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Rakshasa Taisab
Sane Industries Inc.
Posted - 2011.04.20 00:49:00 - [31]

BFF really needs to set up a public request tracker, where suggestions can be posted and individually ranked and commented by users. There is plenty of software out there that could be used for this, and no need to tie it to eve accounts.

Mirabi Tiane
Posted - 2011.04.20 01:04:00 - [32]

Originally by: Rakshasa Taisab
BFF really needs to set up a public request tracker, where suggestions can be posted and individually ranked and commented by users. There is plenty of software out there that could be used for this, and no need to tie it to eve accounts.

Another MMO did that and people complained because it was "another thing to register for".

Merouk Baas
Posted - 2011.04.20 01:56:00 - [33]

Improving the process... we can't affect the work-hours or priorities that Team BFF has, so the only thing to improve is getting our gripes to them. Can't expect AkitaT to always be around to compile or compress our whines/posts, so the forums are probably not all that useful to them.


- Have the forum moderators submit lists of what they see as the most recurring gripes or issues within the sub-forums they monitor.

- We can submit only two things via forms: bugs and petitions. How about a simplified version of this form for a suggestion box, complaint box, etc. It's got category sorting, which is a huge feature.

- If they're looking at what annoys us, they might as well analyze trends and do root-cause analysis too, so they can fix the root and get most bang for buck like they want. Maybe hire a Psychologist to keep their Economist company.

Finally, a comment: we're subscribing to EVE, so it's a SERVICE (as opposed to a shelf product). And because of that, they need to re-evaluate their idea that only new features (new products) bring in customers; increasing sales is important for a product, but it's retention and customer satisfaction that are important for services. CCP is like a cable-TV provider with outages and distortions in their basic channel lineup, prioritizing increased revenue via more pay-per-view channels and VOIP phones. Yeah Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2011.04.20 02:08:00 - [34]

The icon that you use to adjust the location of where your targets appear needs to be made brighter. As it is now, the icon is SUPER faint, so people who want to move where their targets appear often have trouble finding it.

Rakshasa Taisab
Sane Industries Inc.
Posted - 2011.04.20 02:34:00 - [35]

Originally by: Mirabi Tiane
Originally by: Rakshasa Taisab
BFF really needs to set up a public request tracker, where suggestions can be posted and individually ranked and commented by users. There is plenty of software out there that could be used for this, and no need to tie it to eve accounts.

Another MMO did that and people complained because it was "another thing to register for".

Then they don't need to make improvement suggestions, and I find it hard to believe they would have the wherewithal to even form a proper improvement suggestion.

Also many trackers don't actually require registration to make anonymous suggestions.

Alias 6322A
Posted - 2011.04.20 05:10:00 - [36]

Please please please consider upgrading missile graphics, not just turret graphics!

Missile Graphic Proposal

Note that the turret upgrade video is linked in second post of proposal, in case you guys missed that at Fanfest 2011. Can we get CCP to show any work on missile graphics?

State War Academy
Posted - 2011.04.20 13:24:00 - [37]

Edited by: Swynet on 20/04/2011 14:52:01
Tiers system

Ships/weapons balance

Aggression CD's and system

Self destruction CD programmable and non stoppable.

Neutral repping

Low sec improvement

Capitals in high sec under very strict rules/conditions (unable any attack capabilities)

Capitals able to dock with high fees cost p/day, un-docking/docking huge time and tank/attack capabilities reduced to 0 in this time (station games over)

Moon mining

biggie fluffy
Posted - 2011.04.20 19:27:00 - [38]

Edited by: biggie fluffy on 20/04/2011 19:35:52

One simple request, can we make the "jump clone" mechanic go all the "leave ship/stop training/jump/restart training in one click"?

This would be a "sister project" to the one that is making it so you don't have to stop training to insert implants.

Also, this is a BIG issue for me (well the only issue really, other then santum nerf), eve is killing my love of the game with it s 2000 paper cuts.

