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Decus Daga
Black Thorne Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.06 17:49:00 - [61]

How about letting us just customise our own damn UI? Conan did it and while the rest of the game sucked, that was a really nice feature to use!

Bienator II
Posted - 2011.05.06 19:59:00 - [62]

Originally by: ivar R'dhak
Edited by: ivar R''dhak on 05/05/2011 03:31:29

First of all, this should be the most important topic of them all!

The thread having only two pages so far shows that generally people have no clue about a good UI. 8+ years have proven CCP havenīt either, sadly.
Though very good suggestions are posted in this thread.

First rule of Game-UI Club, you donīt make it look like an OS UI.
Second rule of Game-UI Club, YOU DONīT MAKE IT LOOK LIKE AN OS UI!
Hint:NeoNeoNeoNeocom, be it vertical horizontal or diagonal.

Give us different ship readiness states.

You target something - RED ALERT or BATTLE-STATIONS.
When Iīm shooting I donīt need the fricken corp button, science button, character button or the damn calculator.
What I need is proper drone status view and control UI.
And different UI elements at the forefront, depending on my role as either pure damage dealer or logistics or fleet/wing leader.
Easy to access(NO RIGHT-CLICK) bookmarks (radial menu, where art thou dynamic uses?)

When traveling - YELLOW ALERT.
Most of the Red Alert stuff isnīt needed, apart from the BM improvements.

Docked or doing space industry/mining/salvaging/POS stuff etc. - the current cluttered UI options and right-click madness.
Incorporate the good NEOneocom ideas like user modifiable buttons.

i like that idea. -> Context sensitive UI.


Black Dranzer
Posted - 2011.05.07 02:21:00 - [63]

In a word: Icons.

If there is any (and I mean any) situation where a word can be replaced by a tiny little image, do it. Graphical readouts beat text readouts almost unconditionally, if only because they're more compact. Icons for ship class, speed, direction, whatever. Words bad. Pictures good.

Posted - 2011.05.07 03:45:00 - [64]

Changing UI's is very tricky for a number of factors involved - user acceptance, "intuitiveness" and so on. What one person sees as great, others find completely frustrating to work with and counter-intuitive.

As such, I'll suggest far less in the way of "exacting" changes and far more in an overall vision of how to approach the design. OPTIONS - not "here you go" should be the core theme of the changes.

Look at a modular approach to the UI via "launch pads" and "dockable toolbars".

For an idea of what I mean - look at some of WoW's old modules - the flexibility of layout and look based upon the user's personal preferences but 100% optional on what you choose to turn on and not turn on.

Someone wants to set 3 "shaded" bars floating in the middle of their screen - top, left and right - fine. Whatever but it should be optional and modular enough to allow the user to lay out as they want.

To put it another way "well it's liable to be very complex" - EVE is complex. People don't play the game for it's simplicity. If it's tricky to layout how someone wants everything - that is better than if they can't adjust it and they'll learn how to do it if it gets them the look and feel they want.

Just allow for export and import of layouts and someone, somewhere, will build a sit of "presets" that folks can download from. Trust the community to come up with this *IF* it is made possible.

Nikita Alterana
Kumiho's Smile
Posted - 2011.05.07 18:54:00 - [65]

break apart things by function, so I don't need to have huge windows open all the time. For instance:
F11 Map broken into individual components that can be opened and closed on their own
Autopilot separate from the map
All the screens that appear on the left side become movable (that's system info, incursion info, PI info, etc)

also, It needs to be prettier.

Angelica Winters
Posted - 2011.05.08 01:00:00 - [66]

Player mods is the best option. CCP has a one time upfront rewrite of the code and then players make custom UI mods. CCP has very little to do after that, except perhaps implement the best UI mods into their software.

Look at all the other games out there with player mods.

State War Academy
Posted - 2011.05.08 12:38:00 - [67]

Originally by: Mocam
Changing UI's is very tricky for a number of factors involved - user acceptance, "intuitiveness" and so on.

I would like to profit from creative players, yeah those that pretty often have better ideas/creativity/design culture than most UI dev's no matter the game, they must make important discounts Laughing

I hate that overview reminding me excell...WTF it's a space ship game with an UI just good to equip a 1970's Amiga game?
Can't I just leave the text and make those ****ing borders become invisible?-same for all windows.

The HTC's bureau looks better, and any one having one knows it's 9 years old design. I'd like to see those icons resizeable, changeable fonts/colours, being able to put them where ever I want and most important: make it "future" guys.

