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BB vanB
Posted - 2011.06.21 22:10:00 - [31]

Dutch military KWMR here

PVE/WH/Trade/some PVP 3X Account running in WH space somewhere deep in deadly unknown space for over one and a half years

also looking for more dutch military people to maybe join the alliance!!!

Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2011.06.22 06:09:00 - [32]

Originally by: Iksobarg
Former US Army, 63B/95B, 82nd Airborne Div, and Reserve

best place in eve is in WHs

WH is indeed the best place in EVE. Until someone destroys everything you own :|

Posted - 2011.06.23 12:49:00 - [33]

Edited by: kardjaval on 23/06/2011 12:51:53
can ex military pipe in?

25c, fort lewis washington, with 4th stryker brigade combat team, of 2 ID.

also, i blow stuff up with missiles.

including the stinking minmatar diplomat during the driving a wedge, the gallente one...

Vekk Fierceshot
Posted - 2011.06.24 16:08:00 - [34]

USAF, E3, Air Traffic Controller, Moody AFB, GA

mining galore in EVE

Posted - 2011.07.02 18:17:00 - [35]

retired seabee E-6 st louis. industrial going pvp, been on EVE for about 4 years.

The Synergy
Cascade Probable
Posted - 2011.07.06 04:57:00 - [36]

E-5 SGT 31B Military Police part of the West Virginia National Guard. I Do some PvP/PvE and some Industrial.

Tommy Rollins
The Feynman Syndicate
Posted - 2011.07.07 01:24:00 - [37]

NROTC MIDN looking to commission aviation next year.

Getting into PVP with a strong base in missions/trade

Deteris Maldori
Posted - 2011.07.27 05:15:00 - [38]

Canadian force here. Cpl 3ppcli
2 tours in the sandbox..

Mostly Frieghting and industrial manufacturing and planetary structures
Add me if you need a large amount of stuff moved
And add me if you just wanna go find some one to blow up...

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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