IF I were king of ccp for a day, I would close development on incara (cause I don't care about it 1 bit), and move that whole team to BFF. BFF needs to be 3 times bigger then it is.

Mr LaForge
Posted - 2011.04.20 21:48:00 - [39]

CSM needs to give BFF a big round of applause when they see them because its the team at CCP making the game better.

Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2011.04.20 23:06:00 - [40]

Re-balance Gallente ships so they are somewhat useful in fleets again. Give Interceptors a bit of a boost by making them the only ships whose MWDs aren't shut off by Web Scrams.

Knee Anderthal
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2011.04.21 01:26:00 - [41]

CCP took the time to add a Pilot License tab to the Character Sheet but why oh why does it not tell you the date when your account is set to expire/renew? I would think that would be the first thing one would expect to see on this tab.

Posted - 2011.04.21 03:24:00 - [42]

If it would be at all possible, instead of nerfing everything. Try adding to ships and modules. Typically everyone using the same guns on different ships, everyone in major fleets using ancillaries and very little of the other race guns for the ship they are using? I would say that needs to be fixed.

PVP needs to be looked over. You don't see pilots telling you to use the race guns for the race ships these days anymore.

Posted - 2011.04.21 11:47:00 - [43]

My top 4 of the littel annoying thing from the View of a WH inhabit:

1. No repackacking of items in POS Hangars...

2. It's not possible to save a pattern for a fleet. Everytime someone set up a new fleet you have to go aaaaall the way through everything. New wing, new wing, 6 new squads, rename every squad, set free move, create advert blabla... Thats just annoying and timeconsuming for no reason.

3. Why the heck isn't there a simple POS Modul to repair ships, armor or boost up the shield? I mean, hey, its a big Spacestation but i have to refit my ship with a remote armor repper and fly out of the FF to repair the simple armor of a drone...
And whats most annoying is the situation of shieldtankers and PvP. You ever jumped into a Onyx at your Pos when everything has to move fast? Your shield ist about 1/4... There should be a simple PoS Modul or something to recharge that shield. It couldn't be really true to refit the ship with shield booster and then start with an emty cap or wait for 2 hours until the shield recharged itself. I get the fact, that the shieldbonus that comes from your skills and implants just activates when you hop in to your ship. But shieldrigs and shieldextenders are assembeld into that ship even when nobody is piloting it. So why exactly is that shield bonus missing when i board the vessel?
The really ridiculous part here is the fact that you don't have such problems when you undock from a staion...

4. Corp BMs!!! nuff said

Unforgiven Storm
Posted - 2011.04.21 11:55:00 - [44]

1. Please allow us to change chars inside the same account without the need to login again!

2. Add a a reminder popup window for calendar events with a configurable time from zero to 30 minutes in increments of 5m, with a snooze and ack buttons. The snooze will allow the window to popup more times until it reaches the time of the event and continue even after the event has started until the user acknowledges the reminder window. Also after we login, the reminder window should popup for past events to show us what we have lost while logged out. This way we can give a real use to the calendar, because a calendar that doesn't remind me that I have an appointment coming up, its not useful for me, since I do not have it open all the time. One after another, the events just happen and you not even notice then until days later. Today, I have to use my outlook calendar to plan for CTAs and PI because I need the reminders and the game does't provide them.

3. Please allow us to keep a collection of bookmarks in the cargo instead of independent unique bookmarks, the idea is to allow us to export all our bookmarks to one only object and then load then in another char. My biggest problem is that I want to share bookmarks between my alts and I have to export 500 bookmarks on sets of 5 to a cargo, keep 500 bookmarks in the cargo that take forever to load (bug?) trade them to my alt and then import. And repeat this again and again and again for all my alts... that is time consuming and annoying. Please lets us play the game like we want it, allow us to select all, export to cargo, see only one object there (collection of bookmarks object) and them trade ONE object to my alt and import it to my bookmarks colection.

