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Riikard Thexder
Posted - 2011.04.24 09:20:00 - [1]

Have you ever noticed that the people with the most bounty on thier head always stay in High Sec. and usally in NPC corps so there is little chance of you ever being able to collect thier bountys?

Why cant we go to the Bounty Office and declare that we are going to hunt these people, like an individual War Dec.? Small fee you get kill rights for a week, that way there would be purpose to putting bounty on someone, it also opens up a new carrer path.

Just wanted to put it out there, any thourghts?

Sacred Templars
Posted - 2011.04.24 10:11:00 - [2]

This, i like the sound of.

Group 2
Posted - 2011.04.24 12:21:00 - [3]

This wouldnt work - alts can still collect the isk.

However, this implemented with a heavy skill tree for a real profession i think would work; Lets say that you need the 'Bounty Hunter' skills to collect certain bounties (the higher level the skills the higher the bounties you can collect)

And i believe it could be another 'isk sink' for CCP which they are always after - sure it would be beneficial to those who do it but having to pay 10% or whatever of the bounty merely for taking on the contract for a week even if you dont get the kill i think is a damn good idea... just as long as the alts cant collect the damn bounty that easily.

id go with skills like social, negotiation, fast talk and criminal connections at 5 in order to allow the use of a bounty hunting skill which would allow you to collect a certain amount of isk bounty per level - then could add other skills to have more (like trade with buy orders) you could even fling in skills that allow a player (who gets shot at by gallente for bad standings) temporary nap in those regions so that they can go hunt there. And skills that allow a player to collect in security status systems for adhoc targets (though if you manage to pod them you pay a heavier fee say maybe even 50% of the bounty but with less or no sec hit dependant on level)

I know not many people would want to train all that up just to collect bounties, but that is rather the point really Smile

Cpt Explosion
Posted - 2011.04.24 13:28:00 - [4]

I would say a major shift in the bounty system is needed. These are a few ideas rattling around in my head. Keep in mind that I am a pirate and I know that these would make the game more fun for everyone and solve some other issues.

-The current way of placing bounties stand alone will stay the remain with a few additions
-If your ship is destroyed by CONCORD for direct action against another player (Suicide Ganking) the insurance on that ship is added to your bounty as well as the security drop. This will not count agianst people whose Logi's get lolCONCORDed.
-When a players ship is destroyed due to illegal action in lowsec (flagging), the next time you dock or your show up in your clone you have the option of placing part of the insurance ISK as a bounty on the aggresors.

-Bounty payouts will work differently as well
-Bounty hunters can have the ability to accept hunting down a specific person, paying CONCORD a specific amount of ISK to be able to freely shoot this person, this will function like a wardec and the Character being hunted will be notified.
-Bounties will only be paid out to people hunting them down actively.
-The amount awarded depends on the value of the ISK that is destroyed, if the Criminal loses a ship to the bounty hunter the hunter is paid isk from the bounty pool equal to Platinum insurance rate and the Criminal gets nothing. This will Lower the use of alts to kill as ISK will be lost due to insurance rates.

Just a few ideas, I feel that it'll be more robust and can make for alot of good fights. Speaking as a criminal I'd love to throw down with some bounty hunters.



Posted - 2011.04.24 14:34:00 - [5]

Wow, came expecting crap, left disappointed.

This thread actually has potential. Shocked

Micis Mtxreli
Posted - 2011.04.25 06:46:00 - [6]

If you do a battle-clinic search on the high bounties you'll find most have little to no kill's this should then tell you they have put there own bounty on them self's ? think its all about self gratification, or self pleasuring take your pick

Lucy Serine
Posted - 2011.04.25 08:26:00 - [7]

The Bounty system seriously needs a fix for a time it was used for RMT

Some one would make an alt go shoot randoms in high sec for a few hours and then have the bounty added from the isk they brought with real money.

