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CCP Greyscale

Posted - 2011.05.12 16:02:00 - [31]

Mitchell Rodriguez
Various questions?
>> More T2 destroyers - probably, some time Smile

Kamikaze ships/drones - it's an idea that gets knocked around from time to time, certainly

ECM that gives false results - I'd be wary of this sort of thing because it dilutes the power of scouting. If you can't believe your sensors, how are you supposed to make sensible decisions, and does it make all your future scouting more difficult because you have to account for the possibility?

Sigrad-reducing module - it's an obvious thing to look at, but sig radius affects so many systems (targeting, damage etc) that it's likely to be difficult to balance nicely

Other incursions - the system running Incursions is set up to support this kind of thing, but it would of course need an entirely new batch of content so it's not a trivial exercise

T2 capitals - we've got plenty of work to do on existing capitals (balance, more fitting options etc) before we get around to making even more powerful versions Smile

Tobin Shalim
Various questions?
>> New industrial ships/modules - no specific plans right now, but we're looking at industry in nullsec in the near future and additional tools may arise from this work

Anom nerf - I don't have any numbers on the impact on subs/PCU to hand, sorry. As to the decision, basically we had a clear idea of what problem we wanted to solve (space had become too uniform in value, which causes a host of subtle problems), and none of the objections we were seeing made us change our mind. Sometimes we have to make unpopular changes for the good of the game, and in the past when we've backed down on these sorts of issues it's often come back to haunt us later. We explained our plans, we listened to what the players had to say, and we decided that we disagreed with the opinions being voiced. It's not a nice truth, but there it is.

Corp UI - yes, the corp management UI is one of our default examples of things in the UI that need changing. On top of this, we're also very much of the opinion that the actual tools available need further development. It's a big project so it's necessarily competing with a lot of other priorities, but it's a fair way up the list.

Fuel pellets - still at the back of our minds, but no immediate plans to do this in the near future, sorry

Faction ship balancing?
>> Yes, the Dramiel needs a nerf. It's high up on our to-balance list.

CCP Hammer

Posted - 2011.05.12 16:07:00 - [32]

James Dunford
Chat Time Stamps?
>> This functionality is not in our current plans.

Raquel Smith
Multiple Questions?
>> Our current plans for the API are to continue working on clearing out technical debt and then moving on to fulfilling feature request. Here is the current unprioritized backlog:
API: Contracts
API: As a user I can view broadcasts
API: As a user I can view bulletins that are posted on the alliance's bulletin board
API: As a user I can view bulletins that are posted on the corps bulletin board
World Data
* Include Incursion information
* Sovereignity additions
* Concord war list
* List of all corporations
* Full EVE Map data
* Insurance data
* Historical Map Data
Planetary Interaction
Loyalty points in the API

>> Super caps are so powerful because with a name that contains “super” and “capital” what else would you expect?
>> An update to the market UI is just starting development now so I will add this request to the list of other features.
>> If your skills last way more than a day then you don’t really need the queue. It’s recommended you still log in the play from time to time.
>> Remote PI tear down isn’t on our current plans. Although you can expect various changes and additions to PI as we introduce DUST 514
>> If you leave your Quafe in the sun too long it gets funky so I suggest keeping it in a cool dark place.

System Specs?
>> We aren’t doing any more changes to the min-spec in the foreseeable future. As long as your graphics card supports SM3 you should be good to go.

UI Overhaul?
>> There is preliminary work being done on a UI overhaul. CCP Sharq is leading the charge, I can see his Photoshop from here.

New Neocom?
>> A new Neocom is still planned. The version we weren’t happy with was sidelined while we worked on the new Carbon UI framework but will be resumed once that work has finished.

Thre priorities after Incarna?
>> The three priorities for CCP after launching Incarna will be launching DUST 514, launching World of Darkness and continuing to improve on EVE.

Kyle Skitka
Travel between gates?
>> There aren’t any near term plans to change the gameplay of travelling between gates.

Can I have more alt characters?
>> Yes I would consider allowing more alts. What do you think would be a fair price for them?

Articus Marqes
Missile Graphics?
>> We have a new effects artist and the look of missiles is definitely something he will be working on. We all agree with you that the look of a missile volley could use some lovin’.

Vincent Athena
Incarna dates?
>> Captains quarters is coming in the next expansion and the stuff on the test server should be improving by the week until it launches. Walking elsewhere in stations will follow that but won’t go live for some months.

CCP Guard

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.12 16:49:00 - [33]

Edited by: CCP Guard on 12/05/2011 16:50:04
Lots of forum questions from Hired Goon:

1. Considering almost half of all threads posted in general discussion seem to be questions aimed at CCP rather than the start of a discussion thread, how come you guys rarely answer?
2. Do you ever browse the forums while working?
3. Do you ever see a question thread you could answer but don't because you're just not bothered to deal with the fallout?
4.Do you ever see a thread you are bursting to answer but don't because you aren't allowed?
5. Are there rules for dev answering threads?
6. Do you need to get permission before giving a definite answer on some questions?
7. Can you get in trouble? Has anyone?
8. Have you ever been really upset or enraged by a forum topic of a particular tone?
9. Do you ever feel fed up with the community, or some members of the community?
10. Are any members of the community well known at CCP towers? Do they ever come up in conversation?
11. (Mentioning no names) Are any community members generally disliked there?

>> 1. It's something we always want to do more of, but it just comes down to lack of time. I can tell you that we are working on initiatives that should result in more blue bars

2. All the time. Also at home in the evening until my girlfriend tells me to stop working. Can't speak for everyone else in the company but the people that have to know what's going on in the forums are up to speed.

3. No. I can deal with CCP Fallout pretty easily.

4. Not really. We aren't barred from answering threads although there are some guidelines for not posting about stuff you don't know about (common sense really). I can speak for myself when I say that when I back down from posting about something it can usually be blamed on; lack of time, my short attention span (yeah, even my attention span is short)

5. Yes. Common sense rules about not posting about stuff you don't know about or aren't up to speed with. Also general guidelines against ****posting and being unprofessional. Again...mostly just common sense stuff that can be expected of employed grown ups.

6. Most often one doesn't exactly need permission...but one knows that if one posts made up crap, one can get in trouble for raising false hopes or unjustly crushing the dreams of our customers. Or for just making us look like a bunch'a'fools. So it's our own desire to get things right and therefore try to get stuff confirmed if there's any doubt. Which we do all the time.

