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Posted - 2011.05.10 19:20:00 - [811]

for the love of god please make pos's less terrible. by which i mean the interface, access, just make it much simpler and make it more functional for non-ceos, make it easier for people to use yours without stealing or griefing etc, its been years, i truly believe you can get this done. oh ya, question...why not?

Posted - 2011.05.10 19:24:00 - [812]

Can we get a means to hook into the logserver.exe and parse the information in real time?

Quade Warren
Posted - 2011.05.10 19:31:00 - [813]

Hopefully this isn't a repeat. Also, apologies if the request seems self-centered, but its sink or swim out here.

I'm a huge fan of the storyline in Eve Online. Is there a way, besides the forums, you can contribute short stories/story ideas? My main concern, which I am sure everyone else is concerned with, is visibility. I'm interested in eventually becoming a game developer, so I figured I'd might as well start contributing when I can and it would be nice to get feedback from professionals in the industry.

Nyla Hunt
Posted - 2011.05.10 19:39:00 - [814]

Is it possible that we could get a fleet command transport ship that can transport say a rigged and fitted Battleship or 2 and support ships from location to location - I am thinking of something that could hold a clone bay especially for Incursion deployment from a Corp perspective? It would also be like the orca and use more than 1 warfare link to give fleet bonusses. Another function for it would be to do field repairs (in a safe spot of course) and fitting.

That way deployement to Incursions would be much more structured and better organised.

Secondly can we get stuff to happen in space much like it does in WH space where certain anomalies occur that drain the cap or reduce shields and stuff like that- and this would change form day to day in systems - thus making you check the "weather" before you go out so to say, to quote:"One tiny crack in the hull and our blood boils in thirteen seconds. Solar flare might crop up, cook us in our seats. And wait till you're sitting pretty with a case of Andorian shingles, see if you're so relaxed when your eyeballs are bleeding. Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence."

Carpe Diem

Nomad Quento
Posted - 2011.05.10 19:44:00 - [815]

27 pages of questions - sorry, but I came to page 7 before I gave up reading more questions, so bare with me if these questions already have been asked.

1) The skill queue was a huge improvement but why have a limited skill queue where you only can queue skills within the next 24 hours plus a major one which runs for days? Why can't we have an unlimited queue? This would make us train in the optimal order and what we want instead of tweaking and finding alternative skills to train if it doesn't add up. And for those not very active, we don't need to change skilling all the time.

2) Any plans of changing skill queue from EVE Gate (if 1 is not possible)?

3) Why do we need to pause skill queue and leave ship before clone jumping? Why not just push the "Jump" button and jump straight away?

4) Lower timer on clone jumping would be nice so we quickly can change location - I think this makes the game even more dynamic. Why has this been limited to only once per day - why not unlimited?

5) I know you don't run the EVE cluster on Windows 95 nodes... so why the need for the daily reboot? Wouldn't it be possible to be alive 24x7? I know the roids are regenerating at reboot but surely this can be done in other ways also?

6) I am an EVE API developer (market orders) and it would be really benefitial if we could see the EVE backend database ID for the current item. For example if I buy a frigate, it has an unique ID throughout the whole game (from it is born until it is killed/scrapped). If I then sell this exact frigate I can track the profit on that exact frigate instead of as we need to do now - first in, first out. Tracking stuff would be cool in the API - for example for history on stuff (who has owned my ship before I bought it?).

7) Server seetings should be used everywhere and anytime! It is so annoying reinstalling the game (yeah, it happens) and then redoing various tasks which is saved locally. I know this is hammering the database server even more but I really hate having local settings when they are better saved centrally. Any plans to implement this?

// Nomad Quento

Posted - 2011.05.10 19:46:00 - [816]

My only concern frankly is in related to the tools your customer service has available to them. In tickets I've submitted, the #1 reply was "no in our logs". When I've inquired, it seems nothing of actual relevence to a player, his actions, his location, the commands given to drones, jump timing, order of commands, timer, point of agression etc etc.. are ever recorded.

Thus my question is, can you improve what is recorded, and thus their tracking of events. Examples of information, like those presented above, need to be tracked for the purposes of supporting your customer base when something has gone wrong..

Cordo Draken
ABOS Industrial Enterprises
Posted - 2011.05.10 19:52:00 - [817]

Having read the answer thread first, I didn't see anything yet on these topics (sorry if these were asked already: tldr this thread):

1) Are Hybrids getting "fixed" as noted in many Assembly Hall threads?

