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Linda kays
United Empires Asset
Posted - 2011.05.26 12:52:00 - [391]

Originally by: Ingrid Artrald
amalgamating the agent types and missions was OK - but the reward or storyline missions are not

my mine/transport/mfg char doing lvl3/4 distribution missions - gets "rewarded" every 15 or missions with a lvl 3 combat mission ?? - the best fighter it can use is a destroyer - not much good against tough cruisers and BS's - and a huge loss in standing after grinding for the slow incremental gain if you cant get someone else to help

maybe CCP should make missions tradeable like contracts - then I could give (sub contract) it to my combat char or anyone else for a price where you get to keep the reward (ISK, LP & standing) - obviously trust issues apply - by viewing the popularity (or not) of traded mission types CCP could use the data to make better ones and adjust rewards etc

I find the lack of Dev-response disturbing.Confused

Anyway, the statement above is rather the same I'll bring here:

I've been grinding missions since I started, and I've had a few problems along the way, for instance realizing that Amarr and Minmatar tends to throw missions up against eachother. Which I complained about a few years ago.

My training plan dictates I won't fly Cruisers for a year or 2 still, meaning I have no chance doing any of the level 3 combat missions. I can live with that. Especially now where I can simply choose a Distribution or mining Agent. What happened to storylines then???
Please diversify those agents. If you work for Republic Uni, that now only have distribution agents, you get storyline combat missions????
Doesn't make sense, Either the storyline agent should be looking for the rigth corperation to work for, or they should provide Distribution storyline missions... I've seen them before...

As for amalgating I'm 100% super great, too bad I never get the surprice have to decline mission, but atleast I know what I'll get...

As for the Q control, I don't know, Don't like it today, but it seems good in the bigger picture, maybe Q-0 would have been better then +/- 20?

As for skill removal??? WTF... Do you know how long time it takes to grind those skillbook via level 1 and 2's. Then you remove them, hey good, Redistribute SP, nice, But I'll have to regrind what 80M isk for new skillbooks. You could have provided the books atleast to the people that already had the skills. Well with level 4 access I suppose I can grind it back over a 5-6 months time, but I really wanted to get an incursion boat to play with, maybe next year, ohh. that's rigth by then I'll have to safe up for cruisers...... and more skillbook, hmmm, I'll get there eventually.... Can always find some noob to hussle, rigth!

Mathais Longhorn
Posted - 2011.05.26 16:34:00 - [392]

@ Linda Kays

Check your assets window. The station you have your clone set to as home should already have replacement skillbooks in the hanger waiting for you. You should of seen a response to this very issue in the first couple pages of this thread.

Armor Cav
Posted - 2011.05.30 14:12:00 - [393]

So this was the first step in eliminating hi sec lvl 4 missions, well done, next we can eliminate hi sec lvl 3's, then 2's, maybe we should leave 1's alone, just a thought.

Maybe we should simply eliminate hi sec. Thats the rationale, isnt it?

Heres a thought, fix things that are broke, instead of screwing up things that work.

Lib Rabildo
Posted - 2011.05.30 15:25:00 - [394]

Really can't see any reason for the removal of agent quality, as many others have said one of the main aspects getting you to feel progression in the game was the ability to gradually access new agents, and especially rewarding when you find an agent you'd like to access and work your way up to the required level to do so..

Hate the change of agent category too, had a level IV agent in my home system that 80-90% of the time gave good combat missions, now he's changed to distribution, and only a level III security agent left, and sure this kind of changes or similar/other way around have had impact on lots of players.

Was nothing wrong with old system, so why "fix" when it ain't broke?

Anselm's MajorDomo
Posted - 2011.06.07 23:42:00 - [395]

Hmm. Now that all agents give 100% of one type of mission, I wonder about those sequential missions (i.e., "Mission blah blah, 1 of 5" in which part of the missions are courier and part are combat.

