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freelancers inc
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2011.05.11 19:25:00 - [961]

1: Will we ever see supercapitals wich can dock somehow or anchor itself with a password inside a pos.. ANYWAY to get the hell out of a supercap without the need of having supercap holding alt ?

2: Will we ever see a demand to stop war ? as in i war dec you and demands this of your corp or alliance before the war stops. atm there is no real reason to have wars. i meen ofc there is but a term of surender would be very nice. atm when u press surender NOTHING happends.. wich actually suck..

3: wont we soon see a capital mining vesal. with capital mining beem. only used in 00.

4: How are the supercapital pilots going ot get a captain quarter when they cant dock.. ?

Xorth Adimus
Blackwater USA Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2011.05.11 19:28:00 - [962]

Why are you trying to fix the symptoms of blob fleet lag rather then make it so that your sandbox doesn't encourage it?

Why have you allowed poor sandbox game design, such as no counter to supercapitals other then mooooore supercapitals, to be introduced and worse to continue?

Will you buff dread's effective hitpoints (in seige higher resists) so that they can (attempt to) counter supercapitals?

Why is moon mining so broken for so long (Tech moons) and you haven't fixed it?

Why should moons create excessivly massive amounts of free isk? Wouldn't it be better to have more moons of some value which more people can fight over/ setup and run pos's from?

Why was it for a long time balancing was handled by adding in new features then nerfing batting and then never balancing them? Why is balancing the game when things obviously are broken so slow and/or impossible. What are you doing to combat this?

Why are new big features added into the game with much fanfare during expansions and then never fixed so they work / improved on? are expansions just ways of getting more accounts based on false promises and how well does this business model pan out when new players then leave eve as they where sold false promises from that expansion? I seriously get sick of telling my friends to play eve and watch them leave disappointed with the 'new content'.

Why is eve basicly such a good game and yet so flawed in some key features and user interface/GUI as to make it hard to play for new players?

What ever happened to the alliance / corp diplomacy management system prommised in dominion?

Why are you discouraging small 0.0 alliances by removing high end anomalies rather then spreading them out over empty unused space (I know you think its helping but really it isnt!)?

Are you actually thinking of making the sovereignty system more incremental as hinted at well before dominion (Was this just the ability to shoot station services?)

Will sov ever require player interaction (not just isk /index increase) just to maintain.

Why did you change the sov system so it was more of the same but without tower spam.. Is Blobby blob blob that blobby system and anchor/shoot a boring thing hence discouraging fighting, working as intended?

Do you intend to expand on PI and have PI used in sovereignty (colony management/ bombardment?)

Are you actually working on making POSs better to setup use manage and live out of or is it just working as intended?

Are you actually working on making faction warfare better or is it just working as intended?

What ever happened to the AF 4th bonus (after burner speed bonus I believe was considered at one point?)

Why is ECCMs allowing sub cap ship to be unscanable working as intended? Why are these not subject to a realistic stacking penalties like other modules (also can we have 99.999% damage and 99.999% resists please?)?

What happened to the destroyer buff?

What happened to the low sec risk/ reward buff?

What happened to hybrid buffs for guns, guns which use both ammo and lots of energy to do so? or is it working as intended (long range no damage/ point blank lol range with lol tracking)?

Why haven't you reintroduced old trails and jump cyno effects, really how hard can that be?

Not unhappy or bitter, just want better game design and less poorly thought out expansions and new features on a great game.. is that so bad?

freelancers inc
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2011.05.11 19:35:00 - [963]

Will we never get to see capital smart bombs.. and capital enery suckers ? and in general more roles for the capitals atm they are just ****e.. Couldt you imagine that Titans could produce ammo ? or somehting. and that super carriers could produce fighter/fighter bomber or something totaly difrent ?

