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CCP Guard

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.09 14:09:00 - [1]

A few of our devs have committed to answering your every question in the coming days. Head over to this thread if you have a question you want to ask them.

The answers will be provided right here in this thread but aside from that we'll keep it locked.

CCP Guard

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.09 14:27:00 - [2]

CCP Zulu

How am I so handsome?:
A mixture of good genes and careful grooming.

CCP Guard

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.09 14:47:00 - [3]


Why Guard?:
When I first started I was told to pick a nickname. I didn't get long to decide and had no idea how exactly the moniker would be displayed and didn't dare to ask. I just picked a word that I found to be simple and rather neutral. I would have come up with something more awesome if I'd known it would stick for 8+ years. But instead I just made it awesome.

Kieron's return?:
You'll have to make do with me I'm afraid. But I'll try to grow an awesome beard for you.

CCP Hammer

Posted - 2011.05.09 16:40:00 - [4]

Edited by: CCP Hammer on 09/05/2011 19:31:00
Originally by: Janus Konor
Cyno Graphics

A new cyno graphic is in the pipeline along with most of the other effects in game. It’s very high up the priority list and will be one of the first effects we change once the new effects artist is up to speed. That’s right, we have a new effects artist who is going to do amazing things.

Originally by: Brokers Clone
Engine Contrails

These were being worked on this release but most likely won’t make it in for the Summer expansion because there is more work to be done. If I had to guess I’d say they will go live during a month ending in “ber”.

Originally by: Silicon Sailor
WiS running around

There will be “action objects” in Incarna that can spawn UI windows but all your usual windows like Market, Fitting, Undock etc. will still be available from the Neocom of Station Services buttons.

Originally by: Robot Robot
ship painting

Yes we were spying on you when you were playing Wing Commander and we have the VHS tapes to prove it. As far as ship skins we’re working on it. Each ship needs to be upgraded to the new shader version as mentioned in this blog:


Originally by: Efraya
Mining Improvements
This comes up a lot internally and we're narrowing in on a direction. I like to use fishing and golfing analogies for how player skill and knowledge of the task is a large portion of the experience but socializing or relaxing is another aspect. You pick the proper club or lure, swing or cast, then wait or walk. It gives you time to reflect in between times of intense concentration. We're not there with our current mining. Reynir (EVE's creator) also uses a fishing analogy but he talks about Icelandic fishing trollers that comb the ocean in groups because there is more chance of finding a big school of fish when there are many boats and one boat couldn't catch them all once found. This is how we would like ring mining to be. Small pockets of valuable stuff you need to be lucky to find. Obviously all these changes would also be done in such a way it would deter macros.

Originally by: Brzaka Missiles
The way Defenders are currently wouldn't be kind to the server if we suddenly made them track all the missiles coming at your fleet. This type of role however could be created for a new ship class if we design it to be server friendly from the get go. It's something this is brought up a lot so we will keep it behind our ear. Maybe this would be a good role for smaller tech 3 ships.

Originally by: Wolf Kolona
Incarna Details
My head is more oval shaded than hammer shaped. The current plans for Incarna are to get captains quarters out, then do establishments and corp offices and then move on to more NPC gameplay. We're going to work on new gameplay while monitoring how the first things we put out are used and most likely change or addapt plans based on feedback. I'm sorry I can't say more than that but things change so much over the years that it's pointless to go to deep into it anyway.

Originally by: Iurnan Mileghere
Mini-profession Improvements
When we talk about new mining we also talk about the way the mini-professions work.

(out of characters...) next post

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.09 18:47:00 - [5]

Edited by: CCP Manifest on 09/05/2011 18:47:26
I'll take some ones I can speak with authority to.

Originally by: Nirnias Stirrum
Will i ever find true love?

Only when you are ready for it... and when you stop dating those people your momma warned you about.

Originally by: Pookie McPook
Does my bum look big in this?

The EVE Online forums adds 15 pounds, it's an optical illusion--you are exactly the same mass as before.

Originally by: manidu
Aren't there more urgent things to do (e.g. developing the game, fixing stuff,...) than spending hours and hours on answering the numerous questions that this thread will contain after a few days?

There are things to do yes, but ventures like this are nonetheless extremely important, at least in my opinion.

Originally by: Raquel Smith
* Why does my Quafe taste funny?

Probably because you used it as a mixer? Or I used it as a mixer and didn't tell you?
(Someone else will address the others you asked)

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.09 19:02:00 - [6] get more silly ones out of the way...

Originally by: Dermot O'Toole
Who put the bop in the bop-shoo-bop-shoo-bop and in a related question, who put the ram in the rama-lama-ding-dong?

1. The Platters 2. Captain Marko Ramius

Originally by: Darcy Winkelhof
Your stuff. Can I have it?

We give you our stuff all the time! Oh, you want our Stuff....

Originally by: David Newman
Facebook: oh - and can you teach a robot to love?? My Cylon friend wants to know

Your friend should watch Short Circuit, Wall-E and Terminator and draw its own conclusions.

CCP Tuxford

Posted - 2011.05.09 22:57:00 - [7]

Edited by: CCP Tuxford on 09/05/2011 23:01:11
Edited by: CCP Tuxford on 09/05/2011 22:58:29
Planetary cargo link in assets window
I haven't heard of any plans but to be honest this seems like just an oversight. I'll poke some people.

Making warp speed matter
I know people have been working on this. I wish I could promise that we are definitly doing this but to fix this requires messing around with some core mechanics of our physics simulation. The solution might be too risky, too time consuming or game design might simply find it undesirable. I still have high hopes that this will be fixed (because imo it's a bit broken).

Fitting T3 at a POS
We had this planned at the time we released the t3 ships but it was a considerable engineering effort both in terms of game mechanics and graphics. In my opinion it doesn't really make sense to switch sub systems in space (all the crew would fall out). Fitting the ships inside maintenance bay would make more sense but of course we don't have a way of fitting a ship you're not in. Luckily we are already working on that problem.

Devs accidentally griefing eachother
Both accidentally and intenionally.

Do you regret the idea of making this thread?
Nope, although I do regret agreeing to participate in it. Mostly because it takes me way longer to write down the reply than to think about the answer and when I've finally written it down it usually doesn't look anything like what I pictured in my head.

To CCP Tuxford....have you pulled a "tuxford" lately? :D
As in accidentally shutting down TQ then No. As in doing something stupid then yes.

CCP Guard

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.10 12:46:00 - [8]

Is what you're doing a consequence of some transgression at CCP?

I assume that "what we're doing" refers to this initiative of answering every question. And if my assumption is correct then the answer to the question is; Absolutely not. We simply had the idea to do this again so we just did it! This takes a LOT of time or we would do it a lot more often. But hopefully we can quench everyone's thirst for knowledge temporarily at least.