They would then collect the bounty with there main laundering the isk

CCP got wise to this and banned a load of players leaving there bountys on so some of the high bounty characters are perma banned..

Im glad ccp banned thes people but they should of also removed the offenders bountys.

Lorinda Barton
Posted - 2011.04.25 11:15:00 - [8]

I think the bounty hunter skill is an incredibly good idea and will fit in with the rest of the game.

Also, I would consider that an alt be tracked by same credit cards on the different acounts. Or, who are logged from the same ip adress cant collect bounties on each other...that sort of thing.

admiral fovios
Pator Tech School
Posted - 2011.04.25 11:26:00 - [9]

It would be wonderful if they completely redid the bounty system, but don't count on it anytime soon.

Look at kill rights. Another broken system, but with obvious potential. In fact, a complete reworking has been pushed repeatedly by the community and CSM, involving kill rights being transferable (really, that's a pseudo bounty system right there.)

CCP has done nothing with that complete idea for about 3 years. I know there are a few systems in the game that CCP just doesn't touch because the code behind them is opaque and undocumented (see the bounty advertising system). Wouldn't surprise me if that's the problem with kill rights and bounties in general.

Anselm's MajorDomo
Posted - 2011.04.25 12:01:00 - [10]

Obviously, the problem is with the current bounty systems is that the target knows how much his own bounty is, so when it gets too high, he has his alt or a friend pop him to collect it, screwing over whoever originally paid the money to cause the target pain, rather than profit.

(1) What I would like to see with a profession "bounty hunting" is that the payout remain invisible to the general public. All random people in local (and the player on the bounty on his head) would see is a mark indicating "WANTED: BOUNTY PRIZE OFFERED."

That way,the guy with the bounty on his head never knows when it will be profitable to have his alt gank him since he doesn't know if the bounty is for $5,000 or $500 million. (If the target has an alt Gank him on, he may discover to his chagrin he only gets 5,000 ISK.....) He just knows he has a bounty on his head from a notice that says "A bounty has been placed on you, and bounty hunters may contract to kill you at any time," and if he looks at his protrait, all he sees is a indicating "WANTED FOR BOUNTY."

However, professional bounty hunters with an appropriate bounty-hunting skill (let's call the skill "contract killing") can hop to a bounty office and be randomly assigned 2-6 targets (depending on their bounty hunting skill, ranks 1-5) for one week. The computer would then select a number of random choices (maybe a dozen?) listed as "target 1, target 2, target 3, and show the player the amount of the current bounty on each target and show whether the target is in high-sec, low-sec, or 0.0. (If he has skills in investigation, that might be boosted to showing what region the target is currently in, or the total number of jumps to reach the target).

The bounty-hunter then can select a few targets based on the highest fee or closest proximity as he prefers. That locks that bounty hunter into that selected target(s) until 1 week has expired or the bounty hunter kills a target on his list. Once he accepts the contract, he now gains free access to locator-agent like features to track the target from any bounty office for the duration of the contract.Important! The bounty hunter still doesn't give the target's name* even after the contract is accepted!

We could add another skill, let's call it "Bounty Tracking," or "Criminal Investigations" that augments the details a bounty-hunter gets on the target. The more ranks he has in this skill, the more he learns about how long the bounty has been active, how many times past bounty agents took the contract and were unable to finish the job within a week, and the last time the target logged online in EVE (to avoid being assigned defunct accounts with bounties). Keep it skill-intensive so alts can be used easily to spam agents.

(2) To further encourage anonymity, once a professional bounty hunter accepts a contract, CCP can tweak local so, *for those bounty hunters who have accepted that particular kill-contract only*, the target shows up in local only as "target #1" (or #2, etc.) with his normal name and image hidden, and the target's ship on overview may gain special flashy features to help the bounty-hunter identify it.