7. Yes you can. Undoubtedly someone has, yes. I won't name any names though :)

8. We are human for the most part so yes, we can get upset like anybody else. But we'd never admit it so as not to please any of the trolls...oh wait...

9. The Community? No way. I don't think people always realize just how amazing this community is. Individual members? Yeah, of course. After all, some people do go to incredible lengths to be disliked and we aren't immune to their magic even if we take care to handle it professionally at all times.

10. Absolutely. People can get famous in EVE because of the single shard universe and the endless possibilities for shenanigans. We follow events closely and we're not immune to a little fanboy-ism ourselves. I remember when I saw Tank Ceo in person...I think I blushed and giggled a little into my palm.

11. No, not generally :)

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.12 17:13:00 - [34]

Untelo and others
When will you release the Tornado?
>> It'll be after the Incarna release this summer--it still needs design work and porting into the game. We don't want to fart out a ship that doesn't live up to the great visual design.

Klingon Admiral
Will other races have a counterpart?
>> Chances are the other races will get schematics of the Tornado from their spies, whip up some quick skunkworks designs and have comparable ships warping out of construction yards pretty quickly thereafter, if not at the same time.

Merin Ryskin's Tornado questions
In the recently-ended art contest, why was the "one winner from each of the four major factions" rule ignored? Because of this rule I decided to start over on a Minmatar ship instead of polishing my (IMO) superior Sansha design, so I am not amused to see two Amarr winners and one from no identifiable faction.
>> We meant to remove that rule in the rules... if we didn't, crap, sorry. I'd love to see your Sansha design work in progress.

Why did judging this contest take so long? Why was nothing done about it until I finally asked CCP Guard about it in his welcome thread?
>> Good question. A bit into the voting we decided to broaden the pool of CCP voters and added a page where everyone at CCP could vote... leaving a longer window open to give everyone that chance. Then Fanfest happened, which drains many resources in the company. In the end over 150 devs voted, but way to slowly we agree.

What happened to the un-specified "prize to be announced later" for all of the finalists?
>> Something good is happening for them.

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.12 17:37:00 - [35]


There were many questions. Many.
I will be working with Soundwave to get answers for you (not a new effort), yet there will be a slight delay though as right now he's headed to a player meetup in Moscow with CCP Daishi, Molock and Spitfire. Please bear with us.

CCP Hammer

Posted - 2011.05.12 17:54:00 - [36]

Tablet and DUST 514 info?
>> EVE Gate is our primary tablet strategy but like we showed at FF we do have other things underway. We’ve got some exciting announcements revolving around DUST 514 but we need to make those announcements at the proper time.

#askeve @chocolips
More face tattoos?
>> There will definitely be many more customization options, including tattoos, in the years to come.

Moritz Jaeger
Tablet Client?
>> I thought I answered this earlier but work on the “Unified Service Layer” is underway which will facilitate this sort of interaction via the web and mobile devices.

Mr LaForge
Multiple Questions?
>> The value of space became homogenized and the reasons to claim and fight for space diminished so we felt it was important to fix that as soon as we could. There is now a landscape with more anomalies than before and areas for both powerful alliances and smaller incubating groups to claim.
>> No new T3 ships are planned for this year.
>> It’s possible CCP will have a balance team at some point in the future but for now the closest thing is Team BFF which is a standard feature team.
>> Yes new hardware is coming. We teased it at Fanfest and there is a blog

Question about UI stuff?
>> The UI for the LP store isn’t our proudest usability moment. Combine that with implant names that are far more artistic than informative and you have a recipe for disaster. The good news is I have an underground movement brewing that will fix the Market, Contracts and LP store.

Important Question?
>> We had a long discussion about this one and decided if the woodchuck enjoyed chucking wood the woodchuck would chuck as much wood as the woodchuck could chuck if the woodchuck could chuck wood. If the woodchuck didn’t like chucking would the woodchuck wouldn’t chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. So the answer is somewhere between zero and the maximum wood a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. Hope that helps.

Jennifer Starling
Incaran Questions?
>> 1. Yes we will get more hairstyles
>> 2. For technical reasons we had to scope this out but we might get it back in later.
>> 3. Eventually players will be able to manufacture clothes and things for Incarna but players won’t be creating the art if that’s what you mean.
>> 4. Yes the ability to change bloodlines is planned in the future.
>> 5. Moods
>> 6. Coming next release. On test server now.
>> 7. Most likely because grinding up standings would be far too easy if you could just farm NPCs.
>> 8. CCP Tallest was looking at looking at it but there are no definite short term plans for changes.
>> 9. With the quality and division changes there will be a whole lot more good agents to choose from.
>> 10. Symmetry isn’t necessary in space and this is done more for aesthetics anyway.
>> 11. Maybe you aren’t paying them enough to do a good job? Navigators are finicky like cats.
>> 12. Because of engineering.

CCP Greyscale

Posted - 2011.05.12 18:01:00 - [37]

Financial mechanics?
>> Financial aspects of the game - something we'd like to do eventually, but it's a challenging thing to address properly because we don't want to have a bunch of CCP staff acting as full-time financial regulators, it's something that's very difficult to regulate automatically, and it's not likely to work out well without regulation.

Andrev Nox
Sov 4/5?
>> Is this the strategic index you're talking about? We'll probably find some uses for that stuff in the future.

vincent peters
Gap between BS and smaller ships?
>> I'm not sure that widening the gap between BS and BCs is something we'd really want to do. Besides, we'd only end up creating a new pocket battleship class to fill the gap anyway Smile

Sites of interest?
>> No plans for this AFAIK

Tres Farmer
Various questions?
>> Projection of power - it's something we have some concerns about, but we haven't settled on any changes to this that we're happy with yet.

Travel times - there's a whole bunch of different things that feed into travel times; if we were looking at Jita, for example, a prime candidate would be highway gates, whereas in nullsec jump bridges and jump drives and the like are a major differentiator. I don't think we have a specific position on global travel times right now though, no.

Choke points - Nullsec chokes are a somewhat special case that we have half an eye on, for accessibility reasons. We don't see increased interaction as a problem in and of itself though.