CCP Hammer

Posted - 2011.05.10 14:06:00 - [9]

Originally by: Oussamoussa
Industrial Ships
The short answer is no, Industrials will remain haulers. Industrial tasks improvements will take place on planets and starbases. Quantum Rise was considered the industry expansion but we've moved away from expansions with play-style themes. Expansions will still have themes but the gameplay will touch on a broader range of play-styles.

Originally by: Knug LiDi
Renaming Anchored Structures
Technical Director tells me it should be technically possible. I will look into getting this on a team's backlog. This is definitely not the first time we've heard this suggestion.

Originally by: Knug LiDi
Rokh Dronebay
50m3 is the intended capacityfor the Rokh Dronebay.

Originally by: Knug LiDi
Skill Queue on EVE Gate
Yes, we intend to put skill queue functionality and many other in-game features onto EVE Gate.

Originally by: Many People
Starbase Related Questions
At a recent Creative Board meeting we put the much requested Starbase improvements into 2012. This needs to actually be scheduled in by product management but it's high on our list of to-dos.

Originally by: Many People
MOAR tech 3 ships when?!?
The short answer is yes more tech 3 ships are coming. That idea for tech 3 industrials is pretty cool and needs further investigation. The first ships we will most likely do is something smaller than cruisers just so we can cater to the largest audience. Then follow that up with some big mama jama and maybe subsystem targeting. The bad news is these ships likely won't be here until 2014 at the soonest given all the other cool stuff we have planned. The schedule does depend on feedback though so if there is enough demand we could swap things around.

Originally by: Virtue Maulerant
Nebulae and Effects
Work on the nebulae is progressing nicely and will be worth the wait, expect them before the end of the year. The new turret models that were shown at Fanfest will be finished and live around September/October if all goes well. Then the updated muzzle effects will be ready by the end of the year *fingers crossed*.

Originally by: Luke Hartelse
Fix the game first
I was about to go on a long rant about the substantial amount of time spent on fixing legacy stuff but decided to just say "message received".

CCP Hammer

Posted - 2011.05.10 16:49:00 - [10]

Originally by: Horace Nancyball
More effective NPC jamming
It seems like you’re asking to be jammed by NPCs even more which doesn’t sound fun to me so the answer is no. Sorry if I misunderstood.

Originally by: Vaughan Edgar
Direct Fighter Control
If we do this it’s a long way off. A long way as in after Incarna and Dust 514 have had some updates and time to mellow.

Originally by: nouki
Even moon goo distribution
We don’t want to create an even distribution of resources but rather an interesting distribution that has you constantly coveting your neighbor’s space.

Originally by: Hans Geiger
High Sec Aggression
Attacking someone in high sec should lead to a global criminal flag. If someone has a legal reason to attack such as a kill right or war then they will not be flagged. The aggression mechanics are already pretty complicated and if we would start to include wars and kill rights into fleets then no one would have any idea who they could attack. It’s best to keep them separate.

Originally by: Nicholas Barker
More Interesting 0.0
Like you say yourself the NAPfest is a player problem. We’re working on shaking things up and making areas of space that more people covet. In a giant sandbox like EVE we can’t really force everyone to fight if they just want to hold hands.

Originally by: Christopher Dayringer
Delete Supercapitals
Rolling Eyes

Originally by: David Daniels
Destroyers as relevant class
Destroyers are a tough one. I don’t think the problem is so much that they don’t work as paper tigers because they put out plenty of damage for their size. I think their problem is more that I’m better off as a new player moving to something with more HP after I grow out of frigates and by the time my skills make destroyers viable there are many other ships to choose from.

Originally by: Kimitake Hiraoka
Clicky research/invention/copying
Honest answer is no short terms plans but we agree with you. There are a lot of UI windows that are old and in need of improvement. I’m not going to lie and say we think everything is perfect. We’ve been doing “1000 little things” but it turns out you can only do about 20 little things in a release. We will get to it eventually though.

CCP Hammer

Posted - 2011.05.10 16:59:00 - [11]

Originally by: Sheena Tzash
Multiple Questions

  • We haven’t really got a “standard” progression and that’s how it should be with a sandbox. Missions and Mining are both pretty good starting places for a new player but PvP out in 0.0 with friends is even better.

  • This information is hidden because it wouldn’t be readily be available in “reality” or in PvP so we don’t show it. You can go digging for it if you want to become better but we don’t want to spoon feed these sorts of things to you.

  • We’re doing incremental changes to missions all the time. I’m not sure what you heard at Fanfest but it was most likely the most up-to-date info. Once Incarana is out the door we will have a lot more room to play with on the PvE front

  • With 600 people at CCP I’m sure we have one of each. I personally like small gang PvP and grinding for ISK.

  • In 1 year from now EVE will have the fundamental bits of the Incarna experience we’ve been dreaming of for so many years. In 3 years we will have polished all of the oldest game mechanics and will have done a few Dust expansions as well. In 5 years I will be really old but EVE will still be going and on its way to being the ultimate sci-fi simulator.

Originally by: Tornicks
Fleet Formations
We’re absolutely still committed to doing fleet formations. It’s one of my personal favorite feature requests. There are both tactical and aesthetic reasons I like it.

GM Lelouch

Game Masters
Posted - 2011.05.11 07:20:00 - [12]

Edited by: GM Lelouch on 12/05/2011 08:51:05
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Ship Crew:

Do ships in EVE have crews? by Lukas Volstran
Yes, they do! Don't you think it paints a rather grim perspective that whenever you partake in a suicide mission in your battleship you're actually dooming thousands of your crew-members to their death?

As for Decatur, GA; I've never been there so I cannot comment on that.

Lore behind ship crews by Dyner
There is already quite a bit of existing lore about ship crews to be found in the EVE Chronicles; don't worry, even though there isn't any visible interaction between you and your crew in the current form of the game, the crew is and always has been there in your ship. This Chronicle is fun and features the crew of a battleship:

All these lives are fit to ruin


Plans for petition category overhaul? by Obsidian Hawk
This is a good point and while some work has gone towards this in recent times (Incursions in progress being a priority category for one), there is still definitely room for improvement on this front. The petition categorization system could benefit a lot from a focused overhaul and I will bring this up internally.

ISD or players answering petitions by Obsidian Hawk
There are no current plans regarding this, mainly due to the security/privacy risks involved with opening up the petition interface in this manner. The in-game help channels are the sort of resource we intend for players to use if they have questions regarding the game or some sort of problem that does not require GM assistance to solve.

Petition response speed by Empress Jamyl
We try to answer petitions as quickly as possible and while we're not quite at the point we would like to be at, there has definitely been an improvement over the past few years in terms of average response times for petitions. Petition response times are something that we are actively working towards improving, it is by no means an area in which we believe that no further improvements can be made.

