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I'm RickJames
Posted - 2011.04.14 11:14:00 - [1]

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My mother was a victim of the Zimmerman Nexgen Knee Implant Device. It appears there are dozens, if maybe a hundred different lawfirms looking for claimants scattered throughout the country and abroad. Some firms are just advertising class action, others are not. I am guessing it will all end up as a class action against different parties (This is a true mess, not only was the device bad, the company hid test results, and even fired a doctor they hired for publicity when he discovered the implants were junk and warned them about it, ans shareholders are also sueing the company). Even with the high failure rate, doctors were still using them, and hospitals were still ordering the units, not sure if my mother's care was liable for that - but - its all part of the mess.

Never having been involved in what will eventually be a class action and settlements, has anyone had experience in selecting a good law firm when being part of a large class action? Where she lives, she is surrounded by law firms, but they don't specialize in large class actions like this. Or should she get a local lawyer and have him paperwork with the class action lawfirms? This is not a simple class action like when a phone company rips people off and everyone gets the same compensation. I imagine this will be different. Every patient will have had different periods of pain, with different intensities of pain, varying attempts at physical therapy to try to recover from the surgery, and some patients might have had to have gone through a 2nd operation already. I can see though if a judge oversimplifies things though because of the number of claimants (there will be a lot).

In the end, she does want the least amount of traveling, because her knee is now worse than what it was before her original knee replacement surgery. So repeated travel to a large metropolitan areas to interview lawfirms (where most of these exist) is out of the question. Is there anyway to find the more reputable lawfirms from among the "ambulance chasers?"

Posted - 2011.04.14 14:23:00 - [2]

Excellent resource for law/lawyers:


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