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Valgautr Arinbjorn
Blue Republic
Posted - 2011.04.27 23:28:00 - [331]

Hi Tsx, recently I lost the paladin that I saved up forever for. As soon as I hit warp to enter my mission, I heard my 2 yr old daughter screaming in pain down stairs. Needless to say I immediately ran down to check, and saw that she had shut her fingers in a drawer. She was fine . In the excitement I didn't even think to turn on my hardners or rep. Came back to a pod.;( anything you could spare to help me on my long journey to getting another one would be awesome. Thanks and good luck with everything.

Posted - 2011.04.28 00:01:00 - [332]

Confirming that I received my ISK. I'll put it to good use.

Thank you again.

Part-timers Association
Posted - 2011.04.28 02:36:00 - [333]

Very Happy

Thank you kindly TSX01. I am here to confirm that this gentleman did indeed send me 50 million to finish off the purchase of my Proteus. In honour of your generosity, I have dubbed it the TSX-pedition.

Doubly grateful, as my estimation of how fast I was going to get the money was a tad....optimistic. lol

Thanks again. Smile

StarWalker Shikkoken
Posted - 2011.04.28 08:16:00 - [334]

Confirming that I have received the ISK. Thanks TSX01.

Kristan Nvar
Posted - 2011.04.28 13:51:00 - [335]

confirm my isk receipt thanks

Milla Lekarariba
Capsuleer Profit Sharing Enterprise
Posted - 2011.04.28 15:55:00 - [336]

Edited by: Milla Lekarariba on 28/04/2011 16:02:33
Edited by: Milla Lekarariba on 28/04/2011 16:01:44
Edited by: Milla Lekarariba on 28/04/2011 15:56:32
anything left for me :(

I lost my t2 fit mael out in 0.0, no blues would help me, even those in same system...

Im not crying about it, but since everyone else gave a reason..

Also I am a trader, so if you happen to have some of those more expensive trade skills available that would be great Very Happy

Im the sort of player however that if I see someone that needs a few million, I will help them out, and I never ask for it back, I use a line I was given when I was at eve university...

IF you find yourself in a position to help others, then do so, instead of paying me back

so yeah there is my case, I know its not much, and my wallet has about 50million isk, not bad, but not great, seeing as I cannnot do level 4s, due to low standing, nor do I ever mine, but like I said I do try and trade, and of course help people when I see an oppertunity..

If you do help me, I can honestly say that it will help me to help others even more, and perhaps, just maybe, keep more people playing eve for that little bit longer :)

Honestly I wish I could say something to make you stay, but you have clearly made your mind up, I wish you luck and success in whatever you decide to do next :)

Posted - 2011.04.28 18:35:00 - [337]

Edited by: Twyndyllng on 28/04/2011 19:10:09

I met you the other day, on an Easter giveaway I thought was too good to be true. Luckily, it wasn't, so I brought in 35 others to share in the fun (and get a reward myself, thanks again).

EDIT: Should really learn to read, huh?

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2011.04.28 21:00:00 - [338]

This is the final update. The isk giving is almost done. I have given out approx 25 billion isk, to about 1000 people, I have counted 40 page of my wallet under player donation transaction. So 25 people each page with 39 page that is 975 people. But I am sure I have given to some alts and to same people more than once.

Here is how I have given isk to people

1) Given to people who posted under this trend and the other locked trend
2) Given to people in the channel "TSX01S GIFT"
3) Giving to people who are in Rookie channel
4) Giving to people in the Help channel
5) Giving to people who evemail me
6) Giving money to my in game friends who are VERY happy right now.
7) In channel doing lottery
8) Giving random people local isk.

I have also given out many BPOs, ships, implants to people I best qualify and can use them.

I tried to make the isk accessible to as much people as possible and try to filter out as much scammer as possible, I have no doubt some shameless people still scam and got isk, but I think I have helped more people than being giving to scammers.

I would like to thanks the many people who have helped me in giving out money more efficiently, aka spam the rookie channel and ****ing off the ISD there, and people who help me to look for people asking stupid question in help channel. Also like to thank Novem Lazar who is also quitting the game but send me everything he had to me for me to give it to others. And to Kryptos Sanguar who helped me to sell my chars. And to CCP for making this amazing game. And everyone I have ever meet in my times in the game. You will all be missed.

I would also like to thanks the following people for their greedy or other actions that does not require appreciation.