Intel tools - we generally don't like that a lot of intel-gathering involves little-to-no effort. We would like to make changes to make this sort of thing more interesting and involved. We're generally of the opinion that simply putting local into delayed mode is a bad fix.

Lowsec - lowsec needs a lot of love. We've been pretty consistent about saying this, I think?

Features and ideas - what we've generally found with the F&I forum is that 1) when one of us posts in a thread, it tends to warp the direction that thread took (and often derails it totally), 2) when we post in some threads people get upset about which threads we have and haven't posted in, and 3) even when there are awesome ideas that we totally agree with (like the undead starbase revamp thread) there's usually no chance of them getting implemented any time soon.

Orbiting celestials - unlikely to ever happen, IMO. It's technically fiddly and creates a whole bunch of gameplay problems we'd have to resolve, and the only real benefit is realism (which is good, but not an overriding concern in all things).

Boarding actions?
>> Interesting idea.

Corp bookmarks?
>> If this wasn't technically pretty difficult given the current bookmark code, we'd have done it already Smile

>> Honestly? No Smile We have plenty of things we need to get done before we get round to the Jove.

Why isn't the Thukker CEO a Thukker?
>> We don't have a visual look for the Thukker bloodline AFAIK, and we're probably unlikely to develop one unless we make it a player option.

CCP Greyscale

Posted - 2011.05.12 18:02:00 - [38]

Remove local?
>> Would love to as part of a larger package of changes.

>> Yeah, supercarriers in particular just flat-out need a nerf, I think this is obvious to everyone. We'll give plenty of warning, but don't be surprised when it happens Smile

Ana Sedai
Will there be /dance in Incarna?
>> No.

Faction starbase BPCs?
>> We're looking at adjusting the supply of these at some point in the reasonably near future, possibly

Yudoka Mika
A huge blog post about UI?
>> Noted.

(Also, that's not a question.)

(Also also, Sharq's been developing a proper UI rulebook that includes all of the stuff you mention.)

AFK cloaking?
>> I don't know if we have internal consensus on this (haven't asked recently), and I know there's not consensus among the players (there was some lively discussion of this at Fanfest), but I'm very much of the opinion that it's a problem that players need to be given tools to solve.

Andrev Nox
Corp roles?
>> Corp roles is something we're very likely to revisit when we get time to revisit corp management as a whole

Kain Kodiak
Drone per ship limit?
>> We're unlikely to go above five drones per ship until either we stop drones contributing to lag altogether, or we solve the lag problem once and for all.

Wraith Shadowstorm
Warping to BMs in missions?
>> That's not a question :P The problem with this is twofold: one, in at least some mission/exploration locations this would let you speedrun through some rooms in a small ship (or a pod, for example) and then warp in to the final boss room in your BS, skipping half the defenses, and two, it'd involve some fundamental changes to the way deadspace works which would make it a pretty far-reaching and risky change.

CCP Tuxford

Posted - 2011.05.12 23:31:00 - [39]

Do any devs run Linux themselves, or do any basic testing to see if the client will run and that basic functionality is not broken in Linux with Wine?
>> As with any company full of geeks then there are quite a few people that are or have been Linux gurus myself included. However I don't think anyone is actively testing on anything other than supported platforms.

Alex Tremayne
Any news on when the strategic cruiser fifth subsystems, or other T3 classes such as strategic frigates will arrive?
>> There isn't anyone actively working the 5th subsystems for the strategic cruisers nor any other T3 type of ships. I for one sincerely hope that strategic cruisers isn't the end of the t3 ship line as I think it has great potential.
Conclusion of the Salvador Sarpati event a few years back?
>> There are exciting new events being cooked up but not related to that particular event

lmao umad & Katrina Bekers
Session change timers are annoying
>> We don't have any plans of reducing the timer. I know people in house wants to get rid of it but apparently this isn't an easy problem to solve. The timer annoys me mostly when I'm switching ships in a station. We are working on allowing you to fit a ship you are not in and boarding/undocking in a single session change so that will at least reduce the pain of the session change timer.

Karren M
have you considered moving more processing to the client?
>> If you mean by moving some of the game logic to the client then no. The reason is that we can't trust the client. We can of course run some logic on the client as well to reduce the amount of needless computations by the server but the server needs to be authorative on everything.

Grouping other modules than weapons
>> When you group your weapons we actually just run a single effect on the server. That was one of the driving force behind the project because it can be a massive performance bonus in fleet fights (mission hubs too for that matter). We currently don't have any plans add more modules to it.

sten mattson
Is there a way to see the drone attributes in game
>> Currently not without any special roles. However this will most likely change in the near future.
Do ewar drones get drone HP bonus
>> Yes they do
Why do drones show up as neutral
>> Are you sure it's not just a tickbox somewhere in the overview settings that allows you to see it? If not then I guess they are specifically set to not show it in the UI. The reasoning behind that I'm not sure.

Can the guys that did stackless IO do magic again
>> It's not really magic its hard work. The guys are still around and still doing "magic". Of course they can't do the same work again. We do have a dedicated team to work on improving server performance and they've been doing a pretty great job. I suggest you check out CCP Veritas's latest blog

GM Lelouch

Game Masters
Posted - 2011.05.13 08:43:00 - [40]

Scammers / Griefing

Stance on griefing and scamming by Aydala
Griefing? It depends. Are you tricking rookies who are still going through the tutorial into flagging themselves towards you by jettisoning "gifts" for them? We don't like nor allow this.
Are you repeatedly destroying Mr. lowsec missionrunner's ship as he tries to finish his level 4 mission in a 0.4 system? Mr. lowsec missionrunner might not like losing ships in this manner but no game rules are being broken even though it might be considered as a form of "griefing" from Mr. lowsec missionrunner's perspective.

Scamming? It is allowed as long as the scam does not violate the EULA in any way and as long as the transaction is not a character sale or an ETC sale on our forums.

Scammers spamming in EVE by metallica212
We don't like spamming and we would like to see it gone.

non-consensual wars by Danni Di'veeto
CONCORD, being the huge organization it is, is prone to corruption and some of their officials willingly accept bribes to overlook corporate aggressions in highsec space. Vulnerability to wars is an intended part of belonging to a player-run corporation.

Other questions:

Plex for Good contract by Cattis
I checked the contract in question and it has been accepted now, thank you for your support! These contracts are actually manually accepted by a member of our staff which is why it took a little time in your case.