There can be times when response speed will suffer for various reasons, especially after expansion deployments, but every petition that is submitted to our system should get an answer provided that it is not closed by the submitter prior to a GM responding to it. I took a look over your account's petition history and I could not spot any outstanding petitions that had not received an answer, but it would be highly appreciated if you could shoot me an evemail regarding any petitions you've submitted that you've gotten no answer to. Based on your correspondence, I'd like to look into the possibility that cases are getting lost in our system somehow and never receiving an answer.

GM Lelouch

Game Masters
Posted - 2011.05.11 07:58:00 - [13]

Edited by: GM Lelouch on 13/05/2011 07:13:41
Petitions, cont.

Bug reports through petitions by YourIceIn MyDrinkPlz
This is a good point and it is actually something that is currently being discussed in-house. There are both advantages and drawbacks to what you are suggesting, here is some food for thought:

* "More" bug hunting info is not necessarily better in the sense that quality is better than quantity. One first hand report from a player who experienced the problem in question is oftentimes far more valuable to our QA team than a few second hand reports from GMs who've read about the issue in a petition.
* A GM filing a bug report on behalf of a player creates a communications bottleneck if more information is required from the player later on.
* It is currently much easier and convenient for players to submit petitions than to file bug reports through our website.

I would like to mention though that if a GM finds out about a major game-breaking bug or an exploit of some sort from a petition then it is standard procedure for said GM to file an internal defect about the problem and alert the appropriate staff of its existence. If problems that are deemed less serious are being reported, we will currently direct the player towards the bug reporting interface; I won't rule out that our procedures might change in the future.

Other questions:

Character renaming by Gilligan2011
Character renaming 2 by Thunderpants Longdrop
Character renaming 3 by vinnymcg
There is no way to change a character's name at present and there are currently no plans to introduce a method to do so. It goes somewhat against the whole "alter identity" and reputation building part of EVE to open up the option for character renames.

Incursions in rookie constellations by Tusseluring
These constellations are indeed excluded from the incursion distribution system, along with a few other select parts of space (Jove space and Sansha space).

Customs, Orca, Contraband and you by Pandorium9
This was an intentional change; Orca corp hangars were not meant to bypass customs ship scans. The change was omitted from the patch notes as our internal defect had the bug flagged as an exploit.

Getting to Jove space through normal game mechanics by Hesperius
It is not possible to get to Jove space through normal in-game means at the present.

Bug reports open for months by Asthariye
Bug reports should not take five months to get filtered so it sounds like something went wrong in this instance. I don't know if the bug reports you're referring to did get filtered without their status being correctly updated, or if they somehow got lost in our system and never got filtered at all. If you could provide me with the ID's for the bug reports through an evemail then I would be happy to check what happened on your behalf!

Minelaying ships by Mitchell Rodriguez from Facebook
EVE actually did have mines at one point far in the past but they have since been removed due to balancing concerns.

GM Lelouch

Game Masters
Posted - 2011.05.11 09:05:00 - [14]

Edited by: GM Lelouch on 12/05/2011 09:53:39
Learning skill removal and the neural remap gift by Pesets
In short, there are two components to the neural remapping system:

  • A timestamp indicating the last time an attribute remap was performed. Remaps can be performed when this timestamp is more than a year old.

  • Remap "overrides" which permit a player to override the above timestamp and remap the character's attributes early.

In addition to these two components, there are a few other things which need to be kept in mind:

  • When a character's attributes are remapped, a remap override is always used up if one is available, regardless of whether the timestamp is old enough to permit remapping or not.

  • Remap overrides cannot be gotten through any in-game means. New characters start with two of them and we ran a database query when the learning skills were removed which added remap overrides to all characters in the game.

  • To follow up on the above points, remap overrides are not accrued over time. A character with one remap override will still have just one remap override even if no remapping is done over a period of five years.

When the learning skills were removed from the game, we wanted to give all players a chance to remap their attributes; the intention behind the gift was to achieve this, to make sure that all players could rearrange their attributes following the change. As it was a gift which we wanted to extend to all of our players, we felt that it would only be fair to also include those players who did have a remap available at that time. The gift was therefore implemented as thus:

  • Characters which had a timestamp less than a year old, that is, characters which had remapped their attributes less than a year ago, were given one remap override. This effectively allowed these players to remap their attributes early once.

  • Characters which had a timestamp older than a year old, that is, characters which had not remapped their attributes in the past year, were given two remap overrides. This effectively allowed these players to remap their attributes early once, as one of the remap overrides is used up when they perform the remap they were already eligible to thanks to not having remapped for over a year.

We maintain that in the end this was the fairest way to go about this adjustment as all players did benefit once from being able to remap their attributes early. There are no plans to make any further adjustments in continuation of the gift from last year.

Followup response about remaps by Pesets
The matter could potentially have been handled better at the time; our intentions with this gift were only to please our players but in retrospect it would perhaps have been best if we had not given a gift of this sort at all.

The "problem" does stem from the fact that a remap override will always be used up when a remap is performed when one is available, regardless of whether the current timestamp would allow for a "normal" remap or not. Diverting programming resources to changing the inner workings of the remapping system was not an option which is why the gift was implemented as was outlined above. The alternatives to doing what we did would have been:

* Not give anything to characters which had a remap available at that time. They would have been left out of the gift.
* Give two overrides to characters who couldn't remap at that time. This would have allowed them to remap early twice.

Devs griefing devs by Jonasan Mikio
One of my sworn enemies before joining CCP actually ended up being one of my closest colleagues after I joined CCP

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.11 21:41:00 - [15]

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@MailDeadDrop from Twitter:
More Often Ask EVE Threads
>> I don't know that there's a magic answer. We should do them more often, that is it. We do have the CCP Panel event at Fanfest which is of a similar ilk and is live.

Vic Poonai from Facebook:
Station inside a Roid?
>> Isn't there already a station model that is inset in a giant asteroid? If not, your station wouldn't last long with Chribba on the prowl.

Colin Langman from Facebook and others in the thread:
Recent server dropouts?
>> Having heard some from ops, there have been some general issues with the internet itself (not our servers). Perhaps that's to what you refer? Moving may be the only answer, or donning scuba gear and fixing the pipe yourself?

More than 2 alts per account?
>> No plans now, sorry. Try another account?

Vincent Athena:
CQ coming when?
>>Summer is the first iteration of CQ - sooner rather than later.
Other stuff will happen by year's end. We haven't nailed down deployment dates for those, sorry.

Navy Mega has ugly paint
>> Sorry, Gallente naval commanders disagree with you. The Mega does come in other colors...

Guy Mort from Facebook
More options for out of ship customization? visitors?
>> Yes, those are in the plans for Captain's Quarters. It wouldn't be multiplayer if we didn't allow you to see other people. First little bit of CQ though will require some testing and optimization work on the live server before we open the doors to your friends and whatever raging parties or scheming backroom meetings you have planned.