If agents are only giving one time of mission (i.e., all courier or all combat or all mining), does that mean we can only run those missions until we hit the wrong type? For example, let's say Mission Blah Blah has Part 1 as a courier mission, and Part 2 is a combat mission, then Part 3 is a courier mission. Will an agent in "Distribution Division" grant you access to Part 2? Or will the mission sequence end after doing Part 1 because the next mission is the "wrong type" of division.

That means the later parts of the mission will no longer be accessible, and a lot of CCP work will never be available, if I'm understanding the change correctly.

--Anselm's majordomo

Ghorrn Kranthil
Posted - 2011.06.09 22:11:00 - [396]

well... merging agent types... in my opinion is useless and makes things more boring than ever, but ok... BUT that now SOE have only 1 highsec l4 security agent and that this one is 20 jumps away from that poor fellow that now has turded to distribution... is sick.
if u change that much of gameplay, at least give us a real choice between agents! this change is saaaad! Rolling Eyes

spyder steve
Posted - 2011.06.11 20:04:00 - [397]

been playing for this game for some time and since thw new agents revamp its really ruined the level 3 & 4 agents especially here in Thiarer

The level 4 missions (now running as Courier missions) now pays out the equivalent to level 1 missions :(
How you expect decent player(s) to play such poor missions I dont know.

The level 4 missions were responsible for decent market sales and high sec level 4 mission running,
the system was well balanced for mining, sales, POS's etc. For the last 4 years the system has been very stable, and players coming into settle more than they ever did!
Having the Ice field 1 jump away in Orva expanded the use for POS's and the BP researching including tech II manufacturing.

Now its all courier missions with no potential to expand further, Come on' ! who wants to buy decent ships for little courier missions where an iteron is more than adequate !!

I think this has really spoiled the game, something we've always done for 5 years+

Intellius Mortis
Black Hole INC
Posted - 2011.06.20 22:06:00 - [398]

Did this change Agent "base" quality to +20 for payout or did it change Agent "effective" quality to +20? Is it possible the devblog misspoke? Has anybody run the numbers to see if this is the case?

"Now, all agents in the game will have an effective quality of both -20 and +20: That is, in terms of calculating access to an agent based on your standings with his or her corporation, the system will assume that all agents are quality -20, making them (in some cases, considerably) easier to access; and at the same time, every agent will pay out rewards as if he or she had a quality of +20, meaning all agents of the same level within the same system security level (e.g., 0.6) will pay out the same amount for similar missions - and in most cases, they will pay out somewhat more than they used to."

(Nice run-on sentence, huh? Smile)

Posted - 2011.06.21 14:23:00 - [399]

I think the agent now doing only one mission area takes away the risk of what type of mission and with it the fun of mission running.
There should be risk of getting a low risk(low reward) courier mission and a high risk kill mission. Now it takes away the drama of what kind of mission will I get. Should have the chance of all types of missions - just a higher percent with each type. As (10% - 20% - 70%) the other ( 70% - 10% - 20%) etc. Need to have abit of risk in the mix.

Iyrkle Byrkle'yrkle
Posted - 2011.06.23 03:39:00 - [400]

and we're going to be watching carefully

I realize you are watching carefully but I thought I'd toss in some information from personal experience anyway.

This change has led to holes of space between level 4 combat-mission-giving agents. Numerous members of my alliance, who previously carebeared on lowsec missions to make money while waiting around for someone to kill, have either moved to high sec or have seen their playtime plummet, because all they were left doing was ship spinning (which I see you've nerfed as well :P )

This seems to be at odds with what was ostensibly the purpose of this change: spreading people out. Decreasing the number of combat-mission-giving agents in a region can't possibly serve to spread people out.

Furthermore, it seems to be at odds with the philosophy of risk-vs.-reward: there was to begin with little to no comparable advantage to doing missions in lowsec vs. highsec, and now with the increased distances between available level 4 combat-mission-giving agents the risk associated with doing them has gone up: people looking to attack mission-runners have fewer places to search, and people looking for a place to do missions are now more likely to face competition for these locations.

Finally, how does this change make the game more fun?

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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