To, EVE University banned me from their channel without warning when I was giving away isk, and 1 minute later have the ball to evemail me and ask me to make a few bil donation to their corp. (Sorry I steal your thunder Eve UNI, I realize only you are authorize to help new players in the game)
To, CCP for moving my post and locking it again.
To, all of you who know you don't need the isk and lied about it and got it anyway.
To, the countless many funny people after receive the isk first time and turn around 30 second later and asked for another donation of 500mil-2bil isk and was being serious about it.
To, San Severina, who accidently received 70mil isk twice and refuse to return it.

TSX01 will have a new home by tomorrow this time so please do not disturbed the new owners.

I hope everyone still enjoy the game for many years to come, as for me this is the end. P.S if you are going to play the upcoming Star Wars The Old Republic, look me up, My username will be TSX01 in there.

Milla Lekarariba
Capsuleer Profit Sharing Enterprise
Posted - 2011.04.28 21:27:00 - [339]

25million isk recieved.. thank you very much :)

Joshua Houghton
Posted - 2011.04.28 21:38:00 - [340]

just give me what you think is neccesary :)

Posted - 2011.04.28 23:19:00 - [341]

50mil received.

Thanks very much and best of luck to you in the future.

True Shot
Posted - 2011.04.28 23:29:00 - [342]

50million... Thank you so much dude, EVE lives for me yet =)

Cutter Isaacson
Posted - 2011.04.29 01:22:00 - [343]

Just wanted to say thanks for the 5mil you were apparently randomly giving away the other day via EVE radio's ingame channel, not quite sure why people are on about 50mil though?

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with your life away from EVE, maybe you should pop in from time to time, just in case Wink You never know what you might find.

Fly Dangerous, Live safe Cool

Sgt Alaya
Posted - 2011.04.29 12:56:00 - [344]

Dude. I wish you all the best. Life without Eve is still something I can't really comprehend atm but I understand where you are coming from.

Hopefully you are leaving a little back for yourself in case you ever feel the itch to return.

Have fun out there and fly\drive\walk\hover safe :)

P.s. Can I haz all your stufzzzz ;)

Lord Wamphyri
Starside Lost
Posted - 2011.04.29 13:44:00 - [345]


Apologies for the late posting, I just want to say thank you very much for the 20mill ISK received!

Good luck and fly safe in whatever you choose to do in the future Smile

Contik Ardman
Posted - 2011.04.29 17:19:00 - [346]

I've received ISK - thanks very much!

Posted - 2011.04.30 13:13:00 - [347]

Money recieved! Thank you very much TSX!

Alexandra Stormwing
Cry Wolf.
Posted - 2011.05.01 17:59:00 - [348]

TSX01 - Thank you very much for your donation. You're awesome and I very much appreciate it.

Yuna Higurashi
Order of Celestial Knights
Galactic System Lords Alliance
Posted - 2011.05.01 20:49:00 - [349]

Edited by: Yuna Higurashi on 01/05/2011 20:56:54
Damn! Missed it.

Good luck in the future, etc.

Antara Cross
Posted - 2011.05.01 20:52:00 - [350]

I consider myself a new player, but any sum of ISK would be greatly appreciated. Skillbook costs add up after all! Very Happy

Clarke Aeon
Posted - 2011.05.01 20:53:00 - [351]

Alt reporting in, some ISKies for honesty?Laughing

Posted - 2011.05.01 21:21:00 - [352]

Just wanted to indicate that I'm confirming that I received Isk. Thank You.

Posted - 2011.05.01 21:59:00 - [353]

Hey thanks for the isk it will help so much!

Piranha Protectorate
Posted - 2011.05.02 04:02:00 - [354]

Low sec pirate..need...more...isk

Lamthara Lachesis
NeoCorteX Industry
Shadow of xXDEATHXx
Posted - 2011.05.02 09:54:00 - [355]


is there anything there still :) ?

bpo maybe ^__- ?

Versuvius Marii
Posted - 2011.05.04 22:11:00 - [356]

Bit of a late response but thanks for the isk :) You've now helped some of my guys be the proud owners of Caracals and Omens, to name but two!

Posted - 2011.05.04 23:25:00 - [357]

Edited by: TERKSIS on 04/05/2011 23:25:19
A bit late myself but thanks for the 50 mill the other week. I've saved enough for the Raven and happy times will ensue. BTW, hope you have fun in star wars old republic. from early previews, it's looking rather rubbish. i'm thinking you've given up the wrong MMO

Merlin Sorca
Posted - 2011.05.05 02:52:00 - [358]

Hey, sorry I'm a little bit late I was taking a break from EVE. Comfirmed I got 25mil ISK (very much appreciated).

Calamity Jali
Posted - 2011.05.05 19:00:00 - [359]

I am late to reply also, thanks for the 25 million.... Good luck in your latest endeavours... :)

Posted - 2011.05.09 10:39:00 - [360]

What is this I don't even...

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