Darth Aethrian
Boxers or Briefs?
>> I hear it on good authority that Oveur wears spandex boxer briefs, Zulu wears a loin cloth, Guard goes commando and TomB wears skivvies made from the skins of his defeated enemies. I prefer boxers, for the roominess.

@EVEAmann from Twitter
More live events?
>> There will be some form of Live Events in the future. They were a big hit. Sansha? Maybe... that madman is still out there. Someone else? Also possible.

@Mynxee from Twitter
Holodecks for Incarna?
>> As amazing as that would be, the fact that it would open up so many content possibilities would also mean it would open up an infinite amount of work for people to make that content. Holodecks best left out for the forseeable future.

Tobin Shalim
2 expansions per year or will Dust mess that up?
>> While there is some overlap in the development teams (and with CARBON efforts), the DUST team is separate from the EVE team and our plans for deployment should not be slowed for EVE. We have made a conscious decision to put out content more frequently though, as you have no doubt seen with Incursion, which is st

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.11 22:04:00 - [16]

Edited by: CCP Manifest on 13/05/2011 18:34:51
From Abdulaziz Baeshen from Facebook
Marketing to Middle East?
>> You're right we haven't done the best job doing outreach to all corners of the earth, many of which corners include tens of thousands of people who would absolutely love to play EVE (they just don't know it yet). We've been trying a few new things, switching up some tactics, and making globalization a bit more of a priority than before where we honestly defaulted towards "easier, more familiar" marketing channels.

Of course our biggest and best way to reach places we haven't are those native to those areas. There are several options for us in marketing to work with EVE fans to help spread the word and this was the focus of a couple round tables at Fanfest--where formal and informal conversations have given me, personally, some important tactics to add to my secret tactic book. If you've got some ideas on how to break into the Middle East specifically, please feel free to EVE Mail me and we can set up a time to chat.

Vaurian Infara:
I hate the ugly Domi
>>Respectfully I stand on the opposite side of the spectrum and love the Domi model (with the graphics turned up only though). I will do what I can to thwart your campaign.

Gareth Wynne Davies from Facebook and others in the thread
>>I'm no physicist. I'm no game designer. I'm no programmer. Yet I'm pretty sure that this level of realism, with planetary gravitation and orbits will not make it in the game because of two reasons. 1. It would take some of the fun out of flying and push it a bit too much towards sim. 2. It would take a tremendous amount of computing power and internet bandwidth to handle it all. So, maybe in the future Torfi's maniacal dream of complete sci-fi sim will take root, but luckily (IMO) science and technology are holding him back just enough right now.

From Sean Buck on Facebook:
Release public, neutered Polaris Frigate?
>>Just like there's no civilian versions of the F-117, we'll probably keep the Polaris frigate tech to our greedy selves.

Daniel Noren from Facebook and others:
Planetary Flight?
>>We still have room to grow into planetary flight, but no plans to currently do so from EVE at this time. DUST might just satisfy that desire to fly over the surfaces of planets in the EVE Universe though. The video/screenshots, which you have seen from way back when, were part of our typical unstoppable habit of wanting to show our hopes and dreams for EVE a bit ahead of our actual programming and drawing boards. Right now planetary flight isn't being worked on for EVE Online.

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.12 00:16:00 - [17]

Edited by: CCP Manifest on 12/05/2011 01:02:56


The following answers are from CCP Stillman and are therefore API RELATED (who doesn't have keys that fit this locked thread).


Originally by: Squizz Caphinator
Will the next API iteration include Alliance API's?

At this point, there's no short-term plans for this. The current access system to the API is outdated and hasn't kept well up with all the extra information we've added to it. As it turns out, I took a break from testing the new customizable API key system we're working, just to answer you guys’ questions, which allows you to create either character keys or corporation keys, which allows for more granular control over what data a key offers.

Originally by: Raquel Smith

What is the feature timeline for the API? What additional things will we see at what time? (Asking for a planning timeline broken down by quarter, i.e., "we plan to have X, Y, Z done by 2011Q3")

We're focusing right now on delivering the customizable API key system, which has taken longer than we expected it to. I won't promise when we ship it because I don't want to promise something and not be able to keep it. You can expect more information about public testing in a not-too-distant future. We're focusing right now on creating a version that we can ship to SISI and get feedback from you guys, and once we're happy with it and confident that it will work well in production, we'll put it onto TQ. But we don't want to put it on TQ till everybody is happy with it, so a release date can't even be speculated about till we've had it out for public testing. Once we have the customizable keys out, we can start discussing other features. But again, a timeline is hard to discuss.

Originally by: chocolips

On behalf of @chocolips: Is there any ETA on a killmail API? #askeve #tweetfleet #eveonline

We do have currently a killmail API, it's under /char/killog.xml.aspx and /corp/killlog.xml.aspx, which will get you all kills for a character and a corporation respectively, assuming you have a key for either of those. There's no plans to change that particular API currently.

Originally by: Mark Randall
Will CCP ever expand the API to include live communications? Examples would include giving third party applications the ability to interact with corp / alliance chat without the need to consume all of the resources needed to run the full client.

A such API would require a significant rewrite of the current chat system. There's much lower-hanging fruit we can implement for the API still. While it'd be nice to write your own chat clients that interact with EVE, it's way into the future I'm afraid

Originally by: Locin WeEda

1. Will there be a contract api?
2. If yes, is there set a time-frame for development of a contract api?
3. When can I expect to be able to stop hand counting to find out how many contracts we have served in a given day, week, month or year?

I know for a fact that CCP Atlas(The author of the contract system) is a big fan of a contracts API, and wants to release it yesterday. I don't think I'll get in trouble by saying this, if I do, this will be my last answer: Once we're done with the customizable API key system, it’s one of the top backlog items is a contracts API. No ETA though, I'm afraid...

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.12 02:59:00 - [18]

From Frank Balboa Gomez via Facebook
More visual improvements coming later?
>> Yes, as CCP Hammer pointed out earlier, we've hired a new effects artist that's going to start changing EVE's visuals as time goes on. This is a particular boon for gents like me who have nearly worn out the CTRL F9 shortcut and who just cleared out some hard disk space for Fraps.

Incarna load times while docking?
>> One of the very top things on the list for Captain's Quarters is making sure that the docking/loading experience isn't extended by loading the new environment. We are very aware of the precious seconds needed during reshipping and getting back to the battle.

From Heinz Toskano on Facebook
Lobby screen after logo
>> This is a personal dream of mine, I will leave it at that for the time being.

Joseph Dreadloch
EVE team size reduction thanks to DUST 514 and World of Darkness?
>> Nope. We have only hired people for all of our products. Products do take short bursts of "supplementing" from others, but most of the borrowing has been weighted towards EVE. Apocrypha was one expansion that benefited greatly from our ability to shift people around as needed, and Incarna will as well.

