money and nothing else. that is very annoying and, imo, the change in agent system is quite senseless and unnatural Evil or Very Mad

Strongly agreed!! My SOE agent got turned in to a commerce agent. and for a lvl 4 agent to be paying that low of a payoff. I don't see them being used too often once word gets out that those missions flat suck. They should have left them alone. Verity of missions from an agent is good. I have no intentions of taking anything in to low sec for a commerce mission that only pays off 200k and 300 l/p's that is ludicrous. The missions should have been left alone. perhaps tweaked a little but nothing like what it is. Looks like its back to mining or looking for hidden plexes. I have too much crap to be relocating.

Davon Kastire
Hit it n' Quit it
Posted - 2011.05.25 01:56:00 - [212]

I don't know about the rest of you. But until this agent screw up get's resolved, I'm not missioning anymore. Besides, there's plenty of ways to get big isk in EVE. I'm just not going to take the quick rout.

Zareal Stormshock
Posted - 2011.05.25 04:53:00 - [213]

Quote from Niko Lorenzio:

Fleet UI:
The Good: Single history tab does seem less cluttered and clean.
The Bad: Some of the things already mentioned on this thread.
The Ugly: OMGWTFZORZUSMOKING? No more sorting by time? pilot? How about looted item or amount?!!!! Horrible formating? And no more EXPORTING LOOT LOGS?!!!! Please tell me this is belated aprils fools joke, and will be fixed in an upcoming patch. CMON CCP, you really screwed up this one, even though it's less complained about this is the worst "improvement" I've seen from you in 6 years.

I completely agree with this, im wondering if CCP was trying to screw us over, cause they couldn't make it worse if they tried.

Posted - 2011.05.25 10:13:00 - [214]

The combined required IQ of EVE players dropped a further 50 points with this patch, Any simpler and it would be WOW.

Dont take the complexity out of the game, its why most people play it...

Davon Kastire
Hit it n' Quit it
Posted - 2011.05.25 15:12:00 - [215]

Edited by: Davon Kastire on 25/05/2011 23:59:01
Originally by: CCP Zymurgist
We hope you enjoy this latest release

I'm surprised they haven't edited that part out.

Anyway as I said before, no more missions for me given the situation. The idea that agents should give 100% of a certain type of mission is a good one but you built this update out of freakin' straw. If you'd have taken your time and built it out of brick then it wouldn't be falling apart like it is now.

The agent quality system before the change gave me options, I could have taken that +20 quality lvl4 agent but he's in low sec and I'm not ready for that kind of dancing. I'll have to settle for a lower quality lvl4 somewhere in high sec. Then my short pilgrimage begins. Now you limited our options, made agent quality pointless, and sent thousands of pilots (and their corps and alliances) on a cluster f*ck pilgrimage to places all over the damn map. It's like the gold rush but without the gold and the oxen pulling the wagons have down syndrome.

Instead of taking away most of the divisions and leaving a finger full, you should have taken away none and written more missions. More diverse missions for each division that aid in the career that the player chooses. If I want a career in fleet command then the command division would provide me with missions that require me to make tough decisions that determine the outcome of the mission.

As for the standings issue, I could download that API program that lets me see character standings so that I may feel comfortable to recruit him... (provided the player gives me said API) but the problem is that you're making this API program a priority not an option. There are other problems but I don't want to upset the tl;dr folks. (I personally think it should stand for "too lazy didn't read" )

In closing, reverse this patch and start over from scratch.

Slate Shoa
Posted - 2011.05.25 15:23:00 - [216]

Love the probing changes!

Davon Kastire
Hit it n' Quit it
Posted - 2011.05.25 15:31:00 - [217]

Originally by: Slate Shoa
Love the probing changes!

...true, the probe changes are a sliver lining. Maybe Some of the content in this patch should be reverse, not all of it.

Goatriders Horde
The Scapegoats
Posted - 2011.05.25 20:03:00 - [218]

Originally by: Lars Erlkonig
Originally by: Carmaf
hunting people in highsec without the agents standing has ruined highsec pvp please put it back it has made it impossible to catch or follow certan targets

It also hurts:
1) corps that wish to ensure new members don't mess up corp jump clone projects.
2) low sec PVP, not just high sec. Was a very useful hunting tool.
3) high sec war dec corps that look for towers and adjust ransom based on the subject's current ability to re-anchor a POS.
4) finding individuals who were working for the same agent/in the same system and forming player bonds. Now you don't know if they're there for the PVE or 'just passing through'
5) it helped older players know which new players to fleet up to share standings with when they saw others online.
6) did I miss it in the patch notes?
7) it was a nice feature that added an extra dimension to the game.

Please re-examine your decision CCP

If it adds quality of life, it's on CCP's hit list.

HTFU and other such slurs.

Davon Kastire
Hit it n' Quit it
Posted - 2011.05.26 00:26:00 - [219]

Edited by: Davon Kastire on 26/05/2011 04:47:07
Edited by: Davon Kastire on 26/05/2011 03:44:05
Do you think our concerns are funny CCP?

Because I just now got a newsletter E-mail from you telling me about these "Major improvements to agent divisions and quality". Now you're just putting salt in the wound.