This would be a triple whammy for those who game the system by using alts or friends to collect their own bounties on their heads. #1--they will have a harder time knowing when it is profitable to have themselves intentionally ganked, at least not at a single glance at their character, #2--if they try to use a bounty-hunter alt to gank themselves, they can never be assured that their alt will be assigned to the correct target they want on any given week, and #3--it's easier for real bounty hunters to track them down.

However, I don't think a war-dec like feature mentioned above will work. Too easy for griefers to put bounties on carebears then have all the advantages of a war-dec without worrying about the corp members defending their carebear or fighting back.....

Proffesor Vaughn
Posted - 2011.04.25 19:00:00 - [11]

Originally by: Anselm's MajorDomo

However, I don't think a war-dec like feature mentioned above will work. Too easy for griefers to put bounties on carebears then have all the advantages of a war-dec without worrying about the corp members defending their carebear or fighting back.....

To my knowledge you can only place a bounty on someone if their sec is low (-2 IIRC)

Axel Greye
Posted - 2011.04.26 02:04:00 - [12]

Edited by: Axel Greye on 26/04/2011 02:09:23
I completely agree that the current bounty system needs a radical overhaul to make "bounty hunter" a legitimate and serious profession within Eve. CCP have kinda just let the current bounty system sit untouched, which is a shame as their could be serious potential for a great new profession within a game that strives to give the player more options for career path.

Reasons for overhauling the Bounty System:
1. To stop people wearing bounties like fashion accessories, and cement the fact that having a bounty is not a good thing.
2. To give PVE'ers and Industrialists with little PvP Experience but Alot of ISK a Legitimate method of deterrence and retaliation against Griefers.
3. As a New career option, focused on good PvP with feasible ISK rewards.

Idea's for overhaul:

1. Contractual Kill-Rights
This method would run along side a more traditional bounty system and can only be activated if you hold Kill-rights against the targeted player. This method instead implements a sort of "Want to Buy" contract for the Successful Destruction of any given players Ship (Not Pod).

- Contract Must be issued privately.
- Once accepted, the Kill-Rights of the Contractor are transferred to the Contracted Bounty Hunter but the Duration of those rights is reduced to 1 week or 25% of the remaining time on the Original Kill-Rights (which-ever is smaller).
- Upon Successful completion of the Contract, The Contracted Bounty Hunter will receive the "Buy" Value for the Contract.
- Upon Failure, The Kill-rights Vanish and the Contract is Failed.

The thing that I like about this method is that it creates a sort of Hired Assassin Profession for when you feel your kill-rights are beyond you. A new profession and a new lease on life for Kill-Rights.

2. Traditional Bounty System
This method would be more typical in the sense that you would not need to have Kill-Rights against the desired target, However this kind of bounty can only be issued publicly and is awarded to whoever completes the conditions first. This method requires Bounty Hunters to Register with CONCORD, and has a running fee of 10 Million ISK per Week Registered.

- Players would issue a bounty listing against any player with a Negative Security Status to the Bounty Register.
- Once a player has a bounty, His name would be listed on the Bounties Register until this Bounty is Removed or Claimed.
- as a Bounty Hunter, You can browse the Register and look/search for Players with Bounties. When you have found a player who's bounty you want to try and claim, you can accept the listing.
- A Bounty Hunter can only accept 1 Listing at a time. AND:
- A Listing can only be accepted by 1 Bounty Hunter at a time, and Grants 24 Hours in which CONCORD will 'Look the Other Way'.
- If within those 24 hours you kill the Listed Players Ship (Not Pod), the Bounty Award is transferred into your wallet and the Listing is Removed.
- After those 24 Hours are up and you have failed to kill the Mark, Your Grace Period from CONCORD Ends and the Bounty is Re-Listed on the Register. You as the bounty hunter can no longer accept bounty listings against that player for a Minimum of 1 week. (to give other bounty hunters a shot at the mark)

This method is nice as it is a Global Profession. You do not need to be good at PvP or be privately Hired, You do not need to go for High Value Marks all the time, You can go for Bounties that you think you are capable of handling or that are local to you.

