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Sanctum of Citizens
Posted - 2011.05.06 09:57:00 - [151]

So, what's the present? Did we get it yet?

Don Kartel
Posted - 2011.05.06 12:44:00 - [152]

Although its good to see a gift it would have been even better if you gave a special present to all those loyal customers who have been playing since 2003. I am sure there is a handful of them still around Rolling Eyes

Twisted Creations
Posted - 2011.05.07 11:00:00 - [153]

Plenty of us that are still around. (I was even in beta) And the present is appreciated. I still have a bottle of (real) Quafe that was available for sale way at Fan Fest way back.

I agree, though, it would be nice to have a present to those of us that have been persistently here for the whole of those 8 years.

Katsu Masanori
Posted - 2011.05.20 16:23:00 - [154]

Not totally sure Eve will last another eight years. Did you refer to Deming LEAN priciples when you decided to make this changeQuestion The change in the agent's missions is extremely boring.Sad The previous mehtod of mixing the missions was actually a great way to do this game.Very Happy Without the mix there is now no surprise in which type of mission you will draw. Security will be entirely combat, distribution will be entirely courier, and mining will be eintirely mining.

Mining and distribution agents will cease to exist under this new change that you have implemented unless you move some agents of each type into stations tha tnow are single purposed.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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