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Davon Kastire
Hit it n' Quit it
Posted - 2011.05.09 17:39:00 - [271]

Originally by: CCP Zulu
How are you so handsome?

A Very important question.

As for my question. How do you plan to improve Factional Warfare. I know Dust 514 would be thrown into the mix (After spotting a few obvious tips in the teaser trailer), but what plans do you have to improve the experiance for EVE Online players?

I have an idea but I'll post that in the ideas forum later.

Tres Farmer
Gallente Federation Intelligence Service
Posted - 2011.05.09 17:40:00 - [272]

Got one more.. a pet peeve of me:
What are the circumstances that CCP/Gamedesign would consider to get rid of the stargates and give every ship in eve a jumpdrive to find it's own way as I describe it in my signature?
Is there at least a tiny chance to see something like this on Duality at some point?

The Bastards
The Bastards.
Posted - 2011.05.09 17:40:00 - [273]

Edited by: z0de on 09/05/2011 17:40:40

Hailey Sunweaver
Murientor Tribe
Posted - 2011.05.09 17:40:00 - [274]

For those that run 2 clients on the same machine will the release of Incarna have a negative impact with performance ?

Mya Klingofer
Posted - 2011.05.09 17:41:00 - [275]

1. Will the June patch include the reported changes to boosters?


2. Are you going to change the way that storylines are currently implemented? What i mean is that currently, no-matter what type of division you do missions for you always end up in the same storyline pool.

When you change the agents so you only get courier missions from a courier agent and NOTHING else, are you going to continue with a common pool of storylines OR are you to branch out the storylines seperately as well?

So for instance, will a courier agent not only give me courier missions exclusively, but also will only ever offer courier storylines.
If the answer is yes, will doing courier mission storylines give less faction standing gain than a kill agent that offers nothing but kill storylines?

DaeMon ix
The first genesis
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2011.05.09 17:42:00 - [276]

would you consider making IHUB upgrades targettable with reasonably low hp perhaps. Similar to the way in which station services are targettable. In this way you would provide small 10-20 man roaming gangs with an opportunity to 1. affect the local infrastructure and 2. attempt to force the locals cowering in station to actually fight :)

Nett result would be to help in a small way to bring back the greatly missed small gang raiding parties that may actually get some fights without necessarily being blobbed out, thereby making the game FUN again. YARRRR!!

Obsidian Hawk
RONA Corporation
RONA Directorate
Posted - 2011.05.09 17:45:00 - [277]

Originally by: Professor Liedenbrock
Let's play 20 questions...

1. Will you ever fix locking BPO's so that it doesn't take FOREEVER to lock one, like hello... A Lock all button. and a approve all button.

2. Will we ever be able to repair a ship from a POS... (think WH space)

3. Will we ever be able to name a container inside a POS, PLEASE PLEASE.

4. Will we ever be able to OPEN a container inside a POS?

5. When will you revamp POS roles?

This and

When can we get alliance hangers for pos towers, Im sick of having someone else in a different corp getting stuff for me?

When are we getting the old cyno effects back? IMO Damn the lag, I can take a fps drop and extra lag for pretty lightning storms.

When is the petition system going to get an overhaul with more sub categories for faster petition responses?

Is there a plan to maybe adjust the petition system so ISD and or some sort of player like staff can answer many petition questions allowing GM and Dev staff to take care of the bigger issues?

Is it true CCP Oveur lost a bet and had to do a pole dance for everyone at ccp hq dressed as techno viking and then had to sing songs from rocky horror?

There have been a lot of bugs as of late with the .dll files in the /bin folder mostly they fail on start up or in certain systems that have a lot of cosmos stuff going on like Deltole and what not, causes crashes in these files. Has anyone gone to look at them to see what is causing these .dll files to break? specically, blue.dll, trinity.dll are the two big ones that crash for me all the time.

People have been abusing the wardec mechanic as of late by making a war then closing out the corp to have a 0 man corp in a war dec. Anyway of stopping this?

There have been a lot of calls for ship balancing, and there are a lot of great ideas. What process do you guys take to evaluate how to see if these ideas are good or not of if they should be implemented? SEE Reference ASsembly hall thread of the great ship rebalance. *cough navy ships need love cough*

Will Militants ever be useful for something?

Going back to ship rebalance issue, say you at ccp come up with a plan and a set idea of changes, will you now in the future maybe in a new forum have threads that says, Current issue, proposed changes, and get good player feedback off of the proposed changes before they hit the test server?

Wabbit Season or Duck Season?