James Moroci
Posted - 2011.05.11 19:41:00 - [964]

will we never be able to spray alliance logo/ corp logo or builder logo on the ship we produce ?

will we never be able to invent stuff for real, as in i stuff in a railgunn and a mega pulse and if im lucky i get a bpc with a gun that has atributes from both or maybe downsides from both.. masiv fun and would confuse the enemy a bit more..

Posted - 2011.05.11 19:49:00 - [965]

Edited by: Tarhenn on 11/05/2011 20:44:41
Edited by: Tarhenn on 11/05/2011 20:42:14
Greetings CCP and fellow capsuleers

1) Will there be an advanced search option for the official forums, so I can look up if my question was already asked?

2) Chimera (Maybe the Nidhoggur, too, don't know). You can't ever bring this ship to cap-stableness and qualify the fitting as one of a capital support ship. It is thus as a carrier in almost all occasions useless in a fight. Are there changes planned to equal the carriers?

3) There seems to be a similar issue with the supercarriers; armor tanked ones outweight shield tanked in terms of efficiency. (Sorry if this is a wrong statement, I didn't research that problem any further) Do you intend to work on that issue?

4) Could you add a little bit more trousers and shoes for the character creator? It's all so similar. :)
Afterall, will you have the choice of a wardrobe in the captain's quarters (or another place) to change clothes?


5) Countries in the real world do differ in size and population as do alliances and corporations in EVE. Yet I just thought of the 'special' countries like city states. How about an addition to the sovereignity system or maybe the way corporations/alliances act with each other would support such forms of policy? Or do you let that handle the players themselves?

As an example: A 15-man corporation decides to take one of those not claimed 0.0-systems and thus as they have no big fighting-power they are very vulnerable to the surrounding alliances and loose pirate-corps. They may/need to tie contacts and make friends with the surrounding empires in order to survive, but EVE is based upon a give/get equality. Yet this corp does not have anything of great value to give, nor many capsuleers to help their new friends. -> No give/no get.
A system that strengthens let's call them 'system-states' would in my opinion really enhance the depth of connections and variety in 0.0 and would make it much more exciting.

6) Most important question: How doz I maek undork ship lol?

Posted - 2011.05.11 19:49:00 - [966]

- Do we get the 4th AF bonus?
- Will factional warfare get some attention?
- Will low sec get some attention?
- Will hybrids get some attention, cause atm the dmg isnt that high and the range is way to close, compared to projectile and lasers

Esternia Celsian
Posted - 2011.05.11 19:50:00 - [967]

how to contact with someone responsible for hiring at CCP? :Р

Midge Mo'yb
Bat Country
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.05.11 20:38:00 - [968]


since you stopping ships with jump drives using a jumbbridge, can ships with jump drives be stopped from using titan bridges?

just curious

Posted - 2011.05.11 20:47:00 - [969]

My question to you CCP is the following:

I feel that this game does not give me a chance to win. This feeling comes about mostly from the area of pvp, where the side that is able to field more numbers win, that's as simple as it gets. So for me, that I always end up on the small side, or even solo most of the time can never win. One suggestion I have to solve this problem is to introduce line-of-flight for lasers, hybrids and projectiles, in such a way that if a friendly, or drone, or anything else lies between your guns and your targets, it gets the damage and not the target. In this way, if players amass together in blobs, they would have to be really good and deserving of the win, and not simply outnumber. Do you see this, or any other similar mechanic that helps those like me, as a possibility in the near future? If not, what are your suggestions to me?

Calha Nemarr
Posted - 2011.05.11 21:01:00 - [970]

I could be wrong, but as far as I can tell, the planet goo market is a very small portion of the overall EVE economy, and Sovereignty isn't tied to planets. If Dust 514 is going to be centered around planets, what's to fight over?

Will we ever see planet based factories and research labs?

Are there any plans on making POS slots rentable to the general public? I realize this is enormously complicated, but it's also a long-requested feature.

Are there any new contract types planned? I'm sure lottery contracts would be popular, as well as secure contracts involving corporation CEOships and shares.