2) Will the Bounty system ever become a viable one, i.e. Creating a much beloved Bounty Hunter Profession in any near future?

3) In the grand scheme of this great sandbox and effort into mixing it up and blending PvE w/ some PvP, would there ever be a "counter-mission" system as described in an Assembly Hall post: yes, self promoted, but I really think would spice things up from repeated missions become stagnant.

Thanx! Very Happy

Posted - 2011.05.10 19:53:00 - [818]

Edited by: Cornwalace on 10/05/2011 19:53:42
Q1. How are you and the new CSM chairman working towards getting things done? The reason I ask is because there was some major concerns as to the type of person he is, and how aggressive he is in wanting to get things done. I just hope that it doesn't intimidate you guys to the point where you're just not going to work with him as a way of revenge towards him. The concern I have is because of this particular quote from CCP Veritas -


Time dilation slows down time so the server can keep up with what y'all are doing. We're going to work on it nowish and if everything works out you'll see it some time not quite soon."

Q2: Certificates need a second look. I understand that they are only recommendations. We appreciate the work originally put into it. The reason for the second look is to verify that every single one of the 100+ skill's are represented, and there are a few that are not covered (such as the ORE Industrial skill). Will there be a second look?

Q3: I understand that the Eve Chronicles are put on hold for a long period of time to help develop more player-directed content. Will any of the previous content (events) in the other Chronicles be referred to in some of the newer Chronicles, or will the player-directed/assisted chronicles be based on new storylines, without much attention being put on the earlier ones?

Q4: I understand that CCP and everyone associated to the storyline want to keep a good bit of mystery in this, but, I have a question about sleepers. Is the storyline more complicated and thought out than it needs to be, or is it necessary to overthink the sleeper storyline. I just don't want to waste my time trying to find all the clues about Sleepers, only to find out that someone will randomly think "Hey, let's throw in this and see what these guys do now, since it fits with the grand storyline anyway" type of mentality?

Q5: Can we have these question/answer threads more often instead of every few years? I don't understand why it requires a whole bunch of work to actually do, when it's a simple task of getting the answer of either "yes, we're working on it" or "no, sorry, not in the plans." It helps keep many of us satisfied for some time, knowing that you scratched that Eve Itch about this problem, that solution, or just knowing that you're hearing us and we don't keep asking the same questions that you're planning to say no to.

Q6: To all the dev's that can answer this - Before you got hired, was the job more or less than what you were expecing it to be?

Pavel Bidermann
Posted - 2011.05.10 19:57:00 - [819]

On the much discussed issue of motherships being way overpowered, what are some of the ideas about balancing them? If they aren't nerfed then perhaps a t3 battleship that can use capital guns with either few guns or a gun duration modification to the ship (sort of a marauder/anti-cap blend). Perhaps a real performance boost to dreadnauts? Either way, these setups wouldn't be much good against sub-cap ships. It's funny that any carrier can tank like they do. Real carriers can be crushed like paper bags if you get through the escorts. I used to serve on a battleship. I have a little background with that. =)

Blaze Stigma
Garoun Investment Bank
Posted - 2011.05.10 19:58:00 - [820]

Over All font size

I have a Question for any CCP staff , I been Using a Big Display Resolution (1080i 1920 x1080 LCD HDTV )the Sizes of the Font of the Letters are bit too small to read. I will like to know if CCP has any plans in the works to add more options for Font sizes or Over All font changer.

from Blaze Stigma

Dirt Nap Squad
Dirt Nap Squad.
Posted - 2011.05.10 20:09:00 - [821]

Serious question: Why do you attempt to fix things that are not broken (or not worth fixing ie: true sec anols, the new proposed jump bridge re-vamp) and refuse to fix things that are patently broken?

So great, Eve is 8 years old and i've been here since beta, but as each year passes by, as each new expansion is fitted CCP cares less and less about its game or its customers. Before you made a serious attempt to fix issues as they arose (not lag, I know thats a biggy) and now you close your eyes and hope they dissapear or the players stop moaning.

Answer please ty.

Posted - 2011.05.10 20:14:00 - [822]

Originally by: annoing
Serious question: Why do you attempt to fix things that are not broken (or not worth fixing ie: true sec anols, the new proposed jump bridge re-vamp) and refuse to fix things that are patently broken?