I'm willing to forget this depending on how much work you already put into that letter. If you've been working on it since you released the patch notes then no. If you've been working on it before the notes then yes, I'll forget it.

IRL Emerald
Posted - 2011.05.26 02:17:00 - [220]

Yeah....CCP realy needs to fix this.And quick.

Jinn Rho
Posted - 2011.05.26 10:25:00 - [221]

Originally by: Zareal Stormshock
Quote from Niko Lorenzio:

Fleet UI:
The Good: Single history tab does seem less cluttered and clean.
The Bad: Some of the things already mentioned on this thread.
The Ugly: OMGWTFZORZUSMOKING? No more sorting by time? pilot? How about looted item or amount?!!!! Horrible formating? And no more EXPORTING LOOT LOGS?!!!! Please tell me this is belated aprils fools joke, and will be fixed in an upcoming patch. CMON CCP, you really screwed up this one, even though it's less complained about this is the worst "improvement" I've seen from you in 6 years.

I agree. As a logistics pilot, the "new and improved" fleet consolidation took 2 giant steps back.
Why was time wasted "fixing" the tabs into drop boxes, it wasn't broken?
Why on earth were the broadcast columns removed? Now I have to READ READ READ who wants what, wasting time and risking fleet members ><

The definition of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it.'

Ark Ferroraider
Posted - 2011.05.26 11:40:00 - [222]

Some remarks on a patch (my character is mainly a haulern the core the carrier in hi-security space and fulfills fighting missions a little).

About standings of other pilots' with NPC:

I am happy that it isn't loaded entirely (my opponents who have casually looked on my character's standings, died in lags :) ), however I consider that review of relations with NPC, at least with factions and corporations, should be accessible on players' demand. For example, the button "See standings with NPC" in "Standings" tab. It is necessary as for scouts and fighters for search of a residence their targets and targets' jumpclones, as for space dealers - determination of possibilities of competitors and partners (at stations what NPC corporations they are have easier NPC brokers' fee, refining/reprocessing taxes, etc). And for player-corps recruiters - for a cognizance of all aforesaid about candidates.

About current changes in system of agents:

This attempt is very unsuccessful.

1. Relations with NPC to a patch were valuable. Step by step I reached the best agents, strengthened acquaintance to some of them for obtaining of the best rewards, reduced taxes for ore refining and trade on interesting for me NPC stations, and it was a game part, it was fun. After a patch standings with agents have lost the value. And relations with corporations - even relations from 0.0 upto 8.0 (for jumpclone) can be reached with 2 days - unless it interesting?

Beginners in EVE also it is quickly reached good standings with NPC, allowing to take any missions and it is easy to do everything on NPC stations - but whether it will be interesting to them? Beginners simlpy will transit this part of a game content (and will give for it less $ to CCP, I consider) more faster.

2. The fixed type of mission from the agent - yes, the player will receive mission of that type which expects. It has facilitated... No, not game process as it was supposed. It has facilitated non-stop mission grinding. To the player for whom mission running is game, it is easy fly out to other agent. And if this player wishes to quickly-up relations with NPC, having fulfilled encounter mission for Distribution agent? No more choice...

It would be more logical, that the agent with whom (with the agent, instead of with its corporation or faction) capsuleer have good standings, periodically (not always) asked to capsuleer, which type of mission he wants to receive - the chance of a having choice is more better than more better the standing. That is, that this convenience was, but got not for nothing, he should achieve at first.

Also, about gameplay by a "hauler in hi-security space" - with the last patch the balance of incomes for this sort of gameplay was broke. It was earlier necessary to search for balance between trade with players, trade with NPC, performance of express missions from players and from agents. It was necessary to think how to maximize my income and how to reduce risks, how less to fly with empty ship's cargo, how to find the best clients.

Now it is not necessary to think - is a lot of readily available lvl 4 agents who never offer fighting missions (that is, agents are not "4-hours stayoff") who offer quite good money in recalculation to ingame-time (show me the player-warrior who can fulfill 2 missions simultaneously one character - for hi-end haulers performance of 2-4 tasks simultaneously is normal) who as a result give more incume, than any of the types of activity specified by me. Instead of to think it it is not interesting.

And as for me interest in all areas of gameplay in which I was engaged was lost, I meanwhile will refrain from EVE subscription payment. Later it will be visible.

Chelm Saron
Posted - 2011.05.26 12:21:00 - [223]

Originally by: Chelm Saron
Hello there.

Quick question: after the latest patch, certain pilots took advantage of tutorial agents to gain massive amounts of standings. This was fixed shortly after as it wasn't intended design.
Now then, what happens to said pilots who made off with days' worth of standing grind within a few hours? Some have even hit 10.0 faction standing, which is weeks or even months worth of work, and that is simply ridiculous.

Normally from any other MMO company, we can expect a systematic reversion of standings meant to "correct the developers' error." Is CCP willing to openly admit a mistake and fix it, or will the lucky exploiters get away with it?

