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David Goodwill
Posted - 2005.02.10 16:45:00 - [121]

Originally by: ViPerZ
And the newbie miner who gets 500m in a day is not your average newbie miner, were talking carebear extravaganza!

Is that like the Gurista Extravaganza mission, except instead of umpteen millions of rats to deal with, you have to get some ore before all the roids get annihalated by 1 man and his 30 alts in barges? Rolling Eyes

Operation Ferocious Lemming
Posted - 2005.02.10 17:51:00 - [122]

650 mill

4 BS
12 other tech 2 frigates

and selection of other crap aroundVery Happy

Angel Constellation
Posted - 2005.02.10 20:35:00 - [123]

I've got 57,000 RP's and counting... one day they'll be worth something.

Posted - 2005.02.10 20:58:00 - [124]

I have around 890.000 isk right now, I got 24m skill points and I PvP only, and I love it only way I play this game, no money 1 BS 1 Ceptor 1 Assault Frig.
I know one person with 1.8 trillion isk though ...

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.02.10 22:09:00 - [125]

I find 1.8 trillion a bit far fetched.... 1,800 billion, 1,800,000 million? Not calling you a liar, just seems well beyond belief for an individual.

Posted - 2005.02.10 22:16:00 - [126]

Big number I know, well its actually a corp, but this person holds all the money afaik.

The Enslaver
Posted - 2005.02.10 22:29:00 - [127]

Its a lie, as a wallet can only handle up to 999,999,999,999 ISK ;)

Rexthor Hammerfists
Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2005.02.10 22:38:00 - [128]

u make me sick

November Corporation
Posted - 2005.02.11 02:32:00 - [129]

pretty disgusting that even newbs can afford to get 3-4 bships :/

they're as common as pie!

and tech 2 lottery is a joke, you can start the research, not even play for a month and make billions at random

I know of one person who got three crow bpos in one week, from the same agent with less than 2k RP :|

starbases were supposed to be the biggest isk sink next to pvp but ccp didn't know how to make them interesting, so they made them "profitable" just so people would use them.. and even then, there is no risk.

more isk is going into eve than out and it frankly makes everything really really "easy" as pvp has no risk in the long run, and even without 0.0 access you can get stupidly rich

Stronghold corp
Posted - 2005.02.11 03:35:00 - [130]

Heck I bet Xirtam has at Least 100 Billion in Veldspar alone Wink

State Protectorate
Posted - 2005.02.11 03:50:00 - [131]

I have a rifter, and he is my pet ^.^

Ishtar's Destiny
Posted - 2005.02.11 07:03:00 - [132]

Yes I think the richest have more than 1000 billions. When you see how easily people offer 1 billion on auction it makes you think it is not that much.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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