So great, Eve is 8 years old and i've been here since beta, but as each year passes by, as each new expansion is fitted CCP cares less and less about its game or its customers. Before you made a serious attempt to fix issues as they arose (not lag, I know thats a biggy) and now you close your eyes and hope they dissapear or the players stop moaning.

Answer please ty.

youre saying theyre ignoring issues? You know the JB nerf has been LONG-AWAITED, and been asked for at least a dozen times, right?

Valeroth Kyarmentari
Posted - 2011.05.10 20:17:00 - [823]

Will planets and moons ever behave realistically?

Travel around there star?
Have gravity?
Have substance?

Alexeph Stoekai
Stoekai Corp
Posted - 2011.05.10 20:18:00 - [824]

What happened to the other half of Dominion? (Advanced diplomatic tools, etc?)

Posted - 2011.05.10 20:24:00 - [825]

Three questions that no one I know can answer:
1) When bombing T1 frigates with a stealth bomber, you generally hit only around 500, even though the bomb does way more damage than that. How is bomb damage calculated? Does the distance from the bomb explosion to the target (assuming it's within 15km) affect the damage done?
2) If you make a safe spot directly between 2 gates, and anchor a Large mobile bubble, do you catch people? If not, why not?
3) There is no up/down in space. Why is there up/down in EVE?

Caaldari Guy 1101011
Posted - 2011.05.10 20:34:00 - [826]

Originally by: blessmelittlehobbitfeet

3) There is no up/down in space. Why is there up/down in EVE?

Because you would get motion sick :P

akilli kuwalle
Pandora Industrie
Wing of Judgement
Posted - 2011.05.10 20:39:00 - [827]

1): tell us more about the SPACEWHALES from FF 2008

2): are you planning to make a fitting tool for mobile devices?

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.10 20:40:00 - [828]

From the Facebook thread.

On behalf of Toni Lankinen: Will we have the ability to block accounts from chating in local?
If I block character name, they just create new name on same account. By blocking accounts it will reduce spam/scams in trade hubs like Jita.
If no, why?

Carebears with Attitude
Posted - 2011.05.10 20:55:00 - [829]

31. Why don't my Assets searches include stuff inside containers? It's hard to keep track of my stuff, so I put it into containers all the time, usually containers named with some logic, but still I do not have track of all my ****, after having shifted mission base like a dozen times over 4 years and a few months of playing. I imagine it's more expensive for the server to do a more complete search, but I'd actually be willing to pay a bit for it. Or maybe each player get 1 free Comprehensive Search per week and must pay some million ISK if he needs more?

32. Do you plan on reducing the amount of scrolling needed to see all the ship stats in "show info"? For instance, each of the four shield resists gets its own line, each of the four armour resists gets its own line, each of the four hull resists gets its own line. You could combine those 12 lines into just 3 lines, showing exactly the same information as before, but in a more compact format. It's really annoying having to scrolls more than should be necessary.

33. Can Freighters please have a skill that increases their warp speed? 0.7 AU/s is very slow. I'd be happy with something like a rank 4 skill that gives +0.05 AU/s per level. Do you have plans for something like that? Perhaps a similar skill for T2 Assault Ships and/or Interceptors? (which obviously needs to give more than +0.05 AU/s to be worthwhile)

34. Have you considered having each agent offer a choice of two missions, one which takes an estimated period of time of 25-30 minutes (less for a veteran player with 50M+ SP) and one which takes an estimated period of time of 90-120 minutes (less for a veteran player...)? As it is, if I feel like playing for half an hour or so, all I can do is mine, since missions frequently take too long. At other times, I'm in the mood for a longer and more involved mission.

draconis Solette
Posted - 2011.05.10 20:57:00 - [830]

Q 1: In regards to wormholes is there any plans to give the player the ability to build stable wormholes and be able to stake a claim to that space

Q 2: Will there be any blueprints available so the player can build a starbase that they can dock with and control

Sierra Leonne
Posted - 2011.05.10 21:04:00 - [831]

This may have been asked, if so don't worry.

Q1: Time after time I see low-sec swept under the rug. Even in the latest 0.0 changes you reference the balance between empire and null-sec so why is it that low-sec is ignored in such equations?

Q2: The bounty system needs improving to make it viable as a method of play - do you have any plans to implement a more in-depth system in the future?

Q3: The profession of piracy is one that many find themselves interested in through my experience, with a great deal of young players wanting to take part. With FW being a slightly pointless endeavour in it's current form and the actual 'piracy profession' being too unstable and tough for most to sustain themselves with, what plans do you have in place to benefit this style of play?