As the game grows larger so does the demand for mere service staff to address many of the whining of the player base, any plans to open a new office dedicated to public relations and or customer service, ie gm's?

Finally you know those steal bombers the tama cerebellums? Can we the the bpc's of those? I like the design and the idea of a faction bomber sounds cool.

Finally part 2, faction battle cruisers? can we has them?

Minmatar industries
Posted - 2011.05.09 17:47:00 - [278]

Is there going to be any way to change a characters name? Is there a way? I'd like too since I came up with a better name for my character.... Without numbers.

Khumaak Flying Circus
Posted - 2011.05.09 17:48:00 - [279]

Why does the price history graph show 5 and 20 day moving averages? I think that they are supposed to represent 1 week and 4 week moving averages. That makes sense in RL since the markets are only open 5 days a week, but the New Eden markets are open 7 days a week. Shouldn't those be 7 day and 28 day moving averages?

AoF Lottery Services
Posted - 2011.05.09 17:51:00 - [280]

I know the servers can sometimes not handle the stress, but how feasible would it be to have a fail-safe for missions you forget to turn in? It would be nice for EvE to attempt an "auto-turnin" of a mission 10 minutes before it is due to expire.

Malicious Destruction
War Against the Manifest
Posted - 2011.05.09 17:52:00 - [281]

@ Those who handle drones and graphics
Sentry Drones graphics and drones in general Seem to be really lacking. Are there any plans to add features to how drones look, or if we can ever except to seem them shoot instead of pointing in just random directions.

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.09 17:53:00 - [282]

From the Facebook thread.

On behalf of Jeffrey Jorgensen: When are you going to nerf the Drake...way too uber of a tank where as the other races don't match up against each other.

Posted - 2011.05.09 17:54:00 - [283]

Here is my Question.

CCP & game designers

When will you sort out your godforsaken rubbish mission data base. how long have we asked for a revamp in way missions work and the VERY OUTDATED STORYLINES

My thread your missions suck CCP ,never saw a dev pop in. never had an answer.

so when how and what will change with missions and when. i am fed up with these idea you bring when the storylines and missions nearly outdate the Beta Veterans. i came in 2006 and you have not changed missions one bit, oh wait i lie you added some more.

it is about time you revamped agents and missions totaly, rewrite them if need be but for god sake start making them more interesting.

we know they suck , you know they suck ccp, lets do something about it.

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.09 17:54:00 - [284]

From the Facebook thread

On behalf of Marcos Diaz Jr: Leading up to Incarna, when can we expect developments in the storyline? Will it be like Incursion where it comes out in groups, or is it going to be developed in one lump event?

Danny J Wallace
Posted - 2011.05.09 17:54:00 - [285]

Given the recent report of apx 300k accounts, when factored against distinct IP addresses how many actual customers are playing. Since the PLEX system started there has been, based on my observation, a jump in the number of alt accounts. When I started playing and randomly asked around the average accounts per player was about 1.2 accounts per player (apx 2 years ago). Recently I started asking around and it was, based on the small sample size, 3.3 accounts per player. Given the population numbers from 2 years ago to now it would appear that we have actually lost actual players, but those that are playing simply have more accounts, distorting the figures.

Q: At this time what are the apx number of real distinct players versus just a count of active accounts?

Even a basic statistical analysis should give us a better approximation. Given 32k players online it should be trivial to get a count of distinct MAC\IP identifiers off the firewall and give us an approximate IPs\Account ratio. We could be in a rather unhealthy body count and not even know it without having a basic view of players versus accounts.

Echo Mande
Posted - 2011.05.09 17:55:00 - [286]

Edited by: Echo Mande on 09/05/2011 19:26:09
- Will Marauders be tweaked/buffed to take account of the Noctis?

- Will PI be tweaked more (larger or expandable storage sites and spaceports; cheaper warehouses; half an extractor controller for half the price/grid/CPU)

- Will destroyers be redone (current destroyers) or added to (tier 2 destroyers)

- Will there be more T2 capitals, or a T1 jump freighter (maybe with attendant T2 JF buff)

- Will black ops' jump range be increased and will covert cyno's in highsec ever be possible?

- Will Hybrids and gallente ships in general (Hyperion in particular) ever be buffed/rebalanced?

- Will suicide gank CONCORD kills ever lose their insurance payouts?

- Will the overview ever be improved (proper multiple item sorting; ship effects as a separate column item)

- Will cloaking in general ever be reviewed and if need be redone (AFK cloaking etc)

- Will T1 production ever be integrated with PI (minerals -> minerals+PI) to allow limited production of meta items?