The Hunt Club
Posted - 2011.05.11 21:07:00 - [971]

In response to GM Lelouch's reply to my earlier question:

Yes, in both cases you're providing the ability to remap early, but people usually make a training plan at least a year long when they remap. It is the ability to plan for an override that significantly increases its value. Do you realize that by simply giving one unannounced override to people who had no reason to remap early, you have (unintentionally) failed to provide them with the ability to plan for it and take full advantage of the benefit?

The whole problem arises from the fact that, as I understood from CCP's explanation back then, having an "override point" will block you from receiving a normal remap point when you were originally supposed to. Why can't you just increment the available remap counter for each remap performed, starting from one year before that patch, if at least one year has passed since that remap, regardless of whether any remaps are already available? That way, everyone will eventually reach a point when they have two remaps at once and can properly take advantage of such situation. Whether or not it was your intention, you have provided such capability to some, wouldn't it be fairest to provide it to everyone else? (What i'm proposing would not result in accumulating two remap points if you simply don't remap for two years. It would simply ensure that at some point, the "extra" gift point would stack with another point, after which everything will work like it normally does).

Arigato Gozaimasu
Posted - 2011.05.11 22:03:00 - [972]

Are CCP happy with the way Technetium are a bottleneck and will go on rising in value? I know DrEygo don't see a problem, but if you don't, will you please then make a new cathegory called r128? (rarity 128) :)

Karash Amerius
Posted - 2011.05.11 22:26:00 - [973]

1. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...TomB stated emphatically that he hated local channel for all the free intel it provided everyone. Now that wormhole space has been introduced, and the world did not end, do you see this feature getting implimented in nullsec, lowsec, or even highsec space?

Posted - 2011.05.11 22:52:00 - [974]

Edited by: Eseevee on 11/05/2011 22:52:36
Here are some random questions I hope you guys have fun with (with exception to the last one). I don't expect an answer, honestly, but, thank you in advance if you do.

Q1: Is it possible to cry in a pod?
Q2: What exactly do care-bear tears look like?
Q3: Can you make some of the stars "twinkle" when not warping?
Q4: Have we not found buzz lightyear because he's not come back from infinity and beyond?
Q5: Can't we just borrow a Jovian and tell him it's 100 years in the future, and lots of the technology's been advanced, and have that Jovian tell kids what the new technology was like and how it worked, secretly gaining information on how to advance current technology?
Q6: CCP should make a tv commercial. Has that ever been considered?
Q7: What will CCP do if the company surpasses the level of players that are in the games with the largest player-base? (besides drinking on the awesomeness)
Q8: Where were you when the towers fell?

Posted - 2011.05.11 23:14:00 - [975]

Why the heck can't we see the contents of customs offices from within a station in the same system, that makes _no_ sense at all and is a righteous pain in the butt. I can live with only being able to launch to/from the customs office from within space in the same system but not being able to see the contents is too much!

Please tell me this is not intended behaviour?

Bubba Phet
S0utherN Comfort
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2011.05.12 00:41:00 - [976]

I have a serious question. This game is advertised as being a "sandbox" where us as players have a wide open possibility of what we can and want to do.

So why is it that when we implement things differently than the devs imagined the rules get rewritten?

It kind of reminds me of playing tag in grade school, the rules always changed as they went if it didn't go the way someone wanted.

Legion Of Mad Cats
Posted - 2011.05.12 01:25:00 - [977]

Will there ever be added time that concord arrives if I have low sec status i mean like 30 seconds for you to get out of the system or dock and the time restarting after every jump and only for people with low sec stats but combat for people attacking other pilot you can keep the same please Very Happy.

Posted - 2011.05.12 01:36:00 - [978]

When will Jovian space be opened to players? Will we ever be able to become members of the Jove society and run missions for the Jove Corps.?