Q4: When the hell will low-sec get some love???!

Posted - 2011.05.10 21:06:00 - [832]

CCP Zulu Senior producer
CCP TomB - Producer
CCP Hammerhead Lead Game Designer
Q1: To me the direction the game is going seems to be vague at best - it seems as if there is a priority on Incarna and possibly Dust after that, but there doesn't really seem to be a point to it. Incarna, as I now understand it, will be CQ first with an emphasis on the new player, with possibly moving about stations later, but none of this addresses the core of what Eve is to those who play it: a complex game about internet spaceships. And that game is suffering badly as almost a decade's worth of unfinished and unbalanced cruft has piled up that make many parts of the core game - shooting other internet spaceships, or building those spaceships to shoot others with - irritating and with time simply tiresome. Some steps have been taken to address this since last year's summer of rage (Team Gridlock for combatting lag and Team BFF to fix the low hanging fruit), but clearly, to a lot of us, this isn't enough. There are so many things that need fixing, (old mission content, FW sov and plexing, losec piracy, all the forgotten t1 ships, Hybrid weapons and the ships that use them, the terrible proliferation of Supercaps and their extreme OPness, trading, manufacturing) that there should by rights be at least two more permanent teams, one for finishing old content and one for constantly rebalancing the game. What is your position on this and why is so much old content ignored and forgotten by CCP?

Q2: There is such a huge gulf between players with years of experience and new players that it is almost totally impossible for newer players to compete in the pvp arena, no matter how much of an improved player retention rate you hope to get with Incarna. This is the obvious reason why the majority of eve sits in hisec. It is only through things like eve-uni that any of them get any hope of doing pvp early on in game. Have you ever considered this problem from a realistic point of view instead of trying to force those players into lo- and nullsec through various hisec nerfs?

CCP Tuxford Senior Programmer
Yours truly Community Developer
Q. The forum debacle: There is the perception amongst the players of a constant thread of incompetence amongst CCP's staff. The forums provide a very good example of that. There was a lot of feedback to the beta tests with almost universal dislike of the new forums (slow, clumsy, ugly, bad fonts, too narrow insecure) yet almost nothing was addressed and the final product was so bad that a good deal of the trust that was built up since the summer of rage last year with Team BFF and Team Gridlock was lost again. A)Why does CCP give the impression of only listening to their customers when things are so bad that they have no other choice and B) why are there so many technical problems with any and every iteration of the game?

Corina's Bodyguard
Posted - 2011.05.10 21:20:00 - [833]

Originally by: blessmelittlehobbitfeet
Three questions that no one I know can answer:
1) When bombing T1 frigates with a stealth bomber, you generally hit only around 500, even though the bomb does way more damage than that. How is bomb damage calculated? Does the distance from the bomb explosion to the target (assuming it's within 15km) affect the damage done?
2) If you make a safe spot directly between 2 gates, and anchor a Large mobile bubble, do you catch people? If not, why not?
3) There is no up/down in space. Why is there up/down in EVE?

I can answer all of these (I think), though I'm not a CCP person...

1)Not 100% sure, but it seems bomb damage is based on sig and speed, much like missile damage.
2) when warping, you travel through stuff, independent of the physical universe. The bubble exists in real space, the warper does not.
3) because without an up/down, the server would have to calculate the position and orientation of every ship in EVE relative to every item in EVE... 5 people missioning would lag out a system. (maybe hyperbole, but thats the general idea).

My question: Does CCP have plans to make wrecks scannable?

Dro Nee
Posted - 2011.05.10 21:23:00 - [834]

Edited by: Dro Nee on 10/05/2011 21:24:24
Not entirely sure the "panel" knows this info (I dont know mah devs sorry), but its worth a shot:

The QEN's are one of the few sources of information available to players that can be considered relatively bias-free. Meaning that the numbers/figures presented there are less likely to be "cooked" in order to support any singular groups special interest.

1) Are there any plans to move away from "snapshot" data when it comes to population and ship use statistics?

2) Has anyone from CCP had a desire to do follow-up blogs that explain/expand upon the data in any way? I.E. "Here is a much more in-depth explanation of how we obtained the data and why said data is important"

If yes, is it just been a matter of everyone being too busy recently to do such blogs?

3) Will we get another "Statistics you want to see" thread soon?

Jorn Grevis
Ore Mongers
Posted - 2011.05.10 22:07:00 - [835]

Under The Trade skills you are only limited to sell items not under contract to the region you are in under level V. Question, would you there be a skill were you could sell or change items in other region, not in the one you are currently in?