4. Please save our overviews settings in the server side.

5. Please allow us to stack items inside a pos or a carrier corporate hangers.

6. Please allow us to open cans inside a pos or a carrier corporate hangers.

7. Please allow us to see what items in the cargo of ship or hanger, are damage by adding some visual symbol to the icons.

8. Please allow us to see what drones present in the drone bay, cargo of ship or hanger are damage in armor or structure by adding some visual symbol to the icons.

9. why, when I'm opening a cyno and have the necessary fuel but separated in small amounts it doesn't allow me to open the cyno until I stack it? please fix that.

10. why wait 30 seconds after I enter a fleet or change position inside one, before I'm allowed to jump a gate or change a ship? what is the logic? If nothing comes up, please fix that also.

11. In the inventory window the search doesn't look inside any of my cans, so I still cannot find what I'm looking for. Can you fix this, is very annoying...

12. very annoying to have to stop training before we jump to a clone, I normally forget to start the training again and I loose days before I realize that I'm not training anymore!!!

That is it for now. bye, thanks.

Unforgiven Storm
Posted - 2011.04.21 13:02:00 - [45]

(...) also suggestions about improving the process of identifying and prioritizing them.

Tracking issues in a forum is not efficient nor it gives the user any feedback on what the devs are doing with our requests / suggestions.

I recommend using a specific tool for that, a task tracking tool like Redmine will sufice. (Redmine is a free open source flexible project management web application.)

I work for a software house and we use it for more than a year with great success. It allow us to have a web tool available to our clients 24/7, where they can open tickets asking for small features, fixes or improvements and allow us to prioritize them and give feedback about each one. The user sees this in real time and can follow the lifecycle of the task from analysis to implementation, test and deployment. It’s very secure and above all, free to use.

If the software team commits to it and accepts it as the biggest advantage it has to have / give feedback directly to a costumer, it will revolutionize the way the communication flows between both ends and terminate with the problems that are related with the collection of information about user needs and the feedback on what are you doing with those requests.

In the old days, the costumers only talked to the sales team. We have indirect feedback coming to us. Now the costumer opens tickets, the sales team acts as a supervising team by filtering, validating and if necessary clarifying each task. Then we use these tickets to prioritize, plan and execute our daily tasks. The user sees what we are doing every day on every given ticker.

This feedback about status to the user while developing is very important. It gives a simple, but strong message to the client: we care, we work for you and with you!

Off course a tool like this will need a couple of supervisors to filter the tickets, remove the trash, push forward the other ones to the developers. It will need rules of usage, so it becomes an efficient tool of work and not just an expensive and different “forum” of ideas.

PS: About the voices that are now just screaming that this not very compatible with agile, we work using the scrum metodologies and we use this tool as a backlog and the Scrum masters didn’t give us any crap about it. We know that the Scrum best practice is to avoid using too many tools. Agile methods put individuals and interactions first. But in this case we have to interact with the clients so a compromise was reached, Redmine is that compromise. Instead of managing a simple backlog and burndown chart in a excel file we now use Redmine. There are many plugins for backlogs and burndown charts that can be used with redmine.

PS2: I refer to Redmine in this post but of course there are other tools out there that do the same and can be an alternative. The main point of this post is very simple: lets use a specific task tracking tool, available to all of us, to "improving the process of identifying and prioritizing" the user requests for team bff and ask team bff to use it as a backlog so we can see what is happening.

PS3: This message / idea also applies to other threads like Ship Balance and so on.

Jin Rot'hani
Liberal Frontier Enterprises
Majesta Empire
Posted - 2011.04.21 16:25:00 - [46]

Originally by: Unforgiven Storm
2. Add a a reminder popup window for calendar ...

Wanted to write something similar. It was a great idea to implement a calendar but it does not even provide the simplest features to make it useful.

- show notifications for upcuming events after login like the ones for finished skills, new mails etc.