Both Methods would give some players a serious rethink about wearing bounties like social elite tags, and instead, adds a new and interesting PvP Mechanic, but Also adds some deterrence for griefing.

Bleh long post is long, but just my idea's. =P

Micis Mtxreli
Posted - 2011.04.27 03:53:00 - [13]

Some good points but some very long winded points -

Make a person with a bounty become red flashy simple then like his picture says WANTED then anyone can take a pot shot at the tool

Or if you want to get really ccp-ed make a couple skills then once you have the skills you run along to the nearest bounty shop take a bounty (for a small ccp fee of cause) then off to hunt you go and knowing ccp there would be the usual 24hr waiting period for some ridicules reason.

But yes CCP pull a finger out and make some of the things in eve work properly before we walk around station and totally F%%$ccp it up

Awesome Possum
Original Sin.
Posted - 2011.04.27 03:54:00 - [14]

I liked the movie.

Posted - 2011.04.27 04:00:00 - [15]

Originally by: Micis Mtxreli
Some good points but some very long winded points

Yes, most of what's been posted so far overcomplicates things.
Very simple improvement would be bounty payments based on ship kills, and calculated using a similar mechanic to insurance premiums, so it is in no way profitable to collect one's own bounty.

Some kind of bounty hunter alliance that functions in a similar way to faction warfare militias might be a nice idea too.

Ezio Endashi
Posted - 2011.04.27 04:53:00 - [16]

Edited by: Ezio Endashi on 27/04/2011 04:54:28
Bounty hunting would be a lot of fun as a career if the incentives were properly aligned. It seems to me there isn't that much downside of getting your ship blown up or even podded, if your insurance and clone is updated of course.

What about losing some skill points, even if you have an updated clone, if you have a bounty on your head, and you get podded? That would take care of friends blowing each other up for bounty money. Perhaps some sort of ISK to SP loss factor - "I want this guy podded and to lose 1,000,000 SP, and I'm putting up a bounty of 1B ISK to anyone who pods him."

Kakihara Sama
Posted - 2011.04.27 08:22:00 - [17]

90% of bounties are self-applied to make you feel like a totally awesome attention *****. 10% are put on by corpmates in a passive-aggressive gesture to point out that, with that 1 Mil ISK bounty, you are a laughable attention *****.

Any money spent on bounties would be better spent on mercs, or a wardec, and any fix would always compete with that in-game economic reality. CCP knows this, so this issue is probably not on their serious to-do list.

Shaera Taam
Minmatar Death Squad
Broken Chains Alliance
Posted - 2011.04.29 06:59:00 - [18]

make the 'bounty hunter' skill a requirement for even accessing the bounty list.

the skill itself is skill point intensive (x5?) and expensive to purchase (10s of millions of isk). it allows the hunter to collect 20% per level of the mark's total bounty, minus appropriate taxes, ofc. say hello the isk sink.

taking a bounty contract requires the hunter to put down a non-refundable fee of 10% of the total bounty payout, regardless of the hunter's skill level. duration of contract would be 1 or 2 days per bounty hunter level

more than one hunter can accept the same contract at a time. a hunter will want to move fast, not knowing how many other hunters are working the same mark. competition is a good thing, even among bounty hunters

once a contract is accepted, the hunter gets an eve-mail notification of the mark's last known region. each region would have a small number of bounty service locator agents whos quality of last-known info would go up the lower the sec space they're found in. ie, agent in jita would give constellation, an agent in teon would give last-known system, and an agent in n-dq would give "last flying a [insert wtfpwnmobile here]"

another skillpoint and isk intensive skill, 'criminal investigations' (nod other poster, good title!) gives access to the increasingly higher quality locator agents mentioned above

when the hunter finally spots the mark in local, they show up as flashies to each other. the hunter shows up to the mark as a white flashy, while the mark shows to the hunter as a dark gray flashy. that should be the only warning the mark gets, ever. anyone who gets a bounty should always assume that there is someone out there skilled (or desperate) enough to chase their head around known space for the price tag attached

executing a mark under contract does not insulate the hunter from a sec-rating hit if he attacks in concord-controlled space, it just greatly reduces the penalty for doing so. by maybe a factor of .2 per bounty hunting skill level?

ugh, too damn late, and too damn long a post. hope it makes sense...