Recycling of lost T2 BPOs by Darksun
Nope, neither T2 BPOs that are destroyed nor those located on banned/inactive accounts are being recycled back into the hands of active players. There was a process of this sort to ensure availability of T2 items before invention was introduced but not anymore.

Why do ships have windows? by flank steak
The windows of the ship are for the benefit of the crew. You're not alone in there capsuleer!

Skill queue and clone jump questions by Nomad Quento
1) Our goal with the skill queue was to make skill training more manageable for players who cannot find the time to micro-manage their skill training 23/7, especially when it comes to shorter skills which can now be queued up en-masse. We had concerns at the time that a longer skill queue might result in decreased player activity which is the reason for the limitations.
2) There are currently plans for this.
3) Skill training needs to be paused due to the possibility of the character's attributes changing due to implants in either jump clone.
4) Answered by CCP Grayscale here.

GM Lelouch

Game Masters
Posted - 2011.05.13 08:45:00 - [41]

Standard replies to petitions by Magnelien
A standard reply should not be taken to signify that no investigation has gone into your case. In fact, we have strict internal work guidelines which dictate that a petition response should never be sent out without proper investigation behind the conclusion outlined in the answer itself.

We acknowledge that it can be annoying to receive a standard reply, but they are somewhat of a necessity considering the amount of petitions we receive on a daily basis; standard replies are a time-saving measure which we employ in order to ensure that we are able to answer a support case and move on to the next customer requiring assistance as quickly as possible, resulting in quicker service for everyone involved.

It would be counter-productive to re-invent the wheel by writing a response from scratch every time an investigation into a ship reimbursement petition (as your question appears to be centered on those) reveals that the loss in question is not eligible for reimbursement. Our service speed would definitely suffer if we did this. We do however encourage our GM staff to personalize their standard replies if possible, such as by explaining a normal game mechanism which played a major part in the player's loss which he/she seems to be unaware of.

First petition in EVE by hfo ceo
I cannot post the first player submitted petition, but CCP Zrakor submitted the very first petition after EVE went live which went as follows:


The answer, by GM Panzer:

Dear Zrakor,
We want to congratulate you on being the first petitioneer in EVE. On the other hand we want warn you that if you ever send in a petition again your account will be deactivated, you will be banned from the game and exiled from Iceland.

Connection speed vs graphics by Scvm
No, the graphics in the in-game client are not streamed from the server but processed by your computer so a faster connection speed will not increase the quality of your graphics. A very poor connection to the EVE server might result in you experiencing some "rubberbanding", but that is a different topic altogether.

CCP Guard

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.13 10:38:00 - [42]

Edited by: CCP Guard on 13/05/2011 10:49:07
Soden Rah:
Can you give more feedback, specifically to test server feedback threads?
>> Fair point. We'll try to do more of that.

Mother Fokker: (*cough*)
Can we get a REPORT BOT button?
>> Yes you can. In the same release as Captain's Quarters.

When will the french and spanish localisations be released ?
>> It is our goal to provide EVE in more languages than we do at present. However, it is still too early to tell which language will be next or when we will be able to launch it.

Daenna Chrysi:
why there has been no new posts to the answers thread? did CCP Guard go for a nap or something??
>> ZzzzZZzZzzzzzZzz...

Mara Kashuken:
How serious are you about the CSM? We'd like to know if the issues raised through them wil be acted on.
>> Dead serious. We've flown them over twice a year, spent a lot of time and resources on developing and beefing up the whole process, and we've gone as far as integrating their input into the development process of EVE Online in a formal way. They are official stakeholders in the development process now. And therefore, so are the players of EVE, through them.

As for transparency of the issues raised by the players and covered by the CSM on their trips to Reykjavík, we are all about transparency and will keep you up to speed with the results of the issues raised. As will the CSM. Their next visit is but a stone's throw away so there's news to be expected soon.

Mara Kashuken:
Favorite beer?
>> The best one is always the one I have before dinner after a long day of work on a Friday.
Favorite brands?
Casual: Samuel Adams...almost any kind.
Fancy: Triple brewed Belgian trapista beer.
Icelandic: Móri. A really nice amber ale you can find at Ríkiđ (the state alcohol store) next time you come to Fanfest ;)

CCP Hammer

Posted - 2011.05.13 15:43:00 - [43]

moose crap
Old Warp Sound?
>> There are no plans to go back to the old warp sound.

Delay all new content for 6 months?
>> While we would never delay all new content production we do have it as an initiative to spend a large portion of our time and resources on improving old systems. All programmers spend 20% of their time on legacy stuff for instance. When considering what new features to work on we look at ways to incorporate fixes to old systems. We’ve also got Team BFF working entirely on quality of life fixes. Team Commie Pinkos (the content dudes in Atlanta) are working on a missions renovation project. All our effects are being redone. Ships are slowly being evolved into version 3. ART BLOG Our CORE infrastructure team is constantly improving things on the back end. Same goes for CORE graphics.

So the answer is really that we get what you’re asking for but we don’t feel doing it that way makes business sense and we hope our continuous improvements are satisfactory.

David Barré and multiple others
Continuing upgrading ships to v3?
>> Yes this is an ongoing project.

Zilne Carvet
Text Wrapping?
>> Because it’s hard.

Zilne Carvet
Can I submit sound files?
>> Thanks but no. We don’t accept content submissions unless it’s in some officially sanctioned event like the Deviant Art contest.

Korb Biakustra
Font Resizing?
>> The really good news is we’ve got a professional font artist who has been working on a cleaner, more legible version of the EVE font. A font that you can tell the difference between the 6 and G, B and 8 etc… That should be live soon, before the end of the year at least. As far as resizing the font, I spoke with the people working in this area and while they all expressed desires to go this route we haven’t got any concrete short term plans. Resolution independence is a long term plan of ours. We’ve witnessed desktop screen resolutions increasing while new mobile hardware is introduced with smaller screens that can handle much of EVE.

Storm Arista
Naming Blueprints?
>> We haven’t got any plans to allow naming or flagging of blueprints. I can see how that would come in handy but if you really don’t want corp mates borrowing your BPs you could keep them in your personal hangar.

