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Honorem Ad Infinitum
Posted - 2011.05.11 02:56:00 - [871]

I apologize if these questions have already been asked:

To CCP Devs in general: What are you doing to improve mining? Not much is happening on that end of things, and while I would agree that it is mostly polished and shining, it has not known love for quite some time.

And for CCP StevieSG: I have never seen you drink alcohol. What's with that?

The Moonshiner
Posted - 2011.05.11 02:59:00 - [872]

Daydreamin' away, some ideas, dreams and reflections ...

1. Can we ever walk in a special station with CCP and CSM offices where we have these conversations with you in the virtual flesh ?
2. Talkin' about the EVE pizza box, placed in our galaxy centered on the sun you would see the galaxy in its sides - defining as north the side facing the galactic center - and in the top and bottom slice you would see the external galaxies as far away nebulae. Are there plans of embedding the EVE universe in a similar fashion ?
3. Will we ever have moons orbiting their planets and planets orbiting their star ?
4. Do you yhink there is room for two new mechanical skills: one to increase the calibration points on your ship and one that lowers the calibration needs on your rigs ?
5. Is there a timeline for implementing formation flight and fight ?
6. Can you either change their name or make interceptors the fastest ships ingame by giving the slowest 13au warpspeed and the fastest a HIGHER warp speed ?
7. Rumor has it EA is only interested in games their management can play. Is this the reason you removed the learning skills and are going to remove the individual connections skills and agent standings ?

Make Love not War
And Fly Safe while doing it

Legion Of Mad Cats
Posted - 2011.05.11 03:05:00 - [873]

Will there ever be T3 Frigates? And are you ever going to come out with a cruiser for exploration?

Posted - 2011.05.11 03:31:00 - [874]

What is teh situation with deactivating cyno's. The mechanic whereby if a cyno goes down you end up in a random part of a system is not only game changing, but also extremely broken.

Are there any plans to change things around cyno's and how they operate?

Art of War Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.11 03:41:00 - [875]

Will you devote a small team to wormhole iteration somewhere in the near future?

Have you discussed the possibility of allowing players to change subsystems in Ship Maintenance Arrays (POS) and Orcas/Carriers/Rorquals/whatever ship you can use for this? If so, what was the outcome of the discussion?

Will you make a trailer that includes some talking in spanish? (yes, we're jealous about the russians) Laughing

Don Pellegrino
Pod Liberation Authority
Posted - 2011.05.11 03:52:00 - [876]

My apologies if this has been asked before.

- When are you going to admit that Hybrid weapons and Gallente ships in general do not work as intended?

On paper, blasters do the most dps, but since the web nerf in late 2008, they have a hard time hitting for full damage at the range they're supposed to be used. On top of that, the small damage overhead they get over projectiles is further reduced by being unable to change damage type. The ships themselves have fitting issues due to blasters and rails taking up A LOT of powergrid, especially compared to projectile weapons, so they are often forced to fit low tier guns (like electron's) unline other races. Finally, the ships are too slow, they waste too much time getting into range and then are stuck with projectile-like dps due to the reasons above. Small blasters are perfectly balanced, don't touch them please, the issue is medium (mostly) and large. Railguns, well, they lack something. Either range, damage, tracking or *something else*, but they need something to be interesting.

- When are you going to admit that the Dramiel is overpowered and can replace 90% of the T1/T2/faction frigates?

That single ship can fulfill the role of almost all the current T1, T2 and faction frigs out there. Killing a dramiel isn't that hard but too often it requires fitting specifically against it to be able to kill it. Its ability to fit a mwd AND an afterburner AND a neut AND a very decent tank AND have decent dps AND have a lot of falloff AND have 3 drones AND go over 5k/s ALL AT THE SAME TIME is wrong. That single ship singlehandedly turned frigate pvp into dramiel pvp. Most of the frigates encountered in 0.0 are dramiels and other frigates are unable to defeat a well piloted and well fit dramiel (thankfully good dramiel pilots are a minority, but the ship itself is still way too versatile and the best at almost everything). The dramiel can just overload its afterburner and leave in the rare cases where it can't win. In lowsec, it made the good old and noob friendly T1 frigate solo pvp almost obsolete.

