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Centus Commander
Posted - 2011.05.07 01:35:00 - [1]

Hey guys, I'm starting this up again with my new main

This week we are going to try something new. Fleet Battles. Yes, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, etc.
This Week is a 5v5 (4 T1 Cruiser Hull, 1 T1 Frig Hull Per Team) Organize your team however you want, random people, friends, corp members, etc. 2m/Contestant with 4m/contestant going to winning side. Join the channel to sign and pick a team. BATTLE STARTS WHEN ALL CONTESTANTS ARE READY! Any more questions ask me in channel. SAME RULES APPLY. Lets Party!


Join Channel to see who's fighting who and to see if there's a spot left for you!

These are Arena-type 1v1 Player battles. Winner takes home Fame, Glory and ISK!

Welcome Contestants! Let the battle begin, but first some rules.
1. If you disconnect / dock / warp out or anything else at my discretion, you will be disqualified and the money will go to your opponent. So bring enough ammo / cap boosters / etc.
2. There will be no remote support of any kind, if used, you will be disqualified and the money will go to your opponent.
3. You will fight until the other persons ship is destroyed. So only bring what you can afford to lose. If not, money will go to person who stopped shooting last.
4. The two(+) opponents will agree on the same ship AND same Tech lvl. This means T1 Frig, Faction Frig, T2 Frig, T1 Battlecruiser, T2 Battleship, whatever but they must be the same. If different, money will go to person who had correct ship
5. ONLY T1 and T2 fittings. Meta lvl 1-4 may also be used. If faction/complex/officer is found, money will go person with only T1/T2 mods. IF two players decide that they BOTH want to have the option to use Faction/Complex/Officer items they can do that.
6. One person will drop a can, after that can is picked up, you will have 5 seconds at the start of my count to get into your optimal range, etc. If you start attacking before that 5 seconds is up, you will be disqualified and they money will go to your opponent.
7. Both players must start within 2500m. They may start moving away at the start of the 5 second timer. IF both players decide on a different distance, that is fine with me, they may start there.
**WARNING** Even after all these rules some people may still be idiots and cheat. Be prepared to bail or fight. I try my best to ensure these rules are met but people are still idiots sometimes.

**If you are found cheating or breaking any of the rules above you will be banned from the channel and from entering fights for 1 week. If they are broken again you will be banned forever! NO EXCEPTIONS

Entry Cost:
1m for Frigate Hull with 2m going to the winner
5m for Cruiser Hull with 10m going to the winner
10m for Battlecruiser Hull with 20m going to the winner
15m for Battleship Hull with 30m going to the winner

Join channel SPARTA! for discussions, ask questions and to find location of battles



This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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