Gouzu Kho
Next Live Event is?
>> I would expect something "Livey" by the end of the year. I will not ruin the surprise, but I might get to take part in it! A little known fact is that two of the chefs from the Atlanta office were behind some of the Sansha's Invasions. Coincidentally "Soylent Green Salad" made an appearance on the menus during those weeks.

Deleros Revo
New ship models for EVE Store?
>> We will be supplementing our current selection, yes. Sooner rather than SOON(TM)ER.

Lukas Volstran
Do you like Decatur, GA
>> Decatur is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the United States. There was much cheering and rejoicing when the decision was announced and we will have bittersweet memories of Gravyball and Shopping Cart Jousting that our current proto-apocalyptic location lends itself to, and will surely miss the ability for a quick climb of Stone Mountain on the way home. There is a 56% greater chance of us being deemed enemies of the state thanks to the carousing establishments that will be in walking distance of our office, but it's a chance we're willing to take. It's also a great place to raise a family and a lot of CCPers already live there.

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.12 03:20:00 - [19]

Kogh Ayon
Attract people from non US/Europe, Russia, DownUnda
>> Yes, attracting people from around the world is important to us. There are several major hurdles to overcome. (1)Payment methods--some people pay by ways we cannot accept. Also, some countries are used to "free-to-play", which we do via PLEX, but not in the way people are accustomed to. (2) Language. This is pretty clear. Not everyone speaks English or the languages we've translated EVE into. Adding languages is not a trivial thing. (3) Internet and hardware penetration. The sadness of an online game like ours. This isn't a major point, but can be an obstacle when people game via internet cafe. (4) Media access. Finding local media to do reviews and spread the word is tough. Advertising can be equally opaque and hard to understand return on investment.

Kogh Ayon again.
EVE's development seems not quite fast
>> My experience tells me the opposite. I guess that depends on how you weigh "content" development, such as the addition of bosses and weapons and missions versus "system" development, like adding wormholes, alliances etc. I'm pretty sure we develop things at a pace faster than most game studios.

Kogh Ayon again.
Nix EVE for a new spaceship game?
>> Over our cold, dead lifeless bodies. Even then we will stop this from happening. Developing EVE is a commitment to our players and a commitment to our employees.

EVElopedia ever losing "beta" heading?
>> Yes, when it comes out of Beta.

Cosmoes again.
Community predicting reaction to devblogs?
>> Yes, the community team, myself from the PR team and development discuss probable reactions to devblogs as well as timing and diction. Many of the major ones also are floated by the CSM. We don't always perfectly deliver on dev blogs of course--such as admittedly the timing of the anomalies blog--but we try to do our best. We are revising our internal processes as well, to make sure the devblog effort is serving the community as best we can. Recent additions include checklists for translation into Russian and German, another layer of peer review for "rushed" blogs and more close monitoring and reporting of responses.

Cosmoes again.
How cold is Fanfest in Iceland?
>> Not as cold as other parts of the year. Not bad if you bring proper clothes. Quite toasty if you drink enough. Perfectly warm inside the venue. Probably pretty cold if you have never left Saharan Africa. It's definitely not as cold as you'd think...mostly wind is the issue, which sometimes creeps up your pantsleg and gives you a bit of "how's your father".

DTson Gauur
When will CCP buy Iceland?
>> Do you think that to be a wise investment? Plus, purchasing something isn't the "viking way"...

Kathie Jauregui from Facebook
When are we planning on adding PLEX to the buddy program.
>> VOILA! Dev Blog.

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.12 05:19:00 - [20]

Several by Hakaru Ishiwara...
Why do QEN's take so long?
>> There are a few reasons why. First, it takes a while to approach the massive amounts of data, crunch through it, form some useful information, write text, do layout and proofread them. Second, the team has other responsibilities other than the QEN, and is heavily involved with game design decisions, CSM liasoning, press crap I make them do and other ad hoc projects and university related ventures. Dr. Eyjo and his team have no shortage of work.

Selling of EVE IP
>> I don't believe the founders of EVE will ever let EVE go. It was built on the idea that it would last and that we would stick with it. There is no exit strategy because there will be no exit. Now, there are strategies for expanding EVE's universe/IP. DUST 514 and the EVE novels are a couple examples.

Why answer threads now?
>> Because it's been too damn long and community and development agreed that we should do it.

Employee response guidelines for forums?
>> Typical guidelines such as "be helpful" and "don't be a **** to our players" are to be expected. We also ask employees not to talk about things that they aren't the "CCP experts" on. So, that would mean an art guy shouldn't be talking about python and an accountant shouldn't be talking about GM policy. That rule is in place to make sure the right information is getting conveyed to the players. Other than that, we do try to encourage participation and a cerain amount of "personality". These forums are not places to tread lightly though, so we typically encourage employees to have thick skins as well Wink

speaking of which... Kno Bodees*****:
Dealing with complaints
>> I will speak from personal experience. It is really really not an easy thing to do. A good sense of humor helps. Empathy as well--imagining why people would say such vehement things. But when it comes down to it, it's pretty damn hard to see people you work with, your friends, get ripped to shreds and criticized. Especially when you know the "story behind it" or see logical misteps or lack of imagination behind the criticism. For me it takes a few breaths. It might take 15 minute break to go outside or blow something up in a quick mission. Then I come back, realize internet spaceships is serious business, and continue. Often it is tough to enjoy a game you work on, but there are those magical moments that'll bring you back if the game you work on is good enough :)

That having been said, it is important to try to understand the complaint and not write it off. Some I agree with, for sure. Some are symptoms of other issues. All are important because, frankly, the game belongs to the players...

Andrea Griffin
Some Charlie Sheen nonsense
>> Charlie Sheen may be the only person less qualified to do PR than me ;) Plus, there aren't enough cigarettes in Iceland to entice him...

Skarre Wolfe
"FIX LAG!" getting old?
>> Nah. Sometimes it's said in jest, others in complete frustration. I can understand the "no new features" as we know there's plenty of work that could be done on existing systems. Fix lag as well, even though 99 percent of my EVE time, including fleet battles, have been lag free. I guess I'm just lucky. Until it's all "fixed", we just expect it.

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.12 05:37:00 - [21]

Edited by: CCP Manifest on 12/05/2011 05:37:36
Danny Lee from Facebook
How many CCP employees encourage their family members to play EVE?
>> I've tried and failed with family, but friends I've hooked a couple. We do have a single lifetime account we can give out, so that's a much coveted thing. Of course there are employees who are training their toddlers to be "daddy's little miner" or even cloaky scout as in the case of CCP Yokai's son who was interviewed at Fanfest. There are some spouse pairs at CCP that play. I would not want to face them in PvP. Most family I would say leave the expert spaceshippery to us though and pursue other, less exploding, pastimes.

Quade Warren
Contributing stories to EVE storyline?
>> There are a lot of ways. I'd say one of the most highly visible would be to write stories for EON Magazine. They are always looking for them and they get pseudo-approved by the story team. Of course, blogs would also work as the community team and other people involved with the storyline and EVE fiction community read those. Also, in person at Fanfest is great, discussing ideas/stories/critiques with a writer in person has no substitute. Tossing ideas up for new storylines on the forums should eventually, through the miracle that is our community team, end up in the right inbox.