- When are you going to admit that ECM is a terrible mechanic that doesn't scale well?

In small gang pvp, a single Falcon can easily permanently TOTALLY take out 4 BC's. The other 3 recons disrupt them (instead of disabling them entirely), but wise piloting can still counter other types of ewar. ECM is just a binary thing: you can do something - or - you can't do anything. In large fleet pvp, ECM is pretty much useless compared to bringing a dps ship.
Basically: 1- It doesn't scale well, 2- It entirely disables ships, 3- It's random, making it hard to plan against it and making "pilot skill" irrelevant.

Posted - 2011.05.11 04:02:00 - [877]

Why are you changing the LP rewards and agents?

Its hard enough to do level 5s but now the effort It takes to do them gets you less rewards? Why this nerf?

Jacabon Mere
Capital Storm.
Reverberation Project
Posted - 2011.05.11 04:09:00 - [878]

It was explicitly stated in a dev blog that high end point income sources where not wanted. You nerfed dyspro and prom to hell to make your point.

Doing so you buffed tech to what is going to be a similar value, if not greater. A change appears to not be in the works.

Why is it you want tech to make up around 2/3rds the cost of a ship? Is it CCP's desire to have tech the only profitable moon to mine?

Are you going to relaise you made a mistake by making an r32 mineral use more than twice as much as every r64 and about equal amount as r16 minerals in every tech 2 ship on average.

Why is this so obvious to so many thousands of players but not your marketing guru?

Posted - 2011.05.11 04:15:00 - [879]

While it has been stated that no new T2 BPOs are going to be introduced to the research agents, do T2 BPOs which have been lost (by being on a destroyed ship for example) still get offered back up via the research agents?

And assuming that the answer to the above is yes, do T2 BPOs held by accounts that are banned get recycled to the agents?

Erik CoolBreeze
Posted - 2011.05.11 04:29:00 - [880]

Originally by: Don Pellegrino
... ECM is just a boolean thing:...

fixed Wink

The New Knighthood
Apocalypse Now.
Posted - 2011.05.11 05:02:00 - [881]

T2 ammunition still sucks, when will make it actually matter to have a T2 ammo in your guns.

When are you going to fix hybrids and Gallente in general ?
We have slowest ships in the game with close range weapons that fail to track if they survive to get in to a range at all and long range weapons that hit like a wet noodle from ranges that are HARD CAPPED (250km) to make them useless for their superior range (300km).

Why I still can't see my drone damage in bay ?

Posted - 2011.05.11 05:03:00 - [882]

I'm leaving EVE due to finances and fittingly got podded just now in low sec. In the meantime I've got a couple of ships out there in the universe. Is there any gain to be had from trying to sell stuff at this point? I don't think I have enough to donate to storm relief which would be my choice. Otherwise I guess I'll just let it go unless someone wants it in exchange for donating to storm relief on my behalf.

Posted - 2011.05.11 05:24:00 - [883]

Edited by: Fogg on 11/05/2011 05:24:40
When will remote repping trigger dock/jump aggression timer? Are there any plans to make logis commit to a fight and not be able to dock/jump the second they are threatened? Are there any plans to look at or overhaul the aggression and aggro timer mechanic at large?

Ris Dnalor
Fleet of Doom
Posted - 2011.05.11 05:32:00 - [884]

1. When implementing new stuff, why don't you prioritize getting it completely finished and done correctly over meeting a deadline?

2. Why don't you take the shiny figures that show you how many ships are in game and give small boosts to the ones few people fly?

