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Rixx Javix
Lucifer's Hammer
Posted - 2011.05.15 12:49:00 - [1]

EVEOGANDA and Lucifer’s Hammer Present the DEATH RACE II: BATH OF BLOOD Eve Event!

On Thursday, June 9th, hundreds of Eve pilots will embark on a dangerous, highly competitive race from a low-sec launch system, through the murky gate-camped systems of zero space and emerge once more into Empire! It is a race to the death! Only the lucky, the criminal, or the insane will survive victorious.

DEATH RACE II is open to ALL Eve pilots who wish to participate and pay the one-time entrance fee. Gangs, Corporations, even Alliances are free to enter, but the prizes and trophies will be awarded to winning individuals only.

We gave out over 4b ISK in cash and prizes for the first Death Race!!


• Entrance fee is 5 million isk per individual character.
• All entrants must be present and fleeted in the launch system to race.
• Be the first to jump into the finish system to win.


• Entrance Fee is 5 million isk per individual character racing.
• Entrance Fees should be paid to in-game character DeathRace2011. Receipt of your entrance fee enters you as a racer.
• Shuttles and Ships capable of warping cloaked are not allowed and will not be fleeted.
• No Cynos, No Black Ops and obviously no Capitals.
• T3 Strategic Cruisers are not allowed.
• Use of local or regional Jump Bridge networks is not allowed.
• You must be in the Death Race Fleet to win.
• Pods cannot win the race, but you need not finish in the ship you started in. (As long as it conforms to the above.) Any Pods that manage to finish in the top ten will be awarded a secondary prize and their finish will not count against ship finishes.
• Aggression IS permitted and encouraged after the first jump. Aggression in the starting system will result in you being kicked from the Death Race Fleet.
• Gangs, Teams and Corps are permitted to participate (But each racer pays the entrance fee).
• Fleet up will occur in a low-sec system to be announced on Race Day.
• The Death Race is Thursday, June 9th and will start promptly at 21:00 Eve time.

Join In-Game Channel: DEATH RACE 2

Visit the official Death Race Blog for updated information, prizes, swag and more!

ALL proceeds will be used to provide cash and other prizes.

Special Thanks to Lucifer’s Hammer and EON Magazine for being our official race title sponsors. If you are interested in being an official sponsor, providing prizes, or assisting in any other way, please contact Rixx Javix at

MISC: Two days before the race a general call in the in-game channel and on the supporting blogs will announce the starting location of the race. All racers will gather, be fleeted and told where to await the start of the race. Immediately before the race begins, the destination system will be linked in fleet chat. Race support will be monitoring the race along the race route (most likely in cloaked ships) to monitor adherence to the rules. Anyone that is caught cheating in a significant way will be kicked from fleet, only fleet members can win the race. Anyone that experiences a dropped connection during the race will be re-admitted to the fleet asap. We are actively asking for CCPs help in providing server load protection during the race. But we obviously cannot guarantee that lag will not be a factor. All determinations as to the winner and allocation of prizes is the sole discretion of Rixx Javix, event originator and producer. His word is final.

Rixx Javix
Lucifer's Hammer
Posted - 2011.05.18 13:57:00 - [2]

More sponsors and more prizes are being announced every day! For the latest updates, news and links please visit the Official Death Race Blog!!

Lotus Hunter
Posted - 2011.05.24 11:31:00 - [3]


ark reaper
Posted - 2011.06.03 19:16:00 - [4]

bump for a great event


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