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Nikita Keriget
Posted - 2011.04.26 18:44:00 - [151]

I wonder if the anomaly changes would have been better received if instead of removing certain classes of spawns from certain security ranges completely, the respawn rate was lowered based on system security.

Leviathan Tank
Mad Bombers
Guns and Alcohol
Posted - 2011.04.27 09:53:00 - [152]

We need to stop wiping the bottoms of carebears, you guys suck the life out of eve, except maybe WH corps (and even then only 2% are non lame pos hugging fliptards).

Make anomolies on overview, make all frig rats scram and make 0.0 worth taking a risk to pve in iskwise.

HS and LS can fiddle accordingly.

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2011.04.27 19:23:00 - [153]

White Tree is the dumbest member of the CSM yet.

Posted - 2011.04.28 05:15:00 - [154]

Originally by: Lallante
So much dumb in this thread.

1) NPCing in a carrier in cyno-jammed 0.0 is risk free unless you are an idiot or **** up. Your align time is considerably quicker than the minimum "jump in, drop probes, get result, warp to it" time. Even if that werent' the case, if the enemy has a big enough gang to break your tank (+your friends also ratting in system remote reps) then you should have heard about it 5 jumps earlier on intel channels.

2) "ISK inflation works the same as LP inflation" - No it does not! With LP inflation, all those causing inflation (eg mission runners) suffer from it, and therefore are disincentivised to Mission ***** for that faction further due to the decrease in value of the LPs. This causes balance. With ISK inflation on the otherhand, the whole of Eve suffers for the sins of only the sanctum runners - the incentives dont change, doing anything other than sanctums just gets even more worthless.

3) The guy saying to switch sanctum rewards to drops, good idea, but they cant be aimed at being comparable to before. 100m ISK/hr with one account and almost no risk is not healthy for the economy.

That all said, as a compromise I'd be happy to have the same level of sanctums back again but no local in 0.0. That would balance the risk-reward a little more.

I am going to have to agree with you, 100m/hr per account is bad, but barely anyone farms that much. Looking at my old corp wallet with a 15% tax, only myself and 1 other person pulled in over 20mil per tick, the vast majority were below 12-10mil per tick. I was in a machariel and the other was in a super. It takes a lot to reach that 100m/hr number skill wise and initial investment wise.

Anyway, I think that while having the relative safety of jammed 0.0, you still dont have concord watching your back which is always going to make it more risky than highsec. Not to mention awoxers and spais. If you dont think ratting ships are lost, check out eve-kill its litered with them. Sure they may be idiots but the fact still stands that they are not "safe". Im not saying kill the anom nerf, I am saying nerf everything so that risk/reward means something again. Most notably lvl 4's. Make them extremely reliant on LP, reduce bounties a great deal and maybe add more salvage. Also, dont offer them in highsec anymore.

IMO, lvl 4's and 5's should only be offered in lowsec. Commence saying how bad of an idea that is and how millions of people are going to quit eve but lets face it, they wont. They will just switch to lvl 3's or join a lowsec pvp/pve corp. The ones that do leave never had much stake in the game anyway because making mountains of imaginary mony and not investing it into fun and tear extraction is pointless. This isnt "forcing" anyone to lowsec, its simply encouraging them by returning risk/reward to eve. You can still run lvl 3's in highsec and be safe, just you wont make as much.

Sigh Knows
Posted - 2011.04.28 22:18:00 - [155]

Originally by: Phenia
White Tree is the dumbest member of the CSM yet.

Brilliant. Absolutely compelling. And well thought out.

White Tree
Broski Federation
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2011.04.29 13:16:00 - [156]

Edited by: White Tree on 29/04/2011 13:17:25
Originally by: Phenia
White Tree is the dumbest member of the CSM yet.

Hahahah, lookit you reachin' up the ladder like a champ. I could dance around you like a cherub and be all like 'Ratatatatat' and then maybe be like 'Hyoooooo~~~!!!!' and you'd be in the ownzone fast as lightning. You don't even know. You don't even know. How high do you even need to make these badposts.

Anyway, this thread was sort of helpful. Sort of. Thanks for your input duders. I'll take what I can out of this and report back.

Petronious Archeoptrix
Posted - 2011.05.01 13:02:00 - [157]

Ok ladies and gents, here is my 2 isk worth
I'll make this easy to understand as possible
I'll take a day out of my playing life,
I don't bot, scam or have heaps of skill points
I do have a PVP/PVE character in 0.0

Before the anomily nerf
Log in, choose character, check mail, see if any ops are on that my limited skills comply with, attend/don't attend that op, if no op, go PVP, PVE/rat, or mine.
convo and talk to my like minded corp members and allies
generally have a good time, if I make enough isk over a week or so maybe able to buy a ship to pvp in or replace a lost pvp ship, have fun is my main aim and do as the game says risk = reward tis why I'm in 0.0 right?
after the anomily nerf
Log in, choose character, check mail, she it 5 more corp members moved back to empire space because the nerf killed their income to the point where they could not stay???
see if any ops are on that my limited skills comply with,
oh thats right there is no one else to come along now that they have moved back to empire, so there are no ops, not that I could attend because I lost my pvp ships and can't afford to replace them, limited skills = not much income anyway, well lets do some PI, check local damn you mean the 4 afk/active campers are still here 5 days later, (the nerf allowed them to concentrate, where as before they were spread out)not that it mattered the corp has taken down all it's pos's so no fuel is needed, (another income down the spout eh)so I rat then, I jump 5 jumps through a wasteland that used to be full of other allied members to the next system worth ratting in again, bow bow it's camped by 5 afk/active cloakers, what do I do today, no one to talk to or convo bar the enemy and I don't speak their language (stumped there),
what are my options
1.get a bot to fund my pvp (idk about you but I won't do it),
2.move back to high sec like the others is becoming an option to fund my pvp, so
less pvp fights more missions, not really excited about that,
bah so I log off and go play another game because
EVE is loosing it's fun factor for me,
I love to pvp but if I can't fund the ships.