- Will COSMOS ever be fixed (items and sites) and/or expanded on?

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.09 17:55:00 - [287]

From the Facebook thread.

On behalf of Eric James von Hippel: Are there plans for letting us give our capsuleers cyborg parts like robotic arms and actually displaying the cyber enhancements we have on our characters

Jaina Kort
Posted - 2011.05.09 17:56:00 - [288]

Will Interbus ever get their own station and storyline missions along with an LP store?

Ruze Ahkor'Murkon
No Applicable Corporation
Posted - 2011.05.09 17:57:00 - [289]

Question: Is CCP going to give us a remolding of the recruitment system, maybe as mentioned here: Is it even possible, or likely? If so, what is an expected priority for such a project?

Posted - 2011.05.09 17:57:00 - [290]

Edited by: Shalassason on 09/05/2011 17:57:51
1) You once said, that FW is not fixable if there is not an onproportional amount of work involved, could state if this is still your position ?
-If it is not is it possible that something similar to all those endless F&I threads is going to be done ?
-Or that team BFF might have a look at all those tiny things that would make our FW-life easier ?(there are still around 25k ppl enlisted here)

2) Will you dedicate a team to ship/pvp balancing at some point in near future ?

P.S: sorry if these questions have already been asked, but you know your forum Laughing

CCP Manifest

Posted - 2011.05.09 17:58:00 - [291]

From the #askeve Twitter convo

On behalf of @lostoffworld : when I warp to 0 on a gate, I expect to land within jump range (unless bubbled ;) so why are we landing out of jump range often now?

Natalia Kovac
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2011.05.09 17:58:00 - [292]

Has anybody seen my gal?

Empress Jamyl
Posted - 2011.05.09 17:59:00 - [293]

Two things I'd like to ask.

(1) Please speed up petition response times. I have had a few very fast ones myself but 95% have been hideously slow and some have never been replied to, which is maddening. I pay to play the game and expect proper answers as I would from any company out there who receives my custom. Please sort it out because atm it's not at all satisfactory and has prompted me to think about leaving the game once or twice where it is apparent you at CCP couldn't care less about my troubles. I pay YOU so I expect a response!
(2) I'd like to see acts of crime punished harder and faster. Thievery should get a tough concorde response, since stealing is a crime it should be treated as such. If there is a mechanic in place to summon police response to aggression, then it can be implemented to deal with wreck/can thieves - atm I think the aggressors and crims in this game are more or less allowed to live that way with impunity. It's very unbalanced is what I am saying. I'd like something put in place that'll make the potential thief think a bit harder about what might happen to him if he nicks off with your stuff.

Damassys Kadesh
Eternal Damnation of the Woken Mind
Posted - 2011.05.09 18:00:00 - [294]

Edited by: Damassys Kadesh on 09/05/2011 18:01:31
I've been in Factional Warfare (Caldari) since basically the beginning. I've always enjoyed the easy-access PvP that it provides. But over time, it has severely decayed in numbers and action, mostly because of how easy it is to lose interest in the primary mechanic of the war: plexing.

Is FW on the radar for an update? And what are you thinking about changing to boost this feature to its full potential?

People plexed for a while, but it quickly became apparent that there were no tangible rewards that made it worth the effort. A handful of people do the FW missions, but no where near enough to make an impact on the PvP landscape. I think I speak for all FW members, when I say I've been longing for a well overdue update to the feature that I partake in. Even starting with a flat boost (a large one) to loyalty point gain for plexing would get things started in the right direction. I think this feature still has a lot to offer players, and that it shouldn't be dismissed and left to wither away.

One final example of the current state of FW: one of the top corps from each opposing faction (Gallente and Caldari) have set each other blue, because fighting each other is less appealing than pursuing other ventures.

[EDIT] I just saw at least one person beat me to this question... but hopefully I have shed some additional light on the subject ;)

Dame'un Beso
Osculum Nex
Posted - 2011.05.09 18:00:00 - [295]

Edited by: Dame''un Beso on 09/05/2011 18:05:39
Hi There,

First a applause for doin this Q'n'Rs

Got a few, some seen b4, but still on my whishlist... Cool

1. Other T3 ship variations, with configuration ability at pos.
2. Naming of POS structures.
3. Coporate Hangar Array : Ability to switch the subsections on/off, choosing between one large, or the 7 shared sections. (This should also apply to Orca and Rorqual)
4. Salvage Drones, will they ever be a issue?
5. Dronebay on Noctis. (Perhaps to yeild Salvage Drones) Laughing
6. Will it ever be possible to set skilltraining at evegate (or other web platform)
7. GUI with full support for touchscreen computers would be a neat feature.
8. How long time is passed from Ideah to full implementation ?
(Lets just take the T3 Cruiser and/or Planetary Interaction as an examples.)
9. Loved the Quafe Zero ideah, will there be more consumeables, with various effects ? (ie. Quafe Ginseng = Makes you think faster, 6 hours of 50% skill training bonus)
10. why is it all booster effects are trained on PVPplayers ?