Was the job what you expected?
>> Not really at all. It's a LOT better. My job has morphed over time (and I've switched within the company a couple times)... and now I do a whole lot more internal communication and fan communication than I ever thought I would--recently taking over Social Media for CCP accelerated that. CCP does a lot of things. A lot. I had suspicions that there wouldn't be a dull moment for someone in marketing/pr/messaging, but there really isn't. I've gotten 5am calls about alliances disbanding and had 4 hour conversations with fans and accidentally skipped lunch. Each day is a different challenge and its really fun and refreshing--even if my hair will probably all fall out eventually. Its not without frustrations, but they are the type of frustrations that make you want to kill them and bury them and march forward resolute.

More wallpapers please?!
>> I couldn't agree with you more. Will try to make it happen.

GM Lelouch

Game Masters
Posted - 2011.05.12 08:46:00 - [22]

Edited by: GM Lelouch on 12/05/2011 08:46:49
RMT, macros, bots, etc.

There are quite a few questions in regards to RMT/macroing and not all of these can be answered in the detail which is desired. Information is power and divulging too much information regarding our investigative methods and future plans to combat RMT could compromise these efforts which is not a desirable outcome for either us nor our player-base. The war on RMT is very much alive though and there are no plans to stop.

It bears mention as a side-note that although the vast majority of macroers/bots are involved in RMT to some degree, not all of them are. Macro use/botting is a violation of the EULA and regular players who're discovered to be utilizing macros/bots will find the EULA to be enforced accordingly.

Financial impact of banning all known bots by Ingvar Angst
This is something we are already doing, bots are removed from the game as we discover them. Known bots might under some circumstances find themselves escaping action for a few days if we're in the process of mapping out and removing said RMT operation in a full swoop, but we will never turn a blind eye to known bots for an extended period of time.

Dollar figures cannot be provided but the financial impact of banning bots is smaller than you might think as a lot of bots are funded through illegitimate means to begin with. Accounts do not mean as much to most RMTers as they do to regular players so RMTers will often resort to stolen credit cards for funding their accounts. They are in other words oftentimes operating under the preconception that the accounts they are using will be found and banned eventually; if not through normal investigative efforts of our anti-RMT team, the account will be taken out of business when the credit card is chargebacked or when the owner of the credit card contacts us regarding the illegitimate payments.

Verifiable reports on curtailing macros by Xylengra
A verifiable report in the sense that we will open up access to our server back-end tools for manual verification that a certain number of bots has been banned will never be given.

We may publish dev blogs in the future containing updates to the war on RMT, the results of our efforts might however not be immediately "verifiable" until this war of attrition has been fully won; this is a business (albeit an illegal one) for the RMTers as well and a large network of RMT macro accounts might be back in the game within days or hours of being banned on new accounts (or old, sleeper accounts), needing to be hunted down again. The effect might therefore not be immediately visible, or in other words verifiable, on the player's end but if we can manage to lower the profitability of an RMT operation vs their operating cost, then the war can be won; slowly but surely.

Bots in alliances by Skyy
We are committed in our war on RMT and we're not turning a blind eye to the sort of macro/botting account you're referring to. They're marginally more difficult to spot than more "obvious" sorts of macro accounts (such as fleets of industrials running courier missions 23/7), but we regularly eliminate macro corporations which belong to alliances.

As with other RMT/macro/bot accounts, reports from players about suspicious activity can and have led us to discovering huge RMT networks; if a corporation looks suspicious, let us know about it through a petition and it will be looked into.

GM Lelouch

Game Masters
Posted - 2011.05.12 08:48:00 - [23]

RMT, macros, bots, cont.

Anti-macro idea by Mnementh2231
Ideas in this vein are cool. We lean towards adjusting the mining system to include more interaction being a better potential option rather than "instahulkpocalypse" after locking the same asteroid though Smile

Planned future actions against RMT by Orithien Veladorn
Cannot comment on future planned actions, other than that new tools to fight RMTers are in constant development. As was hinted to in an answer to a previous question, this will continue to be a battle of attrition until either side gives up and we will not be ceasing our fight on RMT.

Banning bots before they pay off the PLEXes used to fund them by Arand Nersar
Not all bots are funded with PLEXes, but the answer is both yes and no. Sometimes an RMT macro account manages to turn in a profit, sometimes not. There are few things as satisfying as closing down an RMT macro account with a bloated wallet before the ISK is laundered on though.

Market bots vs mining bots by Professor Liedenbrock
All bots are illegitimate, be they market ones, mining ones or ratting/mission running ones. Market bots are taken out of circulation when they are discovered just like other bot types. It does bear mention that there really are some legitimate (if over-dedicated) players out there that might appear to be market bots at a glance (market bots certainly do exist though, and outnumber this subset of EVE player).

How's the war on RMT? by Ninghong
Although the enemy hordes seem never ending, our troops are going strong, maintaining a perfect banned RMTer/banned GM ratio.

Removing macroers. When? by Opertone
Macroers are being removed as we speak and the new ones that are popping up to replace them will be removed as soon as we spot them. You can help by letting us know through a petition if you spot suspicious characters or even corporations!

How many accounts have been banned in the past month for RMT/botting? by Vilgan Mazran
Well over 3000 full accounts have been banned in the past month for botting or some sort of RMT affiliation (sans ISK spamming). If we include banned trial accounts and accounts banned for advertising RMT sites, we're almost at 5000 accounts. Information on future projections cannot be given.

CCP Greyscale

Posted - 2011.05.12 14:41:00 - [24]

Originally by: Hayman Wakefield
AF fourth bonus

Assault frigates are still something we intend to revisit, and the "missing bonus" is one of the things we'd be looking to address. No solid timeline for this though.

Originally by: Iancasnim
wormhole respawn rates

Wormhole sites are distributed using the same system as we used for exploration everywhere. This is one of the systems we tend not to talk about much in public as it removes a lot of the mystery when you can see exactly how the sausage is being made.

Originally by: Wrayeth
balanced playstyles

Certainly as far as nullsec is concerned, this is one of the things that's near the front of our minds - we'd like to support a more even balance of playstyles

Originally by: Florian Ratz
tier 2 bc's

It's not something I'd rule out. If we find a role that we want to introduce for a mid-sized T2 ship, they're near the top of the list of hulls we'd want to use

Originally by: brutorans
Naglfar issues

We don't have any immediate plans to look at it again, no, as there are other balancing issues that have a higher priority right now

Originally by: Giselay
jumpclone cooldown

The 24 hour timer is a bit clunky. We'd like to revisit this (and other aspects of jump clones), but we don't have any solid plans to share right now

(This post appearing in "old format" because I wrote this stuff up yesterday. New format follows!)

