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Soden Rah
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2011.04.23 00:22:00 - [1]

Edited by: Soden Rah on 25/06/2011 12:34:24
In here because its not a feature or idea or a test server issue.

If you feel constrained by only having 50 fittings.
If you think CCP has just nerfed the much improved fitting system for no apparent reason.
Please support/sign this petition for a solution to this nerf.
1) Just remove the limit.
2) Keep a limit but make it MUCH bigger.
3) Enable the use of unlimited local fittings to augment your server fittings.
4) Some combination of the above.

Posted for rage consolidation, and hopefully effect.

EDIT: I couldn't understand why we had no response to this simple and easy to fix issue...
I even asked this question in the 'ask a dev' thread and expected this simple question to be picked early as low hanging fruit....

Little did I know they were considering selling us back this functionality we once had for free for MT (that's Macro transactions btw)

I request people sign this petition, and tell CCP what we think about this idea...

WITHOUT using crude obscenities please....

I would like to keep the moral high ground.

Vertisce Soritenshi
Posted - 2011.04.23 00:39:00 - [2]

I really cannot understand why 50 is not enough. Between the two races I can fly...Caldari and Amarr I fly a grand total of about 15 ships...all of which have 1-3 different fits depending on need. I barely have the patience or care for that many fittings...

I don't see any reason why unlimited local fittings shouldn't be allowed...I mean it's storage space on your PC...not on the servers. But at the same time I can't believe how many people out there are so butthurt over this.

Ill support it for the fact that local fits should not be restricted. Thats just dumb common sense.

Soden Rah
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2011.04.23 01:09:00 - [3]

Originally by: Vertisce Soritenshi
I really cannot understand why 50 is not enough. Between the two races I can fly...Caldari and Amarr I fly a grand total of about 15 ships...all of which have 1-3 different fits depending on need. I barely have the patience or care for that many fittings...

I don't see any reason why unlimited local fittings shouldn't be allowed...I mean it's storage space on your PC...not on the servers. But at the same time I can't believe how many people out there are so butthurt over this.

Ill support it for the fact that local fits should not be restricted. Thats just dumb common sense.

Thanks for the support, and I am glad that your not effected by this... I had over 90 fittings at the time this happened... would have had more but they got killed in a patch disaster one time.

I can fly every t1 hull sub-cap for each of the 4 races. and I can also fly a fair few of the t2, plus some of the industrials, I own more than 50 different ships.
Now add into that the fact that some heavily used ships can have upwards of 10 fittings for them, a missioner for example could have fittings for short and long range, high-low dps, high-low tank, cap or non-cap stable, plus different resits combos for different rats.... and that's just one ship. I can beat 50 fittings with just my missioner BS's without even trying.

Now it used to be stored on my local pc, and used to be unlimited.
However in a bid to add the ability to 'take your fittings with you' they changed it to server-side fittings so you have them no matter what computer your on... which is fine but what they didn't flag/make clear when testing is that they were ONLY STORING 50, and due to inadequate testing it failed badly when faced with old fits that contained modules that have changed name's or ships with more/fewer slots and such. So it hit TQ with this sudden unannounced arbitrary cap and for many people failed to even port 50 fits across to the servers.
Now this wouldn't have been a major issue if the feature just allowed us to store our 50 best fittings on the server on any computer and run the rest on our home computers, but no, this patch means you can't use local fittings in game any more.

THAT is why we're less than pleased. We really do use/need more than 50 fittings and this feature we didn't really need broke that for no good reason and without any warning/communication/testing.

There was no need to break this feature, there are a dozen ways to fix it, Pick one.

Posted - 2011.04.23 03:42:00 - [4]

Edited by: Meadowvale on 23/04/2011 03:42:16
I'm no whiz with computers but unlimited local storage is the option I would have chosen. Apart from the ships I can fly t1-t3 + ORE, there are corp and alliance fits that I need to access regularly. Server fittings are fine for those who use a different PC every time they logon but I use the same computer daily. Come on CCP, think before you act please.