The other DED sites?
>> They should be done and in after Summer vacations hopefully in the R3 release but if not definitely R4. A lot of the imbalances in the end bosses will be balanced at that time as well. After that point CCP Bettik says he will be getting very drunk because this has been a huge task for him. He was working on a 5/10 when I asked him about it.

CCP Hammer

Posted - 2011.05.13 15:53:00 - [44]

This next one will be my last one for the day. I'm heading off to an awards ceremony where CCP is nominated for best company in Iceland. Wish us luck!

Also I want to note that while the answers might seem very short and I apologize for that this project is pretty time consuming given how many people we have to chase up to make sure we're giving an accurate answer. Please bear with us as we endeavor to answer every question. There are close to 1000 questions and I'm up to 161 personally. Have a great weekend and Fly safe!

Last one for the day:
Missile Trajectories?
>> You’re comparing real military hardware with a computer game that has to simulate thousands of objects interacting. Of course if we were actually twenty thousand years in the future and each missile had its own CPU and sensors then it would predict where the ship was going and plot an intercept course. In reality the physics simulation we call Destiny updates once every second and each “ball” in the “park” moves at a given velocity on a given vector. In the case of missiles they simply move straight towards their target. This is why you see missiles zigzag when they pass their target. I had a chat with the math programmer dudes and got a bit in over my head. They started talking about ways we could achieve this and I snuck off before things got out of hand. Long story short this might be possible in the future but it’s going to take bribes of beer and whatever else CCP Masterplan enjoys.

CCP Guard

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.17 17:54:00 - [45]

We'll be replying as much as we can in the next few days but please expect some slow down due to the CSM coming this week and a patch being deployed. We will get through all of these just like we promised :)

Now, where were we...

wuwu56 from Twitter:
Why is CCP allowing the Russians to monopolize and ruin EVE?

First. Nobody gets to ruin EVE but us! I'm Kidding (please don't quote this joke ever)! Nobody gets to ruin EVE, period. Second. Everyone plays EVE under the same rules and in the same universe. If you feel someone is dominating the political landscape, crush them.

Bubba Phet:
Why do you call EVE a sandbox if you change the rules when it's not played like you want?

That's a good question actually (I don't mean to sound surprised btw). Maybe we are a bit like that playground attendants who go over the playground every day and clean the broken glass out of the sandbox? But all jest and lame analogies aside, it's inevitable that we change some rules after you, the players, have outsmarted us and shown us what's really possible within the frame we built. There has to be a balance to everything and a proper risk vs. reward ratio. That we all agree on I think. If we here at CCP were smarter than all of you guys collectively, and we were able to foresee all the things you do with the toys we give you...the rules would never have to change. But alas, we're not that smart :). But we will always try to keep our footprint in your sandbox to an absolute minimum.

Esternia Celsian:
How to contact someone hiring for CCP?

Right here Wink

Captain Skinback:
Why is he called Silent Bob?

Because "Silent Robert" would just sound dumb.

Mike Devoid:
Lack of staff training at CCP?

The review you refer to is the perspective of one person. We do train staff to do the job they are tasked to do, differently in each department of course. And we put a lot of emphasis on hiring the best people we can find. But I can't really go into the details of our in-house training programs as I hope you understand. But I can assure you that we invest in our staff and think of them as long term members of the CCP familia.

Major Pane Inucabusta:
Does CCP interfere in market trades in any way? And can you put warning signs about the scammer pirates in Jita?

CCP does not interfere with trades on the market. The market is a player driven monster!

We tried to put up warning signs but the scammers sold them to unsuspecting players.

Calvi Sipon:
What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Brazil?

Ju jitsu! I have a decent mount for a n00b. Not the kind of mount you'll find in WOW mind you.

CCP Abraxas

Posted - 2011.05.31 13:13:00 - [46]

What was the purpose of the bright star a few years ago? Will we see iteration on it? Is that a dead story line?

We used it as a Christmas, uh, Easter Egg, and I just realized how odd it is to call it that.

In late 2007 we ran a joint fiction effort with the people at, where me, Mike Lafferty and Matt Eberle published four EVE stories revolving around the northern star, all as part of GameZone's annual Christmas Story initiative. We wrote one story each, then collaborated on the final and published them on the GameZone site under the collective title "Leap of Faith". A bit of Google-Fu will easily unearth them, though you should keep in mind that they reside on the ragged edge of canon.

These chrons were the beginning and end of the storyline - there may have been a couple of live events that also related to them but I can't remember the ifs and hows - and there are no plans for any iteration.

CCP Abraxas

Posted - 2011.05.31 13:20:00 - [47]

Why is a vessel's speed artificially limited, when there is no parallel in physics, aside from light-speed?

There may be more than one answer to this question, but this one isn't based on physics so much as biology: Your capsuleer brain, tasked with maintaining a myriad of processes, can only handle the ship (and thus its various internal functions) going at a specific speed before it starts to lose control. Modules that enable speed boosts don't just affect the ship's mechanics: They allow the ship to go faster without taxing your squishy, brainy control functions at the same time.

CCP Abraxas

Posted - 2011.05.31 13:35:00 - [48]

Andrea Griffin
Eve is an advanced world with cool cloning and other advanced biological technology. Why can't I have feathers? Why can't my market alt have her brain transplanted into a Slaver Hound?

Leaving aside the religious (heretics), political (scapegoats) and sociological (outcasts) reasons why you'd want to avoid extensive bodymodding, it's implied in our fiction that the more you alter yourself, the more those alterations may test your mental health and sense of self - see the Gallente bodymodding chapter in my novel for an example of someone who took it all the way, only to find himself running giggling and screaming off the cliffs of sanity. Since capsuleers already have their minds pushed to the brink both with ship control and cloning, it's tacitly understood that any further aggravants need to be introduced really carefully to you guys.

CCP Abraxas

Posted - 2011.05.31 13:43:00 - [49]

Are you allowed to drink beer at work?

I can only speak for the Iceland office, but I assure you that the programming and QA departments are under strict orders to hand in only the best possible work, and given the immense time pressure those guys work under, inebriation during work hours would undoubtedly be absolutely detrimental to their output.

We content guys, on the other hand, have our own beer cooler.

CCP Abraxas

Posted - 2011.05.31 14:10:00 - [50]

Steven Zumdahl
Is Earth and the other side of the Eve gate common IG-knowledge?

