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Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2011.05.07 12:03:00 - [1]

Edited by: Laktos on 07/05/2011 12:12:44
Edited by: Laktos on 07/05/2011 12:06:35

As an avid pvp video watcher I was inspired recently to start filming some of my fights and put them into a video. What you see here is the result. The footage is mostly solo low sec pew pew, with a sprinkling of small gang stuff for variation. I hope it is an enjoyable and fun video to watch, and I look forward to using any critique to improve on my next video. So without further ado...


If direct download is not working, you can use this link here:

If you cannot play .mkv files then you can either download the codecs that allow windows media player to play it here:
Or you can download vlc player here:

Ships Flown: Rifter, Enyo, Dramiel (it dies \o/), Drake, Hurricane


File size: 306mb
Run time: 10:27
Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Track List:

Bliss N Eso - Addicted
Blue King Brown - Never Fade Away
Drapht - Rapunzel

Feel free to criticise. I don't want you to tell me its good if it actually sucks lol, it will only make it harder for me to improve on my next one. On the other hand if it's epic and the best thing you've seen in your life, feel free to kiss my feet and donate to my wallet ;)

Disclaimer: Any fleet members that are not accounted for in the ships on grid info text are always scouts and are never on grid during the fight. During the Enyo vs Firetail, Merlin fight I am receiving t3 links, however the pilot giving me the links requested that his privacy be kept. I like to be honest with you guys, and if anybody wants to claim that I am lying, then I'm just going to call you a paranoid bastard :D

Suleiman Shouaa
The Tuskers
Posted - 2011.05.07 12:46:00 - [2]

Enjoyed it, nice first video!

Posted - 2011.05.07 13:14:00 - [3]

Edited by: Dasrufken on 07/05/2011 13:41:22
Nice video. props for the music choice.

O/ laktos

Dong Orson
Mountain Militia
Mountain Sprouts
Posted - 2011.05.07 14:32:00 - [4]

Good video, best part is at around 8:34 ;).

Posted - 2011.05.07 14:40:00 - [5]

Pretty decent video with some nice fights in it. I think you could've removed the one with the frigs ganking that drake but otherwise it was fun to watch.

inspector burnside
Posted - 2011.05.07 15:55:00 - [6]

good for your first vid mate. i enjoyed it :)

Posted - 2011.05.07 19:52:00 - [7]

Good s*** man, well done for your first vid. I know how much of a pain u had gettin it wrapped up so nice to see it finally.

And we would have got both the cyclone and prophecy had I not been a total nub and diaf so soon lol.

The bonus bit at the end with the orca. should have included the suicidal belicose that came to try to help him. Or the ejecting hulk pilot when we landed.

Good stuff though man look forward to more.

Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2011.05.08 01:00:00 - [8]

Thanks for the feedback everyone Very Happy

@das - Hey man, long time no see o/

@dong - Hater's gonna hate -.-

@allo - Yeah I was originally going to include the whole fight, but decided that it was just way too long with not that much happening to include the whole thing. I would've liked to put the bellicose in but as the whole thing was so long and thanks to that belli i had to warp out and back in at one point I decided it was best just to include the final moments as the orca died.

Mountain Militia
Posted - 2011.05.08 05:54:00 - [9]

Fleet Fine!

Haha nah its pretty good. Bit big but its the price for the prettiness

Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2011.05.08 06:28:00 - [10]

I support this product and/or service and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Nice vid m8. :)

Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2011.05.08 06:58:00 - [11]

Not a bad first video, Laktos :)

All told though, it's probably about twice as long as it should be. The text elements would have worked well with brief moments flying around in space (preferably towards fights). It got to be a bit hard to keep track of text for what vs what at times. Some solid fights in here though. Definitely wasn't a waste of time to sit back and watch.

Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2011.05.08 16:22:00 - [12]

Edited by: Laktos on 08/05/2011 16:23:35
Thanks guys.

@astro - Yeah the file could probably be smaller in size but I'm a noob at encoding lol and this is the best I could do without spending hours trying different settings.

@evel - I have heard similar things from a few other people as well and am definitely making a note of it :)

Ghosts of Ragnarok
Posted - 2011.05.09 03:26:00 - [13]

Great vid with nice selection of fights.
I remember when gunpoint was just sard and rax lol.

Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2011.05.12 07:01:00 - [14]

Originally by: Eirellle
Great vid with nice selection of fights.
I remember when gunpoint was just sard and rax lol.

Yeah the corps grown alot since then, I'm one of the newest members :)

Thanks for the feedback!

Strega Cartel
Posted - 2011.05.14 12:53:00 - [15]

Nice video, with good music.
For the little criticism part :
- not really good quality, perhaps the encodage.
- Load null in your guns ;).

Hope you could make another soon, i have loved the duel rifter vs merlin ;).

Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2011.05.14 14:31:00 - [16]

Thanks Niarta.

And yeah I have a bad habit of not loading ranged ammo lol. I knew that the merlin and firetail would most likely kite me, but I figured that vs 2 of them at long range I wouldn't stand a chance and my only chance was to load antimatter and hope they were stupid, then as they settle into orbit I realise I am tanking them and they are kiting and I think "idiot idiot! load null quick!" :)

It was also an example of my inexperience with the ship, as I forgot that the enyo has an optimal range bonus. /facepalm

But yeah, I have learnt from that mistake.

Posted - 2011.06.06 15:18:00 - [17]

Re watched on new comp, cant wait for you to make another :)... Friendly bump as well

Dorian Tormak
Posted - 2011.08.27 21:07:00 - [18]

Edited by: Dorian Tormak on 27/08/2011 21:19:11
Good quality video. Straight up pvp and it's not a 5x speed techno music vid like some are (no offense!)

I love a Rifter

Posted - 2011.08.28 03:24:00 - [19]

what is it with people and drake footage...

Super Batungwaa Ninja Warriors
0ccupational Hazzard
Posted - 2011.08.29 17:44:00 - [20]

I watched this a while back, when I wasn't able to comment, due to account inactivity.

Competent piloting m8, I enjoyed the video. Imo, Dram vs Celestis didn't need to have been included. Then again, I do have some derp clips in my new video, lol.


Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2011.08.31 14:23:00 - [21]

Thankyou for the kind words guys.

Posted - 2011.09.01 09:15:00 - [22]

God I keep missing these good movies when they are release!

I enjoyed this one very much and Tabs yes that dram clip had to be there... to show the world how crappy they really are! Very Happy

Always make more

Scorpionidae Very Happy

Jahred Shaw
Muppet Ninja's
Posted - 2011.09.01 19:42:00 - [23]

Good video! Was so surprised with the use of Australian hip hop, good change. Where was the Hilltop Hoods though? Laughing

Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2011.09.03 03:12:00 - [24]

Originally by: Jahred Shaw
Good video! Was so surprised with the use of Australian hip hop, good change. Where was the Hilltop Hoods though? Laughing

Might've been in there if the vid was longer :)


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