Judy BigShot
Big Shot - For the Bounty Hunters
Posted - 2011.04.29 08:25:00 - [19]

Shucks howdy!

As I dont expect CCP to redo the bounty system in like the next year, I decided to implement a bounty hunting system.
It pretty much works like hulkageddon.
For details have a look at

Next week I will start a promotion, right now the system is in testing phase.

Kyle Renton
Posted - 2011.04.29 23:54:00 - [20]

Edited by: Kyle Renton on 30/04/2011 00:00:21
Edited by: Kyle Renton on 29/04/2011 23:58:47
Personally, I think it would make things much more fun if you did something to stop the alt collecting thing, and make it worth paying the ISK on a bounty on someone's head.

You could include the bounty skill idea, and then in addition to that people could go to the bounty office, and for each level of the skill you can sign up to a specific person's bounty. You only get the bounty if you are signed up to that particular person, sort of like the mini war dec mentioned.

The fina part is the best, make it so that, scaled with the bounty, if the person on whom the bounty is placed is killed, they randomly lose Skill Points, similar to when you die in a T3 and lose them then. You would figure out the amount, and could have a max limit on it, or maybe a minimum SP level that it will not drop you below, but damn that would make it worthwhile placing bounties, collecting bounties, and would stop the alt's collecting, unless people were happy to lose SPs.


Bounty Skill.
Can accept one bounty contract per bounty skill level.
Multiple people can accept on the same bounty.
Bounty level dictates amount of SPs the target loses if the bounty is collected according to the rules, with various limits of course. eg 1000SP lost per 50M Bounty.
You only get the bounty and it only affects the target's SPs if you have a contract on them, as above.

Alternative ideas, either the bounty is the max you can gain, but you get paid out the actual cost to the target in implants that were in the clone at the time.
Would also be nice if you got the difference between market price and insurance for ships you killed that the target was flying.

Joe Phoenix
The Commonwealth Federation
Posted - 2011.04.30 00:18:00 - [21]

A bounty licence?


Posted - 2011.04.30 11:29:00 - [22]

A few ways to improve the system;

1. Ability to declare war on a single person who has a bounty through the bounty office.
2. Bountys can only be collected by doing the above
3. Corp/Alliance cannot do nr 1

4. The Factions/Concord will place bountys (up to 500k for example) on players who prey in low sec and who's status is below -4 for example. This ofcourse for an imaginary reason that concord for example cannot be there but wishes to slowly control the safety there. This will increase fights and backstabbing between pirate corps since theyre all greedy ***Laughing

ofcourse this wont solve the alt/friend problem. but its atleast an improvement.

Danika Princip
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2011.04.30 12:11:00 - [23]

Specific bounties, IE one person accepting the contract (or whatever system you propose) will not work.

Say for example I have a 50 mil bounty on me. I live out in 0.0, 20 jumps from empire. Under the current system, when I get podded in a fleet fight, someone gets a nice little payout. under all of these many, many bounty hunter systems that are popping up all over the forums lately, I can be podded a dozen times and still not lose the bounty. Any random empire bounty hunter who accepts the contract on me won't be able to claim the payout. Pay your bounty fees, accept the contracts, whatever, but it's not going to get me killed, wheras with the current system, someone is going to get paid for killing me.

Bunnehrawr Rawr
Posted - 2011.04.30 17:55:00 - [24]

just going to throw this point out there... most people with bounties that lets pretend ACTUALLY pvp etc. living in highsec gives them a pretty big advantage.