Original post

Re: Standings Changes, I think Ive Smoked What CCPs Been Smoking

The 0rphanage
Posted - 2011.05.27 23:38:00 - [224]

CCP... I think we should change the agent standings back to public view. I believe this is another "carebear effort" to halt another part of this game's pvp in wardecs. If you're going to do missions while at war then you need to be extra careful of your surroundings similar to worm holes rather than another step in the opposite direction. I joined this game initially bc of the hardcore pvp aspect it has to offer. You guys know you're at the top of the list in this area and if we continue to change that aspect for the worse than you guys are going to be just like every other mmo. ugh

Posted - 2011.05.27 23:40:00 - [225]

CCP for god sake please listen to to what we as the gamer wasnt for a change.

allow standings to be public

Darth Helmat
Posted - 2011.05.27 23:45:00 - [226]

Originally by: chriscalvert
CCP for god sake please listen to to what we as the gamer wasnt for a change.

*gasp* you mean the agent standings thing wasn't the most clamoured for and widely requested improvement to the game?


Johnny Myer
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2011.05.27 23:53:00 - [227]

Without agent standings being public view now you can't check local and see if you have same agent standing as someone else to see if you have something in common and make friends.

Besides public agent standing was like a trophy case for mission runners...

Why is ccp making this so vanilla?

it seems that everyone is complaining about this.. everyone wants it has been for years and years.....

solar run
Posted - 2011.05.28 00:09:00 - [228]

Hello , can you plz put back the agent standings back on . It's hard enough to find people as it was and now im just sitting at gates hoping to catch a war target . Makes me want to go back to call of duty.

Samhain Conners
Praetorian Black Guard
Frater Adhuc Excessum
Posted - 2011.05.28 20:46:00 - [229]

I thought I was playing EvE, somehow I woke up and WoW appeared on my computer?


If it's not broke, don't fix it

Unless in the case of Government and CCP Devs,
If it's not broke, fix it til it is

Posted - 2011.05.28 22:59:00 - [230]

Can you please put the standings back you are ruining pvp!!!

Snitch Bagg
Posted - 2011.05.28 23:04:00 - [231]

Please put the standings back to normal you are making it impossible to hunt wt's in high-sec

Davon Kastire
Hit it n' Quit it
Posted - 2011.05.29 15:50:00 - [232]

Don't simplify complexity and call it quality.

Just simply add quality to complexity.

Posted - 2011.05.31 13:47:00 - [233]

+1 to putting the standings back in the public eye

Not sure where the idea came from to remove it from view but it certainly wasn't a player- unless it was a griefed, 'UMAD' type of carebear.

It added a layer of complexity that without it, starts to feel like a very topical game. I sincerely hope this is not the overall direction of the game, I fear it'll attract the WOW MMO'rs, ie, the very casual and short-term gratification seekers.

In my case, when I lived in a wh I would stockpile the locations of my potential future targets should I choose to hunt them out. Gave me a 'blacklist' to one day to return to. Looks like that hobby may well vanish. Shame.

Posted - 2011.05.31 15:39:00 - [234]

Edited by: Err0r404 on 31/05/2011 15:41:44
Put standings back to the info window ExclamationExclamation
Fleet history stuff is worse than before too.
Yea nice blueprints icons...

Toshiro GreyHawk
Posted - 2011.05.31 16:24:00 - [235]

You know how you sometimes get a little song stuck in your head and can't stop hearing it?

Well this is what's been going through mine for the past few days ...

Dumbing Down The Game,

Dumbing Down The Game,

CCP Is Dumbing ...

Dumbing Down The Game.

Ruining the complexity and variety that made playing EVE a rich experience trying to keep noobs who are going to quit anyway from quitting has been a mistake.

Eliminating all meaning to bloodlines killed what little value there was to the EVE back story - since the players were no longer a part of it. People ask which faction they should play and the answer now is - it doesn't make any difference - they're all the same.

Eliminating Learning skills - just facilitated all those silly people who just couldn't wait to get into a battleship. They were not better off for it.

Now - the richness and complexity that was the missions system is gone. Replaced by the simplistic and the boring. Before you had to think about which agents you wanted to use. Now they're mostly the same. And within the few classes of agents left - they give out the same damn mission types every single time. The worst part of running missions was that they were boring and repetitive - so what did you guys do? You made them even more boring and repetitive.

EVE is not going to be another WoW or The Sim's - it just isn't.

So - in attempting to make the game simple enough for all the stupid people in the world to play - you are making it a stupid game the intelligent people who were playing it may get tired of.

You had a special, niche game. You are making it into just another mindless game for the mindless masses - just like most of the other games out there ... games I might add which do not have an 8 year life span. The mindless masses get bored - no matter what you do - and they move on to the next big thing. So you're ruining what you have for something you never will have.

Congratulations - you're on the way to being the next SOE.



Kari Trace
Nox Imperium
Posted - 2011.06.01 12:45:00 - [236]

Originally by: Paul Clavet
My feelings are mixed about the rest of the patch, but...

I want to find the dev who implemented the probe movement change and kiss him/her on the mouth. Wink


Side note @Paul: your blog has taught me more about what NOT to do as any other blog teaching what TO do. +++++1 for your and your buddies efforts chronicling your side of the experience.

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