At the same time asking for "future" UI stuff when some of those space ships are made of wood/concrete and use 2nd world war ammo, I know it's too much Laughing

rootimus maximus
Posted - 2011.05.08 14:04:00 - [68]

Edited by: rootimus maximus on 08/05/2011 14:04:12
Given the thread title, I realise this isn't what you're looking for, but please, could a CSM member just mention that ideally we need a new UI, built from scratch and entirely customisable?

Back on topic, there's just wayyyy too much stuff in the right click menu. For me, it'd be ideal if I could not only customise it, but have different settings (perhaps stealing from the existing overview code?). I can't tell you the number of times I've added a station to overview when I was trying to click on dock.

Mara Rinn
Posted - 2011.05.08 16:48:00 - [69]

Remove the notifications box that sits in the middle of the screen and never shows me stuff I'm interested in seeing.

In the contracts UI, when I set up a private contract I should be able to drag a face into the recipient box from my contacts list. Alternately, open up the character search interface. In the contract confirmation, the character's face should appear next to the name. I shouldn't have to risk sending my valuable stuff to Mara Rim instead of Mara Rinn just because I have fat fingers. Yes, there are a million stages in the contract process where I see the name, but the awful font doesn't give me much room for detecting simple errors (can't distinguish 'rn' from 'm', '1' from 'l' from 'I')

Session-change agnostic chat interface. If I'm in the middle of chatting to someone while docking or jumping, I shouldn't have to wait for twenty seconds before I can continue typing in the chat window.

Session-change agnostic contracts interface. If I've set up a search and filters, I shouldn't lose the results just because I dock at a station or jump through a stargate.

Reconnect with drones. We can reconnect with probes.

Push more of the combat UI into the 3D. Mouse-over labels on objects in space, target boxes, yellow/red status brackets, even the brackets including colours for standings/corp/fleet/etc. Go replay some X-Wing vs TIE Fighter for UI ideas.

Move pop-up information such as DED database details to a "video chat" overlay such as from Wing Commander. Allow this to be used for pilot comms too, and consider moving all "local" chat by NPCs to this system too. Reviewing my Local log at some point later to find that Krull was smacktalking doesn't have the desired effect.

Allow chat channels to be combined, just like that major fantasy MMO. Use "/" commands to determine the channel to send to. e.g.: "/alli Hello folks" would send "Hello folks" to the "Alliance" chat.

Put an opaque or at least minimally transparent background behind module buttons, preferably a dark colour such as black, black or black.

Highlight the icons of agents for whom you have missions completed/in-progress.

Add a docking computer which will play "The Blue Danube" when the autopilot warps the ship to the docking queue of the station and starts approaching for docking at the regulation 40m/s.

Provide an option for the autopilot to avoid Incursion constellations (and add gate camps to Incursions in hisec).

Highlight the ship in space of the active speaker on EVE voice fleet channel. Highlight the ship in space of pilots sending messages in Local or Fleet.

If a mission agent is also a locator agent, don't force me to pick "Request Mission" in order to talk to the agent about the mission I have just completed. Talking to the agent about locating someone should be a separate function from talking to the agent about a mission. In fact, the agent should probably be trying to initiate the conversation if I've completed the mission.

Mars Theran
EVE Rogues
EVE Rogues Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.09 00:14:00 - [70]

Edited by: Mars Theran on 09/05/2011 00:38:03
Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

Just a quick design I came up with, and maybe something like what I'd like to see.


Might want to add expandable features to Drones on top left, like the Overview, only projecting down.

Also, Cover NeoCom slider with Current System and Autopilot Route when not in use, and add flip switch to move between the two.

Add double-click to chat slider to enter chat in channel; 3 second mouseover to open channel window for reading.

Add all Fleet Commands to Fleet Channel as text, including those from Fleet Command, and Wing Command, to Squad Fleet Channel.

Decus Daga
Black Thorne Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.09 02:00:00 - [71]

Originally by: Angelica Winters
Player mods is the best option. CCP has a one time upfront rewrite of the code and then players make custom UI mods. CCP has very little to do after that, except perhaps implement the best UI mods into their software.

Look at all the other games out there with player mods.

Which is exactly why i mentioned it - there's some great ideas in here but even if ccp read them all and said "great idea!" they would never all make it to the final code.

Where as if we had our own customisable UI(hell the more the better), it could even be a new service ingame. Another money sink that ccp's dying for.

Mara Rinn
Posted - 2011.05.09 21:02:00 - [72]

When opening the Fleet window, I am presented with "Form Fleet" and "Join Fleet". If I select "Join Fleet" I should be shown the "Find Fleets" tab, not the "My Advert" tab, in addition the UI should populate the list with all fleets available to me.

If I form a fleet and then choose to advertise my fleet, I should be shown the "My Advert" tab, not the "Find Fleets" tab.

