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Akrasjel Lanate
Naquatech Conglomerate
Yulai Federation
Posted - 2011.04.29 12:36:00 - [31]

Ah the Federation Day, i would be happy to take part in the celebrations. But ther's still some time and im not sure ill be there on time.

X Gallentius
Quantum Cats Syndicate
Posted - 2011.04.29 22:27:00 - [32]

Val Erian for MVP

Erik Finnegan
Polytechnique Gallenteenne
Posted - 2011.04.30 19:01:00 - [33]

Sounds like a glamorous event !

Ammentio Oinkelmar
Gallente Independent Progressive Alternative
Posted - 2011.05.02 13:56:00 - [34]

Federation is a mosaic of cultures, opinions, styles and tastes. At times it is good to forget our differences and concentrate on what we all have in common. Before receiving my capsuleer's licence, I had only seen footage of this momentous event but now I will definitely be there, to experience the celebration in person.

When it comes to the choice of MVP, I can only note that there are too many candidates who would deserve this title. Instead, I want to take this opportunity to thank the organizers and the whole Federal militia for their efforts to keep the Federation proud and strong.

Che Biko
Humanitarian Communists
Posted - 2011.05.04 01:44:00 - [35]

In case my fans are wondering; yes, I plan to be taking part in the race.
And I might show off the Navy Vexor I won in the fiction contest as well. I guess I don't really have any other use for it anyway.

-Ché Biko
captain of racing team 10-segrity

Eric Lancier
Disciples of Night
Dominion of Darkness
Posted - 2011.05.22 00:55:00 - [36]

An Event i'd never miss, being the reigning Mr Federation it would wrong for me to not attend.

Simca Develon
Revenent Defence Corperation
Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive
Posted - 2011.05.22 04:03:00 - [37]

If possible I will be there. I'll probably bring my Comet along for the parade as well.

Posted - 2011.05.30 04:06:00 - [38]

A parade made only the more poignant by the fact that for the first time ever, there is no ship of Gallentean design present in the top 10 vessels of the QEN Report for this quarter.

Perhaps we should take a moment to reflect on this fact, and I hope that the Federal Navy will take heed that the loss of favor of our vessels, weapons, and doctrine from the ranks of capsuleers hilights an extreme deficiency that must be rectified.

Kentt Em'asep
Sec Det 125
Posted - 2011.05.30 12:05:00 - [39]

Racing huh? I love speed and the feel I get from an engine going past what it was originally built for.

I am currently out and about, but if I am in the area, I might take a chance at a Comet and join in on the race to show what good old random Matari design can do against what the Federation can offer.

Oh, and I might join in on the party too.

Ares Protectiva
Posted - 2011.05.30 17:03:00 - [40]

Takagi Corp might be able to pause the war against pirates for a day. We'll let you know.

Caviar Liberta
Posted - 2011.06.03 14:13:00 - [41]

I'll have to check my calendar and try to make it.

Erik Finnegan
Polytechnique Gallenteenne
Posted - 2011.06.18 23:32:00 - [42]

Thank you for the organization, Alain. It was a marvelous celebration of Gallente glory.

Che Biko
Humanitarian Communists
Posted - 2011.06.22 23:46:00 - [43]

My thanks to all the people that made this celebration possible even by just participating. It was a great night, one that made me remember the good in the Federation even though I've lost most of my affection for it quite some time ago. I almost felt at home again.

Special thanks to Monsieur Colcer, Mr. Revenent, General Inhonores, Erik, Bloodbird and the living beacons.

-Ché Biko

P.S. No promises, but perhaps me and some others will have something to add to the celebrations next year. Something not unlike the Blazing Comets.

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