Posted - 2011.05.10 22:14:00 - [836]

When are we going to have a dedicated rigged ship transporter?


Posted - 2011.05.10 22:14:00 - [837]

Other's have already asked the questions I most want answered so
Originally by: Arline Kley

2. When are tier 3 Battleships (Abaddon/Rokh/Maelstrom/Hyperion) going to see Navy Issue versions

3. When are T2 versions of said ships also going be appearing?

Originally by: Super Chair

Are hybrid turrets going to be looked at anytime soon(tm)?

As I don't know about others but for me it seems ridiculous that a Tier 2, i.e. the Raven, requires lower skills and costs less, yet can readily be fitted to outperform the more expensive, and higher skill requirement Tier 3, the Rokh. Throw in the restriction of hybrid turrets to kinectic and thermal damage as opposed to all flavours and it really seems like the devs just hate gunboats. Crying or Very sad
I used to fly a rokh but switched to Raven when I played with the fittings in EFT and saw how stupid it was to stick to using the Rokh.

Renegade Serenity
Posted - 2011.05.10 22:35:00 - [838]

probably was asked back in 2008 but -

Modular POS, it has been suggested 6 years ago, devs have commented on it but so far we have no idea what is being done.

I humbly request, is this idea shelved or being worked on?
What is the major problem(s) that is keeping this from being implemented?

Haruka san
Posted - 2011.05.10 22:39:00 - [839]

Why can't mission rewards be more dynamic, such as having an option for payout (minerals, bpcs, ship, mods, etc)? Currently only tutorials, storylines, and COSMOS missions give things other than isk, right? For example, I spent my first few months in EVE doing manufacturing missions, as I liked the type of rewards I got in the tutorial. But after I got to level 4 agents, and still wasn't getting anything, I gave up. I went into manufacturing hoping to get the extra runs on the bpcs or spare minerals, but was greatly disappointed when I never got them. I'd like to see rewards be more flexible, like decline rewards for a few missions, so the accrued reward later is better. Example: level 4 missions offer choice of isk or an item as a reward. I decline the reward for 10 missions. The next I get offered isk or a faction mod. Continue declining, get offered isk or faction frigate. Or perhaps they repair your ship free of charge. Or if you lose your ship on a mission, they'll give you a new one (assuming you have enough accrued) or buy some mods for the replacement.

I know this crosses over with LP, but the lay mission runner (non-LP farmers) take a long time to get the LP, or costs a lot to get the tags/items. For instance, I've been mission running for Caldari Navy for about a year. I've acquired enough LP to get 40 Navy cruise launchers or 13 5-run prints. But I have still not acquired enough tags to buy 1 (print or mod), thanks in part to ninjas and rarity of tags in general.

I think the reward system should blend with the LP system.

Posted - 2011.05.10 22:47:00 - [840]

Edited by: Tyrandiox on 10/05/2011 22:54:00
Edited by: Tyrandiox on 10/05/2011 22:48:56
If i remember correctly there are plans to massively revamp the current (abhorred) User interface (circa last summer's `back end updates`).

My question(s) is: When can we expect to see a new interface, perhaps one that isn't right click dependent, has some form of 'intelligence'(smart select for double click feature based on target or object type, eg; double click an asteroid to lock and mine it.)memory, modding capabilities, and\or more intuitive keybinds\controls, and by extension, will there be new FONTS (and font SIZES?)

A bunch of tiny 'quality of life' fixes don't count as a 'UI revamp' in my book, it still looks the same as it did almost 8 years ago.

Lets face it, the policy of 'keeping everyone on a level playing field' by restricting the user interface to the point that even looking at your screen induces claustrophobia seems kinda backwards with the recent direction of the game, aesthetically speaking, (Carbon character creator, graphics updates, and incarna looking down the road,) not to mention the fact that nearly every other game today supports some type of graphical modification (who wouldn't want to see their ship shields as an actual bubble icon around your hull on your hud?) Functionally it is in need of a huge update ANYWAY, im sure that there can be restrictions hard coded into the games core files that only allow so much information to be shown (health of non locked targets etc)

Eight years ago 12 pt fonts worked just fine with 16 inch CRT monitors, but more and more we are seeing 19, 20, 22 inch (and personally i play on a 32' HDTV, game looks amazing, cant read **** though.) or larger LCD monitors, HDTVs and even projectors.

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