Depends which part of New Eden's society you're referring to. Among scientists, some consider it a myth, while others have pieced together theories that may or may not be believed by the rest of scientific community. Among most other groups in society, people tend not to care about it all that much. The lack of fossil evidence points to New Eden's denizens having originated somewhere unknown, but the possibilities are so myriad - the dark ages went on for a long, long time, and it might as well be that our planet of origin is no longer recognizable as such - that nailing down an answer everyone believes is not really an option.

CCP Greyscale

Posted - 2011.06.08 17:22:00 - [51]

Why are criminal flags so awkward and inconsistent?
>> Honestly, it's because both design- and code-wise, our system for dealing with criminals and flagging (called Crimewatch) is mainly made up of bandaids at this point. Exhaustively documenting all its functionality and then redesigning/recoding it from scratch is on our to-do list, because it's becoming harder and harder to fix problems with it without breaking something else.

Syrias Bizniz
Various questions?
>> - On incursions: yes, there will probably be new incursions in the future, but I can't say when right now. The tool was built with that in mind, though.

- On ships: maybe / probably / probably / maybe / probably

- On hisec in nullsec: probably not, we'd rather have the players do that themselves than let them buy NPCs to do it for them

- On agents in nullsec: possibly, it's something we've discussed in the past, but I'm in two minds whether letting an alliance have infinite PvE in one system is a good idea

- On PI and DUST: it's something we're obviously looking at Smile

- On scamming Jove ships: no

- On evemails: you'd have to ask Manifest, I have a no-evemail policy on this character

Mara Tessidar
When will there be more ship rebalancing?
>> This winter. First ship tweak is already done, more are being worked on by someone I can see from my desk.

Izon Red
More developments for wormholes?
>> More wormhole "stuff" is something we want to do, yes. We've thrown around ideas like adding a second "tranche" of w-space that's more settlement-friendly, and then tweaking the rules in the existing systems to make them more "wild" and less amenable to people settling down in them, so we cater to both playstyles.

Allan Robinson
More variety for starbases in hisec?
>> More variety for starbases generally is something we're looking very seriously right now, as part of a bigger overhaul.

Daneel Trevize
Many many questions?
>> - Already mentioned hybrids elsewhere
- Iwar ganglinks will get tweaked at some point, yes
- Eos is on our list of ships to review, no idea what we'll end up doing to it yet (it's not a HAC, though, any more than the Damnation is)
- Rig costs are pretty low on our to-do list AFAIK
- ECM needs an overhaul, reducing max targets to one takes it from the most effective EW to the least effective in many situations, which is probably too much of a nerf
- Immediate problem I see with only letting you regain sec in lowsec is that it's easy to get a player into a loop where they're losing sec while trying to gain sec. Haven't thought about it a whole lot though
- Legion is on our to-review list
- The sensor strength on Marauders is explicitly to keep them away from PvP, we're unlikely to reverse that in the immediate future
- No, there are better ways of solving that problem
- I doubt it, but that's up to art, not me. (Personal observation: in a world of sensors and overviews the color of your ship makes naff-all difference to anything, and painting them "marine camo" to show solidarity and have a consistent visual style across all armed forces - this is the Gallente, remember - makes perfect sense to me in that situation.)

CCP Greyscale

Posted - 2011.06.08 17:22:00 - [52]

KinG-Moehau Hodges-Tai
Will missiles ever be good in PvP again?
>> Yes, probably. As any long-time player will tell you, everything gets its time in the sun and its time in the shade. The wheel will come around again eventually.

Will the drone UI get revamped?
>> It's a regular fixture on our "bits of the UI in desperate need of attention" list

Black ops buff?
>> Black ops are on our balance to-do list, yes

Mickael Malove
Is technetium working as intended?
>> Technetium is is fairly urgent need of a nerf. That said, the reasons why it's like that are fairly well-understood internally - if you sit down and really look at the current T2 production tree (like we did when we last looked at moon minerals), you'll eventually see that it's really damn hard to solve this problem without extensive restructuring in a very messy manner. That said, we know we have to bite the bullet and make that mess at some point in the near future. (And yes, we were obviously aware that this was going to be a production bottleneck when we made the change, and no, it's not been anything like as bad as the doomsday predictions that were floating around at the time.)

Arline Kley
Various questions?
>> T3 frigates - when we have a good role for them, the art time for them, a clear understanding of what the value they're bringing to the game and the development schedule to actually do them. Short answer: no idea.

Navy Ti3 BS - eventually, and sooner if we find some good reason to speed them along (Ti1 was FW rewards, for example)

T2 Ti3 BS - as above. Adding ships just for the hell of it has a decidedly mixed record

Various questions?
>> - Faction caps, not unless we have a really good reason
- More LP stuff, possible but not likely in the near future
- Larger T3 - see answer about frigates above
- +6/+7 implants - not unless we decide we have a good reason to
- L5 missions in hisec - very unlikely

Matthew Andrews
Consistency of kick-out stations?
>> No immediate plans for this. If you think it's a serious issue, talk to your local CSM member, they're the best way to get attention for high-priority items

Chris Jusiewicz
Cloaked starbases?
>> Fully cloaked ones, unlikely. "Stealth bases" is something I'm gently thinking about though.

Various questions?
>> Starbase revamp: sooner than you'd think, not as soon as I'm sure you're all hoping
More habitable WH space - see previous answer; probably; but for new space rather than the existing stuff
Typhoon model - every ship model in game needs a review to work with our latest tech, so it'll get looked at at some point. No promises that it'll end up looking substantially different though Smile

Ship crews?
>> It's a solution in search of a problem. When we find the right problem, we'll probably implement them.

