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garus banta
Posted - 2011.05.16 06:17:00 - [61]

How to keep quiet and not share valuable intel.
How to exploit sleepers.

Ice Fire Warriors
Posted - 2011.05.16 07:05:00 - [62]

Even the most "useless" ship can cause mayhem and facilitate in the destruction of others. You just have to figure out HOW. Twisted Evil

Consortium of stella Technologies
Posted - 2011.05.16 10:07:00 - [63]

112. Forum whoring is a valid Eve profession (see also trolls and flamers)

113. Sense is NOT common in Eve

116. I can't count

115. People are behind the characters (even if they are only one)

Jackie Fisher
Syrkos Technologies
Joint Venture Conglomerate
Posted - 2011.05.16 10:25:00 - [64]

There is no free cake in space.

Shockingly there are no free waffles either.

Sebastiann Kane
Posted - 2011.05.17 03:09:00 - [65]

Its shockingly easy to make isk because most other people in game dont know how to

Malak Alraheem
Posted - 2011.05.17 03:34:00 - [66]

Everything is allowed unless it is in the EULA. Then it is allowed until you are caught. Then you need to take a two week vacation before it is all allowed again. Then you get a month vacation. Now everything is allowed but what you were doing, at least until they decide it isn't.

Also, the logs show nothing, if your computer, the internet, or some random event happens, get a receipt, otherwise you're out of luck.

People not talking to you does not mean that they are a bot, they might just think you're an ******* instead.

Nothing in local is worth purchasing, ever.

Killer Gandry
Shadow of the Pain
Posted - 2011.05.17 06:11:00 - [67]

Edited by: Killer Gandry on 17/05/2011 06:11:14
Anonimity brings out the worst in people.

People take pixels way too serious.

People put real life value on something not real and then cry when something not real get's stolen or removed.

Most who act like *******s ingame are insecure and probably get beat up in real life by 12 year old girls.

Nasty Pope Holding Corp
Talocan United
Posted - 2011.05.17 06:26:00 - [68]

What I have learned in EVE....

Rule #1 of EVE: Trust nobody
Rule #2 of EVE: Yes, they are out to kill you
Rule #3 of EVE: When in doubt, refer to rules 1 & 2

Twisted EvilTwisted Evil

Bahr Cudas
Posted - 2011.05.17 20:59:00 - [69]

If you're mining solo in low sec, don't WAIT until they make a move.... when THEY warp in, you warp out, period.

Posted - 2011.05.17 21:02:00 - [70]

You're not invisible in the shadows.

Posted - 2011.05.17 21:04:00 - [71]

That the bird called roek in dutch is called rook in english.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2011.05.18 11:50:00 - [72]

Edited by: Thamuzz on 18/05/2011 11:51:59
It's not necessarily the size of the ships in the fight that counts, it's the size of the fight in the ships!

Posted - 2011.05.18 12:26:00 - [73]

If it's not a tech 1 scanning frigate chilling at a celestial, a tarp it is.

Immortalis Inc.
Shadow Cartel
Posted - 2011.05.18 13:07:00 - [74]

ALWAYS bring extra ammunition

Misunderstood Genius
Posted - 2011.05.18 13:49:00 - [75]

Originally by: Swynet
There are more ass holes than I could even possibly imagine. Laughing

LOL the same I wanted to post a minute ago and then I checked out if someone else still did.

Misunderstood Genius
Posted - 2011.05.18 13:57:00 - [76]

It's not really just a game.
It's a comfortable place for nerds without a RL believing they are important.

salty Milk
Posted - 2011.05.18 14:12:00 - [77]

if something bad happens to you its your fault

(very popular with the metropolitan police and judges in the 1970s)

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