Wildly Inappropriate
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.04.23 08:24:00 - [5]

Ive had over 100 fits, beeing SRP director its kinda important to be able to fit all ships and know what they are like and recommend fittings to people. Which I can now only do for a select few ships.

and 50 not enough? I got 3 fits for every carrier(combat, triage, combat triage), 1 for every dread, 1 for every SC. Thats 20 alone for just capitals. 5 logie fits, 4 dics, 4 hics, 3 zealot, 3 muninn. Hey look an other 19 fits right there lol. Do I really need to continue heh. I havent even touched battlecruisers(2 for each Tier2 BC of each race), battleships(thats like an other 10 fits atleast), recons. And oh tech 3 ships for which i allone had 20 fits together lol

Posted - 2011.04.23 09:39:00 - [6]

I stopped saving fittings when the limit came about. I haven't used the feature since...

Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2011.04.23 20:33:00 - [7]

This is the most ******ed implementation ever to this game. I had nearly 300 fits stored, and most all of them were used regularly by request from other pilots. Unlimited local storage or no storage at all. You can go and get kicked in the teeth whoever decided this was a good idea. Thanks for ruining a working feature.

I suggest next you remove the undock feature, as we clearly don't need to undock when you don't want us to fit ships Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2011.04.23 22:37:00 - [8]

Edited by: Rented on 24/04/2011 00:21:59
With just a small amount of fitting variations for just a few of your favorite ships, you're already stretching or breaking the 50 fitting limit. When they announced the server-side fitting feature I had supposed it would be in addition to locally-stored fittings and/or without such heavy limitations.

When it comes down to it, a saved fitting doesn't have to consist of anything more then a few dozen itemID numbers, and if every single suscriber to EVE stored 500 fittings on the server each, it'd only take around 25 gigs to store them all by my rough guestimation provided there were no optimizations involved. This may seem like alot of numbers/fittings in a personal sense... but for a major MMO database I don't see why it would be a problem.

Example: <url=fitting:12044:2048;1:448;1:3170;4:31526;1:13001;1:10190;1:31538;1:438;1:1306;1:1183;1:2456;1::>THIS IS RED</url>

This is the format by which a fitting is conveyed through ingame chat linkage, its not even intended with storage purposes in mind and still doesn't take up much space, with a specialized system it could be easily more efficient.

And to save you the trouble if you just really gotta know.. the example is an Enyo.

PI Ogan
Deliciously Vicious
Posted - 2011.04.24 02:02:00 - [9]

01:52:26 Hint Owner PI Ogan can only have 50 saved fittings.

And I hardly have any fittings since I've been changed computers so much.

On my old computer with all of my saved fittings there are 84 .xml files, that's just the number of ship types not including the variation of fittings for each, so a limit of 1000 might be okay.

Rage For Order
Posted - 2011.04.24 02:30:00 - [10]

While 50 is a lot, I do keep a lot of different fits, usually from fits I see linked and other fits for specific things. Or even Humerous fits(such as a Logisitics Hyperion, or Minerion, PvP Hyperion, PvE Hyperion, Wtferion, etc.) And it adds up quick, I do love the server saved idea, but yeah. Needs more space.

Link a gmail account or something to it for additional space or something lol. Do what most US Companies are doing and outsource the stuff. :)

Davion Falcon
Those Once Loyal
Posted - 2011.04.24 14:51:00 - [11]

/signed for great justice

This limitation is just ridiculous.

Maxxial Taredi
The Black Company TBC
Posted - 2011.04.24 15:58:00 - [12]

/signed and bumped

Seamus Donohue
Posted - 2011.04.25 10:57:00 - [13]


Nova Ardour

Posted - 2011.04.25 11:11:00 - [14]

Edited by: LordInvisible on 25/04/2011 11:11:31
My all fittings were deleted in this change by some strange mechanics.

I want unlimited space for fittings.

And this is like half of my ships. U really think i can remember them all how they are fitted?