CCP Greyscale

Posted - 2011.06.08 17:23:00 - [53]

Edited by: CCP Greyscale on 08/06/2011 17:24:22
WH questions?
>> On more content: see previous comments, but yes, it will happen, no, I don't know exactly when or what, sorry
On the structure of W-space: yes and no. There are patterns in the way we created it, but most of them have no real bearing on player activities, they're behind-the-scenes stuff. Some of it is just the product of RANDOM() functions in Excel.
On links to Jove space: I can't talk about that, sorry

Mangala Solaris
Will you be answering serious questions?
>> Nope, strictly the silly stuff, sorry

How 'bout them fake patchnotes?
>> I don't remember exactly what was on that list, sorry. Honestly I think I stopped reading it pretty quickly, because it's really really easy to just list out a whole bunch of populist changes that you know will push people's buttons, and it's really difficult to implement them, and often they're stuff that seems really "cool" but would end up breaking the game in all kinds of interesting ways. Case in point on the difficulty thing, an anchoring queue is something we've looked at in the past and it's a really difficult thing to implement, both because of the somewhat unwieldy way that the starbase code is structured, and because you're making a queue for objects being set up in 3d space that have various distance checks that can't be made until you actually start anchoring them, and then what happens when one object fails, and so on and so forth. Much like people making photoshop mockups or quick video examples, it's probably a couple of orders of magnitude easier to just say "and it would work like that" than it is to actually make that happen.

Salvage reprocessing?
>> I've honestly never heard of this idea before :/ Nothing we have any plans for in the immediate future that I'm aware of.

Denuo Secus
Some questions not already covered?
>> On command ships: they'll probably get looked at at some point, but they're not near the top of our to-balance list (we have to have some priorities, right?)
On the tier system: no active plans, because the ships it'd affect are again not at the top of our to-do list. I'm sympathetic to rethinking that dynamic, but it's not a pressing concern right now IMO

Burseg Sardaukar
What's up with wardecs and RR?
>> See my previous comment about "crimewatch"

Turin Agalder
Rohk balance?
>> That's waaaaaaay down at the bottom of our to-balance list if it's on it at all

Why are corp votes so awkward, also, why are some starbase modules a PITA?
>> On corp votes: corp management is another system that just needs an overhaul, we'll get to it at some point. In the meantime, all I can say is "sorry". If you think there's a specific bug with something, though, please bugreport it!
On starbase structures being a pain: the CSM put together a pretty extensive list of these sorts of problems for us, and we're hoping to cram some fixes in later on in the year

CCP Greyscale

Posted - 2011.06.08 17:26:00 - [54]

Leon Ekanon
What's up with DED deadspaces on the map?
>> Yeah, those probably need to be moved into the exploration system in the near future, so they stop cluttering the map and confusing people. We originally left the lowest-tier sites (1 and 2) where they were when we made the rest of them exploration-only, on the basis that they were designed for newer players, but they end up getting farmed by experienced players anyway so it doesn't achieve a whole lot, as you found out Sad

Also, just to give a sense of scale, I just answered 48 questions in an hour, and I'm a pretty efficient typist. There's ~850 left to do :/

CCP Dropbear

Posted - 2011.06.10 18:35:00 - [55]

Justin Michael
Will DUST 514 help to revamp Faction Warfare? Or actually start to become a part of a player based storyline of a sort?
>> Speaking purely in storyline terms, it's hard to imagine the storyline of FW remaining static amidst the developments that DUST will bring. I'm confident there will be some development to reflect the changes that will eventually take place, but the scope and timeframe on that is unknown right now. EVE's upcoming third novel Templar One will also revisit some of the FW storyline that TonyG brought out in his first novel, The Empyrean Age. Some familiar faces, and so on.

In regards to the in-game feature itself, I can safely say that it's something the designers are already well aware needs some love.

Syrias Bizniz
Sansha's Nation has started its Incursions, will they ever stop? Or will Sansha's Nation just continue to launch Incursions until the end of time? Will other NPC-Factions have similiar events?
>> Firstly, from a storyline perspective, the nature of the Sansha fits perfectly well with the concept of an "endless war". That phrase was in fact used on many occasions by Citizen Azur, who was something of an official spokesperson for the Nation during the Live Events. This isn't to say that the Sansha will be there forever and ever and ever, but it does mean they are going to be around for a while.

Other factions may use the story tool (the system that drives Incursions) in different way, as opposed to similar ways. Frankly, just swapping out a Sansha Incursion for say, a Blood Raider one...well, it requires a lot of hand-waving in the storyline, and it doesn't really change the core gameplay. Nobody wants to do it that way…

Therefore, in the future, if we revisit the story tool for other factions, what you see will probably be quite different to Incursions, but still have the same sort of dynamism to it that Incursion brings. Ultimately, the story tool is a modular system designed to create content according to specific player inputs - in short: it's a system that reacts to players. We can do a lot more with that sort of tool than just invade systems. We just need the time to revisit the feature, as with others.

As for your other questions, I’m a content writer, not a Game Designer, so I can’t really speak to that stuff, sorry. I see that Greyscale fielded your questions too though, so hopefully you got everything answered.

CCP Dropbear

Posted - 2011.06.10 18:36:00 - [56]

Ship Crew Questions:

With the advent of "walking" will we finally see Crewmen(women) for our ships? I'd like to also see said Crew provide bonuses to the ship...a skilled gunner boosting tracking, RoF, Optimal/Falloff [NO DAMAGE INCREASE]. Stuff like that. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT MAKE UP SOME BS LORE BEHIND ADDING CREW.
>> Maybe. Who knows? I think it's still a bit early for us to be providing a definitive answer on questions like that, but keep in mind I’m not a Producer, just a Content designer/developer! That said, things like this are of course something that would get some consideration, along with the myriad other awesome possibilities Incarna has afforded us all.

Additionally, we don't need to write new lore explaining how the crew suddenly got "added". They've actually been there all along; you just can't see them (much like you can't see all the civilian starships along the spacelanes). As announced in this thread, we've recently published the crew number guidelines, so you can see how it all works (and has been working for the last eight years, despite any in-game representation).

So I suppose, if we were going to go forward with it, one (extremely) small part of the task is already done, at least. Smile

Lukas Volstran
Do ships in Eve have crews? And how do you like Decatur, GA?
>> They absolutely do! See the above reply from me to learn more about it. Or just head straight on over to this page.

Decatur is wonderful. I can't wait. It will be a very big lifestyle change for those of us currently living near the offices in Stone Mountain (it's a pretty dead area).

John 2557
Why only one in the ship? That is not like real. Confused
>> There is one capsuleer, but many crew. Read the above two posts, or just hop straight over to this page.

CCP Dropbear

Posted - 2011.06.16 19:17:00 - [57]

Seriphyn Inhonores
You have stated your desire to have players influence the storyline. Factional Warfare is one way to do this...I notice that the storyline of DUST 514 is based around FW, so, do you thus plan to give FW an overhaul to fit in with the new DUST mechanic?