That should be my 10 cents of curiosity..

Beso Twisted Evil

Posted - 2011.05.09 18:03:00 - [296]

I say, make something that works as well as a Captcha and you are good to go. I would rather deal with input of a three to four letter/number sequence every few minutes while mining then have to watch as bots slowly deteriorate this game.

Originally by: Ore Grinder
Originally by: Mnementh2231
Edited by: Mnementh2231 on 09/05/2011 15:08:05
It's a several-part question:)

Is the reason that Cyno's aren't allowed in WH-Space something simple like as to prevent people from mining ops with instant in-system backup, or is it something more devious like WH-Space systems being laid out in the same format as k-space systems, and the potential for jumping about between systems or from k-space to w-space exists?

Also, tell me this isn't a delicious solution to macro-miners? Give the roids AI. if the same ship locks the same crappy veld-roid 3 times in a row, in a 30 minute or some junk window, the ship gets ported to jita, and egresses a NPC station or gate or something :)

Also, how did Concord make it to all the Wh-Space systems to anchor those customs offices? Are they just THAT good?

It's been rumored and guessed and hinted on and passed around for ages, and I have to say with finality that yes, having a POS established in a system DOES effect the spawn mechanics of sites in a certain way. I don't need details, just a yes or no?

To combat macro miners, just make it so your mining lasers need to be "calibrated" to the roid you mine. To do this you would have to play with some sort of slider or click something, even if it is stupidly simple. It becomes very hard for a macro to use this. You could also make it change every 2 months or so to increase the amount of adjustments bot programmers have to make just to **** them off or make it not worth the time for them.

core trader
Posted - 2011.05.09 18:04:00 - [297]

why do tags have such random value (1 gold tag isnt the other), their general purpose eludes me since i started eve as there is no match too for xample the store for LP

and soemthing i always missed in eve :
why dont we have a remote reprocess skill

Posted - 2011.05.09 18:05:00 - [298]

when you boosted scrams by turning off mwd did you account to how this would affect blaster preformance?

Basically blasters needed the sig radius boost of a mwd to hit smaller targets...

What are you plans to make players use blasters again?

would you be willing to increase tracking to hybrid ammo like you did to prjectile?

would you be willing to make blasters opperate more like close range arties where they maintain the same dps as they do now but have a much hier alpha?

Have you noticed that rail guns suck donkey b@lls?
Would you be willing to increase railgun base damage and rof to make them the highest dps long range platform?

what are your plans to incurage gallente to go close range?
Will you simply just increase thier base speed and agility?

or how about a ship bonus to the mwd affect like: decrease in mwd mass addition per lev?
or 10% increase to amor per lev?

do you really think in 2011 a 7.5% to armor rep is a good idea? how about a change to 10% to armor amount per lev?

will drones ever act like they should?

can we get youtube intergration into the media player ingame so i dont have to alt tab to change a song?

what are your plans to balance dreads to sc? will you just nerf the hell out of sc? would you be willing to introduce Juggernauts which are tech II dreads that can use Capital Nuets that will make capital RR a nightmare?

Will you ever impliment moduel poses as mentioned in the flogging the dead horse thread?

Will you ever introduce tech II tier III bs's called flag ships?

How will you fix lowsec/FW?

I really like the idea of mounts in stations can this not be just a joke?

Will we ever get a simcity like mod for planetary interaction?

how will you make 0.0 industry viable?

Can i please order pizza with plex?

Anarkia Evangel
Red Federation
Posted - 2011.05.09 18:08:00 - [299]

Are there any plans to bring back the scanner mini-map? I miss it a lot.

Aloe Cloveris
The Greater Goon
Posted - 2011.05.09 18:10:00 - [300]

Edited by: Aloe Cloveris on 09/05/2011 18:10:24
wat is ur favorite anime?

Seriouspost: Now that rockets and projectiles have been addressed, is there presently an active team looking into means of making hybrids not laughable crap? Is there any hope?

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