- do the same while ingame x-min (separately configurable) before an event with a notifcation or a clickable popup for afk'ers if you want (not as default ofc)

- (advanced feat.) use this for stuff like PI timers or Invention or whatever (maybe a button in the PI interface to simply place an appointment in the calendar for the last cycle of the extractors, nothing fancy) though i would be happy to even get any notifications at all ;)

- activate toggle window for all windows that you can open from the "taskbar" not only for the fitting window. It's really hard to close them with these microscopic small [x] button. Ctrl+W is an option but therefor the window needs to be in focus and a toggle could close the window even if it's somewhere in the background.

- make it possible to open also the 'tree' of an item in the market window when clicking on the item category and not only the items overview. maybe with ctrl pressed or a button. I bet many people don't even know that you can click on the category because it's just text, same goes btw for drag and drop of the fitting from the fitting screens ship name. and no it's absolutely not obvious that the name is drag'able :o

- and/or maybe add "open market category/hierarchy" to the right-click menu. makes it much less click-intensive to find similar items in the market window

- make "view market details" also available in the compare items window

- fix announced next targets markers in the overview without making it necessary to switch tabs every view min. to clean them up, so they don't show up on wrecks or cans ...

...oh dinner time :)

Posted - 2011.04.22 14:07:00 - [47]

If you try to scoop drones and some of them are out of range, they should be returning by default instead of staying idle.

Mr LaForge
Posted - 2011.04.22 15:42:00 - [48]

1. Ability to add bookmarks to your places tab from orca corp holds and in fact any sort of hold that isn't yours including cans.

2. right click on bookmarks and add to places tab. No more dragging and dropping.

Posted - 2011.04.22 15:52:00 - [49]

Originally by: Mr LaForge
1. Ability to add bookmarks to your places tab from orca corp holds and in fact any sort of hold that isn't yours including cans.

2. right click on bookmarks and add to places tab. No more dragging and dropping.

About #2 why not have both ? Drag and drop is a blessing in most UI, why get rid of it when you can get both ?

Dirk Decibel
Posted - 2011.04.22 16:57:00 - [50]

Originally by: Romer Stimson
Please? Oh please, fix the Ghost ore issue?ConfusedQuestion
This, hardly ever mine anymore but still, how can such an annoying bug not be dealt with for years?

Posted - 2011.04.22 17:11:00 - [51]

Originally by: Dirk Decibel
Originally by: Romer Stimson
Please? Oh please, fix the Ghost ore issue?ConfusedQuestion
This, hardly ever mine anymore but still, how can such an annoying bug not be dealt with for years?

I got the same issue while fitting ships with modules in a container, after a while I had an afterburner in the container that i couldn't use. I had to log off and log back in to realize it wasn't in the container anymore. This bug is spreading

Posted - 2011.04.23 08:33:00 - [52]

A communication suggestion would be to adopt a similar formate like engineering reports cryptic does for star trek online, they are orderly, well structured give a good overview over the current work and state of the pipeline and thus leave a feeling that the devs are doing something and development is moving on.

Bienator II
Posted - 2011.04.23 21:07:00 - [53]

clonejumps are currently a usability nightmare:
1) no reason to pause the skill queue, jump and resume it again. This should be handled automatically behind the scenes if this is a technical requirement
2) allow jumping from ship to ship. Why do we have to be in a pod to jump? All the session timer delays are annoying.

inserting implants:
same as 1) (i haven't checked, maybe its already fixed ;) )

updating clones:
- please send a notification mail if the clone must be upgraded. We get insurance expiration mails but no clone update warning mail...

changing ships:
- remove the 30s session timers
(its probably a workaround to reduce server load or something like that. if yes, delayed writes or write on undock/disconnect could be a even better optimisation without usability implications)

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2011.04.24 02:06:00 - [54]

Edited by: Akita T on 24/04/2011 02:13:10

I would say one of the BEST ways to deal with it all would be something akin to the "Google workload", adapted for CCP/EVE.