BubbaGump ShrimpCo
Blue Republic
Posted - 2011.04.25 15:49:00 - [15]

50 fittings is not enough. I only fly frigates, dessys and cruisers at the moment (young character). For two races. If they want to keep a limit on server-side fittings, add an option to save selected fittings to the server, but keep unlimited local fittings!.

Personally, I collect fittings fielded by friends and enemies so that I can figure out both how to use/improve them and how to counter them. By "fixing" an annoyance that affects a portion of the player base, they've broken the fittings feature for everyone. The shame is that a 3rd party app like EFT outshines EVE's fitting management in so many ways. Anyone halfway serious about combat eventually discovers EFT and afterward cannot play EVE without it. The goal shouldn't just be to fix fittings to allow server storage AND unlimited local storage. It should give EVE's fitting screens at least the same level of usefulness as EFT.

SanZo Fengi
Red Federation
RvB - RED Federation
Posted - 2011.04.25 19:46:00 - [16]

max 50 seems a tad on the low side.

Id like to see it raised A LOT Wink
Hopefully this can get sorted, soon (tm)Razz

Mangala Solaris
Red Federation
RvB - RED Federation
Posted - 2011.04.26 07:16:00 - [17]


Ideally, a resolution would be the option to view & fit local fittings. Cant see anything else working as well for me personally, unless the server side saved fits got increased by a couple of orders of magnitude.

Oh and make fits add rigs again, the manager claims to do it, then totally fails.

Reaver Glitterstim
Legio Geminatus
Posted - 2011.04.26 07:50:00 - [18]

I'll go for option 3. It was done before, why can't we do it now?

Calistai Huranu
Red Federation
RvB - RED Federation
Posted - 2011.04.26 09:26:00 - [19]

Supported, as now using eft and a notepad.

50 fitting's is not nearly enough when you can fly pretty much every subcap in game.

Della Monk
Broski Enterprises
Posted - 2011.04.27 00:27:00 - [20]

I don't even save fittings, and I support this product and/or service. Forcing dependency on an external server is just poor form when it comes to non-exploitable things like this.

Craige Lordon
Posted - 2011.04.28 16:34:00 - [21]

I completely support allowing access to local settings to augment the 50 on the server.

Being able to preview the sitting to be imported would help since the name of the fittings that were exported doesn't cut it.

Mimidae Risk Solutions
Posted - 2011.04.28 17:53:00 - [22]

Yes, Also discussion thread here.

Blue Republic
RvB - BLUE Republic
Posted - 2011.04.29 12:58:00 - [23]

I have 10 different rifter fits that I use currently. If you don't believe me check my battleclinic page....
50 total is obviously not enough.

Danger Girl.

Posted - 2011.04.29 15:13:00 - [24]


Ashlar Maidstone
Intergalactic Combined Technologies
The Chamber of Commerce
Posted - 2011.04.30 11:25:00 - [25]

In their great wisdom of Nerfdom, again CCP has once again screwed up an otherwise great feature. Now, for me it's pencil and paper if I want to save fittings in a notebook.

Come on CCP, enough of these screwups of yours!!

Soden Rah
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2011.05.03 00:40:00 - [26]


M. Corp
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2011.05.03 22:22:00 - [27]

This should be a no-brainer.

Sirus Prime
Xero Corporation
SpaceMonkey's Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.04 04:43:00 - [28]

Ever since CCP screwed up my fitting system I cannot access all the fittings I have. I use 7 different raven fittings for various activities as well as other ships needing multiple fittings. Also why should I be limited on what is stored on MY hard drive??? What right does anyone, especially a company I pay to enjoy myself, have to say what can and cannot be stored on MY computer???


Skex Relbore
Red Federation
RvB - RED Federation
Posted - 2011.05.05 11:27:00 - [29]

Supported. This change was one of the most poorly thought out idea's I've ever seen implemented in a game. Seriously who the hell thought it was a good idea to put this crap out?

carlsberg export
Posted - 2011.05.11 18:42:00 - [30]

Hells yes, i'd go with option 3.

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