NO BUBBLES, you need a sebo'ed interceptor to catch a pod of anyone competent enough to spam the "warp" button when they are dieing. which assumeing they are pvpers, they will be doing.

good luck collecting any bounties?

Mr DurkaDur
Posted - 2011.05.01 03:00:00 - [25]

Bounties desperately do need a fix, I wanna get them multi-billion isk bounties, YEEHAW!

Misunderstood Genius
Posted - 2011.05.01 08:29:00 - [26]

Edited by: Misunderstood Genius on 01/05/2011 09:09:24
The bounty system is broken because of
- bounty payout will just happen by pod killing
- everyone can set bounty
- bounty can be collected by alts/friends
- the pilot can hide in hi-sec

Hunting for bounty is senseless because you need to catch the pod what is under normal conditions against an experienced pilot a nearly impossible task. Beside this the one with high bounty is generally owning the bounty because he can decide to get it anytime by an alt/friends.

So my rough ideas for a change are
- pilots will get bounty killrights. CONCORD will offer additional bounty licenses to other pilots for hi-sec
- for each pilot with bounty: pilots with bounty killrights/licenses will have access to a list of all pilots who have bounty killrights/licenses.
- bounty payout is connected to a ship loss: when killing the ship the bounty payout will be XX% of the actual aprox. market value of destroyed ship and loot. Faction mods will use the value of t2 mods. t2 rigs will use the value of t1 rigs. payout will be substracted from actual bounty. if payout is higher just the remaining bounty will be paid and all bounty killrights/bounty licenses are gone/invalid
- beeing in a fleet with the one with bounty killrights/bounty license will share the payout to all pilots. if someone out of the fleet will kill the ship the bounty will be shared to the fleet members only
- an aditional pod kill right after the ship kill will give +XX% of the bounty payout. if the pod will be killed by someone not in the fleet the payout will be shared to the fleet members only.
- the ones with a sec higher than -5.0 who were agressed first are able to set bounty on this pilot. if a non-flasher agresses a perma-flasher the perma-flasher can't set bounty. a perma-flasher attacking another perma-flasher can set bounty by the usual rules
- the ones who were agressed first and destroyed and set bounty on this pilot will get bounty killrights till all bounty is taken or they could make a kill. when he's killed by the pilot with bounty the killrights will still remain.
- the pilot with actual bounty is never be able to set bounty till the bounty on his head is completely gone

Zerp Metesur
Posted - 2011.05.01 09:13:00 - [27]

You can't pod someone without lag, a warp bubble or smartbombs so bounty hunting just isn't realistic or practicable and wouldn't be even with a mini wardec. In my opinion bounty needs to pay out in chunks for ship destruction.

Victor BlueStone
Posted - 2011.05.10 03:13:00 - [28]

Wow! A smorgasbord of ideas! Very Happy Although I've seen most of what is here there are still good nuggets. Anselm, my system has some
similarities to yours and I'm gonna use a couple of bits of your info to integrate into my system. To answer Danika, there are solutions
to the dilemma you brought up. Twisted Evil That will be for another day when I get to present my BH system. As for the point brought
up by Bunnehrawr, incursions provided me a solution to that problem.

Riikard Thexder
Posted - 2011.05.12 08:45:00 - [29]

So Bounty Hunter as a skill
Pre req's say...Military Connectiosn V, Criminal connections V, Politiacal Connections V and Diplomacy V

Once you have the skill everyone who has a bounty apears flashy red, and has a red $ sign in 'Local'
But people with bounties dont see you as anything, unless you attack them.

Bounty Hunter lvl 1 - you get the bounty if you get the pod (like anyone can now)
Bounty Hunter lvl 3 - you get 50% bounty on a ship kill, 50% on a pod
Bounty Hunter lvl 5 - can collect all bounty on a ship kill

Keeps it simple and fun

Stiff Pickle Collection Agency
Posted - 2011.05.12 13:34:00 - [30]


Same topic for so many days in a row. DX

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