My opinion is to un-nerf the anomilies thus allowing less skilled players like myself to stay in 0.0, now I'm not knocking the afk/active cloakers I'd do it to now if I had the ships, but in 0.0 you have to start somewhere and what the nerf has done is make it so much harder for the small corp/guys like myself to make the ends meet, how can they get their own piece of 0.0 if they can't fund their pvp losses, it's that simple.

Hirana Yoshida
Behavioral Affront
Posted - 2011.05.01 13:40:00 - [158]

Originally by: Phenia
White Tree is the dumbest member of the CSM yet.

Oh I can think of a few considerably worse ... Very Happy
Originally by: Petronious Archeoptrix

Problem with setting the bar too low to cater to low-SP individuals such as yourself is that it benefits botting and heavy alt use while acting as molasses on conflict in general .. grass has to be greener somewhere for the sheep to dare venture the great unknown.

"Do not fly what you cannot afford to lose". Ring a bell?
All the nerf did was force people to run the numbers again and either downgrade ships or skip an op or two while gathering.

Fly AFs, Interceptors and other 'cheap' stuff until your skills/income can support bigger. If your corp/alliance has a craptastic reimbursement system that doesn't help you help them, then why the hell stay in the first place?.

Ze Beeblebrox
Negotium Holding
Negotium Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.22 21:06:00 - [159]

By now neither CCP Greyscale, nor anybody else from CCP did give any feedback how that 0.0-nerf did work out.

I can tell you for sure, it has lead to a vast devastation of 0.0. Dozens, if not hundreds of Renter Corporations have just left 0.0. Hundreds of systems are just outright empty now.

The reason is clear: Post-Dominion-Costs for most with Pre-Dominion-Income. So most 0.0-Systems will be even more devastated than ever before.

CCP clearly violated the sandbox here as they didn't buffer the investments of the small corporations who fell victim to this change.

It is my opinion that CCP Greyscale willingly publicly gave false reasons why the implemented that nerf, so he and thus CCP was willingly and outright lying at their customers/playerbase. The only alternative explanation I see would be that CCP Greyscale is outright extremely stupid and does have no plan how EVE works.

So I do support, CCP finally gives a public statement, why they:
- implemented the 0.0-nerf (this time the real reason without any stupid lies)
- lied to their playerbase
- did not reimburse corporations and alliances who shortly before the nerf have heavily invested in 0.0 infrastructure and just got betrayed by CCP as they never had any chance to even amortize those investitions.
- think, they could get those players they ****ed off the game by this nerf back with a buddy program.
- thought they would not **** off 0.0-players/customers en masse when they outright r*pe them off their investitions ?

0.0 as it is now:
- No place for small alliances anymore, except for pro-miners
- No decent income anymore for players, as "good" truesec systems are occupied by afk-cloak-cynos and thus unusable, the others are generally unusable.
- Pool only for a few powerblocks, as their income are the Tech-Moons.
- Those Powerblocks are now in a league of its own, absolutely unreachable for any entity not in their league.

In short:

CCP greatly f*cked up 0.0 and they drove quite a number of players/customers off the game !

Volition Cult
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2011.05.23 08:48:00 - [160]

I have moved to a different profession just before the nerf and I have trained a few high sec alts. I barely rat anymore I only pew pew with my 2x pvp toons in 0.0. Why bother with roaming gangs, cloakers, hot dropers, whatever while you rat in your expensive pve ship when you can make the same isk in high sec.

CCP has this all backwards. High sec should have been a training ground and you should move to low sec/0.0 where the end game is (or at least should be). 90% people in high sec and only 10% in low/0.0 is the problem. It should be the other way around. I know many of you wouldn't like so many people in 0.0 but ccp can make the universe just bigger.
Severly nerfing high sec or for all I care put it on a different server can only give low sec/0.0 life any meaning.

Move level 4 mission to low sec, deplete the asteroid fields in high sec. This would be the low sec/0.0 buff. People would be willing to make risk to go to richer grounds now they just dont have the incentive.
But I know ccp wouldnt do this they just don't have the balls to do it and no matter how much you advertise Eve as being a cold and harsh univers it just isn't you can grind in high sec in complete safety.

The Circle
White Noise.
Posted - 2011.05.26 08:23:00 - [161]

Just by looking at the first 3 posts on this topic alone makes me puke.

seriously ccp, if this is not biased csm / influence on the very foundations of eve dunno what is.

all goons/NC influence should be removed ASAP from csm AND from ccp employees, this is getting waaay to mutch tbfh

Vaju Katru
Posted - 2011.05.26 09:44:00 - [162]

The problem is highsec isk, the Risk vs Reward, its just not balanced.

Drastically reduce the isk potential from highsec, problem solved.

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