CCP Greyscale

Posted - 2011.05.12 14:42:00 - [25]

Plans for motherships?
>> Motherships are a concept we really like, but we don't have any clear idea of how we'd go about implementing them

Henry Turner
Missions have no personality?
>> CCP Molock says:

The earliest missions were written by a handful of designers (who were for the most part not writers by training) to function as generically as possible, given the way that missions pools are handed out by agents ? i.e., when any one of several hundred agents can give out the same mission, injecting too much individuality into the mission text is problematic. Since the mission system hasn’t changed noticeably in the meantime, we are still for the most part held to those admittedly simple standards of storytelling. (If you have done any of the epic arc missions in the game, you’ll see that the agents’ personalities there do differ considerably.) When we have occasion to go back and overhaul the extant generic mission system, we’ll have the luxury of re-writing much of that old content to bring it up to higher standards of quality.

Gallente/hybrid review ?
>> We don't have a schedule for this right now, because we generally don't schedule balance work very far in advance. That said, we're of course aware of the concerns players have about Gallente ships and it's a concern that we share. We discussed exactly this issue with the CSM last time they were over, both in terms of the specific issue of Gallente balance (the discussion ended up spending some time looking at the ability of blaster platforms to get into range, for example), and the wider issue of how and when we schedule balance stuff, and why we tend not to comment on balance issues ahead of time (broadly, that we don't want to have an official position on what's broken until we've taken the time to sit down and really look at the problem, and we don't tend to do that until we're actually working on it).

Regat Kozovv
will have deep content or stick with player driven ?
>> CCP Molock says:

Historically, many of the game systems you refer to below were developed largely in isolation from written content (which was a small, nebulous group within CCP throughout the game’s early years); in the best cases, content writers were reacting to systems developed by other teams or among other development groups, trying to weave some story elements in wherever possible. But that trend is slowly changing, and we are beginning to integrate writers more fully into other feature teams, with the ultimate goal of having story and system design inform one another organically. Regarding game systems that have been delivered in the past and then not revisited ? yes, we are well aware of that tendency, and we all, in Game Development, certainly have a desire to do more work on them all. As in all things CCP, though, there is a constant process of balancing (human) resource management against features and projects, and we simply need to make the time to get back to old projects that have been left to languish.

So, in short, yes, there are all sorts of plans that get talked about all the time, but there aren’t always means to make these things happen. I expect that to improve in the future as Incarna and traditional EVE gameplay interconnect more closely, and also as other resources within the company are freed up by the delivery of products they have been working on, in some cases, for well over a year now.

CCP Greyscale

Posted - 2011.05.12 14:43:00 - [26]

Edited by: CCP Greyscale on 12/05/2011 15:23:55
Modify blueprint stats?
>> We'd like to do this one day, but it's very not-straightforward from a tech point of view, because we have to find a way to propagate custom stats onto our existing types without breaking anything. It's not feasible to have a separate "basic DB entry" for every single possible research variation of a ship without hugely limiting the number of variations, and when for example you repackage something it's always reduced back to the basic DB entry. It's a problem that's probably solvable, and we'd definitely like to do it, but it's not an easy thing to do.

Йо Арригони:
difference between caps and supercaps ?
>> Well... basically caps are balanced (more or less) and supercaps are imbalanced. It's something that needs to be fixed sooner rather than later.

ships based on age?
>> This isn't something we have any plans to do that I know of. It feels like a very arbitrary restriction to place on things.

WH questions?
>> Cynos aren't allowed in w-space because it'd let you move around between WH systems without using WHs if you happened to know which ones were geographically close. That's the reason I remember, at least.

Customs offices appear in WH space because of nanobots and/or Jovians.

No. Starbases have absolutely no effect on distributions in WH space, or anywhere else in the game. WH space exploration works exactly the same way as it does everyone else. The effects people are seeing is exactly the same effect that manifests elsewhere in the game Smile

Lowsec plans?
>> "Make it good so that people want to go there". There's been all sorts of ideas kicked around internally, but we don't have "a plan", and we won't have "a plan" until we actually sit down and start doing the work, because that's the stage at which we take the time to really thrash through all the options and make a binding decision on where we're going to go with it. We're doing this process for Nullsec at the moment, and it's working pretty well.

drone assembly bay size?
>> Do they need to be bigger? Would recommend talking to your friendly neighborhood CSM and asking them to pass the suggestion along, because it's a really easy change to make, but I have a lot of questions to answer and I'll have forgotten about this by the time I'm finished :/

Various questions?
>> WH missions - probably not in the sense of missions inside WH space, because that's not what WH space is for. We have poked briefly at the possibility of missions that include wormholes, though, which might end up being not totally technically impossible. Maybe.

Watch list popups - CCP Sharq says "that would be an excellent addition to that feature and we would love to do something like that one day"

Android app - we don't have an Android app in development internally, at least not that any of us here are aware of

Logging in with authenticators - no date set yet, as soon as we know we'll announce it (from CCP Sreegs)

Fleet tax charges - not sure what this is about? Kick your local CSM rep

Duelling system - possible, yes, likely, not so sure.

Time without DT - the amount of time we know TQ can last without a DT is 24 hours; beyond that is unknown. We do have a long-term plan to remove DT entirely, but there's really no timescale for that

CCP Greyscale

Posted - 2011.05.12 14:44:00 - [27]

Joseph Vacher
NPC convoys?
>> Making convoys more interesting and relevant is definitely something we'd like to do in future

Splitting wormholes out into their own results group is something that would be pretty useful to do, but it needs some backend tweaking that we've not gotten around to scheduling in yet

Rhyslin Darkblade
Jumping without cynos?
>> This is one of those emergent things where it was originally assumed that capital ships would generally be a multiplayer asset, and the usage patterns they ended up settling into aren't really supported by the mechanics, for better or for worse. Jump mechanics in general are something we're thinking about on and off at the moment, so I wouldn't rule out some changes in this general area, but not necessarily the specific one you're asking for here.

dynamic nullsec sec status?
>> The first argument against that sort of thing I'd bring up is that it makes ratting an activity that needs to be heavily managed (like mining pre-exploration belts) in order to avoid tragedy-of-the-commons outcomes, which is a poor fit with the essential role ratting plays in ensuring that there's enough casual single-player content available in nullsec to keep people online and allow multiplayer activities to kick off. There are other things you could use to make truesec dynamic, but I'm wary of this general approach (sitting alongside things like dynamic moon minerals) because it likely forces people to move around on a regular basis independent of their interactions with other players/alliances, and I'm not sure that this is really a useful outcome. We generally want movement because of wars and politics and diplomacy, not because the oil moved again and now all the big kids have to tear down all their infrastructure and go evict some little guys because they happened to be sitting on the good stuff this month.