Mars Theran
EVE Rogues
EVE Rogues Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.10 02:25:00 - [73]

Currently the only way you can link your fleet in chat, (that I am aware of), is to drag it from the available fleets window

Aria Kink
Posted - 2011.05.10 11:13:00 - [74]

As with most of the above, implementing a custom UI building tool (even for only a small part of the UI) would be a massive improvement.

One major thing missing at the moment however, is an ability to export your current UI (even with its limited customization) for use on alts / second accounts. I have tried (and failed) to get my three accounts UI's to look even remotely the same and to say it is tedious and frustrating is an understatement. Something similar to the overview export function would be brilliant.

Mara Rinn
Posted - 2011.05.10 11:28:00 - [75]

Not sure if it's UI or sound team, but we used to have doppler effects when warping in/out of places. That was cool. But now it's gone (since the Trinity engine), along with the "*** *** *** *** ***" warp scrambler sound.

Chuc Morris
Posted - 2011.05.13 10:26:00 - [76]

I want interface players made add ons right NAO !!

Cmon CCP, don't be afraid it will only hurt the first time, like many things in real life Laughing

Guru Man
Sleeper Social Club
Posted - 2011.05.19 10:57:00 - [77]

I don’t know if this is a UI issue and I am sure it has been brought before, but the bookmarks trade is a pain, especially in a WH corp with bookmarks updated every day.

For those who don know: a bookmark has to be moved first in your cargo, drag into your locations tab, ****+drag back in your cargo (pay attention not to delete it from your locations tab) and move back in the corp cargo for other people to use. We can save corp fits now, update complicate contracts across the galaxy but have to relay in manual copy of every bookmark.

Abdiel Kavash
Paladin Order
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2011.05.19 13:38:00 - [78]

There are two high-level things that **** me off to no end ever since I started playing EVE.

One, reuse the same components for similar functions. The text editing window in a channel MotD acts a teeny bit different than the window to send a mail, and that acts a bit different than writing notes. My personal asset window looks a bit different than corp assets, and that does different things than the list of items in a contract.

Same applies to context menus: roughly half of the places where an item is mentioned only allow Show Info on right-click. Some also allow View Market Details or Find in Contracts. I don't see why these options shouldn't be available everywhere.

The second major issue is some windows not behaving. Modal windows - GET RID OF THEM. Why can't I edit a channel MotD and copy-n-paste stuff from it from my notes? Or just drag links to items or characters into it? Why do I get interrupted by a popup window for something which leaves me unable to do anything, even chat, until I click it? And also IIRC at least one of the industry windows has the same problem.

A very related issue is some things not being in a UI window at all. I happen to like to have my local and other chat channels stacked on the left edge of the screen. This unfortunately means that the current system information is hidden behind them, and I need to move everything away when I want to run PI. These "windows" should be made into a proper window which then could be dragged.

And related to that, make the target list a window too. Yes I know you can move it around and even arrange it vertically, but there is no way to stop it from getting behind your other windows when you have too many things locked. It should be in a separate window which you could move and resize however you want, and the target icons would only fill that window (with scrollbars if necessary - just not appear behind other stuff!)

Jita mcheck
Posted - 2011.05.19 15:40:00 - [79]

I would like to see the target boxes show the actual ship orientation relative to your current ship.

Thus one could see are they traveling away or towards or orbiting at a glance.

E man Industries
Posted - 2011.05.19 15:50:00 - [80]

First I DO NOT want a customizable UI.
No add on's no mods. Take inspiration from these on other games and add them into the base UI but no no no no. It completely changes how you play the game and can automate far to many features.

The method of entering star base passwords sucks. Being able to enter 4 or so pass words and never touching it again until the gates change would be nice.

A green highlight to the targeting for friendly effects(like the red when getting shot or yellow when targeted)

A test fitting window to allow you to create fittings you do not have items for or can not fit…but can save…Right now you have to be able to fit the ship to save it.

More options for ship spinning.

The Unwanted.
Posted - 2011.05.20 12:02:00 - [81]

Originally by: The Mittani
Feel free to include links to illustrations of your ideas if you're a photoshop wizard.


Whilst at the discussion on UI, I though this might help liven the mood.



Posted - 2011.05.20 15:10:00 - [82]

Edited by: Caldorous on 20/05/2011 15:12:27
I'd like general responsivenes first. You know, when you do any action and then doubt if you have really done it because the system is so slow freaks me out. Wow responsiveness is far better :/

P.S.: And what I've put in another thread: Search function for lp store. There are way to much items and when you are searching for similar ones (like all the megathron items, or a series of hardwiring implants) you have to scroll way too much...