>> There was a similar question asked by Justin Michael, which addresses this in part. I can't speak to mechanics changes since I'm not involved in that, but the storyline (as a whole, not just regarding FW) will evolve with the advent of DUST. DUST itself is not really "based around FW" as you say, either - it encompasses a much broader story. There might be some overlap and touching points, but really it involves a lot more of EVE's background than just inter-empire conflict.
Take for example, the fact that DUST Mercs are hired by capsuleers to serve capsuleer interests. Not really a FW-related thing at all, but a central concept to DUST. Honestly, it's more about the capsuleers than anyone or anything else. Cool

CCP Dropbear

Posted - 2011.06.16 19:18:00 - [58]

How do you feel about highsec solo carebears ? Are you going to discourage that playstyle even more (even higher NPC corp tax, nerfing loot even more) - or are you going to cater it, and give them more content, like really challenging highsec solo PVE missions(with a chance to lose even a well-tanked faction fitted CNR for higher profits) ?

>> I’m going to give you an answer that probably isn’t what you’re after but…well, hopefully okay all the same.

So…this “high sec solo carebear” category isn’t as meaningful as one might think. There are so many different reasons why people would do PvE content solo in highsec…and so lumping all these varying motivations and interests into one homogenous group can betray the complexity of things, which in turn can lead to misguided decisions and designs, and at your end, a misunderstanding of why we make the changes we do. Which is kind of what’s going on here.

To give an example, let’s say we have two characters that never leave highsec, and all they ever do is run missions on their own. Both are adding an inflationary pressure to the EVE economy because they’re creating ISK (via bounties and mission rewards) and never reducing that amount (since they’re risk-averse, etc).

But maybe it turns out that one of these characters is the alt of a pvp-loving lowsec pirate, and every so often, the ISK that character earns funds PvP, which decreases the inflationary pressure (because they’re losing/destroying ships and taking ISK back out of the economy).
The other character might just be a single account.

Thing is, we can’t easily see these differences from metrics. Acquiring that granularity of info on a playerbase the size of EVE’s…it’s not really practical. So we just have to think carefully, and not fall into looking for easy answers and ideas.

Variables like this, and there are so many, mean that looking at our playerbase in blanket terms like “highsec solo carebear” isn’t always a good idea. I know it’s a useful categorization to an extent, but things in EVE are more complex and our thinking needs to reflect it.
Let’s look at the “nerfs” you listed, and hopefully it’ll bear this point out a bit more.

Higher NPC corp tax only affected a portion of “highsec solo carebears”, right? It was narrowed in on a much more defined area: People who are both career mission runners and long-term members of NPC corporations. This was to offer some more balanced risk/reward for people who are effectively unassailable, yet making lots of money. Well, now they have to balance their impunity against reduced income. The system is fairer. It has little to do with highsec solo players as some kind of group.

Nerfing loot affected everyone running missions, not just people in high-sec, and was aimed at reducing mineral influx from missions, rather than anything else.

See how they’re not “nerfs” of a particular group? They’re much more targeted changes that offer solutions to specific issues.
Anyways, it may not seem like I’ve answered your question, but it’s not really answerable unless we agree with your assumptions, and I personally (and respectfully!) do not.

CCP Dropbear

Posted - 2011.06.16 19:27:00 - [59]

Guna Renn
As a player who can't rack in more than about 1-2 hours a day at most with this game, I find that all I ever do is update my skill queue alongside the occasional mission. When will the high-sec activities (which I'm confined to due to lack of playtime) become more interesting? Currently, I only find the market interesting.

>> It’s true that the majority of content exists outside the boundaries of high security space, but because a central philosophy of EVE design to cultivate our beloved sandbox, and so this is almost just the way it has to be.

We need more to motivate people to engage with the sandbox than just financial incentives (i.e. imagine 0.0 / lowsec and highsec all having the same content, but some is just more lucrative than others – that situation wouldn’t really work as well as having content unique to sec status, like we do).

Having said all that we of course still want there to be a variety of interesting things to do in highsec, but to be frank, and realistic, the primacy of focus belongs on the sandbox elements of EVE, and compared to highsec, a lot more emergence/sandbox awesomeness happens in lowsec and 0.0, where players make their own rules to a greater extent.

We do still plan to add to highsec content of course. Sometimes, it turns out, highsec is actually the best place to make player-driven sandbox content happen! Razz The upcoming Contradband changes, for example, have obvious implications for highsec space.

CCP Dropbear

Posted - 2011.06.16 19:59:00 - [60]

Why can't we make barrel rolls with our ships (aside from the occasional align to/lag glitch)?

When will Mac users be able to use the command key again?

Why do I warp through stations & planets? Why not have us be required to route around these?

Why can't I ram people & do damage, not just bump them?

I'm going to assume that if we were going to spend any time implementing this, we’d want there to be some kind of functionality to it, meaning we’d want to be able to actually dodge shots by rolling. Our physics engine obviously doesn’t handle turret fire/missiles that way right now, so you’re essentially suggesting a re-write of the foundational physics EVE is built around. It’s a pretty tall order, since it would probably redefine all of EVE combat, and by extension of that, PvP (including Sov Warfare) and PvE...

It’s not utterly and completely outside the realm of possibility...we’ve rebuilt EVE from the ground up in other ways (like Trinity) but this would blow even that out of the water, I imagine.

I’ve made a note that this part of the question was left unanswered. I can’t speak to any Mac stuff.

Well, there’s a storyline reason for it: Basically that, while in warp, you have zero mass, so you can pass through things in a direct line. Or something like that. I keep confusing it with a Cowboy Bebop scene. I imagine that the driving rationale behind this however, was to avoid making travel between systems slow and tedious. It might seem like a cool mechanic at first glance, but after dodging around planets for the 500th time, the slowdown would probably become more frustrating than immersive.

For similar reasons to 1, I imagine. However, something less fundamental as this...I can perhaps see changing over time, as technology allows. It’s still quite a big change, however, and would require a lot of design and forethought before implementing. I’d consider this one a “could happen” as opposed to 1’s “might, possibly, conceivably happen in a long time.” As far as the storyline is concerned right now, this is all to avoid massive crew casualties from collision accidents. The crews on a capsuleer ship have enough to worry about without adding that to the mix!

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