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Posted - 2011.05.01 09:38:00 - [1]

> Allie Leader: Friends, we need to discuss the plan for the campaign of our coalition SK against a coalition KA for the region ZU-ZU.

> CEO of one Corp: I have an offer to make dear friends . Hence this:

This CEO char belongs now to me, a ebay-guy from Samara, I bought it yesterday. And 20 members from my corp - this are also your "new-old" friends chars were purchased, the old owners are cast off, you have to like us, the new owners.
We have a simple and cost-effective plan for our Allie:

1. ++ck this war, there is no ISK in it.

2. I already made a contract with the "enemy," coalition that we gain rich systems with good moons.

3. Therefore, we throw your old coalition SK and go into a coalition KA. Tomorrow.

> Leader Allie: But let me say, we cannot just leave our Allies. Next morning we have a super-cap-operation!

> CEO Hint understood. gg, let leave them not "easy", but merge their capfleet goodbye! Pandemic Legion pay a billion if we highlight and open Cyno ... Not much, but the penny is gained by penny .

> Allie Leader: And why should we suddenly have to leave our territory and fly to some distant "constitutional" land ?

> CEO: Because your "territory" is in fact, ++it-territory: a handful of arkonor and no worthy moons ... And I have a specific contract on Ebay - I must surrender 100 billion to 14 May. I'm already part pre-paid and I give no ++it what you think about your "crippled-home-territory". You will have to change them. But I promise you a full support: I will pay 100% of compensation for any plums. The ISK will flow . But from this day you have to nick down: you are protecting big business (I payed 5000$ for the accounts!). I have to gain them back all and still make money. So from tomorrow on you are- the elite. Protecting serious business for serious grandmother. Therefore, the turnout on CTA - 100%. Do not like it - logoff. Not satisfied - corpkick.

> Allie Leader: And dont you think , you have forgot youself? Whatever you call it ...? +++hole in Char of my friend ...

> CEO: gg less snot, nerd! Through this char I r++ed access to the "button" ... And took the roles from your char in the corp-executor ... Temporarily. But if you find yourself not a fool and lead the heroic Allie to new territories, then I return them , ...true ... Shortly, the choice you have is not large: Either you fly with me to do serious things, or you'll be there playing trifles in this bottom-region and shake heroic tatters over your "CJ". But now the ticker Allie is my and who does not fly with me - is kicked immediatly.


That is a real EVE without analogies ... about the "waiters." How to Be without a "brain prosthesis" in the form of dumb analogies. So to say "raw EVE .. with vitamins and ****.
But here's a (with Ebay at the top) - I dont like it. I do not want to change the allies just because someone has a contract for the supply of lawsuits by Ebay formed urgently. I do not want to measure the value of their land and honor of Allie only for moons (exhaust with them). I do not want to choose friends or enemies based on the rate of claims to the buck on Ebay.

I want all the causes and consequences of my choice in the game are generated (or died), only the game itself, and only within it. (Without any left-wing views). I will arrange any game roleplay: pirates, freelancers, patriots, Minmatar and Amarr - all in the subject. But Ebay - this is not the topic. There is no such roleplay in MMORPGs. Its gameoutside with nonfiction logic, morality and purpose.

Wyke Mossari
Posted - 2011.05.01 11:34:00 - [2]


Deviana Sevidon
Butterfly Effect Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.01 18:42:00 - [3]

Interesting fictional story, but there might be a happy end. Honorable Pilot Mr. M gets his CEO to tell all this in corp and alliance chat, not via some third party tool like TS and so on, then Mr. M contacts a GM, with all the chatlogs and times to verify the story.

- Watch the fireworks as the Ebay-CEO gets nuked -


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