Posted - 2011.05.21 08:52:00 - [83]

I would resubscribe with my other account and log in for reasons other than changing skills if they fixed the S&I UI.

Running an invent job is about 10 clicks thru 3 dialog windows. Running 10 identical invent jobs is 100 clicks thru 30 dialog windows. Ditto building, etc. Why can't I highlight 10 BPCs and run 10 identical jobs that auto-queue in the first available slots?

It's miserable and sadistic.

Alias 6322A
Posted - 2011.05.27 14:33:00 - [84]

Not sure if this is already in game, I couldn't find it...

Ever since they added drone dmg to the notifications, your own weapon damage is drowned out from five reports for each of your drones. Can we have an option in the main menu to disable just drone damage notifications? I like being able to see my weapon dmg because it gives me an idea of how I'm doing for optimal, tracking, etc.

Minor Annoyance...
Posted - 2011.05.28 05:06:00 - [85]

Jed Clampett
Posted - 2011.05.29 20:31:00 - [86]

Edited by: Jed Clampett on 29/05/2011 20:38:48
Edited by: Jed Clampett on 29/05/2011 20:32:45
Edited by: Jed Clampett on 29/05/2011 20:32:01
Reduce market price entry errors BY

#1 make price entry text much bigger.
Text size reduces with higher resolutions to where decimals and numbers are not clearly distinguished especially for older folk. When you are reading most other commentary you can infer or deduce the correct or missing letters from context - but deducing prices misses data entry errors.

#2 for confirmation show entered price in new proposed position in orders list among its nearest neighbors.
The truth is that the UI software can radically change your intended price. If you somehow misformat the data the UI will change it to something valid but sometimes 10 or 100 times higher in value than you want. And you pay tax & fees on that order regardless of sale.

Remove current market average and its price warnings.
Suggest more user selectable options for price warnings: like sell order average, lowest sell in region, time averaged weekly minimum sell price, or buy order average then user selected percentage deviations from those. Default sell order to completed sell order average and buy orders to completed buy order average.

#1 if you are in trade the current warnings are useless for data entry errors
Because you are trying to make a profit worth your time -- so of course sell price is much greater than your buy price. Constant false warnings.

#2 Averaging price of filled orders results in a confused result.
2a) Sell orders represent available items. Buy orders are generally for future items not yet available.
2b) Buy orders filled represent price for quick liquidation sales -- the minimum the most agreeable sellers are will to accept.
Buy orders filled usually represent wholesale prices for marketeers intending to resell and not necessarily in this region.
Buy order do NOT represent the prices most retail (going to install it now) buyers are willing to pay.
2c) Sell orders filled usually represent end user (retail) sales and what they are willing to pay
2d) Averaging buy and sell orders (along with EVE only lowest offer sells rule) guarantee prices will fall regardless of scarcity or demand.
It is almost in impossible for the current market average to rise - except when sales eat deeply into a backlog of old sell orders.
in best normal circumstances, prices may momentarily stabilize when low sell prices meet high buy prices...but only until
either sell or buy orders are exhausted & the fall under pressure of market average suggested sale price continues
Market average and the multitude that rely on selling at that price - can only rise naturally if someone buys out market and resets price
with new sole available sell order.

Current market average is subject to exploitation.
If you find a planet out of range of other offers, you can buy from yourself at outrageous prices thus changing regional average. Some people are doing this when market crashes due to current average warning and market terrorist lower prices to less than 10% within a week. No CCP, the market did not recover on its own -- someone manipulated it.
Suggestion: each item sold retains its price until installed & only then does it get included in market average. Manipulation would at least get very painful and time consuming.

Posted - 2011.06.02 02:32:00 - [87]

Grim woo
Posted - 2011.07.13 05:01:00 - [88]

I would Love to see a spell check for the chat windows for those of us who are less than stellar at it.
there is nothing worse that looking stupid because you cant spell. i prefer to do that my through my topics of conversation.

Posted - 2011.08.18 13:13:00 - [89]

Edited by: Kreliaan on 18/08/2011 13:19:54
Edited by: Kreliaan on 18/08/2011 13:19:30
Edit for clarity.

Overview: The wall of numbers is useful, but sometimes overwhelming in the heat of combat. A visual representation to replace the numbers in some columns would be a drastic improvement. For example, I would love to see the angular velocity column replaced with a bar that is empty vs targets that are at 0.0, but maxes out at the peak tracking speed of your current turrets.

This visual representation shows a target that is currently:


moving too fast to track:

At zero angular velocity (trackable):

This could be implemented for several of the columns and make combat more of a visual, dynamic and stimulating experience rather than a pretty numbers game.

Also, a timed afk flag FOR ****S SAKE.

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