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Huang Yinglong
Posted - 2011.04.19 02:59:00 - [1]

So the CSM said no one really laid out how they felt factional warfare should work. well ok then, I expect at least some CSM feedback.

This is from mostly a PvP perspective. one the things I found jarring was when the csm said factional warfare had meet it's goal for PvP. Sorry but that's total false. it has failed HARD. 2 years ago when I was an FC, there was 400-500 people online in channel at any given time. 2000 players were actively logged on for the 1st 5 months just for factional warfare. *assuming minmatar was about the same as other militias*

The Good!

Plex room PvP!
-the timer pvp idea is awesome. it becomes a sort of capture the flag by staying alive for 10-20 minutes.
-ship size restrictions lead to awesome 15 on 20 cruiser fights with no logistics and fun set ups.

Militia window
-the factional warfare window shows you where the action is and whats going down. corp leader boards and so on were fun.
-the reward WAS the pvp, you didn't get a bonus of owning a planet you got a ticker in the militia window which gave a personal pilot by pilot, corp by corp instance reward for killing people!

Alliance tourney involvement
-FW spiked to 600 people online in minmatar side alone at peak times for the month before AT7.
-FW let players that were not part of a bug alliance a chance to fight in the AT.


-They didn't balance anything. they just said, f it, it'll work it's self out, the pvp is the reward, that's all people need to use this forever.
-easily could of been a HUGE part of the NPE. a way to get people into PvP, in the the same way incursions feel now.

Factional warfare missions
-badly balanced, they don't become public for anyone to wrap too let they were suppose to, no one is even in FW anymore to defend these sites.
-completing missions does not give you more control over a system.
-having to keep going back over and over again means they had to make the missions short and fast, thus the issue with bombers finishing them to easily.

System sov
-no reason owning a system
-CCP said the reward IS the PVP! *bull****, if they were right about this FW wouldn't be the graveyard it is today*
-impossible to tell how far along system contesting is
-different time zones meant the other side would just wipe out all your work every night.
-Larger sites could just be speed tanked, UNLESS you were fighting the gallente, who were the only NPC that web. this is really stupid.

So basically you take a system after DAYS of hard work, impossible to even tell when the system is goign to go down. And THEN you get! nothing. you get nothing, at all. Seriously. personal reward can be just the PvP. but there needs to be a militia wide reward, or reason to even go out and try.

basically once we got sick of trying to take systems since it didn't do anything, we just PvPed for fun. but then that seemed pointless because we could go to 0.0 and have better pvp and better rewards.

So with no reason to reason to fight, there is no reason to PvP. I will post my suggestions based on what I see as the problems with factional warfare on a later date when I have less work to finish.

but I found it important to point out what I see as the problems.

also it should note that a lot of roleplayers took part in FW. it was like a haven before it became abandoned.

in the end CCP needed to stick a set of core gameplay in eve and fix it. Feature abandonment is something mmos looking for ways to keep players for just a little longer use. FW has the potential to bring new players into eve with an easy fast way to get pvp while keeping PvE elements.

Kingston Black
Posted - 2011.05.04 12:20:00 - [2]

When i started eve i joined FW (Gallente) as a noob in a t1 fit thorax with 400 mill to my name.

Blew the whole lot in 2 months and went to join a new 0.0 alliance that some friends were joining.

Gotta say i have real fond memories of FW in the start it was a great way to get into pvp. There were nightly fleets going out with FC's of various caliber and it allowed you to blow up some ships and get the feel of it all.

Im sad to hear it's not what it once was. Crying or Very sad

What i personally think would fix it would be some reward for claiming systems that helps your side pvp (a few faction rats come help you with clever ai's may be, or perhaps the odd turret on the things you have to defend?).

Together with combat arenas that limit the size of each sides fleet and it's makeup more so you get more alliance tourney style pewpew going down (logistics and t3's in some all the way down to 5vs5 t1 cruiser slug fests for the newbies) with a little reward for the winners (a crate that opens when you blow up x enemy ships in the plex maybe that drops a shiney?)

Still miffed CCP didnt show up to the FW table even if i didnt go to fan fest Evil or Very Mad


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