Dorn Val
Posted - 2011.05.11 05:45:00 - [885]

I know that null sec recently got an exploration makeover or sorts (that broke high sec exploration for a while *ahem* ;) ) but are there any plans to change low sec and high sec exploration?

Diomedes Calypso
Aetolian Armada
Posted - 2011.05.11 05:48:00 - [886]

Edited by: Diomedes Calypso on 11/05/2011 05:59:29
Could you tell us more about your decision process involved with the vastly increased drop rate of meta 4 microwarp drives a year ago (and to a lesser degree arbalest cruise missle launchers etc)

Where this deliberate economic tweaks or accidents ?

Was the thought process, "We'd really like all players to be able to afford these modules that give a real advantage in fiting and performance to lower the cost of pvp a bit and make the amount of isk to spend a less determining pvp factor?"

Was it "Lets mess with the market somewhere to keep traders on their toes.. lets pull a mod type out of a hat... "hey, it props, not shield reactor relaysQ"

or was it sort of , "lets change the drop rates in some other mods to make up for the reduced number or guns dropped to reduce the amount of ore dropped (or just by removing guns and leaving other choices for randomn selectionf froma table intact.. lots more props got dropped?) " in other words was it an accident?

In assessing an accident, what is your internal thought process whether or not to undo what has been done or just live with the new randomly? (halphazardly?) created reality?

Do you have an economic game balance team that post mortems decisions like that ?

Basically its not so much the exact details in that given case (atlhough given the time passed, I don't see why not) but the internal process in how things like this go down .

I'd like to have confidence that things that will have an ecnonomic impact have been vetted internally and understanding your process would help with my confidence in that area.

SOLAR stone
Posted - 2011.05.11 05:52:00 - [887]

I've got a couple of questions:

1. If i'm being attacked by suicide gang in Hi sec, how long (exact time) does it take to Concord to give me a hand?
2. Does the time depends if i'm near the station or I'm somewhere out in solar system (doing mission, exploring etc..)?

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2011.05.11 06:06:00 - [888]

Can we have more Wallpapers please ?
Can you all link those to one (at least one) central place ? --> my hint: Screenshots & Art -> Wallpapers.

Pls pls make more Wallpapers !

Posted - 2011.05.11 06:24:00 - [889]

Is there any discussion currently ongoing among devs that you believe may lead to a reasonable chance of any following features being added to the game:

1) Ship crew
2) New drugs, particularly those related to missile characteristics (boosters)
3) Destructible stations (in place of conquerable stations)

Thank you.

Diomedes Calypso
Aetolian Armada
Posted - 2011.05.11 06:24:00 - [890]

Related to some comments in the thread about gallente weapons and many other things.

Why don't you experiment more with tiny incrmental budges in balance with periodic patches instead of looking for sweepiong solutions.

Can't damage and tracking rates on something be turned up 1% at a time until a better balance is acheived rather than not taking any action until deciding on a complete solution.

If things are bad, you dont' need to fix them immediately a partial step in the right direction makes a problem more bearable. Or doesn't it? Is it a policie to have as few changes as possible, or a technical security precaution imposed by employees with the controller roll?

As a practical matter, IF you decided you wanted something to do 1% more damage or modeify a drop rate, could you just tweek an number in a database somewhwee with a few keyboard strokes, or are drop rate constants somehow compiled into game code that is only touchable by a few hands on very limmited occasions? (ok im not a tech person , but i'm painting a question that might let your figure out what I should be asking and anaswer that instead)

(that might relate to the tech moon thing or gallente weapons, or drop rates of items in a classs so high that they eliminate the use of the other vairations in the same class)

Livestock Science Exchange
Posted - 2011.05.11 06:38:00 - [891]

Edited by: Llyandrian on 11/05/2011 06:42:21
Vanity structures on Planets, any plans?

I want a country Estate, with Mansion, Folly, Menagerie, slave quarters and other curiosities.