Posted - 2011.05.12 02:31:00 - [979]

Hi ccp.
Aru going to look into the skill. Projected ECM countermeasures

Diomedes Calypso
Aetolian Armada
Posted - 2011.05.12 02:49:00 - [980]

If there were 100% internal consensus to add 50 cpu and 50 power grid capacity to the Brutix ship, could that change be implemented overnight?

Would a change like that require a patch?

Could you hazard a guess to how many hours of technical person labor it would take to implement it?

1) 30 minutes, a content-mechanics developer could just change a Brutix database field himself and send a memo to the customer relations people to announce it?

2) 2 hours .. a programer would need to isolate the working algorithm and change associated lines in a few function

3) 20 hours Programmers would do all this stuff a guy like me with cursury knowledge of this stuff wouldn't guess about.

4) 100 hours.. this would require using 29 people on your staff to use pulley to lift the 30th technician up to the data center's building exterion in London to break in a window and mess with the servers because the doors only open once a month via a time vault lock ?

(i hope this question was clearer than another simliar one)

Posted - 2011.05.12 03:02:00 - [981]

can we get personal hanger that looks like corp hanger, with partition hangers?
it's neater than the all-in-one style.
I know we can use station containers but we can't search for our items in them either locally or remotely.

thank u

Alice Katsuko
Terra Incognita
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2011.05.12 03:30:00 - [982]

Asked these before and was ignored, so not really expecting an answer:

Has the Entrapment Array upgrade for Infrastructure Hubs been fixed so that it actually increases the chance of DED complexes spawning, and if not, are there any plans to make it actually do something in the foreseeable future?

Are there any plans to introduce new DED complexes for the drone regions?

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.12 04:06:00 - [983]

From the Facebook thread.

On behalf of Steven Hepplestone When will the following be revisited and finished:

- Factional Warfare
- COSMOS Agents (the other half)
- fifth slot on T3 cruisers
- Sovereignty expansion (Treaties for example)

questions are all well and good, but for me to resubscribe I actually want to see the things that haven't been fixed since the last round of questions otherwise this is just a pointless exercise in time wasting.

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.12 04:07:00 - [984]

From the Facebook thread.

On behalf of Matthew Thompson: CCP has been doing Agile and Scrumming for a while now. What lessons have you learned for doing scrums, and what tools (if any) do you use to assist you in agile & scrum? My workplace just started agile/scrum and are having quite a few trip ups and I'd love any suggestions on best practices that another game company uses.

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.12 04:08:00 - [985]

From the Facebook thread.

On behalf of Jorge Pimentel: What items has CCP considered implementing with Incarna? I really like the idea of creating illegal rigs that once installed are undetectable. The reasoning being that since they are illegal you have to buy them in avatar form from other players not from the market. Also expanding on stuff like Quafe Zero seems nice. Create some products people can consume while in their Avatar form to give them a slight buff for a couple of minutes after they undock. Please do something awesome with Incarna CCP. PLEASE!

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.12 04:09:00 - [986]

From the #askeve Twitter convo.

On behalf of @wuwu56: Why is CCP allowing the Russians to monopolize and ruin EVE?

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.12 04:10:00 - [987]

From the #askeve Twitter convo.

On behalf of @lostoffworld: i want lo-sec gate guns that you can encap for a period of time before concord comes and repairs them #askeve #eveonline comments?

Capital Construction Research
Posted - 2011.05.12 04:11:00 - [988]

Are there any plans to make unprobeable or unscanable ships impossible? (note, I don't wan't this removed)

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.12 04:11:00 - [989]

From the #askeve Twitter convo.

On behalf of @skorpion352: is it possible that you could publish some form of road map for what you are planning for thenext year?

El Geo
Group 2
Posted - 2011.05.12 04:25:00 - [990]


will you be entertaining the thought of removing the static 1/10 and 2/10's and adding them to the exploration queue?

are there easter eggs in the game?

will there be new pve content like a random mission generator?

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