David Newman
A whole bunch of questions?
>> Nullsec PvP, small gangs etc - yes, I very much hope so. This is something that we've been discussing at a fairly abstract level literally this week

Bounty system revisit - yes, this is something we want to do. We're a gritty space game that doesn't let you be Han Solo (or Greedo), which is somewhat foolish

Piracy as a profesion - something that needs some love, to be sure. We like piracy, we have a lot of (reformed, obviously) pirates in various places in the building, but it kinda fits in with the whole lowsec issue that just needs a big block of time and love

Accuracy of the 15 minute timer and docking - I was talking to one of our senior code people about this last month. There's a technical reason for this to do with propagating messages around the cluster or something, that is solvable (IIRC!) but that's not going to get addressed until we can do a proper overhaul of all these aggression mechanics and the code behind them.

CCP Guard

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.12 15:49:00 - [28]

When will we get a fresh Permaband Song like HTFU ?(NOT like keep clickn' plox!)
>> We have a few funny ideas that we've been bouncing around. It's hard to say where the creative spirits will take us but we should definitely have something new for you guys next Fanfest so until then...keep clickin'! Lolol. Disclaimer; When I'm answering Permaband questions I'm a fickle artist and not the responsible employee of CCP I am the rest of the time. So this isn't a promise or anything.

Phrank Phish:
Musings on the nature of God and Satan?
>> The Amarrian gods are the only supernatural powers we know anything about here at CCP. Today we even sacrificed lambs in their honor. By proxy. Sort of. We had lamb for lunch at least. With beans and potatoes and stuff. It was delicious. We had nice discussions while we ate and then we had coffee before going back to our desks.

Spin Spin Sugar:
Name the singer (not the group) of my name ?
>> Kelli Ali (I blame Wikipedia if I'm wrong)? You owe me an alt character named after a Permaband song. No swearing though.

Hentes Zsemle:
When and how are theese questions are going to be answered? So far this thread feels like a CCP troll.
>> This question is being answered right now. As this is being typed, the question is literally being answered. How cool is that! The rest will be answered as soon as we can get to them.

Nevermore Akiga:
Will there be an EVE movie involving events from the last 8 years EVE.
>> Will we make an EVE movie. A classic question that has been asked through the years. It's a possibility but not one that we are working on right now. EVE has a deep, unique back story that would make an awesome movie. Or miniseries. And as a fellow fan I would love to see real EVE events and names on the screen. CCP Guard would probably be in that movie rescuing the Damsel repeatedly.

CCP Greyscale

Posted - 2011.05.12 16:01:00 - [29]

Tim T-bone Marshall
Gap between battleships and capitals?
>> This is the sort of thing that might end up happening to solve a problem (like the balance between caps and subcaps), but not just for the sake of adding ships. May still happen though.

Lee Grandmaison
Anchoring stations away from celestials?
>> Possible but not immediately planned. We'd have to balance it out and stuff somehow. It's an option we'll keep in mind if we revisit anchoring locations.

Fon Revedhort
A whole bunch of questions?
>> Hot-drops are too easy - I think we're reaching a place where there's a broad consensus on this being not a cool outcome for everyone except the guy jumping in.

Tier 2 BC balance - the Drake in particular does enjoy a disproportionate amount of use relative to pretty much everything in the game (except the Raven). The other Tier 2s just hit a very nice sweetspot in terms of cost vs utility. There's definitely an imbalance of some size between them and a lot of other comparable ships, but we haven't looked closely at whether this is because they're too good or because a lot of other stuff just isn't hitting its objectives as strongly as it ought to be.

Players being punished for being successful - if you're asking what I think you're asking, I don't see it as a punishment but as a consequence. If you get particularly good at something (eg killing people), you'll naturally become notorious, and that'll be a new issue you need to deal with. I don't see a problem with this personally, either in the abstract or in the specific case of people being able to see who you are the second you jump in.

NH balance - is the Nighthawk actually underpowered? I see people saying that there's things that they'd like to be able to do but can't due to grid issues, but is this driven by "the NH is really underpowered/under-used compared to other ships in its class because of this grid issue"?

EHP issues - there is a big underlying balance concern with active vs passive tanking, yes. An active tank has a wafer-thin margin of DPS where it's "balanced" (for want of a better word) - generally it's either repping more than you're taking, in which case you never die ever, or it's repping significantly less than you're taking, at which point it's useless. On top of this, passive shield tanking is very strong right now, which is further skewing this balance.

Cruise missile range - I don't actually have a good answer for this. It may well be "because they've always been long-range"...

Rigs - known collection of issues, no timeframe, sorry

Lowsec devblog - uhh... none of us remember doing this, and there's no obvious reason we can think of why we'd have wanted to do one before we had a development schedule for working on it. Sorry!

Getting more player input on balance etc - this seems like something that should probably being fielded through the CSM?

CCP Greyscale

Posted - 2011.05.12 16:02:00 - [30]

Defenders not being terrible?
>> There's a lot of stuff to do with missiles we'd like to change (see Veritas' various devblogs on the subject). Once we get missiles themselves in a more sane state, we'll be better placed to revisit anti-missile defenses.

Small corp sov?
>> This is something that's not really properly supported in nullsec currently (as far as actually taking sov goes, and talking about the status quo rather than specifically the mechanics), and it's something we're looking at finding ways of supporting in the nearish future.

More BCs?
>> I'd rather want to revisit existing cruisers, battleships and so on and try and find a way to make them better alternatives to BCs, rather than just adding a bunch more BCs

EW imbalance?
>> Yup, there are known imbalances between the different EW types (I'd argue that RSD are in a better place than TDs, but I fly Amarr so YMMV)

Why was the Helios model changed?
>> Ok, so what happened was that when we got the Magnate added, we were looking at the covops ships, and realized that it was odd that the covops hulls weren't the same as the T1 scanning hulls, so they got swapped around so it made more sense. (The fact that I fly Amarr has nothing to do with the reason that I personally endorse this change.)

More space?
>> We've got a pretty good system for adding new systems now (hah hah hah), so it's not something we're particularly averse to, but we'd want to start off with a really good reason for needing new space and go from there, rather than simply add new systems for the sake of adding new systems. A new batch of WH space is a possibility, and if our nullsec review ends up deciding that we have space problems (not at all certain) we'd have no problem adding more there, either. Black Rise is a good example of why we do this sort of thing - we didn't have enough Caldari lowsec systems, so we added some more.

Announcement of more uses for PI materials?
>> We'll announce more uses for PI stuff when a) we decide if we're doing them and what they are, and b) we have any potential changes ready to blog about. Same procedure as for any other new feature Smile

Derrick Kubi
More newbie-friendly controls?
>> CCP Sharq's been working on determining the direction of future UI development, and one of the ideas he's been pushing for is having the UI add more controls as players get more advanced and skill up. For example, the heat UI's useless until you train Thermodynamics, so why not hide it until that skill is trained?

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