They could consume commodities to upgrade, and produce nominal e-peen. These would be great for RP, and provide a good motive to hire Dusters to storm our enemies Palaces.

Takeshi Ryuu
Black Octopus
Blind Octopus
Posted - 2011.05.11 07:08:00 - [892]

A lot of things in Eve and out of Eve depend on prices, but atm the only reliable way to obtain ship/module/etc prices is to parse cache files or export every market page you view, and do so for a lot of players. Faction prices are in even deeper trouble.

The API system was recently modified to return cached data when the data timer have not yet expired. This is perfect for a hypotetical Eve-wide market API, as most requests will hit the cache, and not the database, if you fear that the market API will slow down the database.

Why is there still no market API?
Why is there still no contracts API?

John 2557
Posted - 2011.05.11 07:58:00 - [893]

why only one in the ship? That is not like real.Confused

Paramount Commerce
Posted - 2011.05.11 08:07:00 - [894]

Update on drone UI and drone reconnect/ warp off when disconected question When.

Results of the last mass test. When?

Does the new fleetfinder build include the ability to have a completely open invite like what is need for mass tests?

Posted - 2011.05.11 08:09:00 - [895]

Will any corps/alliances caught supporting multiple botters be penalized for the unfair advantage gained?

Will players ever be given tools to assist in the war against botting (whether it be a petition category or ratting mechanics that make it more difficult for bots to warp off and cloak immediately all the time)?

I just caught a raven with bot-like behavior last night and it logged off as soon as I decloaked. Though it was scrambled by rats as well as my bomber, it disappeared within minutes when I would have eventually killed it. IMO this is a bad mechanic, are there any plans to change it? If something is scrambled it should not be able to log off to escape. Ever.

Vierego's Junk Imports
Posted - 2011.05.11 08:39:00 - [896]

Are you guys aware of minor annoyances/things that make the game inconvenient?
If not, is there any way to make you aware of them?
If so, where are they on your priority list and is there a way when can get a list of what you know to be minor annoyances so we know we can stop asking about them?

I think part of the problem is, we don't know if you know something is a problem, or are aware of it but from a non-programmers/designers perspective things that we think should be a simple fix are much more convoluted.

When you guys said "Yea, we want to fix aggression but its attached to so many things it would take a major overhaul." I was actually okay with that, because I knew at least you were aware of it, and hadn't gotten to it for a reason and it wasn't a 5 minute fix.

Things like trying to drag all of your inventory into a container, and because you have a container it says "nope, can't do that!" and stops the entire process vs say, just not including that container.

Or allow while browsing contracts right clicking a name and being able to view contract history.

Or if you view your transaction log, be able to right click it and send message/ect.

The Collective
White Noise.
Posted - 2011.05.11 08:42:00 - [897]

well i'll post, only took me to page 30 to catch up!

Isk sinks.. eve needs them!
more things paid to npc, that don't have direct actions on games, like the paint jobs, also need things that can be bought for no real reason other than fun like for CQ, also can you remove the default insurance? like iwas in 2004/5ish? was better that way.

in short, can you remove insurance and add more isk sinks?

Kaaii-Net Research Labs
Posted - 2011.05.11 08:48:00 - [898]

Will we ever the the implementation of "Viceroy" abilites in low sec, that you all wrote about so long ago.....? Neutral

Posted - 2011.05.11 09:05:00 - [899]

Is the clickfest that is Industry/Invention a design of laziness?

Aka, there has to be some effort into industry otherwise everyone and there mother would have an industry alt, and instead of programming something in that requires thinking you just made it a click fest.

Wyke Mossari
Posted - 2011.05.11 09:08:00 - [900]

Edited by: Wyke Mossari on 11/05/2011 09:12:27

The NavCom provides a distances for WH systems of around 1000LY from New Eden. However Lianda Burreau state it is (probably) another Galaxy

Is the 1000LY an artefact of pragmatic programming or can we rely on it as game lore?

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