First off, have at least one "Team BFF" (not necessarily all the current team members, nor just the current team members) to PERMANENTLY work on "little fixes" on a constant basis and nothing else, without fixed release schedules, but encouraged to pick the workload in such a way that several new microimprovements would roll out every 4 to 10 weeks at most (hey, if they can roll out one at a time per week, great, but 3 months in between would be a bit too much).
If you get two teams, or a larger team, even better. IDEALLY, at least half of them would be volunteers as opposed to "forced assignments" (especially the "leads", if anything like that even exists at all in such a team format), and the team composition not necessarily frozen... but that's administrative/HR stuff, so I doubt it's worth dwelling on it.

Then, you "split" their workload in three separate "strips".

The first strip (the bulk of it, say, 50%) would be determined by semi-regular crowdsourcing. In fact, one of the first assignments for (one of the (new)) "Team BFF"(s) could be to brainstorm about a way to streamline that prioritization (some rudimentary "agenda item" browser and a tiny evegate hook for any player to browse it and (re)distribute his personal focus choices however he sees fit. The "Team BFF" members would then also attempt to guesstimate the needed workload for some of the higher-priority items, and cherrypick the shortest estimate ones first, leaving enough time for the mass of players to "change their mind" about whether they still consider the larger time estimate ones important enough considering the probable workload.

The second strip (the middle-sized one, say 35%) would be determined by CCP management, since, hey, they're still the boss, afterall.

The third (smallest, but not too small) strip (so, the remaining 15% or so minimum) would be reserved for PET PROJECTS of the actual team BFF members... whatever THEY PERSONALLY FEEL would need improvement, without any "out of the team" influence on what that might be (no amount of player whining nor bossy...err...bosses to mess with it).

MOST IMPORTANTLY, they should keep an open communication pipeline of rapid-fire updates about what they're working on right now and what the rough ideas for a fix might be, so the community as a whole could be used as a sounding board or brainstorming bucket. You know, something like a phrase or two every couple of days or so, that would be awesome.

J Kunjeh
Posted - 2011.04.24 10:56:00 - [55]

Edited by: J Kunjeh on 24/04/2011 10:56:39
Nice Akita. Though I think it doesn't stand a fireball's-chance-in-Iceland of being implemented, I think the idea is a very good one. Though I personally would bump up team BFF's Pet Project share to 20%.

Danika Princip
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2011.04.24 14:01:00 - [56]

Space Bikinis.

Posted - 2011.04.24 17:02:00 - [57]

All faction items should be available on the market. Contracts should not be the only market for faction modules.

Bienator II
Posted - 2011.04.24 22:56:00 - [58]

damage indicator for items that can break (advanced/faction cristals and such).

General Foom
Posted - 2011.04.25 00:01:00 - [59]

Edited by: General Foom on 25/04/2011 00:02:13

The little fixes I would like addressed are Drone and drone Interface related.

1: Drone AI is still.....weird.

Target selection priority
* light drones will still sometimes fly 50kms to start attacking a cruiser when your being orbited by a webbing frig?
* drones will go out there way to attack and kill any trigger spawn.....(its like they're trying to get you hulled)
Client input recognition
* focus fire toggle clearly doesn't work properly (Drones will still sometimes split targets)
* drones will not always respond properly to "attack target" commands and will randomly switch back to their original target

Drone management is not a fun little mini game..its onerous and annoying.

2: Drone control interface is......lite.

some thoughts

* a target Priority selection ladder with small, medium, large target selection for each user created Drone group
* an attack targets with active EW priority toggle ..i.e webs/scramblers/jammers

* launch, attack, return & orbit and recall buttons visible on the drones active in space window or drone control box.....
the last one seem like a no brainer.

That's my list of little fixes....


Posted - 2011.04.25 00:50:00 - [60]

Recently i started using more shortcuts while playing. I'm disappointed to see that Approach, align, warp to and others shortcuts are in sort of a toggle mode where you have to hold key + click object.

I'd prefer the actions to work on the selected object as well without having to click. If there's a selected object, trigger the action on it when I press the shortcut.

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